Star Trek Timeline

By James Dixon

This timeline is split into 20 parts, linked here:

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Notes: including explanation of acronyms, etc.

02 May [reference stardate 1/0805.02]
Headed for the Triangle, a Romulan armada of 60 ships attacks three Federation squadrons near Gamma Hydra. Though Federation forces are outnumbered, both sides take heavy casualties. Star Fleet's new tactics match Romulan ferocity, leaving both fleets badly depleted and exhausted. However, the Romulans force a Federation retreat, and they resume course for the Triangle. The 132nd Strike Squadron, under the command of Admiral William Larson, reinforces the battered U.F.P. forces and repulses the Romulan armada. This battle seriously weakens Star Fleet, but it also prevents the formation of a major Romulan fleet in the Triangle. Excluding isolated, small-scale engagements, the Triangle remains Romulan-free for the remainder of the war [FASA].

The "Bradley" class advanced space tank enters service, each with a complement of 8 [SFC].

25 July [reference stardate 1/0807.25]
Four Romulan squadrons bombard Alpha Omega B with star-bomb missiles, rendering the planet uninhabitable. Two Romulan squadrons performing diversionary tactics are wiped out by local defense squadrons, but over 200,000 military and civilian personnel are killed in the main attack. This marks the Romulans' deepest penetration into Federation space [FASA].

September [reference stardate 1/0809] Shortages of men, starships, and supplies reach critical levels for both Federation and Romulan forces, as both fleets force deep penetrations into their opposing governments' territory. Numerous raids and battle losses make it increasingly difficult for either side to form effective formations and continue the war [FASA].

The U.S.S. "Manassa" (FR-254) "Durance" class vessel is decommissioned and scrapped [CTP].

01 November [reference stardate 1/0811.01]
While on an exploration and survey mission in the Triangle, the U.S.S. "Cavalier" is ambushed by Romulan cruisers in a newly discovered planetary system. After destroying the ship, the Romulan vessels move off without bothering to examine the system. A twelve-man landing party, under the command of Lieutenant Lawrence David Baker, is stranded there [FASA].

November [reference stardate 1/0811] A U.F.P. fleet stumbles on a major Romulan base, dealing the enemy its first true defeat. Over 30 Romulan war-vessels, manned only by skeleton crews during resupply operations, are destroyed in orbit before they can fire a shot. Six Star Fleet vessels are lost in the engagement when the planetary base destroys itself after its shields had been seriously dam- aged. The loss to the Romulan fleet is crippling, and the Romulan war effort never fully recovers [FASA].

The planet Eden (UFC 3676543) is discovered by shipwrecked U.F.P. forces in Romulan space during this era [STM].

2162, 20 January [reference stardate 1/0901.20]
In his now-famous "Sighted Man of Peace" address to the Federation Council, Senior Councilman Abraham Dannon recommends offering a peace treaty to the Romulans. During the next ten days, advocates of both viewpoints hold heated discussions on the proposition [FASA].

01 February [reference stardate 1/0902.01]
The Federation Council votes on Councilman Dannon's proposal for a peace offer. The measure is accepted by a one-vote margin, and is immediately transmitted via subspace radio to the Romulan Star Empire [FASA].

28 April [reference stardate 1/0904.28]
The Federation Council receives a response from the Romulan Star Empire. According to their Imperial Senate, the treaty must contain the provisions that no members of the warring races meet face-to-face, and that no ships cross a negotiated Neutral Zone. Additional information on the exact loc- ation, dimensions, and restrictions applying to the Neutral Zone are also emphatically requested. Councilman Dannon, placed in charge of the sub- space negotiations, responds within one week [FASA].

01 May [reference stardate 1/0905.01]
The Battle of Cheron is fought in Romulan space between two squadrons of Federation ships and remnants of four Romulan groups. The battle ends inconclusively when neither side has any combat-capable ships remaining. This battle marks the U.F.P.'s last opportunity to organize a fleet strong enough to reach the supposed location of the Romulan homeworld. It is considered a victory nevertheless, because the Romulans lose more than the Federation. Admiral Alex Hamilton, commander of the flagship "Hannibal" of the "Marshall" class, announces the end of the Romulan War. Dr. Mordecai Challah urges reconsideration for a Code 1 Priority Research effort to discover the cause and a cure for a new medical affliction resulting from the war effort: rapid-growth cancer of the skin and skeletal structure ap- parently from Romulan laser bombardment [FASA, SFC, TNG 158].

In the "Mirror" universe, the Romulan War ends in victory for the empire at a battle near the boundaries of the Romulan Federation. On the brink of extinction, the Romulans surrender to Joachim's regime [TBoT #14].

17 June [reference stardate 1/0906.17]
Stranded for seven months on what is now known as Baker's World, the crew- men from the U.S.S. "Cavalier" are picked up by the U.S.S. "Lorelei" with- out having suffered any casualties. For his skill and leadership, Lieuten- ant Lawrence David Baker receives the Star Fleet Commendation of Valor and a promotion, as well as becoming an immediate media hero [FASA].

28 July [reference stardate 1/0907.28]
The Romulans communicate with the Federation government and insist on additional terrestrial gains for the Romulan Star Empire. In exchange, they are willing to accept higher restrictions on Neutral Zone outposts. Dannon reluctantly makes many of the necessary concessions, and Federation Council President Thorpe ratifies the completed Treaty of Peace. The treaty is transmitted to the Romulan Star Empire [FASA].

stardate 1200.5 [Y 46]
The Romulan War ends with the Treaty of Alpha Trianguli (Algeron), between Praetor Karzan of the Romulan Star Empire and Cristofur Thorpe, Governor of the Federation Council of the U.F.P. It is the first treaty in U.F.P. history to be negotiated entirely by data upload over subspace radio (Frequency K) [SFB, TOS #35, TNG 158, TM, STM, BT, ST 1].

09 September [reference stardate 1/0909.09]
The Imperial Senate of the Romulan Star Empire broadcasts its ratification of the Treaty of Peace on all subspace frequencies. The message is picked up by Federation starships along the border, and the treaty terms go into immediate effect. After 17 years of piratical attacks and declared host- ilities, the Romulan War is finally over after staggering losses on both sides [FASA].

10 September [reference stardate 1/0909.10]
The Romulan Neutral Zone, an egg-shaped area of space 10 light years in width, 750 parsecs along the galactic longitudinal plane and extending to the outer boundary of the galaxy in the vertical plane, with 128 Trianguli at the center, is established and construction begins on asteroid outposts bordering on the Zone. A period of withdrawal permitted by the treaty will last until July of 2165. All invading U.F.P. and Romulan forces begin retreating at maximum warp speed to their respective sides of the new boundary [TM, STM, FASA].

