Star Trek Timeline

By James Dixon

This timeline is split into 20 parts, linked here:

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Notes: including explanation of acronyms, etc.

2363, January [reference stardate 3/0201] {stardate 40002.7}
The U.S.S. "Irkin B'tly" (NCC-6037) "Decker" class destroyer is lost, cause unknown [FASA].
stardate 40052 {18 January}
The first dilithium crystal chamber utilized aboard the "Galaxy" class "Enterprise" is developed on Outpost Seran T-1 [TNG 154].

February [reference stardate 3/0202] {stardate 40087.7} The U.S.S. "Governor Gallas" (NCC-8009) "Ambassador Hardin" class heavy cruiser is built [FASA].

stardate 40164.7 {01 March}
The U.S.S. "Victory" (NCC-9754), commanded by Captain Zimbata, surveys the planet Tarchannan III. Geordi La Forge and Susanna Leijten are members of the away team [TNG 192].

The Cardassian High Command views Odo the shapeshifter. He entertains them with a Cardassian neck trick [DSN 428].

April [reference stardate 3/0204] {stardate 40249.3} The U.S.S. "Royal Andor" (NCC-3002) "Royal Sovereign" class battlecruiser is lost, her whereabouts unknown [FASA].

stardate 40291.7 {16 April}
The "Oberth" class science vessel "Tsiolkovski" (NCC-53911) is commissioned [TNG 103].

May [reference stardate 3/0205] {stardate 40331.5} The U.S.S. "Fiona Vincent" (NCC-8010) "Ambassador Hardin" class heavy cruiser is built [FASA]

The 7-year firestorm cycle restarts on Bersallis III [TNG 245].

Estrella Miyakawa takes command of Starbase 193 after serving aboard the U.S.S. "Brande" with the rank of Lieutenant Commander [GN 13]. July [reference stardate 3/0207] {stardate 40498.6} The U.S.S. "Connor Jacoby" (NCC-6025) "Decker" class destroyer is scrapped The U.S.S. "Michael Whelan" (NCC-9024) "Paine" class frigate is built. The U.S.S. "Ambassador Crane" (NCC-8008) "Ambassador Hardin" class heavy cruiser is lost, her whereabouts unknown [FASA].

12 July [reference stardate 3/0207.12] {stardate 40528.8}
Lieutenant Commander Tholev Shavahar of the U.S.S. "Locknar II" is awarded the Prantares Ribbon for his rescue of 17 mining engineers on Bactria III [FASA].

August [reference stardate 3/0208] {stardate 40583.6} The U.S.S. "Garnash Trell" (NCC-8011) "Ambassador Hardin" class heavy cruiser is built [FASA].

George Primmin becomes a security officer [DSN 410].

Quark meets Natima Lang, a correspondent with the Cardassian information service, on Deep Space 9 and becomes romantically attached [DSN 438].

October [reference stardate 3/0210] {stardate 40750.7} The U.S.S. "Ibrahim Jones" (NCC-8012) "Ambassador Hardin" class heavy cruiser is built [FASA].

04 October (stardate 40759.5)
The U.S.S. "Enterprise" (NCC-1701-D) "Galaxy" class explorer is commissioned in a ceremony at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, Sol system. The U.S.S. "Galaxy" (NCC-70637) and U.S.S. "Yamato" (NCC-71807) send congratulatory messages via subspace radio [TNG 185, NTM].

Admiral Leonard McCoy, stuck in Bethesda Star Fleet Hospital recovering from a broken hip and torn knee ligaments, misses the commissioning ceremony of the "Enterprise" [TNG #0].

stardate 40812 {23 October}
A Terellian cargo freighter crashes on a deserted planet. Anna is the only survivor. The Iyaarans will later use this scenario to study Picard's emotions [TNG 254].

The planet Phaedra (Xerxes Gamma IV) in the Cassiopeian system is explored. Science Station Beta Epsilon (146) is established on the planet to study its unique paleomagnetism [TNG #25].

Commander Sela begins planning the "Reunification" invasion of Vulcan [TNG 207].

Dr. Farallon begins work on the Particle Fountain mining system [TNG 235].

Tenara becomes a U.F.P. member world [TNG #8].

The U.S.S. "Moniter" visits the planet Ianni (Roze VII) [TNG #10].

Gul Darhe'el dies in his sleep from a massive coleibric hemorrhage and is buried under one of the largest military monuments on Cardassia. Gul Dukat attends the funeral [DSN 419].

Koban arrives on Koorn [TNG #21].

The U.F.P. makes first contact with the planet Capulon (Sigma Delphini) IV and a preliminary treaty is signed [TNG #27].

Ambassador Stephaleh is assigned to Kirlos [TNG #12].

Paul Menagay is born [TNG 264]. Kang locates the Albino on Daus IV, meeting one of the Albino's ex-wives and goes to the Secara system. The Albino sends him an invitation for one glorious, honorable battle and Kang agrees [DSN 439].

December [reference stardate 3/0212] {stardate 40917.8} The U.S.S. "Andalusia Sims" (NCC-8013) "Ambassador Hardin" class heavy cruiser is built [FASA].

stardate 40987.2 {26 December}
Ensign Marla Finn, Walter Pierce and another crewman are killed in an accidental plasma discharge at the Utopia Planitia Yards aboard the "Enterprise" in a nacelle tube. A psionic signature from Pierce is imprinted by the subspace field and plasma stream [TNG 270].
2364, January [reference stardate 3/0301] {stardate 41002.7}
The U.S.S. "Stephen Decatur" (NCC-6015) "Decker" class destroyer is scrap- ped. The "Ambassador Hardin" class heavy cruisers "President Survil" (NCC-8003) and "Admiral Carnes" (NCC-8004) are refitted. The U.S.S. "Garnash Trell" (NCC-8011) "Ambassador Hardin" class heavy cruiser is destroyed in action. The U.S.S. "Koromondi Carstairs" (NCC-8014) "Ambassador Hardin" class heavy cruiser is built [FASA].

Professor Gabriel Justine Calloway's 'The Day of the Android' is published by Steriopolis Press on Alpha Centauri [FASA].

Kirlos is opened to widespread archeological exploration [TNG #12].

Pardek participates in a Barolian trade negotiation [TNG 208].

