Star Trek Timeline

By James Dixon

This timeline is split into 20 parts, linked here:

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Notes: including explanation of acronyms, etc.

1802, 21 April [reference stardate -2/0204.21]
Dinalla attempts a launch to establish a semi-permanent space station. The vessel, using inferior fuel, explodes on the pad [FASA].

October [reference stardate -2/0210] The Second Conference of Portora is held, with representatives from all city-states. L'Deus refuses to lead the conference or to even participate except for answering questions. The conference lasts four months. Seeing that alone their city-states could not reach the stars, the representatives agree to join together [FASA].

1803, 10 February [reference stardate -2/0302.10]
The D'Vatta ("Great Paper") is signed, unifying all city-states on Romulus into one organization, the Bresasam Rom'lnz ("Romulan Confederation"). The debates over the form the government will take will last less than four months [FASA].

20 June [reference stardate -2/0306.20]
L'Deus is elected the first Emperor of the Romulan Confederation by the Imperial Senate after the Senators convince him that the position is part of his destiny [FASA].

29 December [reference stardate -2/0312.29]
Because of its location central to needed resources, Kanassarum, on Romulus, is chosen as the site of the new united space effort [FASA].

1804, 03 February
Lt. Stephen Decatur, Jr. commands the U.S.S. "Enterprise" sea-going schooner. This ship's figurehead will end up displayed on the rec deck of the starship "Enterprise" more than four centuries later in 2264 [TOS #13].

10 May [reference stardate -2/0405.10]
The first (Romulan) Confederation manned flight is launched [FASA].

June [reference stardate -2/0406] The construction of a large, Romulan orbital station begins during this period of many manned flights [FASA].

Abraham Lincoln is born on Earth, the future 16th president of the United States of America. In the 23rd Century, Lincoln will be one of James Kirk's heroes. The Excalbians will re-create a duplicate of Lincoln in 2263 for their study of Human concepts [TOS #10, SC].

Charles Dickens, novelist, is born on Earth. He will write the novel "A Christmas Carol" which, in 2367, will be acted out by Lt. Commander Data on the "Enterprise's" holodeck [TNG 187].

June [reference stardate -2/1206] A large orbital space station is established to be used as a platform for the Remus effort [FASA].

20 October [reference stardate -2/1210.20]
The first unmanned Romulan probe lands on Remus [FASA].

Lt. William Burrows commands the seagoing vessel U.S.S. "Enterprise," a United States schooner [TOS #6].

1818, 13 November [reference stardate -2/1811.13]
The first manned mission lands on Remus, with only one astronaut aboard the vessel. S'Tanet, since become not only famous for her adventure but inter- twined with legend, reports that the surface has a breathable atmosphere and life [FASA].

1819, 03 April [reference stardate -2/1904.03]
A temporary research facility is established at Levitasz, the site of S'Tanet's historic landing; it is abandoned one year later [FASA].

The Great Blight: Saurian virus spreads throughout known worlds [MRM].

[reference stardate -2/2000] A large, manned station is constructed orbiting Remus. This base is continually enlarged over succeeding years, serving as the launch facility for further expeditions to Remus [FASA].

1821 [reference stardate -2/2100]
Seven manned and 36 unmanned landings are made on Remus over the next 8 years. None of the manned bases, used primarily as centers for mapping, testing, and research expeditions, lasts for more than one year [FASA].

Savar is born on Vulcan [GN 2].

1829, 18 February [reference stardate -2/2902.18]
The first permanent colony, called Adrennan, is established on Remus. Thirty-seven settlers arrive aboard three shuttles from the orbiting station [FASA].

10 August [reference stardate -2/2908.10]
The Remus colony of Biscae is established near large mineral deposits [FASA].

17 December [reference stardate -2/2912.17]
The port of Rinum is established on Remus, destined to become the major planetside port, used to export resources both to the orbiting station and to Romulus [FASA].

The Vegan Tyranny conquers many pre-Federation worlds [MRM, EOM, ST 2].

1831, 01 March [reference stardate -2/3103.01]
Levitasz, the site of the first manned landing on Remus, is established as a permanent settlement [FASA].

[reference stardate -2/3100] The next two decades see the first four colonies on Remus grow into city- states, recognized alongside those on Romulus. Population and trade grow geometrically, and the Remus government at Biscae is forced to allow other colonies to be established. The other eight city-states on Remus were established to provide homes for the rapid influx of settlers [FASA].

10 June [reference stardate -2/3105.10]
Shanerea colony is established on Remus [FASA].

1833, 27 October [reference stardate -2/3310.27]
Hetharri and Yenallan settlements on Remus file papers establishing permanent colonies the same day, beginning the tradition of friendly rivalry between them [FASA].

1834, 15 January [reference stardate -2/3401.15]
The first expedition to the planet S'Latas departs from D'Raxna station in orbit about Remus. The expedition consists of 9 scientists, 2 astronaut/ pilots, and 5 military/security specialists [FASA].

21 February [reference stardate -2/3402.21]
The S'Latas expedition arrives in orbit about the third planet and finds it lifeless and uninhabitable. One of the planet's two moons, however, has a very thin atmosphere and mollusk-like primitive life. The moon is named S'Tanet [FASA].

03 March [reference stardate -2/3403.03]
A small shuttle with 2 military/security specialists, 1 pilot, and 2 scientists lands on S'Tanet, discovering it to be rich enough in resources to make domed facilities worthwhile [FASA].

Samuel Langhorne "Mark Twain" Clemens, American author, is born on Earth. He will encounter members of the starship "Enterprise" in 1893 and even tour the ship in 2369 [TNG 227].

1840, January [reference stardate -2/4001]
The moons of the planets D'Lanam and Ulunam are found to be relatively rich in mineral resources, starting immense mining efforts there [FASA].

1841, 28 January [reference stardate -2/4101.28]
The first manned starfaring expedition is launched to the nearest star, Perhonies, from Romulus [FASA].