October [reference stardate 1/0910] Peace reigns, but the Orion Colones know that the Klingon Empire will soon discover the existence of the Federation. The Colonies sign non-aggression and trade treaties with the Federation, but still remain outside the U.F.P. [FASA].

At this time, realizing that they are technologically outclassed and outnumbered, and that they have no hope of winning a prolonged conflict, the Romulans consolidate along the new U.F.P.-Romulan Neutral Zone. They begin major construction of outposts to keep track of Federation forces and keep them in check. Just homeward of these outposts, forces for future expansion into Federation territory are built [FASA].

Atomic warfare rips away the atmosphere of Alpha Xaridian IV, obliterating the populance [TOS #59].

Dohlman Kiyaan, fourteenth of the line of Sevuth, reigns on the planet Elas. She will reign for only three Elasian years until the revolt of the Snake Clans [TOS #68].

The Rey of Gullrey being their era of long-range space exploration [TOS #67].

By this time, the Klingons have begun to perfect shipboard disruptor technology, which they are deploying throughout their fleet. With the Romulan War now over, the Orions now realize that the U.F.P. and the Klingon Empire must eventually encounter one another. At this moment, however, the Klingon military is occupied with raids against the weakened Romulan border. The Orions nevertheless fear that the Klingons will soon turn their attention again in the direction of Rigel and her interstellar holdings. Realizing that any contact between the U.F.P. and the Klingon Empire must inevitably lead to armed conflict, the Orions hastily negotiate several non-aggression and trade treaties with the U.F.P., but still do not join the Federation [FASA].

2163, 05 January [reference stardate 1/1001.05]
The negotiations establishing the Romulan Neutral Zone destroy the political aspirations of Councilman Dannon. His opponents claim that he, as chief negotiator, gave away too much of the disputed area to the Romulans. Dannon is politically censured, and later, loses his position as Federation Councilman [FASA].

The U.S.S. "Durance" (FR-250) modified cargo/tug escort cruiser is decommissioned as a museumpiece. The U.S.S. "Heron Bay" (FR-251), U.S.S. "Avior" (FR-253), and U.S.S. "Gridley" (FR-255) "Durance" class vessels are decommissioned and scrapped. The U.S.S. "Cypress" (FR-256) and U.S.S. "Aberdeen" (FR-257) but are later sold to neutral systems. The U.S.S. "Halsey" (FR-261) experimental test ship is re- moved from service [CTP].

January [reference stardate 1/1001] With the Romulan War ended, budgetary constraints force Star Fleet Command to decommission a number of warships. The entire fleet of "Messier" class cruisers is deactivated, even though the class served exceptionally well throughout the Romulan War. The Zone of Transport Escort is lifted, and galactic peace brings tremendous growth in industry, trade, and tourism [FASA, SFC].

A woman challenges the Right of Supersedence on Ligon II--the last to do so til 2364 [TNG 104].

Marcus van Diemen is born [TOS #16].

Old Lucy is born on Okeanos (Eris V) [TOS #66].

The Snake Clans revolt on the planet Elas. Dohlman Skuah becomes the first of the line of Kesmeth. She will rule for nine Elasian years [TOS #68].

The "Normandy" class advanced star fighter enters service. Each craft has a complement of 3 and advanced second generation warp drive [SFC].

In the "Mirror" universe, Deneb becomes the 90th world to be vanquished by the empire. By 2165, that number will reach 100 [TBoT #14].

The U.F.P.-M'dok War begins [TNG #8].

The Delos system is first contacted by a U.F.P. scoutship [TNG 123].

In the Delos system, the planet Onara is stricken by a plague and the cure (felicium) is found on the neighboring world, Brekka. A trading agreement is established [TNG 123].

The Energy Barrier at the edge of the galaxy is first detected [LOR, SFD].

The U.S.S. "Cypress" (FR-256) "Durance" class vessel is purchased by a neutral system. Her sister ships, the U.S.S. "Cay'Andera" (FR-259), U.S.S. "Sierra Vista" (FR-262) and the U.S.S. "Grevenmacher" (FR-264) are decommissioned. The U.S.S. "Rio Verde" (FR-258) and "Manheim" (FR-260) are decommissioned and scrapped. The U.S.S. "Halsey" (FR-261) is destroyed at the Arcturus Firing Range [CTP].

The Hoshan are attacked in space and mistakenly assume the Zeator are responsible [TOS #32].

[Y 48] The First Lyran-Kzinti War begins [SFB].

Singa stows away aboard a ship bound for Raga's Planet [ON 6].

Klingon Emperor Kadrya is born in the Empire [TOS #16].

July [reference stardate 1/1207] The period of withdrawal from the Neutral Zone permitted under peace treaty is now over. From this time on, no warship may cross the Romulan Neutral Zone. All Federation cultural exchange programs resume, after having been suspended during the Romulan War. Federation officials release a public survey poll showing rising confidence in the U.F.P. and its ability to perform its intended duties [FASA].

The Galactic Outreach Program resumes after a ten year suspension [SFC].

09 September [reference stardate 1/1209.9]
Shuvinaaljis Warp Technologies, Inc. is founded in Shuridar, Vulcan as a manufacturer of warp engine systems. They will later develop a new range of micro-warp engine technologies [FASA].

Mudpigs are discovered lumbering around Rigel IV [TOS #31].

17 December [reference stardate 1/1212.17]
S'Lek Varan is founded in Shuridar, Vulcan. A producer of auxiliary and support systems for both commercial and military craft, it will not only contract through the Vulcan government but also work as a sub-contractor for other less specialized shipbuilders on cooperative projects [FASA].

In the Second History timeline, Romulan ships attack Vulcan. After 6 months of battle, the Vulcans succeed in infiltrating Romulan surveillance vessels and are quick to adapt Romulan stardrive. They contact neighboring systems to push back the Romulan warships. The Vulcan High Council estab- lishes the groundwork for the Interstellar Alliance of Planets [TOS #24].

2165, January [reference stardate 1/1301]
Official membership in the United Federation of Planets reaches 100 [FASA].

21 March [reference stardate 1/1303.21]
Abraham Dannon, author of the Romulan/Federation peace treaty and chief negotiator of its provisions, is assassinated by a spectator at a political rally where he was scheduled to speak. A controversial, much-despised figure in his own time, Dannon will later be revered for his contributions to galactic peace. The Terran civilian decoration for peace, the Dannon Prize, is named for him [FASA].

The rebuilding of Starbase 1 is completed and is towed to its original location [SFC].