Grastow, Saduk, and Lynn & Emil Costa sign aboard the "Enterprise" [TNG #16].

Megan Terry dies [TNG #16].

A landmark study of Aurelian culture is completed [TNG #21].

stardate 41124 {14 February}
Captain Jean-Luc Picard attains command of the U.S.S. "Enterprise," as ordered by Rear Admiral Norah Satie [TNG 101, TNG 195, TNG 277].

stardates 41148-41153.7 {23-25 February}
Lt. Natasha Yar transports Captain Picard to the drydocked "Enterprise" "Enterprise" in Earth orbit aboard the shuttlecraft "Galileo." In an alternate timeline, Picard calls a red alert in the "Enterprise's" shuttle- bay, compelled by Q's courtroom visions. A large spatial anomaly appears in the Devron system inside the Romulan Neutral Zone resulting in the "Enterprise's" mission to Farpoint being canceled by Star Fleet Command. The first of three inverse tachyon beam emissions begins to create the temporal anti-time rupture in the late 24th Century [TNG 277].

stardates 41153.7-41174.2 {25 February-03 March}
Enroute to Farpoint Station on Deneb IV, the "Enterprise" makes contact with, and is tested by, a super-being known as the Q. In orbit of Deneb IV, First Officer Commander William Riker, Chief Medical Officer Commander Beverly Crusher, Conn Officer Lt. (j.g.) Geordi La Forge and Wesley Crusher sign aboard the "Enterprise." Farpoint Station is revealed to be a living, intelligent organism exploited by the Bandi inhabitants [TNG 101, TNG 102].

stardates 41209.2-41209.3 {16 March}
A mutant form of Psi 2000 virus is brought aboard the "Enterprise" from the research vessel S.S. "Tsiolkovski" (NCC-53911) which is later destroyed. A cure is found in time to prevent the destruction of the "Enterprise" orbiting a collapsing red giant [TNG 103].

stardates 41235.25-41235.32 {26 March}
On a mission to obtain a rare vaccine needed on Styris IV to cure Angelese Fever, Lt. Yar is challenged to a duel to the death by Yarina, wife of Lutan, ruler of Ligon II. The drug is obtained and the "Enterprise" heads for Styris IV [TNG 104].

stardate 41344 {04 May}
The Vulcan starship "T'Pau" (NSP-17938) is brought to the Qualor II depot [TNG 208].

stardates 41386.4-41386.5 {20 May}
The "Enterprise" goes in pursuit of a T-9 energy converter stolen from Gamma Tauri IV in the Delphi Aru system. In orbit of an ancient outpost of the long-dead Tkon Empire, the "Enterprise" makes the first official U.F.P. contact with the Ferengi Alliance [TNG 107].

April [reference stardate 3/0304] {stardate 41251.4} The U.S.S. "Horatio Ballantrye" (NCC-8002) "Ambassador Hardin" class heavy cruiser is destroyed in action [FASA].

stardates 41263.1-41263.4 {05 April}
During warp engine enhancement tests conducted by Kosinski and 'The Traveler,' the "Enterprise" is thrown a distance of 2,700,000 light years into the galaxy M33, then over a billion light years from the Milky Way galaxy. The Traveler returns the "Enterprise" and Wesley Crusher is promoted to Acting Ensign [TNG 106].

stardates 41249.3-41249.4 {31 March}
While transporting Antigan and Selae ambassadors from Beta Renner to Parliament, the "Enterprise" is invaded by a non-corporeal energy being. Members of the crew are taken over, including Captain Picard [TNG 108].

stardates 41255.6-41255.9 {02 April}
After delivering a party of Earth colonists to the Strnad system, the neighboring Rubicam system is discovered. Acting Ensign Wesley Crusher is given the death penalty by the Edo of Rubicam III. Only through communication with their "God," an advanced multidimensional vessel, is he released. The "Enterprise" removes the colonists from in the Strnad system, and Rubicam III is declared off limits [TNG 109].

stardate 41723.9 {21 September}
In the Xendi Sabu system, a Ferengi DaiMon Bok takes revenge on Captain Picard for the death of his son 9 years ago in the Battle of Maxia. The U.S.S. "Stargazer" (NCC-2893) is recovered [TNG 110].

DaiMon Bok is relieved of command and confined to Rog prison. His next encounter with Picard will be in six years, to avenge the death of his son [TNG 274].

stardates 41590.5-41591.4 {03 August}
Counselor Troi is dropped off on Starbase G-6 for a shuttle visit home to Betazed. Responding to a distress call from Quadra Sigma III, Q is once again encountered by the "Enterprise." The Q being offers Commander William Riker Q-like superpowers and rejects them [TNG 111].

stardates 41294.5-41294.6 {16 April}
In orbit of Haven (Beta Cassius), Counselor Deanna Troi is nearly bonded to Dr. Wyatt Miller. The intervention of a Tarellian ship aborts the marriage, where Miller flees [TNG 105].

stardate 41997.7 {30 December}
While on a critical diplomatic mission to contact the Jarada, one of the "Enterprise's" holodecks malfunctions. Captain Picard and several officers are trapped within an early 20th Century simulacrum (Dixon Hill, Private Investigator, 1941 O.C.) in the newly-uprated holodeck 3 [TNG 113].

stardates 41242.4-41242.5 {28 March}
Returning to Lt. Commander Data's home planet, Omicron Theta, a duplicate Data android is found, assembled, and activated by the "Enterprise" officers. He attempts to offer the "Enterprise" complement to a crystalline life-sapping being. Beamed out into open space, Lore will be rescued by a Pakled trading vessel two years later [TNG 114].

stardate 41636.9 {20 August}
The "Enterprise" has the difficult task of evacuating the shipwrecked party of the freighter "Odin" (NGL-12535) from Angel I, a female-dominated world not part of the Federation. The U.S.S. "Berlin" (NCC-14232) encounters 7 Romulan battlecruisers at the Neutral Zone [TNG 115].