03 February [reference stardate -2/4102.03]
Patarrasz settlement is established on Remus [FASA].

1843, October [reference stardate -2/4310]
The settlements of Destallasz and Valassa are established on Remus [FASA].

1849 [reference stardate -2/4900]
The Paieu settlement is opened on Remus [FASA].

17 March [reference stardate -2/4903.17]
A habitable planet is found in the Perhonies system. The planet is in an earlier stage of development than Romulus and has no intelligent life forms [FASA].

1851 [reference stardate -2/5100]
The Nabatha colony is established on Remus [FASA].

17 March [reference stardate -2/5103.17]
Several expeditions are launched simultaneously from the Romulus system to neighboring star systems in a search for usable planets and valuable re- sources. All are launched coreward, in keeping with the "Road to the Stars" philosophy [FASA].

Sigmund Freud, psychologist, is born on Earth. In 2270, Lt. Commander Data will re-create him on the holodeck of the "Enterprise" for consult- ation following his unusual dreams [TNG 258].

Aaron Stemple, a sawmill owner, purchases a town lot in Seattle, Washington on Earth [TOS #23].

The novelist Arthur Conan Doyle is born on Earth, a possible ancestor of Spock. He will become famous for his Sherlock Holmes stories which will appeal to Lt. Commander Data and La Forge in the 2360s. They will recreate Homesian adventures in the holodecks of the "Enterprise" and the simulacrum of Professor James Moriarty, Holmes' adversary, will achieve consciousness and threaten the ship in 2365 and 2369 [ST VI, TNG 108, TNG 129, TNG 238]. A.E. Housman, poet, is born on Earth. In 2363, Marta will claim to have written a poem by this man in the Elba II asylum [WGD].

1860, 12 February [reference stardate -2/6002.12]
Biscae is made the capital city-state of Remus. Its mineral deposits have made it the fastest-growing colony on Remus for forty years or more, as well as the planet's commercial center [FASA].

A Chronicle is started by a village on Boral II, logging the evolution of their society [TNG 265].

On Vulcan, Grand Master Siryk develops the Siryk Variations approach to 3-D chess [GN 7].

Aaron Stemple purchases another town lot in Seattle, Washington on Earth [TOS #23].

1861, 29 February [reference stardate -2/6102.29]
The expedition to Gorwah lands on a planet dominated by a humanoid life form having a civilization not as advanced as the Romulans'. The people are conquered easily, making Gorwah the first culture to be absorbed into the Confederation [FASA].

The Zeator encounter the Slaughtered Worlds and their ships begin to vanish. They temporarily retreat from space long enough to build up their weapons technology and establish a defense around their homeworld [TOS #32].

Aaron Stemple purchases another town lot in Seattle, Washington on Earth [TOS #23].

The Klingon Empire (based in 2264) attempts to alter Earth's history by assassinating Aaron Stemple, a minor government official. The attempt fails due to Commander Spock's intervention [TOS #23].

Hundreds of criminals from the Ux-Mal system are separated from their physical bodies and sent into exile on the moon of Mab-Bu VI [TNG 215].

The inhabitants of the planet Alaj develop spaceflight [TNG #14].

The moons of Peliar Zel are colonized [TNG 197].

Kruger's future house in the Old Quarter on Kronos is built [GN 13].

Aaron Stemple becomes a member of the first school board of the town Seattle, Washington on Earth, and is elected mayor [TOS #23].

Aaron Stemple runs for territorial representative--a post which he will succeed in attaining [TOS #23].

1873 (Karsid Imperial Year 1056.3)
The Karsid Empire attempts to infiltrate Earth. Increased resistance delays, and later cancels, Karsid takeover. Revolts in the Orion systems complicate matters [TOS #23].

04 October
On the feast day of Saint Francis of Assisi, the Order of Little Mothers is founded in Spain on Earth. Originally given the name Mothers of the Hopeless, the organization will survive through the 24th Century [TNG #27].

Approximately at this time, Kling is born on Kazh [TBoT #1].

The office of offworld exploration is created on Vulcan. Prefect Savar proclaims "Destruction before detection" as the first application of the Vulcan Prime Directive [GN 2].

[reference stardate -2/7500] By this time, the Romulan Confederation has established colonies on 27 planets coreward [FASA].

This is also approximately the time when the Romulans encounter the planet Andor. By luck, the Romulans' defensive shields collapse and they are picked off by the primitive Andorian weapons. The only survivor is the Romulan Emperor Vitellius. The Devil's heart falls into the hands of Telev an Andorian healer, who uses its power to cure the victims of the Scourge. The stone will become known as Telev's Bane up until the first Andorian/ Ferengi contact. The Ferengi will threaten the Andorian people with whole- sale slaughter if not provided with trade merchandise. The Devil's Heart is among the items of tribute which will be traded with the technologically primitive world Kronos [GN 13].

Jack London, another American writer, is born on Earth. While working as a bellboy in 1893, he will aid Lt. Commander Data in a San Francisco hotel [TNG 227].

Albert Einstein is born on Earth. One of the greatest physicists of Humanity, responsible for Relativity, James Kirk will rank him with Dr. Richard Daystrom in the 2260s. In the 2270s, aboard the "Galaxy" class "Enterprise," Einstein will be generated in holodeck programs by Lt. (j.g.) Barclay and Lt. Commander Data [UC, TNG 193, TNG 256].

1881, 26 October
In Tombstone, Arizona on Earth at 5 P.M. the gunfight at the O.K. Corral between the Clantons and Earps takes place. Nearly four centuries later in 2263 this famous gunfight will serve as a template for the execution of an "Enterprise" landing party making first contact with the Melkots [SG].

The Redjac entity kills six women in London, England on old Earth [WF].

Adolf Hitler, dictator, is born on Earth. In an alternate timeline he will conquer Earth. In our timeline, Garth of Izar will cite him. Captain Kirk will later quote Hitler [CEF, WGD, ST VI].