The U.S.S. "Aberdeen" (FR-257), U.S.S. "Cay'Andera" (FR-259), and U.S.S. "Grevenmacher" (FR-264) "Durance" class cargo/tugs are purchased by neutral systems. The U.S.S. "Sierra Vista" (FR-262) is destroyed at the Arcturus Test Range [CTP].

The "Powers" class scout enters service, with a complement of 20 and advanced second generation warp drive [SFC].

The planet Lorca is settled by colonists from Earth [TNG #7].

The M'dok are defeated by the U.F.P. and, like their Kzinti relatives, are stripped of their empire and confined to a small area of space [TNG #8].

The Star Fleet Lunar Hall of Justice is constructed in Oceanview on Earth's moon [GN 7].

The Omega Sejanus system is colonized [TNG 130].

Privately funded genetics labs on Earth produce the first Human-Vulcan hybrid. The accomplishment is kept secret for almost a century [TOS #44].

[Y 50] The First Klingon-Kzinti War begins [SFB].

Guinan meets the Q [TNG 142].

Rigel (Beta Orionis) becomes the 11th U.F.P. member, specifically the Rigel Colonies (Rigel II and IV)[STM].

The U.F.P. border is redefined between Rigel, Deneb, and Antares; 480 parsecs in diameter [STM].

Rampart (Rho Ophiuchi) is colonized by Earth [TNG #11].

The Chyrellkans make their first landing on their sisterworld Vancadia [TOS #55].

The Ab'brax tradition is phased out on Betazed [TNG #18].

A plastic Elasian stellar map is made [TOS #68].

[reference stardate 1/14] As an outgrowth of the Romulan War, a huge prototype Federation battle- cruiser is completed and undergoes testing. It fails to meet the require- ments and is put in storage. As a result, the "Horizon" and "Marshall" classes enjoy an extended commissioned life. The prototype vessel had a maximum warp of 3.9, a proposed complement of 375, and an impressive ord- nance: 8 lasers, 8 particle beam cannons, and 16 fusion torpedo tubes [SFC].

Starbase 12 is commanded by Admiral Uttan Narsu [TNG 215].

The U.S.S. "Essex" (NCC-173), "Daedalus" class starship, commanded by Captain Bryce Shumar, is lost with all hands at Mab-Bu VI's moon [TNG 215].

The Bekeem colony ship is completed [TNG #14].

[reference stardate 1/15] In the Pyrimilis Star System, two inhabited planets are found by the U.F.P. on the same orbit, on a collision course. Discovered by Captain Carlos Dos Passos of the U.S.S. "Gemini" ("Libran" class), they are powerless to interfere with the religion of the union of the two worlds existing on both planets [SFC].

23 August [reference stardate 1/1508.23]
HiBeam Energies, Ltd. is founded in Lunda City, Luna. They will design the first phaser weapons systems [FASA].

The Tseetsk encounter the Human colony of Koban's ancestors on Foothold (Joost-klaara) and enslave them, using the colony as a breeding planet [TNG #21].

The U.S.S. "Almeida" (GCC-120) heavy cruiser/freighter is commissioned. A dozen ships of this class (GCC-120-GCC-131), with crews of 93 and laser bank weaponry, are built [HCFP].

The K-117 light (warp-driven) transport shuttle is one of the fastest interatmospheric shuttles in Star Fleet. A century later one of these shuttles will be employed as a portable drilling rig by the Federation Geological Survey. Its heavily shielded warp core provides a safe power source, even with personnel nearby on the ground [TOS #68].

The genetically-perfect integrated Earth colony on Moab IV is founded [TNG 213].

Dohlman Alais comes to power on Elas. She will rule for twelve Elasian years [TOS #68].

Briam, the future ambassador of Krios is born [TNG 221].

The White Rhino becomes extinct on Earth [TNG 210].

[reference stardate 1/16] The "Clark" class space tanks are withdrawn from service [SFC].

In the "Mirror" universe, Izar becomes the 108th world taken over by the empire [TBoT #14].

The S.S. "Aurora" (NCC-C1200) space cruiser is built. A total of 237 of these six-person, warp 1.6 capacity, ships will be produced by 2180, with over 34 variations on the basic design [ACP, EOM].

Khidri tai-Gensa is born in the Klingon Empire [TOS #16].

The Hebitian burial vaults on the Cardassian homeworld are unearthed and plundered [TNG 237].

Civil war breaks out on the planet Oriana between the Torlick and Venturi clans [TNG #24].

[reference stardate 1/17] A Top Secret prototype spy ship is tested by Star Fleet. It achieves warp 3.84, the highest velocity to date with its advanced second generation warp drive and crew of 3 [SFC].

2170, March [reference stardate 1/1803]
Ships of the U.F.P. Galactic Cultural Exchange project complete their first visit to all Federation member worlds. The flagship is the U.S.S. "Horok" of the new "Broadway" class, a hybrid ship originally of the "Merchant" class cargo ships renovated to accommodate the specific needs of its complement of cultural ambassadors. Over the decades the "Hurok" and her "Broadway" class sisters will be uprated to keep pace with the changing warp technology [SFC, FASA].

The North American Indian ancestors of the Dorvan V settlers, led by Cantowa, leave Earth in order to preserve their cultural identities [TNG 272].

The design style of "studied crudity" becomes popular in the Cardassian Empire [DSN #5].

03 April [reference stardate 1/1804.03]
Star Fleet's initial network of manned and automated outposts along the Neutral Zone becomes operational. The system is expanded and improved during the next 30 years, until most military theorists consider it impos- sible for a ship to cross the Zone undetected. It is assumed that the Romulans created a similar network. This is supported by the fact that none of the 17 Federation space vessels known to have penetrated the Neutral Zone have returned [FASA]. Colony Terra (Alpha) 5 is established on Eta Serpentis IV [STM].

Kavis Alpha, a neutron star, explodes [TNG 150].

U.F.P. impulse engine design changes radically [TNG 230].

"Galliant" class star fighters are withdrawn from service [SFC].

[reference stardate 1/1818] Most Orion trade families close their operations with the U.F.P., in the face of Klingon trade vessels returning to the Rigel colonies. Through masterful timing of ship arrivals, the Orions keep the Klingons and U.F.P. unaware of each other's presence for many years, despite U.F.P. displeasure at the closing of many Orion ports [FASA].

About this time, Dax eliminates the first of many host candidates. In the next two centuries, Dax will reject 57 selected hosts [DSN 437].

Most old, Irish traditions are forgotten, according to Mari ni Connal [DSN #5].

2171, July [reference stardate 1/1907]
A major, privately operated research station opens on Deneva and begins scientific investigations into transtater physics [FASA].

The prototype spy ship is withdrawn from service [SFC].