stardate 41365.9 {12 May}
At Starbase 74, in orbit of Tarsus III, the "Enterprise" enters dock for routine maintenance checks and holodeck upgrading. The Bynars, computer-dependent beings from Beta Magellan (Bynaus), hijack the "Enterprise" from the starbase and download the data from their computer banks on the verge of being disrupted by a nearby nova flare [TNG 116].
stardate 41309.5 {22 April}
Admiral Mark Jameson is transported from Persephone V to Mordan IV in order to negotiate a hostage situation, by the "Enterprise." He dies shortly after completing his mission from an anti-aging drug he previously appropriated on Cerberus II. The "Enterprise" heads for Isis III [TNG 112].

stardates 41509.1-41512.9 {04-05 July}
In the Epsilon Mynos system, the mythical world Aldea is found by the "Enterprise." Its inhabitants want the "Enterprise's" children to replenish their own dying world. Investigation proves that their own technological cloaking shield generator is responsible for their situation and it is deactivated [TNG 118].

stardates 41463.9-41464.8 {17-18 June}
The terraforming team on Velara III, in the Pleiades cluster, nearly destroy an intelligent crystalline-based race of 'micro brains.' The three remaining terraform members are transported to a starbase [TNG 117].

At approximately this time, Admiral Norah Satie discovers that Star Fleet Command is becoming infiltrated by aliens. Admiral Gregory Quinn is apparently assigned to investigate. Several months later he will become one of the host bodies for the blue gill invaders [TNG 195, TNG 119, TNG 125].

stardate 41416.2 {31 May}
Acting Ensign Wesley Crusher takes his entrance examination on Relva VII to enter the Star Fleet Academy and fails. An investigation of the "Enterprise" and her crew is made by Admiral Gregory Quinn and Lt. Commander Dexter Remik. Captain Picard turns down the position of Commandant of Star Fleet Academy. The "Enterprise" heads for Algeron IV [TNG 119].

stardate 41503.7 {02 July}
In the Romulan Neutral Zone, a group of renegade Klingons are rescued by the "Enterprise" from the doomed Talarian cargo vessel "Batris," and nearly recruit Lt. Worf. to their purposes. The "Enterprise" heads for Starbase 84 [TNG 120].

stardate 41798.2 {18 October}
The investigation of the disappearance of the U.S.S. "Drake" (NCC-
20381) light cruiser, commanded by Captain Paul Rice, and the
inhabitants of the planet Minos in the Lorenze Cluster, takes the "Enterprise" into battle against an automated weapon capable of wiping out entire worlds [TNG 121, FASA].

Lt. Yar and Lt. Commander Data are sent to Treva to investigate the rebellions there. They become involved in aiding the rebels [TNG #4]. Shortly thereafter, Darryl Adin is cleared of the charges of treason and murder [TNG #4].

The "Enterprise" rendezvous' with a Choraii vessel to exchange the hostages taken decades ago for much needed minerals. The U.S.S. "Ferrel," a "Constellation" class starship, is destroyed in the resulting encounter [TNG #3].

An interplanetary drug trading/exploitation agreement is encountered by the "Enterprise" in the Delos star system, after rescuing the crew of the "Sanction" freighter transporting felicium. Captain Jean-Luc Picard is forbidden to act against it due to the Prime Directive. The "Enterprise" heads for the Opraline system [TNG #123].

stardates 41601.3-41602.1 {07 August}
Deanna Troi returning to the "Enterprise" from a conference via shuttlecraft, crashes on a planet in the Zed Lapis sector. Lt. Natasha Yar dies in the line of duty while trying to rescue the marooned Counselor Troi from Armus, a 'skin of evil' being on Vagra II. Lt. (j.g.) Worf becomes the new Security Chief. The shuttlecraft is destroyed and the planet declared off limits [TNG 122].

stardate 41697.9 {12 September}
Enroute to Sarona VIII for much-needed shore leave, time distortions lead the "Enterprise" to Vandor IV where Dr. Paul Manheim is carrying out dangerous temporal experiments. Lt. Commander Data neutralizes the lab complex [TNG 124].

stardates 41775.5-41780.2 {09-11 October}
Enroute to Pacifica, the "Enterprise" is diverted to Ditalix B (Mira /Omicron Ceti V) to rendezvous with the frigates "Renegade" (NCC-63102), "Thomas Paine" (NCC-65530, "New Orleans" class), and the "Ambassador" class heavy cruiser "Horatio" (NCC-10532) commanded by captains Tryla Scott, Rixx, and Walker Keel respectively. The "Horatio" is destroyed. An invasion of the U.F.P. by parasitic Blue-gill beings is stopped(?) by the "Enterprise," after heading to Star Fleet H.Q. on Earth, but not before a homing beacon is deployed towards an unexplored sector of the galaxy [TNG 125].

November [reference stardate 3/0311] {stardate 41836.1} The U.S.S. "J.L. Lambert" (NCC-6018) "Decker" class destroyer is scrapped [FASA].

Benzan and Yanar (of the planets Straleb and Atlec respectively) become attracted to one another in the Coalition of Madena (Omega Sajenus) system. Yanar receives the Jewel of Thesia from Benzan at approximately this time, which is hidden from their parents' knowledge [TNG 130].

stardate 41903.2 {25 November}
Contact is lost with starbases near the Romulan Neutral Zone in sector 30. This is will later be attributed to the Borg [TNG 126].

stardate 41986.0 {25 December}
Captain Picard returns to the "Enterprise" from an emergency conference on Starbase 718. Three 20th Century deep-freeze corpses are found aboard an ancient interplanetary Earth vessel near the Kazis system and revived. Communication is lost with starbases in sector 31. Science Station Delta 5 and Tarad 9 are found destroyed by an unknown force. After more than five decades, contact is re-established with the Romulan Star Empire by the "Enterprise." The three Humans are transported to Starbase 39 Sierra aboard the U.S.S. "Charleston" (NCC-42285) [TNG 126].

Over the next few years, Ralph Offenhouse, one of the revived 20th Century Humans, will become an expert on the Ferengi and rise to the position of Ambassador [TNG #30].

Lt. (j.g.) Geordi La Forge is promoted to full Lieutenant and Chief Engineer of the "Enterprise" [TNG 126/TNG 127].

stardate 41800.9 {19 October}
The "Enterprise" is assigned the task of assisting the "Centurion" (NCC-1702, ex-"Farragut") with protecting the planet Tenara from M'dok raiders [TNG #8].