30 November
Mark Twain's watch is engraved [TNG 226].

1893, 13 August
Lt. Commander Data, transported by a temporal disturbance on Devidia II (Marrab sector) from 2368, finds himself in San Francisco, Earth where he meets Mark Twain and Madame Guinan [TNG 226].

An away team, originating from the same future era, rescues Data and ends the invasion of shape-shifter beings. Samuel Clemens is briefly transported aboard the "Enterprise" in the future and then returned to this time [TNG 227].

Kling takes control of a nation on Kazh. Life becomes good for his people under him. With this success, a new emotion begins to appear on Kazh. For the first time in their history, men feel pride in them- selves, their accomplishments, their people, and most especially in their leader. And so, to show that pride and to prove themselves members of a mighty race, they take the name Klingons [TBoT #1].

Johannes Brahms (a.k.a. Flint the Immortal) "dies" [RM].

The Steam Age on Earth: electricity and electronics are developed [LOR, SFD].

[reference stardate -1/0000] At this point, the Romulans have 73 colonies and have conquered 27 other planets, resulting in 100 Romulan settlements. The Romulan Confederation changes its name to Latasam Stelai Rom'lnz (Romulan Star Empire), which translates literally as "Star Road of the People." It takes the form of the government which will last through the 23rd Century [FASA].

A captured weaponeer of a conquered nation offers to make Kling a bargain: a certain secret in exchange for wealth and power. Kling readily agrees and in short order possesses the secrets of atomic energy and the atomic bomb which will enable him to rule the entire planet Kazh [TBoT #1].

1901, October [reference stardate -1/0110]
The former Northern Empire (now known as the komerex dexiKlingon, or "Empire of the True People") develops nuclear weapons and attacks the capital of their land-based foe with their one operational bomb. Within three years, the land-dwellers, sparked to new heights of outrage and hatred, overwhelm the sea-dwellers completely. In the end, many sea- dweller leaders switch sides and become naval commanders in the komerex Klingon ("Klingon Empire"), which soon controls the entire planet. In this era, the first Klingon space explorations take place. Scientists had long theorized that Kibek was the only other habitable planet in the system, and it is colonized in this period [FASA]. Clark Gable, movie actor, is born on Earth. In 1930, Edith Keeler will be on her way to attend a Clark Gable movie when killed in an automobile accident [CEF].

1904, January [reference stardate -1/0401]
The Romulans are attacked spinward by the Corillians, a race previously unknown to them. Having little force in this direction, the Romulans sus- tain heavy losses. The war lasts six months, after which the Corillians, a much less populous culture than the Romulans, are conquered. They are the first space-faring culture to be subjugated by the Star Empire [FASA].

The Susuru's warp drive breaks down. They are forced to travel through space at sublight speeds. In 200 years they will make planetfall on the first marginally habitable world: Okeanos (Eris V) [TOS #66].

[reference stardate -1/0600] The Corillian Incident points out the necessity of watching all directions, not just the coreward direction of main expansion. Because of this, the Romulan Empire enters a period of consolidation, strengthening their exist- ing borders, which will span the next 80 years [FASA].

1908, 30 June
An uncrewed Vulcan probe prevents a cometary fragment from wiping out half of central Europe by diverting the body to explode over an uninhabited region of Siberia, flattening and burning the forest [GN 7, TWS].

After having retreated from spaceflight for decades, the Zeator begin to cautiously move back into space towards the Slaughtered Worlds [TOS #32].

The Bekeem, the first dissident group, are banished from the planet Alaj. At least 11 more will follow in the next half millennia [TNG #14].

Isaac Asimov is born on Earth. He will theorize the Positronic Brain and the Laws of Robotics. In the 24th Century, Dr. Noonian Soong will make Asimov's fictious Positronic Brain a reality with his androids Lore and Data. In the 23rd Century, copies of Asimov's science fiction novels will be kept in James Kirk's cabin on Centaurus (Alpha Centauri IV) [TNG 114, TOS #28].

The Chicago Mobs of the 20s will be written about in a book of the same name published in 1992. It will, in turn, serve as a model for the culture of the planet Sigma Iotia II in the 22nd Century [PA].

The Kirk family farmhouse in Riverside, Iowa is built [TOS #39].

The planet Omicron IV is destroyed by a nuclear conflict [AE, STM].

19 November [reference stardate -1/3011.19]
Dr. McCoy (from 2261) alters Earth history, accidentally. Captain Kirk and Spock restore history when social worker Edith Keeler dies in an automobile accident [CEF, FASA].
The Redjac entity kills seven women in Shanghai, China on Earth [WF].

The character of Dixon Hill first appears in a short story published in 'Amazing Detective Stories' [TNG 113].

1936, 23 February
In an alternate timeline, Edith Keeler confers with President FDR. She founds a pacifist movement called World Peaceways which delays the U.S.'s entry into World War II, eventually enabling Germany to conquer Earth [CEF, ST 2].

The first Dixon Hill novel, 'The Long Dark Tunnel,' is published [TNG 113].

March A Dixon Hill story is set during this month, possibly 'The Long Dark Tunnel.' In any case it will be made into a holodeck program of Captain Picard's in 2368 [TNG #30].

An American buffalo-head nickel minted this year will fall into the possession of Dr. McCoy by the year 2264 [TOS #50].

The powerful pirate empire in the vicinity of Triacus disappears, possibly associated with the Vegan Tyranny or even the home world [FASA].

Ralph Offenhouse is born on Earth [TNG 126].

Pavel Chekov, transported by Weyland of Cragon V, fights for his life in Stalingrad on Earth [TOS #52].

15 November
Lt. Pavel Chuikov is lost in action over the Baltic Sea, on Earth [TOS #52].

On Omega IV, the warrior Kohms develop immmunity to most diseases [OG, MRM].

The planet Vulcan begins observing Earth. No official contacts are made [GN 2].

Louise is born on Miri's World (UFC 347601-III/Juram V) [Mi].