Cait (15 Lyncis) becomes the 12th U.F.P. member [STM].

Nisus (Vulcan Colony 9) is established. In later years it will be known as the finest example in the galaxy of cooperation among intelligent life forms [TOS #38].

[reference stardate 1/2000] Well-preserved remains of the galaxy's oldest civilization, estimated to be 7.5 billion years old, are found on Planet 522-IV by Dr. Helmut Kreutzer of the U.S.S. "Schlieman" ("Placido" class) [SFC].

August [reference stardate 1/2008] The U.S.S. "Yardley" travels to Axanar and suffers several casualties among its contact party. As a result, the planet is interdicted under the Non-Interference Directive [FASA].

2173 (8700 Vulcan Years)
The Vulcan Outreach period ends [MRM].

[reference stardate 1/2127] Rantura Shipping Lines is founded in New Daran, Deneva by Esaha Rantura, a second-generation Denevan, as a shuttle service between Deneva and Colony V. Within a single generation, Rantura Shipping will expand to handle over 80% of the passenger as well as cargo transport needs of both worlds. An agreement with Chiokis Starship Construction within the next few months will further advance Rantura's prospects by giving Rantura exclusive shipping rights to and from Chiokis corporate facilities throughout dozens of planetary systems. Rantura will suffer a disasterous setback when flying parasites from Ingraham B nearly decimate Deneva, losing many key personnel [FASA].

The "Montcalm" and "Meridio" space cruisers are built, two variations on the S.S. "Aurora" class [ACP].

Dohlman Wywras reigns on Elas [TOS #68]. Gamma Spica is saved by the U.S.S. "Bellweather," a "Placido" class ship, by neutralizing a quake's fault line via shipboard lasers [SFC].

The "Castor" class 100-man cruiser enters service [SFC].

[Y 62] The Klingons launch their first warp-powered D-6. The Second Gorn-Romulan War begins [SFB].

Antos IV becomes the 13th U.F.P. member [STM].

Radioactive pollutants on Scalos begin to cause drastic mutations [MRM, WE].

[reference stardate 1/23] The first interstellar liners, the "Declaration" class, begin service between major U.F.P. members. With the blossoming travel demand, 957 of these ships will be commissioned. Each ship carries a complement of 950, has warp 3.2 capacity, and advanced 2nd generation warp drive using 10:1 matter-antimatter fuel. This will be the first class to be equipped with subspace radio and the most popular carrier of its time [SFC].

In the "Mirror" universe, the first interstellar liners, the "Quantum" class, are launched. The first of these is the "Enterprise" [TBoT #14].

April [reference stardate 1/2304] Baxter Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is founded in Chicago, Terra. It will become a leader in manufacturing biomedical adaptive compounds and will develop the first workable, mass-produced serum to combat Rigellian blood-burn fever [FASA].

Alpha and Beta Centauri are at their closest--an event which will occur every 80 years [TOS #28].

Catulla (Theta Pictoris) becomes the 14th U.F.P. member [STM].

[reference stardate 1/24] First evidence of extragalactic life is discovered when an unknown probe is recovered from Sector 24 by the "Castor" class U.S.S. "Greyhound." The probe is a cylinder 2 meters by 357 millimeters whose ion trail was traced towards the Small Magellanic Cloud, and was believed to have traveled at warp 30. Analysis by Dr. William Pomeroy, the ship's science officer, reveals it to be seemingly no more than an inert cylinder with no sign of recording or transmitting data [SFC].

In the "Mirror" universe, imperial scientists attempt to trace the point of origin of the extragalactic probe. Joaquin plots an extragalactic conquest [TBoT #14].

December [reference stardate 1/2412] Faced with threats that the U.F.P. will revoke its non-aggression agreements because of the closure of Orion ports to even emergency traffic, the Orions reopen their ports to U.F.P. shipping on a limited basis. They also sign new treaties with the U.F.P. These agreements provide the Orion worlds with a promise of protection from outside aggression, but bind the Orions only to not directly attacking the U.F.P. This opens the door for the Orions to trade with both sides if and when the Klingon Empire and U.F.P. meet in conflict [FASA].

2177 [reference stardate 1/25]
The U.F.P.'s major space development complex, the huge Centauri Spaceworks, opens with contracts from many member worlds [SFC].

The "Doppler" scout class is decommissioned [SFC].

[Y 65] The Hydrans develop warp power. By a fortuitous chance, their current sublight ships adapt very well to warp power. Conversion of these ships begins. The Klingon D-6 cruiser, F5 frigate, and E4 escort enter service. The Kzinti strike cruiser, light cruiser, and frigate enter service. The Type I Drone, a warp 2 capacity missile, enters service [SFB].

In the "Mirror" universe, Joaquin is assassinated on Earth by his chief executive officer, Carl Warner, who becomes the new emperor. Warner, a cold, battle-hardend military man, is more ruthless than his predecessors [TBoT #14].

On the outskirts of Romulan space, the Romulan cruiser "Scorah" under the command of Primus Oran, takes aboard a Gullrey spacecraft. The Rey emotion-projecting abilities drive the crew insane. The entire ship is lost with all hands except for Subcenturion Valdus Ionis Zorokove who escapes by life pod [TOS #67].

[reference stardate 1/26] The U.F.P. issues a study showing that interstellar tourism may eventually become the largest industry in the Federation [SFC].

During this era the most Earth-like planet in the Alpha Centauri B system, Kent (Alpha B IV) is settled by Humans. This system contains a total of six planets (the innermost worlds: Olson, Perry, Lang, and Kent) which will be destroyed in late 2279 during Alpha B's expansion into an orange giant [TOS #39].

[Y 66] The Gorns develop warp power. Incidents occur along the Hydran-Klingon border. The Klingons want settlement rights on oxygen-nitrogen planets in Hydran territory; the Hydrans want the same rights on methane worlds in Klingon space [SFB].

01 November [reference stardate 1/2611.01]
Wilson Energies Ltd. is founded in Great Britain, Terra when Dr. James Wilson's skills in micro-miniaturization leads to the design of the first hand-held phaser weapon. This new firm's position is secured when Star Fleet orders an unprecedented half-million units to be supplied over the next twelve years. Not content with this coup, Wilson Energies will re- fine the original Phaser I design which will result in the upgraded Phaser II pistol and rifle. These advances will in turn create a production de- mand that Wilson Energies will be hard-pressed to match. Over time, 5 separate manufacturing concerns under Wilson Energies' supervision will be cranking out phasers 24 hours a day [FASA].

2179, 04 March [reference stardate 1/2703.04]
Leeper-Fell Universal, Ltd. is founded in Tritium, Sol IV as an import/ex- port company dealing with merchandise ranging from Spican flamegems and Saurian cognac to tribbles and Argelian silks [FASA].