Dr. Beverly Crusher becomes head of Star Fleet Medical and works closely alongside Dr. Carter Greyhorse. Lt. (j.g.) Worf replaces his gold Klingon sash with a silver chain sash. The bridge of the "Enterprise" undergoes minor upgrading, or possibly even module replacement which includes new stations and command con [TNG 127, GN 9, NTM].

The search begins to locate a star similar to Kaelon [TNG 196].

Aamin Marritza arrives on Kora II and serves as an instructor at the military academy. Guilt forces him to alter his face to that of Gul Darhe'el [DSN 419].

Ten Forward hostess Guinan signs aboard the "Enterprise" [TNG 201].

stardate 42073.1 {26 January}
The "Enterprise" rendezvous' with the U.S.S. "Repulse" (NCC-2544). Dr. Katherine Pulaski replaces Dr. Crusher as Chief Medical Officer aboard the "Enterprise." An alien energy being impregnates Counselor Troi, who gives birth to a short-lived alien child. Ensign Wesley Crusher decides to remain aboard. To halt a plasma plague in the Rachelis system, the "Enterprise" transports specimens from Audet IX to science station Tango Siera where an antidote can be produced, and then heads for the Morgana Quadrant [TNG 127].

The "Enterprise" mediates between the Klingons and the Kreel when the latter uncover an ancient stronghold of super weapons [TNG #5].

stardates 42193.6-42194.7 {11-12 March}
In the Morgana Quadrant, the "Enterprise" finds itself outside of the normal universe and its crew are tested by an alien being named Nagilum interested in understanding Death [TNG 128].

stardate 42286.3 {14 April}
Three days prior to a rendezvous with the starship U.S.S. "Victory" (NCC-9754), a holodeck simulation accidentally becomes too real, aboard the "Enterprise." A holographic Moriarty achieves consciousness in a game to defeat Lt. Commander Data in holodeck 2 [TNG 129].

Aboard the orbital Cardassian mining station, Odo meets Gul Dukat who assigns him to to investigate the murder of Vatric, a Bajoran. Odo meets Kira Nerys, one of the Bajoran underground assigned to sabotage the station, and Quark [DSN 428].

Medical reports indicate that the crew of the U.S.S. "Lantree" (NCC-1837) supply ship undergo routine medical examinations. All crew members are in perfect health [TNG 133].

stardate 42293.1 {16 April}
On board the U.S.S. "Lantree" (NCC-1837) 20 crew members mysteriously die. Captain Telaka, one of the remaining 6 crew members, sets course for the nearest U.F.P. outpost [TNG 133].

17 May [reference stardate 3/0405.17] {stardate 42375.3}
Lieutenant David Manchester of the U.S.S "Wellington" is awarded the Citation of Conspicuous Gallantry for offering himself as hostage to a group of renegade Klingons in exchange for the release of 25 Federation civilians on Valoria, enduring severe torture and mistreatment before being rescued [FASA].

stardate 42402.7 {26 May}
A space rogue, Okona, is assisted by the "Enterprise" which leads to a dispute between neighboring worlds Atlec and Straleb of the Coalition of Madena, in the Omega Sajenus system [TNG 130].

stardate 42422.5 {03 June}
The "Enterprise" delivers emergency famine relief to Thiopa [TNG #6].

stardates 42477.2-42479.3 {23 June}
Deaf mute Riva is transported by the "Enterprise" from Ramatis III to halt a centuries old war on Solais V [TNG 132].

stardates 42437.5-42437.7 {08 June}
Lt. Commander Data is overcome by the life force of a dead cybernetic genius, Ira Graves, on Grave's World. The starliner "Constantinople" (NCC-34852) is assisted by the "Enterprise" transporting Kareen Brianon to Starbase 6. The knowledge of Ira Graves is deposited into the "Enterprise's" computer [TNG 131].

stardate 42494.8 {29 June}
The U.S.S. "Lantree" (NCC-1837) supply ship is found with her entire ship's complement dead, by the "Enterprise" which leads her to a genetic engineering disaster at the Darwin science station on Gagarin IV. The "Lantree" is destroyed to prevent contamination and the "Enterprise" heads for Star Station India [TNG 133].

stardates 42506.5-42507.8 {03-04 July}
Commander Riker accepts transfer, temporarily, to the Klingon Bird of Prey "Pagh," commanded by Captain Kargan at Starbase 179. The Klingon captain suspects treachery when a submicron life-form threatens the warship and a battle is narrowly avoided [TNG 134].

stardates 42523.7-42527.4 {10-11 July}
The "Enterprise" is docked at newly-established Starbase 173 near the Neutral Zone for standard crew rotations. Data is put on trial for his rights as a Star Fleet Officer when a young scientist, Commander Bruce Maddox, wishes to disassemble and duplicate him [TNG 135].

stardate 42528.6 {11 July}
The "Enterprise" surveys the planet Elysia and halts the Samdan-Koner Conflict [GN 6].

In an alternate universe, Data becomes a Human being, a gift from the Elysian 'Gods' [GN 6].

stardate 42568.8 {26 July}
Assigned to transport a female ruler (Salia) from Klavdia III to Daled IV, Ensign Wesley Crusher clashes with Allasomorph shape-shifting beings [TNG 136].

stardate 42609.1 {10 August}
The U.S.S. "Yamato" (NCC-71807), another "Galaxy" class starship, is destroyed mysteriously, near the Romulan Neutral Zone after locating the planet Iconia within the Zone. The "Enterprise" later discovers, almost too late, that an advanced Iconian computer virus is responsible [TNG 137].

stardate 42625.4 {16 August}
An "Enterprise" away team, while exploring planet Theta (116) VIII, becomes entrapped within an alien-generated simulacrum of an ancient novel, 'Hotel Royale' [TNG 138].

Dr. Crusher meets Commander Calvin Hutchinson for the last time prior to the barion sweeps of the "Enterprise" on stardate 46682.4 [TNG 244].