Miri is born on Miri's World [Mi].

Roberta Lincoln is born [AE].

December [reference stardate -1/4812] A planned rebellion on Kobek is put down decisively, but the detonation of the Kobek weapons stockpile destroys all life on that world, and changes its orbit [FASA].

The Atomic Age on Earth: fission power and weaponry are developed [LOR, SFD].

The F8 star 1212 Mus is initially cataloged by the Skalnate Pieso stellar survey on Earth [TOS #50].

Captain Kirk, having been subjected to the Klingon mind-sifter in 2264 and transported through the Guardian of Forever, is temporarily institutionalized on Earth [ON 2].

The first legitimate, two-dimensional photograph is taken of a Vulcan probe ship by a Terran. By 2018, the number of photographs will total at least 18--and all will be dismissed as frauds and hoaxes [GN 7].

The Designers account for other UFO cases, especially abductions and extraterrestrial contacts [TOS #5].

1957, 04 October
"Sputnik 1" becomes Earth's first artificial satellite. It has a profound affect on the world and enables Russia to take the lead in early Terran space development [SFC].

Khan Noonian Singh, the Earth's first "eugenic superman," is born. Genetic experimentation will continue in secret and, by 1990, some 190 "supermen" will have been bred [SS, EOM].

The progenitors of the "supermen" are an international group of scientists with labs in Haiti, Pakistan, Chad, and a headquarters in North Yemen. Working in the poorest countries of Earth during the next couple decades, making it easy to bribe officials into silence and hire Human guinea pigs, Ralph Offenhouse will unknowingly supply much of their equipment [TNG #30].

Claire Raymond is born on Earth [TNG 126].

A life prolongation experiment kills the entire adult population on Miri's World, an exact duplicate of Earth [Mi].

Gillian Taylor is born on Earth [ST IV].

The Space Age on Earth: the beginning of space flight and computers [LOR, SFD].

George Pal's movie 'The Time Machine' is released. By the 23rd Century it will be reconstructed in 3V. An omnitape of the movie will be stocked in James Kirk's cabin on Centaurus (Alpha Centauri IV) by the 2260s [TOS #28].

"Vostok 1" carries the first man into space. The craft orbits for 108 minutes (one revolution) at an apogee of 176.3 km. This historic first keeps Russia in the lead in the 'space race' [SFC].

The United States nuclear aircraft carrier "Enterprise" (CVN-65) enters service, another of the many vessels named "Enterprise" which will be honored in both the 23rd and 24th Centuries aboard her successors to the name. In 1986, Commanders Chekov and Uhura will absorb high-energy photons from this vessel's reactor to recrystallize their own vessel's dilithium, while the "Enterprise" is docked at Alameda [ST-TMP, TNG 101, ST IV].

The United States launches "Mercury 3," a suborbital 15 minute flight in preparation for its first orbital mission next year [SFC].

In the Andromeda Galaxy, the Kelvan Empire launches a probe ship to explore our galaxy as a prelude to conquest [AON].

On the Klingon homeworld, the Kamorh'dag (Northern continent clans/Sta Mura) ascend to power. Their grip on the Empire will last for little more than ten generations [TOS #58].

By the 2360s, Kivas Fajo will possess the only existing Roger Maris baseball card issued this era, its bubble gum scent still potent after over four centuries [TNG 170].

"Vostok VI" carries the first woman into space, staying aloft for 45 rev- olutions. Maneuvering the capsule she approaches to within 5 kilometers of the companion vessel "Vostok V" [SFC].

The first 'space walk' is accomplished by Aleksei Leonov aboard the "Voskhod II" spacecraft [SFC].

The accelerated United States space program has five successful "Gemini" missions this year [SFC].

The Maze of Zondrolla is constructed on Imprima (Dante Maxima VII) [TNG #15].

In an historic first, the 3-man crew of "Apollo 8" journeys around the moon, observing and photographing the natural satellite and viewing 'Earth rise' [SFC].

Captain John Christopher is stationed at the Omaha Air Base [TY].

December The U.S.S. "Enterprise" (from 2262) is sent to this time to study Earth's history. With the aid of Gary Seven, an agent trained by extraterrestrials, World War III is delayed until the 1990s through the sabotage of a suborbital nuclear warhead launch. This is the first large-scale U.F.P. time travel project [AE, ST 3].

A multi-parallel space-time inversion briefly transposes William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and DeForest Kelley with Captain Kirk, Commander Spock, and Dr. McCoy in the 23rd Century [ON 2].

The U.S.S. "Enterprise," enroute to Starbase 9 in 2261, is accidentally time-warped into this era by a black star. It is spotted on Earth radar, and reported as a UFO by Captain John Christopher. This is the starship "Enterprise's" first journey back into history. Using Sol's gravitational attraction, the "Enterprise" returns to the future [TY].

16 July [reference stardate -1/6907.20]
The first manned moon shot, consisting of three astronauts, is launched on Wednesday, 6 A.M. E.S.T. Humans first set foot on Earth's moon, Neil Arm- strong being the first. It is the first of twelve successful landings on the Moon prior to the building of Base One. This is the start of Human manned interplanetary exploration [TY, TBoT #2, GN 7, FASA, SFC].

A print-out run of the master computer at Security Control, Omaha MFB, reveals "unusual material" (updated technical orders accidentally transmit- ted from the library computer of the starship "Enterprise" a year ago). A top security lid is clamped on the matter while an investigation is launch- ed to identify the source of the transmission [TM, SFB].

The Vegan Tyranny dominates space outside of the Local Group [ST 2].

The Ferengi enter the galactic community, according to Quark [DSN #5].

Disaster is averted as "Apollo 13," which experiences a power failure on route to the moon, is skillfully swung around the satellite and brought safely back to Earth [SFC].

1972, 02 March
The space probe "Pioneer 10" is launched from Earth. In 2288, Captain Klaa of the Klingon Bird of Prey "Okrona" will destroy the probe [ST V].