Singa, the Sleeping God, offers his services to the U.F.P. [ON 6].

[reference stardate 1/27] The largest supernova in recorded history occurs when the star Phi Puma blows up. In the process, the "Newton" class research ship "Kepler" is vaporized [SFC].

The "Byrne" class advanced hospital ships enter service. Each vessel has a crew of 850 and second generation warp drive [SFC].

Twelve-man interplanetary personal craft enter service [SFC].

[Y 67] The Lyrans develop warp power [SFB].

The Type 1 40 MM Hand Laser is developed, possibly through a revolutionary new breakthrough in transtator applications [SFD, TOS #16].

Sarek observes the World Series, on Earth [GN 4].

[Y 68] The Gorns win the second Gorn-Romulan War. The Lyrans' heavy cruisers, light cruisers, destroyers and frigates enter service. The Second Lyran- Hydran War begins [SFB].

30 July [reference stardate 1/2807.30]
The Vulcan Monetary Society is founded on Vulcan as the planet's principal governmental monetary control agency, maintaining all planetary and off- world financial operations involving the Vulcan government and major Vulcan corporations [FASA].

The "Vanguard" class transports end their service [SFC].

Tiburon (Omega Fornacis III) becomes the 15th U.F.P. member [STM].

A ship disappears in the Cicada/Taurean region [LS/a].

Within the Klingon Empire, the transporter becomes safe for Klingon use [TOS #16].

[reference stardate 1/29] Small, privately owned interplanetary pleasure craft become available to citizens of several star systems. On-going advancements in propulsion systems, computers, and communications makes this possible within the U.F.P. [SFC].

The dual worlds Pyrimiis I and II collide, causing the loss of all life in the system [SFC].

"Mercury" class scouts and "Bradley" class space tanks are decommissioned [SFC].

[Y 69] The Gorn heavy cruisers, light cruisers, and destroyers enter service [SFB].

Jackson B. Kahle II, founder of the Peace Foundation, is born [TOS #70].

In the "Mirror" universe, the Vulcanoid civilization of Rigel V chooses genocide over slavery [TBoT #14].

The "Pointer" class corvettes enter service. These ships have complements of 25 and advanced second generation warp drive [SFC].

Leeper-Fell diversifies into planetary terraforming. Their future projects will be Ardana and Babel [FASA].

2183 [Y 71]
The United Star Fleet is officially established as the peace-keeping branch of the U.F.P. Member planets begin disbanding their "national" fleets. Two Star Fleet Headquarters will be formed: one located in the astro-graphic center of U.F.P. space and the other in the Terran city of San Francisco [SFB, LOR, SFD, ST II, EOM, TM].

Donald Mora is born [TOS #61].

The D.E.V. "Eagle Valley" DY-950 ship, commanded by Dan King, is launched as the 3rd colonization mission into the Ficus sector [TNG 144].

[reference stardate 1/31] Growing numbers of interstellar tourists quickly make Argelius II a favorite vacation spot because of its nightlife [SFC].

The space buoy type introduced in 2141 is phased-out [SFC].

[Y 71] The Second Lyran-Hydran War ends when improved Hydran weapons give them a decisive advantage over the Lyrans [SFB].

Trititanium (Element 128) is discovered on Motherlode (Acadia III). It will soon become the most popular metal used in starship hulls until the discovery of tritanium and quadrotanium [MRM].

[reference stardate 1/32] The first unmanned interstellar cargo ships, the "Boyden" class, begin plying the long-haul trade routes [SFC]. [Y 72] The U.F.P. police cruiser enters service. A Klingon-Hydran "incident" occurs [SFB].

The Delta Research Station is completed and draws scientists from all sectors of space [SFC].

Rigel V, a Vulcanoid world, becomes a member of the U.F.P. when the Rigel Accords are signed into law [TWF, STM].

"University" class spacefaring school ships enter service. Each with a complement of 300, 10:1 matter-to-antimatter, and warp 3 capacity, these ships are derived from the "Marshall" class using second generation warp propulsion. The U.S.S. "Dewey" is representative of this class and will be popular in the upcoming Worlds in Evolution Program [SFC].

Edos (92 Trianguli-Rho) becomes the 16th U.F.P. member [STM].

Theta Cygni XII, a dead planet wiped out by the Flying Parasites, is discovered by the U.F.P. [STM, OA].

Sarek invents the "satchel" crypton scrambler [GN 4].

The people of Lessenar make their first attempts to curtail the amount of pollutants produced on their world [TNG #29].

[reference stardate 1/33] The Worlds in Evolution Program enables students to witness firsthand, various eras in the lifecycle of developing planets. Included are the planets Tan Tauri and Epsilon Reptus [SFC].

August [reference stardate 1/3308] The Federation merchant captain E. A. Jacoby and his crew encounter some Klingon traders led by retired Naval Officer Kassam on an Orion colony planet. The traders are aware that they have made contact with a previously unknown species, but the Klingons hide the true importance of the incident, all the while pumping the traders for information on the U.F.P. As an experienced trader, Captain Jacoby has encountered a number of new races (all customers of the Orions) in past visits to Orion ports, and so he simply passes along the routine U.F.P. contact material. Though Jacoby claims to have filed the proper reports to the U.F.P. Contacts Bureau, those records are never found. Meanwhile, the Klingons begin a crash program to learn all they can about this potential rival that they call the "Human Empire". They capture a number of Federation ships and interrogate the crews [FASA].

[Y 73] The Hydrans attack the Klingons. They do not have a formal Alliance with the Kzinti (who are still at war with the Klingons), but are considered as co-belligerants. The Klingons are hard-pressed to fight a war on two fronts, but a new Hydran weapon gives the Klingons much concern [SFB].

All "Powers" class scouts are decommissioned [SFC].

2186, 17 January [reference stardate 1/3401.17]
Pan-Galactic Productions is founded in London, Terra as a major producer of tri-dimensional films and will be part owner of several theme parks and recreation centers on Imagination and Wrigley's Pleasure Planet [FASA].

[reference stardate 1/34] Like many planets in the Federation, the Milky Way Galaxy itself contains 'faults' that cause violent disruptions. After years of study, the mystery novas in Sector 27 are found to be caused by these forces, at the Deneva Research Station. A Special Task Force assigned to study the mystery novas of Sector 34.9, consisting of astro- physicists Khan Revox and Granville Webern determines that linear compression waves are the culprit, lines of extreme stress extending along the whole of the Omega finger of the Orion arm [SFC].