At about this time, Lt. Commander Data receives radio transmissions from the Selcundi Drema system while modifying the ship's sensors [TNG 141].

stardate 42679.2 {05 September}
After leaving Starbase 73, enroute to the Endicor system, a shuttlepod ("El-Baz," NCC-1701-D/05) bearing a duplicate Captain Picard is recovered by the "Enterprise." Her ship's log indicates that the "Enterprise" was destroyed in the near-future. Trapped by an energy vortex, the closed causal loop is broken by non-linear thinking on Picard's part [TNG 139].

stardate 42686.4 {08 September}
At Starbase Montgomery, investigating minor engineering anomalies in the "Enterprise," Commander Riker confronts his father. The tenth anniversary of Lt. Worf's Age of Ascension is celebrated. Riker turns down the offer to command a ship of his own, the scoutship "Aries" (NCC-45167) in the Vega Omicron sector. The "Enterprise" heads for Beta Kupsic [TNG 140].

stardates 42695.3-42741.3 {11-28 September}
Data makes contact with an inhabitant of Selcundi Drema IV, a planet protected under the Prime Directive. Only through Dr. Pulaski's help is the near-contamination prevented [TNG 141].

About this time, Star Fleet receives a message from the Ficus sector. A month later the "Enterprise" will be assigned to investigate [TNG 144].

stardates 42761.3-42761.9 {04-05 October}
Q returns and flings the "Enterprise" over 7,000 light years into deep space to the J-25 system. The Borg, a race of cybernetic humanoids, is encountered by the "Enterprise" for the first time, although it appears they were responsible for the destruction of outposts along the Neutral Zone nearly a year ago. Returned to the original coordinates by Q, the "Enterprise" heads for Starbase 83 [TNG 142].

stardates 42779.1-42779.5 {11 October}
Captain Picard undergoes a serious cardiac replacement operation on Starbase 515 while Wesley Crusher takes his Star Fleet entrance exam. Chief Engineer La Forge is kidnapped and forced to upgrade the systems of the "Mondor," a Pakled ship in the Rhomboid Dronegar sector. The operation is completed by Dr. Pulaski and the "Enterprise" resumes its mission to the Epsilon 9 pulsar cluster for astronomical survey [TNG 143].

stardates 42823.2-42827.3 {27-28 October}
The "Enterprise," departing from Starbase 73, is assigned to relocate a lost Earth colony in the Ficus sector. Two troubled colonies from the same colony ship are found and united [TNG 144].

stardate 42859.2 {09 November}
Lwaxana Troi returns to the "Enterprise" in search of a mate during a mission to transport ambassadors from Antede III to Pacifica. She apprehends a pair of Antedian assassins planning on destroying the conference [TNG 145].

stardate 42901.3 {24 November}
Starbase 336 receives an automated transmission from the Klingon warship "T'Ong." Near the Boradis system, K'Ehleyr, a half-Human/half-Klingon emissary is dispatched from Starbase 153 by class 8 probe to the "Enterprise" in order to assist in the recovery of the warship manned by pre-Alliance Klingons [TNG 146].

stardate 42908.6 {27 November}
The "Enterprise" recovers the crew of the "Gregor Mandel" in the Trilik'Kon Mahk'ti system and puts an end to the Klah'Kimmbri Conflicts [TNG #9].

stardate 42923.4 {03 December}
The "Enterprise" participates in wargames (Operation Lovely Angel) with the 80 year old U.S.S. "Hathaway" (NCC-2593), a "Constellation" class starship, in the Braslota system (Oneamisu sector) with Master Strategist Sirna Kolrami. A Ferengi ship jeopardizes the lives of the crew aboard the "Hathaway." Following the mission, the "Enterprise" once again heads for the nearest starbase [TNG 147].

stardates 42976.1-42976.3 {22 December}
During a geological survey of Surata IV, Commander Riker becomes infected with an unknown micro organism and for a brief time relives past memories [TNG 148].

After the destruction of outposts along the Neutral Zone, and the "Enterprise's" encounter with the Borg, Star Fleet Command begins countermeasure planning against the Borg threat [TNG 174].

2366, January [reference stardate 3/0501] {stardate 43002.7}
The U.S.S. "Jason Starion" (NCC-6022) "Decker" class destroyer is scrapped [FASA].

On Rutia IV, Alexana Devos becomes Security Director and witnesses the Ansada terrorist bombing of a shuttlebus [TNG 160].

New Star Fleet uniforms are issued for Senior Officers. Chief Engineer La Forge is promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Lt. (j.g.) Worf is promoted to full Lieutenant grade. Dr. Beverly Crusher returns to the "Enterprise" as Chief Medical Officer [TNG 150].

Captain Ben Zoma, Commander Cadwallader, and Chief Joseph deliver medicines to Daa'V [GN 9].

Jeric is born on Oriana. Bori is assigned as his personal guard [TNG #24].

Some time during this year, Worf is reunited with his brother, Dr. Nikolai Rozhenko [TNG 265].

stardate 43125.8 {14 February}
Ensign Crusher accidentally frees enhanced Nanites, microscopic robots, aboard the "Enterprise". The mission of deploying a neutron star probe, developed by Dr. Paul Stubbs, in the binary Kavis Alpha star system is jeopardized when they infect the ship's main computer core. Lt. Commander Data establishes contact with them and permits them to colonize Kavis Alpha IV [TNG 150].

About this time, Admiral Alidar Jarok in the Romulan Empire is reassigned as a ploy to test his loyalty to the Empire [TNG 158].

stardate 43133.3 {17 February}
Lt. Commander Data is given the difficult duty of evacuating Tau Cygna V, an old U.F.P. colony in the DeLore Belt that lies within Sheliak Corporate space [TNG 149].

stardates 43152.4-43153.7 {24-25 February}
The Delta Rana IV colony is found destroyed, with the exception of two survivors (or so it seems). Lt. Commander Troi is under mental attack. After discovering the true cause, a Douwd responsible for the extermination of the Husnock, the "Enterprise" departs for Starbase 133 [TNG 151].

stardates 43173.5-43174.2 {04 March}
Accidental violation of the Prime Directive on Mintaka III, a primitive world dominated by proto-Vulcanoids, leads Captain Picard to explain the "Enterprise" to the natives [TNG 152].

stardate 43197.5 {13 March}
The Ariantu attempt to reclaim the planet Kirlos. The Sullurh are given the world following the near-activation of The Howling God super-weapon [TNG #12].

stardate 43198.7 {13 March}
Lt. Worf bonds with Jeremy Aster, son of ship's geologist Lt. Marla Aster, killed during the exploration of a dead world. The planet's non-corporeal inhabitants attempt to simulate her [TNG 153].

stardate 43205.6 {16 March}
An ancient Promellian warship is discovered intact in an asteroid field in the Aurius IX system, but before long the "Enterprise" finds itself within the same booby trap which doomed the ancient vessel. Lt. Commander La Forge uses the holodeck to recreate the engineering systems of the Enterprise to find an escape. Shutting down all systems, the "Enterprise" escapes using just 2 maneuvering thrusters [TNG 154].