1973, 15 April
Col. Robert Argon, Director of Security Control, Omaha MFB, declares the "data sheets" of the 1969 transmission to be a hoax. The technical orders are given to Franz Joseph of Franz Joseph Designs. The consequences will be far-reaching, to say the least [TM, Log 7, SFB].

The Franz Joseph Designs aerospace consulting firm analyzes the several thousand pages of badly garbled memory files and concludes that they appear to be a history of the United Federation of Planets, its Star Fleet, and nearby regions of the galaxy, including considerable amounts of technical data. A very small portion of this data will be published in the 'Star Fleet Technical Manual' and additional material obtained through the tapes will be used as the basis for the 'Star Fleet Battles' game, through the cooperation of Franz Joseph Designs and Amarillo Design Bureau. Only ap- proximately 25% of the sum total of material is translated and analyzed [SFB, TM].

The U.S. orbits the Skylab space station and sets a record for duration in space. Among the experiments performed is evaluation of long-term weight- lessness on Man [SFC].

On Earth, Element 106 is discovered in Russia [MRM].

On Earth, the Redjac entity kills five women in Kiev, Russia [WF].

"Apollo 18" and "Soyuz XIX" link-up in space thus culminating two years of cooperation between the United States and the Soviet Union [SFC].
The "Enterprise" (OV-101) orbiter is commissioned. This first reusable space shuttle is used as a test vehicle. It is named "Enterprise" because one of the project managers for Rockwell International, the builder of the vehicle, had lost a brother stationed aboard the aircraft carrier of the same name during World War II [ST-TMP, TOS #54].

Gillian Taylor begins to study whales [ST IV].

"Viking 1" softlands on Mars and begins transmitting photographs, climatic measurements and soil composition data. Designed for 90 days, the lander remains functional for two years [SFC].

On Earth, Colladium (Element 114) is discovered in the United States [MRM].

The unmanned space probes "Voyager 1" and "Voyager 2" depart for the outer planets of Sol, following up on the earlier "Pioneer" missions. These more sophisticated probes will encounter first Jupiter (in 1979) and then Saturn (1980-81), eventually flying by Uranus (in 1985). At least four more "Voyager" series probes will be launched before the end of the century. "Voyager 6" will be the first Human-built artifact to fall into a black hole. It will emerge on the far side of the galaxy and be repaired by a machine world for its long return to Earth [SFC, ST-TMP].

On Earth, Element 107 is discovered in Russia [MRM]. Ten probes arrive at Venus in the largest research assault to date. Among the mysteries to be solved are understanding the atmospheric composition and the internal mass distribution of the planet [SFC].

On Earth, Element 108 is discovered in Germany [MRM].

Space Shuttle flights begin as available payload space is booked full. Early missions will demonstrate the many uses of the gravity-free vacuum of space [SFC, TBoT #2].

On Earth, Element 109 is discovered in India [MRM].

Project "Galileo" departs from Earth orbit for Jupiter. It will descend into the Jovian atmosphere behind a heat shield, radioing back data until the increasing pressure crushes the hull, about 30 minutes after entry [SFC].

The Lunar Polar Orbiter transmits data concerning the surface chemistry and heat flow on the moon [SFC].

01 August [reference stardate -1/8208.1]
Phoenix Enterprises Limited is established as a Terran seagoing shipping firm operating out of Sydney, Australia. One of the few corporation to survive the Eugenics Wars relatively intact, Phoenix Enterprises will be instrumental in maintaining the tenuous seaborne contacts between survivors during Earth's reconstruction. After the development of warp drive in the 21st Century, Phoenix will will become a space-based transportation firm. It will eventually become one of the major U.F.P.-wide commercial carriers in space, with offices in Salazaar, Sol, Betelgeuse, Argelian, and Antares systems [FASA].

Construction begins on Starlab, Earth's first permanently manned space station. Though inhabited mainly by Americans, the space station will utilize many foreign scientists on its civilian staff [TBoT #2].

1983, February
Dr. Adam Charon begins his genetic-control experiments. Using thousands of subjects from all over Earth (including his own wife and son), Charon at- tempts to improve the Human race artificially by editing out "bad" influen- ces in genetic structures, and adding in "improvements" which will maximize the potential mental and physical development of the subject fetuses. The children resulting from these experiments will eventually grow up to be almost perfect examples of Human developments [TBoT #2].

On Earth, Element 110 is discovered in India [MRM].

The Space Telescope is orbited. This 2.4 meter aperature optical telescope working above atmospheric turbulance, will revolutionize Man's view of the universe [SFC].

The Venus Atmospheric Balloon enters the Venusian atmosphere, sending back data from its gondola of scientific instruments. It circles the planet on the stratospheric winds for several days [SFC].

August The United States, Russia, England, France, Germany, Japan, and Australia begin construction of a permanent base on the Moon. The purpose of the base is two-fold: first to prove that different nations can indeed cooper- ate on a large-scale space project (thus helping to relieve political ten- sions); and second, to demonstrate the practical value of space exploration by mining heavy metals from beneath the lunar surface [TBoT #2].

With Starlab completed, full operations begin. Agricultural experiments are added to Moon Base One [TBoT #2].

A probe flies by Halley's Comet with a battery of instruments that measure its tenuous tail, and continues on to encounter the comet Tempel 2 in 1988 [SFC].

Moon Base One is completed and full operations begin. A crew is selected for the first manned flight to Mars (Sol IV). Though the crew is composed of American astronauts, the ship itself will be built in the lower gravity of Moon Base by members of all participating nations [TBoT #2].

Jeremy Grayson, great-great-great-grandfather of Amanda Grayson, enters the "refugee business" [GN 2].

1986, 28 January [reference stardate -1/8601.28]
The Terran orbital transport "Challenger" explodes shortly after launch, killing all seven crewmembers aboard. This is the worst tragedy to date in Terra's fledgling space program [FASA, TBoT #14].