[Y 74] Freighters and Q-ships are generally available throughout known space, except to the Romulans. Q-ships look in all respects like freighters until their hatches are removed from their weapons ports and shields are raised [SFB].

19 September [reference stardate 1/3409.19]
Smith & Smythe Motor Works, Ltd. is founded in Surleft, Andor as a princ- iple manufacturer of auxiliary power systems and support equipment for starship designs [FASA].

01 December [reference stardate 1/3412.1]
Chiokis Starship Construction is founded in Thelavor, Andor. This joint Andorian/Terran venture will produce more vessels and independent vessel designs than any other shipyard in U.F.P. history. This firm will be noted primarily for the unique saucer-shaped design used to construct military and exploratory vessels [FASA].

2187 [Y 75]
Badly outnumbered, the Klingon fleet defending the Hydran Frontier is decisively defeated by the Hydrans. The Klingons agree to a peace settle- ment granting the Hydrans trade concessions, and allowing them to colonize several methane-atmosphere planets within the Klingon Empire. The Kzinti howl with rage because the Hydrans will not continue the war. Klingons purchase much war materiel (at ridiculously inflated prices) from the Hydrans and turn on the Kzinti [SFB].

The CC-750 through CC-758 "Caracal" class command cruisers are authorized [CCP].

The DY-245 type ship S.S. "Hatteras" is launched on a deep space exploration mission to the Ficus sector, commanded by Gary Loes [TNG 144].

[reference stardate 1/3500] The theory of molecular reintegration achieves a major breakthrough with the first successful transmission of organic life (protozoa) at the Deneva Research Station. Research team coordinator Janet Hester logs the results possible with the latest advances of Abramson's transtator physics and warp-assisted energy transmission. Chief Medical Officer Dr. Harding Richardson is opposed to experimenting on more complex lifeforms [SFC].

[Y 77] The Type II Drone with warp 2.2 capacity enters service, along with the larger Type IV and V models [SFB].

The planet Barsoom (Delta Gamma IV) is colonized by both Human and Tellar- ite settlers [FASA].

The "Normandy" class star fighters are withdrawn from service [SFC].

The "McCormick" class factory ships enter service, with advanced first generation warp drive and complements of 200 [SFC].

28 June
The U.S.S. "Caracal" (CC-750) prototype command cruiser is laid down at the Cosmadyne Boston Naval Shipyards [CCP].

07 July
The U.S.S. "Navangar" (CC-751) "Caracal" class command cruiser is laid down [CCP].

08 July [reference stardate 1/3507.8]
The Shiputer Corporation is founded in Bristol, Terra as a supplier of starship navigational control systems [FASA].

11 July
The U.S.S. "Spartan" (CC-752) "Caracal" class command cruiser is laid down [CCP].

09 October
The U.S.S. "Reliance" (CC-753) "Caracal" class strike cruiser is laid down [CCP].

28 October
The U.S.S. "Allegany" (CC-754) "Caracal" class strike cruiser is laid down [CCP].

17 November
The U.S.S. "Matanzas" (CC-755) "Caracal" class strike cruiser is laid down [CCP].

22 November
The U.S.S. "Saphir" (CC-756) "Caracal" class strike cruiser is laid down [CCP].

07 December
The U.S.S. "Audace" (CC-757) "Caracal" class heavy cruiser is laid down [CCP].

[Y 79] The Tholians arrive and occupy an area claimed by the Klingons [SFB].

2188, 01 January
The U.S.S. "Requin" (CC-758) "Caracal" class heavy cruiser is laid down [CCP].

The ruins of Temaris IV, located in the Romulan Neutral Zone, are abandoned as agreed to by treaty [GN 10].

The CC-759 through CC-764 "Caracal" class command cruisers are authorized [CCP].

05 March
The U.S.S. "James Van Allen" cruiser of the "Caracal" class is cancelled, having been authorized a year ago [CCP].

Daniel Corrigan is born [TOS #20].

25 May
The U.S.S. "Palomar" (CC-760), U.S.S. "Long Beach" (CC-761), and U.S.S. "Arroyo" (CC-759) "Caracal" class ships are laid down [CCP].

Chhay is born [GN 1].

Charlemagne (Aquilla Scorpi IV) is settled by dissidents who reject the U.F.P.'s peace treaty with the Romulans [FASA].

[Y 82] The First Klingon-Kzinti War ends. The Klingons capture three key planets [SFB].

02 November
The U.S.S. "Tayi" (CC-762) "Caracal" class light cruiser is laid down [CCP].

05 November
The U.S.S. "Dominium" (CC-763) "Caracal" class light cruiser is laid down [CCP].

December [reference stardate 1/3612] The Federation Council refuses a funding request from Star Fleet for the development of new starships. To Star Fleet's enormous surprise, all funds previously assigned to complete the construction of Starbase 12 are "indefinitely postponed". Because construction had actually begun, the installation retains its designation, but it remains uncompleted and inop- erative until after the end of the Four Years War. The "Horizon" and "Marshall" Classes remain the first line of defense [FASA].

14 December
The U.S.S. "R'Sah-Dan" (CC-764) "Caracal" class light cruiser is laid down [CCP].

2189, 01 January
The U.S.S. "Caracal" (CC-750) prototype command cruiser is launched [CCP].

23 January
The U.S.S. "Navangar" (CC-751) "Caracal" class command cruiser is launched [CCP].
04 February
The U.S.S. "Spartan" (CC-752) "Caracal" class command cruiser is launched [CCP].

07 February
The U.S.S. "Reliance" (CC-753) "Caracal" class strike cruiser is launched [CCP].

01 March
The U.S.S. "Allegany" (CC-754) and U.S.S. "Matanzas" (CC-755) "Caracal" class strike cruisers are launched [CCP].

09 March
The U.S.S. "Saphir" (CC-756) "Caracal" class strike cruiser is launched [CCP].

15 April
The U.S.S. "Audace" (CC-757) "Caracal" class heavy cruiser is launched [CCP].

30 April
The U.S.S. "Requin" (CC-758) "Caracal" class heavy cruiser is launched [CCP].

The "Perth" PB-18 series dilithium-energized circumferential warp drive engine is developed by Cochrane Warp Dynamics, and will be first installed aboard the "Horizon" and "Archon" classes. Allowing an emergency velocity of warp 4 and a cruising velocity of warp 2, these engines will remain in production for half a century [SFE].

[Y 83] The Tholians are first encountered by the Klingons. The first of several vicious border wars will last two years. The police cruiser enters ser- vice. The Klingon D-7 battlecruiser prototype, F-5S scout, E3 escort, G2 police ship, and combat tug enter sevice. The Kzinti scout enters service. The Type III drone, with warp 2.6 capacity, extended range, and self guidance, enters service [SFB].