Admiral Davies is assigned to Starbase 210 as the base commander [TNG #25].

Serova tries to convince her brother Revol that warp drive fields are dam- aging the universe and causing the destruction of their stellar system within the Hicarus Corridor sector [TNG 261].

May [reference stardate 3/0505] {stardate 43331.5} The U.S.S. "Matthew Decker" (NCC-6000) is decommissioned as a training vessel [FASA].

The Ansada terrorists on Rutia IV begin to employ an interdimensional transporter. It begins to cause irreversible cellular damage to its users [TNG 160].

stardate 43349.2 {07 May}
Chief Engineer La Forge is marooned on the hostile world Galorndon Core when the "Enterprise" encounters a Romulan warship trespassing into U.F.P. space. Two Romulans are recovered from a wrecked craft on the surface. One is returned to the Romulan warbird, the other dies [TNG 155].

stardate 43385.6 {20 May}
A 'stable' wormhole is negotiated for in the Barzan II system between the U.F.P. and the Chrysalians. A Ferengi shuttle is lost when the wormhole is found to be unstable [TNG 156].

June [reference stardate 3/0506] {stardate 43416.4} The U.S.S. "Mandala Flynn" (NCC-6036) "Decker" class destroyer is scrapped [FASA].

stardate 43421.9 {02 June}
The "Enterprise" negotiates with the Gatherers of Acamar III in the Hromi Gamma III system. Yutah of the Tralesta Clan is executed by Commander Riker. The "Enterprise" heads for Starbase 343 to take on medical supplies for the Alpha Leonis system, and for shore leave [TNG 157].

stardates 43462.5-43465.2 {17-18 June}
Outpost Sierra 6 detects a Romulan scout ship in the Neutral Zone. Admiral Alidar Jarok, a Romulan, is tricked into defecting to the U.F.P. The "Enterprise," lured into the Neutral Zone by the belief that a first-strike base was being readied on Nelvana III, encounters Commander Tomalak again. Backed up by Klingon Birds of Prey, the "Enterprise" retreats, and Jarok commits suicide [TNG 158].

stardate 43489.2 {27 June}
Roga Danar, a genetically-enhanced war veteran from Lunar 5, is hunted aboard the "Enterprise" while negotiating with Angosia III. The "Enterprise" heads for Starbase Lyra III [TNG 159].

Admiral Hanson assigns Lt. Commander Shelby of Star Fleet Tactical to develop a defense against the Borg threat [TNG 174].

A peace treaty is established between the U.F.P. and Cardassia, ending a long conflict [TNG 186].

stardate 43510.7 {05 July}
Dr. Crusher is taken hostage by Ansada terrorists while delivering medical supplies to the planet Rutia IV. After nearly destroying the "Enterprise," the terrorists' H.Q. is located and Crusher is released [TNG 160].

stardate 43539.1 {15 July}
Q is briefly stripped of his powers and exiled to the "Enterprise." He stabilizes the moon of Bre'el IV, and is accepted back into the Q Continuum. The "Enterprise" heads for station Nigala IV [TNG 161].

Sometime this year, the soccer play Galangis hurts his knee and it is replaced with a bio-implant [DSN 435].

stardate 43587 {02 August}
Crewman 1st Class Simon Tarses is assigned to the medical divison of the "Enterprise" [TNG 195].

stardates 43610.4-43611.6 {10-11 August}
Commander William Riker is accused of destroying a Tanaga IV science station and its head scientist, Dr. Nel Apgar. Further investigation clears Riker of the charges. The "Enterprise" heads for Emila II after delivering dicosilium [TNG 162].

stardate 43625.2 {16 August}
The "Enterprise" encounters a temporal rift on a mission to Archer IV which causes a temporary, and undetectable, shift in history [TNG 163].

In an alternate timeline, the "Enterprise" encounters her predecessor, NCC-1701-C, which emerges from the rift. The "Enteprise-D" is engaged in a bitter war with the Klingon Empire and on Hostess Guinan's suggestion, the "Enterprise-C" is sent back into the rift to finish her battle with Romulan warships in 2344--with the addition of Lt. Natasha Yar--while the "Enterprise-D" is destroyed by Klingon warships [TNG 163].

stardate 43657.0 {27 August}
While Commander Riker is on leave and the "Enterprise" is on a mission charting the Celebi asteroid belt in sector 396, Lt. Commander Data constructs an android named Lal. The android is deactivated after suffering a complete neural breakdown. The "Enterprise" heads for the starbase on Artar II [TNG 164].

Commander William Riker returns to Dante Maxima VII (Imprima) to solve the theft of Fortune's Light [TNG #15].

The "Enterprise" is chosen as the site for a wedding between two rival spacefaring families of the Tizarin. Lwaxana Troi and Q attend [TNG #18].

Kova Tholl of Mizar II is abducted by aliens intent on studying behavior. Others will follow, each replaced by an exact replica [TNG 166].

stardate 43685.2 {08 September}
Worf's brother, Commander Kurn, is assigned to the "Enterprise" as a temporary replacement for First Officer Riker. Worf's father is charged for the destruction of the Khitomer colony 20 years ago. The "Enterprise" voyages to the Klingon homeworld where Worf accepts discommodation by the High Council for being the son of a traitor [TNG 165].

stardate 43714.1 {18 September}
The "Enterprise" eradicates the Phyrox plague on Cor Caroli V and prepares to rendezvous with the "Hood" (NCC-42296) to assist in terra- forming efforts on Browder IV, when a duplicate Picard diverts the ship to a pulsar in the Lonka cluster. The real Captain Picard is kidnapped by a group of aliens trying to understand alien interaction [TNG 166].