January [reference stardate -1/8601] Expansion of the Romulan Empire begins spinward [FASA].

February [reference stardate -1/8602] Terrans launch their first permanent, orbital space station [FASA].

17 February
Tom Raymond is born in Secaucus, New Jersey, on Earth [TNG 126].

Multiple Asteroid Rendezvous Missions view these bodies in space close-up with an eye on the future mining of these interplanetary travelers [SFC].

The success of Starlab prompts its backers to begin plans for an even larger space station which will house over 10,000 permanent inhabitants and be Man's first true colony in space. To further emphasize the practicality and importance of space exploration, plans call for the station to be man- ufactured primarily from materials mined from the Moon, and if possible, from Mars. The station is to be built in sections, and as each section is completed, it will become immediately operational, thus allowing the sta- tion, in effect, to build itself. If sucessful, this ambitious project will represent Man's greatest space achievement. It will not only include scientific and industrial sections (making such items as frictionless ball bearings, which can be produced only in weightless conditions), but will also grow its own food and provide reliable solar energy via microwave to a power-hungry Earth [TBoT #2].

The first manned Martian mission is launched from orbit around the moon [TBoT #2].

The drug Coradrenalin is developed on Earth from Adrenalin, to treat severe exposure and frostbite after its unsuccessful use in cryogenic labs [MRM].

Admiral Kirk lands in San Francisco on Earth from 2288 in a Klingon scout vessel. With the help of his crew, he transports two Humpback whales and Dr. Gillian Taylor to the 23rd Century to stop an alien probe [ST IV].

On Earth, Marcus Nichols "invents" transparent aluminum with help from Commander Scott of the ex-U.S.S. "Enterprise" [ST IV].

1987, March [reference stardate -1/8703]
The Andorians test their first prototypes of sublight interstellar craft [FASA].

The drug Cordrazine is developed on Earth and used in cryogenic labs [MRM].

The first manned Martian expedition lands on Mars. Unlike the first lunar flights, all of the Martian crew will visit the surface. The main mission ship, the "Willy Ley" (named after a pioneer rocket experimenter), will remain in orbit while its three shuttle crafts, the "Issac Asimov," the "Ray Bradbury," and the "John Carter" (evidence that the Martian mission crew remember earlier "visitors" to Mars), ferry the astronauts and their experimental devices to and from the surface. This will allow the crew to explore much of the Martian surface--more, in fact, than the total surface of the Moon explored by all of the "Apollo" missions combined. At the end of their three-month stay, the astronauts will board a recently arrived ship (the "John F. Kennedy"), which has been launched unmanned from Moon orbit for this purpose. The "Willy Ley" will remain in Mars orbit, along with the three shuttles and permanent experimental and informational de- vices on Mars' surface, to serve as a base for future missions. Thus, following journeys to Mars needn't be encumbered by a large ship and can be launched for much less money [TBoT #2].

In the "Mirror" universe: A shift in political climate, no doubt fueled by growing public distrust of space exploration, causes the National Aeronaut- ics and Space Administration to be disbanded. Other nations soon follow suit. Numerous sociologists oppose such a move, warning that it could pro- duce global paranoia and stagnation. Their protests are ignored. The gov- ernments of Earth choose instead to direct funds toward the advancement of genetic research [TBoT #14].

1988, April [reference stardate -1/8804]
Forty years after the Kobek detonation, that poisoned world finally breaks up from the tidal stresses of its new orbit [FASA].

The Mars Sample Return Probe is launched. It will retrieve soil and rocks for analysis back on Earth when it returns in 1991 [SFC].

Construction begins on the S.S. "Savannah" (DY-100) series, Earth's first interplanetary sleeper vessel. This collaborative development between the U.S. and U.S.S.R. marks the beginning toward eventual world-wide peace [DYC].

The "John F. Kennedy" lands at Moon Base One. The data brought back by the Martian expedition prompts the decision of scientists to attempt to build a permanent colony on Mars [TBoT #2].

In the "Mirror" universe: Congress establishes the United States Department of Controlled Evolution. Unofficially under military supervision, this department's chief aim is to use certain methods of genetic control in an effort to speed up the evolutionary process, thus producing--it is assumed --Human perfection. Despite the danger to Earth's entire gene pool, public opinion appears to be in favor of such organic manipulation [TBoT #14].

Eddie Raymond is born in Secaucus, New Jersey, on Earth [TNG 126].

Construction is started on the giant spaceship "Martian Genesis," planned to carry over 1,000 people, all specially trained volunteers who will begin the task of making the Martian surface habitable for Man. Instead of remaining in orbit around Mars, the "Martian Genesis" is designed to land on the surface, serving as a temporary home for the colonists until permanent facilities can be constructed. The "Genesis" will then serve as a power source for the colony with its nuclear generators [TBoT #2].

1990, January [reference stardate -1/9001]
Kahless epetai-Riskadh launches the daring coup that makes him the first sole Emperor of the Klingon Empire. The nearly perfected warp drive soon points the Empire toward the stars [FASA].

16 March
The eugenic "supermen" are revealed to the public [EOM].

13 May
A letter from UESPA's NASA liason Geoffrey Mandel to Dr. Imran Ahmed, Staff Consultant for Project SETI indicates that the "Botany Bay" (DY-102) sleeper ship should be ready for a Mars expedition sometime in 1994, fol- lowing a trial run of the "Savannah" (DY-100). The Eugenics supermen receive a reception in New City. A Terrestrial planet is confirmed orbiting Alpha Centauri [EOM].

The "Martian Genesis" lands on Mars, and the colony is successfully launched. The colonists begin the difficult task of building a permanent home on the Martian surface [TBoT #2].

The Fusion Age on Earth: fusion power and weaponry are developed [LOR, SFD].

In the "Mirror" universe, construction is completed on a multibillion- dollar research lab in a remote section of Northern Arizona. It is joking- ly christened the Mount Olympus Institute [TBoT #14].