12 September
The U.S.S. "Arroyo" (CC-759) "Caracal" class heavy cruiser is launched [CCP].

02 October
The U.S.S. "Palomar" (CC-760) "Caracal" class command cruiser is launched [CCP].

03 October
The U.S.S. "Long Beach" (CC-761) "Caracal" class command cruiser is laun- ched [CCP].

05 October
The U.S.S. "Caracal" (CC-750) command cruiser is commissioned with an experimental dual phaser system and a ship's complement of 220. Fifteen ships of this class will be built (CC-750-CC-764), and will be in service until 2232. The first of several U.F.P. command cruisers, they have warp 6.8 capacity and later ships of the class will be commis- sioned as strike cruisers, light cruisers, and heavy cruisers. Her sister ships the U.S.S. "Navangar" (CC-751), U.S.S. "Spartan" (CC-752), U.S.S. "Reliance" (CC-753), U.S.S. "Allegany" (CC-754), and U.S.S. "Matanzas" (CC-755) are commissioned on the same day [CCP, SFB].

14 October
The U.S.S. "Saphir" (CC-756) and U.S.S. "Audace" (CC-757) "Caracal" class vessels are commissioned [CCP].

Robert T. April is born [CC/a].

17 November
The U.S.S. "Requin" (CC-758) "Caracal" class heavy cruiser is commissioned [CCP].

The "Watt" class twin cargo ships enter service, with complements of 60 and advanced first generation warp drive [SFC].

2190, 08 February
The U.S.S. "Arroyo" (CC-759) "Caracal" class heavy cruiser is commissioned [CCP].

12 February
The U.S.S. "Palomar" (CC-760) and U.S.S. "Long Beach" (CC-761) "Caracal" class command cruisers are commissioned [CCP].

February [reference stardate 1/3802] The interplanetary war of Beta Cersus within the Romulan Neutral Zone creates tension between the Federation and the Romulan Empire. Admiral Liam O'Neill of the U.S.S. "Alert" ("Castor" class) detect half a dozen Romulan craft. Though neither side entered the conflict, this incident loosens the Federation's purse strings for advanced class ship construction [FASA].

27 March
The U.S.S. "Tayi" (CC-762) and U.S.S. "Dominium" (CC-763) "Caracal" class light cruisers are launched [CCP].

01 April
The U.S.S. "R'Sah-Dan" (CC-764) "Caracal" class light cruiser is launched [CCP].

07 May [reference stardate 1/3805.7]
General Entertainment Concepts is founded in New Orleans, Terra. They will be known for the recovery, restoration, and tri-dimensional holographic releases of various classic films from various cultures. Their most expen- sive project will be Wrigley's Pleasure Planet [FASA].

06 June
The U.S.S. "Horizon" (NCC-1000) cruiser, class ship of another "Horizon" class, is laid down at UESPA, Star Fleet Division, San Francisco Yards, Earth [HCE].

04 July
The U.S.S. "Tayi" (CC-762) and U.S.S. "Dominium" (CC-763) "Caracal" class light cruisers are commissioned [CCP].

[Y 84] The Klingons having defeated the Kzinti, attack the Hydrans. This is known as the "Second Klingon-Hydran War" to U.F.P. historians, as the "War of Retribution" to the Klingons, and as the "War of Infamy" to the Hydrans. The Lyrans attack the collapsing Hydran border and capture several planets, but are not formal allies of Klingons at this point. This is the Third Lyran-Hydran War [SFB].

16 August
The U.S.S. "R'Sah-Dan" (CC-764) "Caracal" class light cruiser is com- missioned [CCP].

12 September [reference stardate 1/3809.12]
Tachyon Micromechanics, Ltd. is founded in Grinidasa, Arcturus. A manufacturer of miniaturized sensor and recording equipment, this company will provide research and exploration operations with a wide range of computer-directed tracking and analysis systems [FASA].

2191, 02 February [reference stardate 1/3902.2]
M'Yengh Yards is founded in Shzerensohr, Cait, a government-owned and spon- sored starship construction firm for both Star Fleet and civilian projects [FASA].

[reference stardate 1/39] The old Earth designed "Edison" class research ships are finally phased out as the "Palomar" class advanced research ships begin work on the infinite mysteries of space [SFC].

Tricobolt (Element 129) is discovered on Janus VI [MRM].

(8756 Vulcan Years) Kironide (Element 139) is discovered on Vulcan [MRM].

Sarek negotiates the Vulcan-Terran Interstellar Comprehensive Trade Act [GN 4].

[reference stardate 1/40] The first major wave of Triangle settlements begins [FASA].

The original "Horizon" class cruisers of 2145 are decommissioned. The U.S.S. "Horizon" will be retired to Star Fleet's Spaceflight Museum on Memory Alpha [SFC].

[Y 87] The Klingons smash the Hydran fleet. Hydran colonies are destroyed and many attrocities are committed by the Klingons. All Hydran ships larger than police frigates are destroyed, and the Hydran Kingdom is reduced to a client of the Klingons. The Klingons establish governors of the Hydran planets. Due to the difference in atmospheres, however, these governors are never really able to control the populace and usually rule from orbit- ing satellites. These satellites have powerful weapons aimed at the planet below, but are poorly defended against attack from space [SFB].

October [reference stardate 1/4010] Star Fleet Command originates the Citation of Conspicuous Gallantry. It is a small emerald triangle with three diamonds in the middle and a silver semi-circular bar above inscribed "For Gallantry." This citation commends acts of heroism in defense of U.F.P. citizens and their property in which the recipient disregarded clear risk to personal safety [FASA].

November [reference stardate 1/4011] A new series of major antimatter refineries become available and are stationed at various locations in Federation territory [FASA, SFC].

Merak II becomes the 17th U.F.P. member [STM].

April [reference stardate 1/4104] Intelligent flying Humanoids are discovered on Alpha Virginis II, a planet located in Sector 14C, by the U.S.S. "Icarus II" ("Placido" class ship) commanded by Captain Jan Oonlarger. The Canaris species is the first orn- ithoid race encountered by the U.F.P. [FASA, SFC].

14 May
The new U.S.S. "Horizon" (NCC-1000) cruiser is launched and the U.S.S. "Discovery" (NCC-1001) cruiser of the same class is laid down at UESPA, Star Fleet Division, San Francisco Yards, Earth [HCE].