Ensign Johann Marshall visits his family [TNG #27].

stardate 43745.2 {29 September}
Departing Gemaris V after two weeks of negotiating a trade agreement, Captain Picard takes a week of shore leave on Risa while the "Enterprise" undergoes an extensive overhaul at Starbase 12. Picard finds himself involved with Vorgons from the 27th Century in search of the Tox Uthat, a super-weapon, which he destroys [TNG 167].

stardate 43747.3 {30 September}
Eric Baldwin infects the computer of the "Enterprise" with a hybrid 'Boogeyman'-d'Ort'd virus [TNG #17].

stardate 43779.3 {11 October}
The "Enterprise" takes on Tam Elbrun from the "Hood" (NCC-42296) an eccentric Betazoid, to aid in the contact of an alien life form/ship (Gomtuu) code-named 'Tin Man' in orbit of Beta Stromgren. The "Enterprise" heads for Starbase 152 for inspection and repairs. Tin Man and Elbrun are unaccounted for when the star explodes [TNG 168].

The second Star Fleet diplomatic envoy is sent to the Sli homeworld, Qal'at. As with the first, it is unsuccessful due to translation difficulties [TNG #29].

stardates 43807.4-43808.2 {21 October}
The "Enterprise" is transporting tissue samples to Nahmi IV for the treatment of Correllium fever on that world. Lt. (j.g.) Reginald Barclay saves the "Enterprise" from destruction by isolating an invidium contaminant from a broken cannister responsible for freezing the matter-antimatter injectors. The "Enterprise" heads for Starbase 121 for a complete systems and bio decontamination [TNG 169].

stardate 43872.2 {14 November}
To neutralize tricyanate contaminated water on Beta Agni II, the "Enterprise" obtains hytritium from Kivas Fajo, a Zibalian space trader. Lt. Commander Data is kidnapped by Fajo to complete his priceless collection, but is taken into custody [TNG 170].

stardates 43917.4-43920.7 {30 November-02 December}
Ambassador Sarek is transported by the "Enterprise" from Vulcan to Legara II to negotiate with the Legarans, through which he employs a mind meld with Captain Picard to stabilize his mental condition. Suffering from Bendii's Syndrome, he is transported back to Vulcan aboard the "Merrimac" (NCC-61827) and retires shortly afterwards [TNG 171].

stardate 43930.7 {05 December}
In orbit of Betazed in attendance of the Biennial Trade Agreements Conference, Commander Riker and Lwaxana and Deanna Troi are kidnapped by Ferengi DaiMon Tog of the "Krayton," and rescued by the "Enterprise." Acting Ensign Wesley Crusher is promoted to full Ensign. The "Enterprise" heads for Xanthra III for rendezvous with the "Zapata" (NCC-33184) [TNG 172].

Constable Odo is designated an officer of the Cardassian court in order to testify in criminal cases, serving under Gul Dukat on Terek Nor [DSN 445].

stardates 43957.2-43960.6 {15-16 December}
While on a mission to map the Zeta Gelis star cluster, the prosecuted survivor of an alien race, a Zalkonian, is rescued by the "Enterprise" [TNG 173].

stardates 43989.1-43998.5 {27-30 December}
A distress signal brings the "Enterprise" to the New Providence colony on Jouret IV. It is found destroyed, with no survivors (900 colonists killed), apparently by the Borg. Lt. Commander Shelby is temporarily assigned to the "Enterprise" by Admiral J. P. Hanson of Starbase 324. The starship "Lalo" (NCC-43837) is lost in the vicinity of Zeta Alpha II. The Borg make contact with the "Enterprise" once again, capturing Captain Picard and converting him. The Borg vessel sets course for sector 001: Sol III (Earth) [TNG 174].

2367 stardates 44001.4-44002.3 {31 December, 2366}
Captain Picard is rescued by the "Enterprise" following an unsuccessful attempt to disable the Borg vessel. Star Fleet dispatches a fleet of 40 ships to engage the Borg vessel at Wolf 359. 39 of which are destroyed, including the "Saratoga" (NCC-31911), "Tolstoy" (NCC-62095), "Gage" (NCC-11672), "Melbourne," and "Kyushu" (NCC-65491)--over 11,000 are killed. Using Picard as a link, Commander Data interfaces into the Borg network and issues the sleep/regeneration command to disable them. The Borg vessel self-destructs just minutes away from Earth. Picard is returned to normal and the "Enterprise" is drydocked and repaired over the next 5 to 6 weeks in Earth orbit [TNG 175, TNG 195, DSN 401, DSN #1]. In an alternate universe where the Borg ship was not defeated, the "Enterprise" will eventually becomes one of the last remaining ships in the U.F.P. within some three years time, commanded by Captain William Riker. It will be destroyed by the "Enterprise" from this timeline at the quantum fissure anomaly in 2370, not wanting to return to a Borg-dominant galaxy [TNG 263].

January [reference stardate 3/0601] {stardate 44002.7} The U.S.S. "William Decker" (NCC-6001) "Decker" class destroyer is decom- missioned as a training vessel [FASA].

Following the death of his wife, Jennifer, aboard the U.S.S. "Saratoga" (NCC-31911) Lt. Commander Benjamin Sisko takes a ground assignment at the Utopia Planitia Yards, Sol IV [DSN 401, DSN #1].

stardate 44012.3 {04 January}
While the "Enterprise" is being refitted in Earth orbit at the McKinley Station, Captain Picard returns home to Labarre, France. Lt. Worf is reunited with his foster parents, Sergey & Helena Rozhenko, who are given a tour of the "Enterprise" [TNG 178].

stardates 44085.7-44091.1 {31 January-02 February}
Dr. Noonian Soong summons his androids Data and Lore. Data temporarily takes command of the "Enterprise," hijacking it to the planet Turleena IV. Soong dies after accidentally installing a chip in Lore enabling the android to experience emotions. The "Enterprise" remains at Starbase 416 for several days due to a minor medical emergency [TNG 177].

stardate 44143.7 {21 February}
In sector 21947, the "Enterprise" rescues Jono (Jeremiah Rossa) from a Talarian vessel. Captain Endar of the warship "Q'Maire" nearly goes to war over custody of the Talarian-raised Human boy [TNG 176].

stardates 44161.2-44162.8 {27-28 February}
After departing Starbase 133 following standard "Enterprise" crew rotation, an experimental static warp bubble transports Dr. Crusher into another reality. The Traveler returns and retrieves her [TNG 179].