The Saturn Dual Probe arrives at the planet, with the satellite going into orbit as the descent stage relays information as it enters the plan- et's atmosphere [SFC].

Within the next decade: Mankind enters what appears to be a golden age. Due to the technology developed in the colonization of the Moon and Mars, the standard of living goes up radically the world over. The Martian col- ony flourishes and grows to over 10,000 in population. Further colonies are established in the asteroid belt, and on the moons of Jupiter and Sat- urn. An automated station is landed on the surface of Jupiter to "mine" the rare chemicals from the atmosphere. The Martian colony, augmented by new arrivals from Earth, splits into three more locations. Three more Starlab-type space stations are established, one of which is devoted solely to farming. With no seasons, droughts, diseases etc. to affect growth yields, the farm satellite produces three times the foodstuffs an equal area of land on Earth does. World famine is greatly reduced, and the prom- ise of more farm satellites gives Humanity freedom from the fear of hunger. Solar power, in the form of microwaving from space, now supplies more than 75 percent of Earth's power needs. Thus, two of the largest problems fac- ing the people of Earth seem to be solved, and public support for explor- ation and utilization of space has never been higher. The future of Man is assured. Or so it seems [TBoT #2]...

The Space Shuttle completes its twelve year series so successfully, Man will forever be in space. The craft is phased out, completing the last of its 553 flights. The Shuttles will be replaced by Earth-to-orbit Space Ferries, propelled by high-performance chemical boosters whose waste prod- ucts are water and carbon dioxide [SFC].

Earth's World War III begins: the Eugenics Wars result in the death of over 37 million people over the next four years. It starts as a hidden and secretive conflict of science and politics, not an open conflict of munit- ions and armies [SS, BC, EOM, GN 7].

June [reference stardate -1/9206] The outbreak of the Eugenics Wars limits Terran manned space efforts as resources are turned to global war [FASA].

08 September
The article 'Eugenic Supermen: Saviors or Dictators?' appears in The New York Times [EOM].

'Chicago Mobs of the Twenties' is published in New York on Earth. This single book will serve as a guide for the society on Sigma Iotia II in the next two centuries [PA].

In the "Mirror" universe, the first of the so-called genetic supermen are finally revealed to the public. They are physically stronger than other men, with a high level of intelligence--and cunning [TBoT #14].

The eugenics "supermen" seize power across Earth [SS].

About this time, a British colonel named Green (father of E.F. Green?) turns traitor and helps the Khans invade Australia. In the centuries to come, a "Green" will become a derogatory term for any Human who willingly serves a non-Human conqueror [TNG #30].

The United Nations Peace Forces (UNPF) is formed on Earth. The jurisdiction of this multi-national police organization will later be extended to include the supervision of national arms and technology. After the Clone Wars of the 2030s, it will replace national militias entirely [EOM].

Terra's manned missions to the moon begin again with several nations taking part. Cooperating as never before, they have a goal of building a permanent moon base by the turn of the century [SFC].

March [reference stardate -1/9403] Natives of Delta Khinah ("Bravado") II become the first Klingon servitor race. The inhabitants of Tehalai will be among the first dozen races conquered by the Klingons [FASA, GN 13].

A ship of cryogenically frozen dead are launched from Earth. They will be recovered and revived in over three centuries later. These include Ralph Offenhouse, Claire Raymond, among others [TNG 126].

Koban's ancestors flee Earth aboard an interplanetary vessel. A wormhole transports them across light years into deep space where they will event- ually colonize Foothold (Joost-klaara) and become enslaved by the Tseetsk [TNG #21].

The U.S.S. "Lynx" (NCC-4600) prototype timeship observes Earth's Eugenics Wars on her fourth mission [LTP].

Admiral George La Forge commissions the light cruiser U.S.S. "Detroit." He will have a long line of descendants in Star Fleet [ON 15].

In the "Mirror" universe, the tide begins to turn. The genetically engineered beings, calling themselves Olympians, have become fed up with being looked upon as scientific curiousities. Reveling in their apparent superiority, they begin a unified takeover of all the nations of Earth. The military now finds itself at odds with its own unique Frankenstein monster. The Eugenics Wars begin [TBoT #14].

The Planet Age on Earth: interplanetary travel is developed, and work starts toward the colonization of the inner planets, with emphasis upon Mars and Earth's moon [LOR, SFD].

The last DY-100 series sleeper vessel is built. The series now consists of ten ships--only eight of these will be officially accounted for over the next few centuries [DYC, EOM, SS].

24 April
On a demonstration run in the Black Sea, the "Gorshkov," a U.S.S.R. nuclear aircraft carrier, is destroyed by an alien creature. The entire crews' life-essences are absorbed [TNG #1]. In the "Mirror" universe, Khan Noonian Singh, one of the original Olympians, successfully succeeds in seizing power over much of the Middle East while across the seas another Olympian, Patrick Green, declares himself "Colonel" Green and sovereign ruler of the former United States [TBoT #14].
The S.S. "Copernicus" DY-100 ("Savannah" class variant) is the first mass produced Terran spaceship capable of short interplanetary travel (Earth-moon). In an uprated mode, this 22 man 100-meter craft will be able to take man to Mars [SFC].

26 January
The S.S. "Botany Bay" (DY-102) is stolen from Mars orbit [URM].

01 June
T.K. Isenson publishes an article, 'Primary space as a "solvent"; the evidence for a nonisotropic entropy gradient' in Volume 15 of 'Paraphysical Cosmology' [TOS #13].

The Battle of the Sea of Japan is the turning point in the Eugenics War. Peter Linde Offenhouse, a pilot aboard the American aircraft carrier "Enterprise" (CVN-65) and the only son of Ralph Offenhouse, perishes with the vessel. However, much of Khan Singh's military force is destroyed. Following the battle, the Great Khanate will splinter into a dozen factions and fight one another until their leaders are hunted down [TNG #30].