Captain Morgen and his honor guard of seven Star Fleet officers he served with on the "Stargazer," are transported by the "Enterprise" to Daa'V. Dr. Carter Greyhorse attempts several assassinations to avenge the death of Lt. Asmund [GN 9].

stardates 44215.2-44225.3 {19-23 March}
Enroute to Camus II for archeological survey, the "Enterprise" rescues the survivors of the "Arcos" (NCC-6237) freighter. Ishara Yar aids the "Enterprise" in rescuing the hostages on Turkana IV (New Paris) [TNG 180].

Following a Gabriel storm, the "Enterprise" encounters a ship of renegade androids, the "Freedom" (ex-"Conquest"), and a fleet of Vemlan warships in pursuit. After negotiations, the Vemlan androids proclaim themselves Spartacans and are provisionally granted U.F.P. member status. Their vessel is escorted to Starbase 112 by the "Enterprise" [TNG #20].

stardate 44246.3 {30 March}
The "Enterprise," in the Gamma Arigulon system, investigates radiation anomalies reported by the starship "LaSalle" (NCC-6203) Klingon Emperor K'Mpec dies from Ridian-6 poisoning. Rendezvousing with the "Enterprise," he instructs Captain Picard to find his assassin and act in his name. Lt. Worf meets his son, Alexander and kills Duras following the murder of Ambassador K'Ehleyr. Worf's Human parents take Alexander into their care at Starbase 73 [TNG 181].

stardates 44261.3-44263.9 {05-06 April}
Dr. Lynn Costa is murdered aboard the "Enterprise" while enroute to Kayran Rock [TNG #16].

stardate 44286.5 {14 April}
Commander Riker finds himself aboard the "Enterprise" 16 years into the future. It is a simulacrum created by a marooned alien child, Barash, on Alpha Onias III near the Neutral Zone [TNG 182].

stardate 44295.7 {17 April}
On a routine mission to survey Domarus IV, the "Enterprise" aids the starship "Glin-Kale," harboring the last of the Teniran Echelon. Contact is made with the Shapers who request that the Tenirans colonize their world which is named Mirrillon [TNG #19].

stardates 44307.3-44307.6 {22 April}
Enroute to Pentarus V via shuttlecraft, Captain Picard and Ensign Crusher become stranded on Lambda Paz, a moon of Pentarus III. The "Enterprise" aids Gamelan V with the removal of a rogue vessel emitting lethal radiation and then rescues the officers. Ensign Crusher leaves the "Enterprise" for the Star Fleet Academy [TNG 183].

On Terosa Prime, Nadell Sayutek nearly dies psycho-projecting Venna. She swears it will never happen again [DSN 429].

stardates 44356.9-44359.5 {10-11 May}
On a mission to the T'lli Beta system, the "Enterprise" is stopped dead in space by a field of two-dimensional creatures. Counselor Troi temporarily loses her empathic ability and the "Enterprise" narrowly escapes being drawn into a cosmic string fragment by using a deflector diversion [TNG 184].

stardate 44390.1 {22 May}
Lt. Commander Data prepares a report for Commander Bruce Maddox about his life as an android aboard the "Enterprise." The "Enterprise" ferries Vulcan ambassador T'Pel--later revealed to be a Romulan plant--into the Romulan Neutral Zone to the warbird "Devoras." Transporter Chief Miles O'Brien marries Keiko Ishikawa. The "Enterprise" heads for Adelphous IV [TNG 185].

stardate 44429.1 {05 June}
The planetary government of Etolos requests the "Enterprise" in ending long-standing hostilities with its neighboring planet, Alaj. Danid, Supreme Primary of the Holy Bekeem, returns to Alaj [TNG #14].
stardates 44429.6-44431.7 {05-06 June}
While on a mapping mission near the Cardassian sector, the "Enterprise" intercepts the "Nebula" class starship U.S.S. "Phoenix" (NCC-65420) commanded by Captain Benjamin Maxwell. The Captain is taken into custody after having destroyed a Cardassian base in the Quaydar system, and escorted to Starbase 211 [TNG 186].

stardate 44474.5 {22 June}
A distress call brings the "Enterprise" to the science station on Ventax II. A woman masquerading as the mythical figure Ardra is apprehended [TNG 187].

stardate 44502.7 {02 July}
Following completion of a mission at Harrakis V, the xenophobic Paxans erase 24 hours time aboard the "Enterprise" to prevent discovery. The "Enterprise" heads for Evadne IV [TNG 188].

The Argus subspace telescope array located near the galactic rim stops transmitting due to the intervention of a Cytherian probe [TNG 193].

The "Enterprise" makes first contact with the planet Malcor III and Commander Riker, serving as a cultural observer, is injured. Science minister Mirasta Yale of Malcor III remains aboard the "Enterprise" [TNG 189].

The U.S.S. "Brittain" (NCC-21166) becomes trapped in a Tyken's Rift and sends a distress signal [TNG 191].

Lt. (j.g.) Reginald Barclay joins Dr. Crusher's acting workshop. He begins preparing for 'Cyrano de Bergerac' [TNG 193].

stardate 44614.6 {12 August}
Transporting equipment from Starbase 313 to an outpost in the Guernica system, Dr. Leah Brahms inspects the engines of the "Enterprise." A space-going creature is encountered orbiting Alpha Omicron VII, mistakenly destroyed, and its offspring delivered to an asteroid belt [TNG 190].

stardates 44631.2-44642.1 {18-22 August}
The science vessel U.S.S. "Brittain" (NCC-21166) is found with its entire crew dead in a Tyken's Rift by the "Enterprise," which itself becomes entrapped. Counselor Troi makes contact with another vessel trapped on the opposite end of the Rift and discovers a means of freeing the ships, and the "Enterprise" heads for Starbase 220 [TNG 191].

stardates 44664.5-44668.1 {30-31 August}
Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge mutates from an organism picked up from Tarchannen III. A race of non-sapient, nearly-invisible beings are discovered on the surface of the planet. La Forge recovers [TNG 192].

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