22 September [reference stardate -1/9609.22]
Khan Noonian Singh, absolute ruler of more than a quarter of Earth, from South Asia to the Middle East, escapes aboard the S.S. "Botany Bay," (DY-102) sleeper vessel with a crew of 97 "supermen." Their destination is Tau Ceti [SS, EOM, ST 2, FASA].

NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas reports a rocket launched from Khanton, the capital of Khan Noonian Singh's collapsed empire [SFC].

The Eugenics Wars comes to an end. Dr. Stavos Keniclius, Earth's first cloned human, is banned from the community. The tyrants' altered Humans are declared wards of the United Nations and are sent to live in a series of camps in isolated areas. Gene engineering of Humans is banned, although certain groups will pass on the forbidden knowledge [MRM, IV/a, TOS #66].

"Nightingale Woman," a love sonnet, is written by Phineas Tarbolde on Canopus III [WNM].

The Andorian Empire is formed with the first colonization of another world by Andorian explorers [FASA].

In the "Mirror" universe, the fighting stops after the deaths of 37 million people, leaving the world at the "mercy" of the Olympians. Broken and demoralized, the rest of Humanity becomes their slaves and, ultimately, their playthings [TBoT #14].

1997, 18 April [reference stardate -1/9704.18]
Terra's United States of America and Japan jointly fund the establishment of the first permanent base on Terra's moon. The Terran people rededicate themselves to space exploration [FASA].

The Second Dark Ages begins on post-Eugenics Wars Earth. It will be at its worst over the next three years [MRM].

The Goddard Moonbase, the first large-scale Terran international space project, will provide accomodations for 70 in the fields of space research and industry. Consisting of three double-skinned geodesic domes built with the combined efforts of American, European and Soviet engineers, the Moonbase provides generous living quarters for up to 70 persons, and features a comprehensive research and astronautics area, and a dome used for space industries. Secretary General Sevron dedicates the base [SFC].

31 October
Harmon Buck "Buckaroo" Gin Bokai is born in Marina Del Rey, California on Earth [DSN 416].

The Asteroid Belt Lander reveals asteroids to be rich in important raw materials for further space industrialization by Earth [SFC].

Stalik is born on on Vulcan [TOS #27].

2000, 01 January [reference stardate 0/0001.01]
January 1, 2000, becomes the base date for the Reference Stardate system. On this date, the Science Council of Luna declares itself independent of the governments of the United States of America and Japan and requests status as a United Nations protectorate. Such status is granted, forming the first interplanetary Human government [FASA].

The Second Dark Ages ends and the Second Renaissance begins as Earth continues to rebuild. Medical sciences regrows. Emphasis is on controlling population and improving the quality of life [MRM].

January [reference stardate 0/0001] At this point, the Romulan Empire numbers 216 colonies and planets [FASA].

30 January [reference stardate 0/0001.30]
The Romulan scoutship "L'Sattak" returns for the second Romulan survey of Delta Khinah II, and discovers the Klingon presence there. The scoutship is destroyed, but not before transmitting its log tapes to a colonization convoy trailing it by 20 solar days [FASA].

01 February [reference stardate 0/0002.01]
With days to prepare, the large Romulan force obliterates the small Klingon garrison at Delta Khinah II, starting the first Klingon/Romulan War [FASA].

Construction of the DY-200 Series begins. The "Brenton" class sleeper vessel becomes the first successful American-designed interplanetary vessel. Constructed for extensive use as planetary survey and mining vessels, ten ships will be built [DYC].

Alex Charon, the son of Adam Charon and one of the first of the "super- babies" bred through his father's experiments, graduates from Harvard at the age of 16. He stands 6'2" and weighs 200 pounds. He was first in his class and played quarterback on the first nationally rated Harvard team in many years. Thoroughly convinced of his superiority over the rest of Mankind, he decides the quickest way to obtain power is by entering politics. Thanks to the extent of his father's experiments, he has over 10,000 superbaby contemporaries, with more being born every day. Many people consider him to be a monster [TBoT #2].

The "Green Death," Vegan Choriomeningitus, ravages Vega IX. The Vegan Tyranny begins to decline [MRM, STM].

Morse code goes out of use [ST 2].

In the "Mirror" universe, most of the Olympians have managed to exterminate each other. Earth is now ruled equally by Khan and Green [TBoT #14].

The Mercury Rover sends back the first soil sample information from its location at the terminator. The data obtained is from both the dark side and the light side of the planet [SFC].

2002, 07 January [reference stardate 0/0201.7]
Bio/Genetic Research, Inc. is founded in London, Terra. Beginning business by conducting research into radiation sickness, the company will develop Hydronilen, a genetically engineered compound used to retard the effects of high-level radiation [FASA].

07 February [reference stardate 0/0202.7]
The Loraxial Corporation is founded on Andor, initially to design acceler- ator cannons. Near the end of the Four Years War, Priscilla Feddic will create an efficient antimatter containment system which will lead to the first operational photon torpedo. In the 2240s, this torpedo system will be installed on front-line ships and wreak havoc on Klingon ships before the war's end. Loraxial will be responsible for several of these photon system designs [FASA].

August Jackson Roykirk's interstellar probe, "Nomad," is launched from Earth to seek out new forms of life. It will later be reported damaged by a meteor and lost in space, in the vicinity of Zeta Reticuli [Cg, STM].

September [reference stardate 0/0209] Terra's United Nations Scientific Council releases a 15-year projection estimating offworld and space-oriented industry to grow at an exponential rate [FASA, SFC].

An Advanced Comet Probe is launched [SFC].

Jeremy Grayson, the great-great-great-grandfather of Amanda Grayson, marries Dora [GN 2].

Construction begins on the first Terran city in space. This is by far man's largest undertaking off the Earth [SFC].

In the "Mirror" universe, Green has a fatal "accident" while enroute to his plush Virginia ranch. His private jet explodes, killing him and his entire staff. Not surprisingly, Khan immediately grasps the reins left dangling, making himself the sole dictator of Earth [TBoT #14].

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