[Y 88] First Federation-Kzinti War begins as the Kzinti attack. The Second Lyran- Klingon War begins as arguments develop over divisions of the Hydran Em- pire. In the confusion, the Hydran colonies of Altroth, Minxitith, and Krooth are not noticed or occupied by the Klingons. These colonies were established by the major merchant guilds of the Hydran Kingdom, and the later power of the Guilds stems from this period. The Guilds maintain the Monarchy through Prince S'Lenthna, the last heir of Hydraxan IX. The Prince is a virtual puppet (the Guilds hold the real power), but his pre- sence is important in rallying the Hydrans [SFB].

In Second History, the first incidents of Romulan vessels invading Alliance territory begin [TOS #24].

2194 [Y 89]
The Kzinti make gains, capturing several planets. The Romulans attack the Tholians, but abandon the "First Romulan-Tholian War" in less than a year [SFB].

T'Prylla is born [TOS #15].

The Cygnia Minor and the Beta 6 Colonies are established [STM].

[reference stardate 1/43] A U.F.P. study reports research into planetary weather control is paying big dividends as once unproductive worlds turn productive [SFC].

09 September
The U.S.S. "Discovery" (NCC-1001) "Horizon" class cruiser is launched [HCE].

[Y 90] The Third Gorn-Romulan War begins with a Romulan attack. The Gorn tug enters service. Civil wars begin in the Hydran "lost colonies" as Prince S'Lenthna tries to break the power of the Guilds [SFB].

12 December
The U.S.S. "Santa Maria" (NCC-1002) "Horizon" class cruiser is laid down at UESPA, Star Fleet Division, Lima Assembly Facility, Earth [HCE].

The last of the "Daedalus" class starships is decommissioned [TNG 215].

The first U.F.P. ships are captured by the Klingon Empire [TOS #16].

[reference stardate 1/44] The opulent "Stellarford" class starliner enters service in the U.F.P. These liners have double the capacity and much longer range than any commercial ship in space. The U.S.S. "King Charles" will become the most luxurious starliner ever, with a complement of 2,000 and warp 3.5 capacity. They are the largest capacity starships in U.F.P. history [SFC].

20 June
The U.S.S. "Mathew" (NCC-1003) "Horizon" class cruiser is laid down at UESPA, Star Fleet Division, San Francisco Yards, Earth [HCE].

Ion-impulse driven Shuttle Planes enter service. Designed for use aboard the "Stellarford" class starliners, these 69-capacity craft prove to be perfect life rescue ships for interstellar travel [SFC].

[Y 91] The Klingons begin conversion of the D6 class, increasing engine power by a quarter. All will converted by 2198. The Klingons and Lyrans settle their differences by negotiation. The Klingons are anxious to do so because they plan to attack Tholia. The U.F.P. begins counter-offensive procedures to regain territory occupied by the Kzinti [SFB].

10 October
The U.S.S. "Horizon" (NCC-1000) cruiser is commissioned with laser banks, a complement of 203, and a warp capacity of 4 via PB-18 dilithium-energized warp engines. This class will total 13 ships. The U.S.S. "Horizon" will be lost on a deep space survey mission. The "Horizon," and all other vessels of this time, lack subspace radio, and are similar in general design to the previous "Daedalus" class starships [HCE].

2197, 12 January [reference stardate 1/4501.12]
Morris Magtronics is founded in Palyria, Sol IV. It will become one of the U.F.P.'s leading producers of anti-gravity and artificial gravity systems [FASA]. The U.S.S. "Horizon" (NCC-1000), commanded by Captain Stuart Mann, encounters 12 civilizations including the Davitos and Alpha Cruci [SFC].

[Y 92] The Great Klingo-Tholian War begins. The First Federation-Kzinti War ends, with the border re-established in the original location [SFB].

27 June
The U.S.S. "Santa Maria" (NCC-1002) "Horizon" class cruiser is launched [HCE].

While surveying Sigma Iotia II, the U.S.S. "Horizon" leaves behind the book 'Chicago Mobs of the Twenties.' This book will set the pattern of the civilization's future. The Prime Directive of Non-interference is not, as of yet, in effect [PA, HCE, SFC].

[reference stardate 1/45] The new generation starliners quickly make the Jewel Stars of Corona Major, and other remote stellar wonders, big tourist attractions [SFC].

22 December
The U.S.S. "Discovery" (NCC-1001) "Horizon" class cruiser is commissioned [HCE].

The interplanetary personal craft introduced in 2181 end their service lives [SFC].

The DD495 series drydock enters service with a complement of 150 [SFC].

21 June
The U.S.S. "Santa Maria" (NCC-1002) "Horizon" class cruiser is commissioned [HCE].

[Y 93] Extended range drones become available [SFB].

2199, 04 January
The U.S.S. "Mathew" (NCC-1003) "Horizon" class cruiser is launched [HCE].

04 May
The U.S.S. "San Raphael" (NCC-1005) "Horizon" class cruiser is laid down at UESPA, Star Fleet Division, Olympic Yards, Mexico City, Earth [HCE].

May [reference stardate 1/4705] The invention of the medical tricorder allows physicians to diagnose Rigellian plague, saving many lives on Rigel II. The U.S.S. "Clara Barton" of the "Castor" class lends assistance [SFC, FASA].

In the "Mirror" universe, the newly invented agonizer aids the empire in maintaining strict discipline in the ranks [TBoT #14].

In Second History, Vulcan scoutships establish preliminary contact with the existing Terran government [TOS #24].

12 December
The U.S.S. "Scotia" (NCC-1006) "Horizon" class cruiser is laid down at UESPA, Star Fleet Division, San Francisco Yards, Earth [HCE].

2200, 14 February
The U.S.S. "Mathew" (NCC-1003) "Horizon" class cruiser is commissioned [HCE].

Transporter developments (or perfections) begin within the U.F.P. In 30 years, transporters will be certified safe for intelligent life and called the most important development in transtator applications in fifty years [TOS #16].

The total computer capacity available on Earth is at least 1/100th that of the "Enterprise" ("Achernar" configuration heavy cruiser) in the year

2264 [TOS #28].

[Y 95] The Kzinti fleet tugs enter service [SFB].

14 June
The U.S.S. "Republic" (NCC-1371) "Archon" class cruiser is laid down at UESPA, Star Fleet Division, Singapore Yards, Earth [HCE].

26 July
The U.S.S. "Nimrod" (NCC-1007) "Horizon" class cruiser is laid down at UESPA, Star Fleet Division, San Francisco Yards, Earth [HCE].

[reference stardate 1/48] The first new major ship class in 43 years, the "Tritium", proves to be unworkable. This unfortunate design costs Starfleet billions of credits, and results in some of its highest personnel being discharged from service. The "Tritium" is the first third generation warp drive ship: 3 nacelles results in disruptive warp harmonies as apposed to a synergistic coupling of the warp field. Six other "Tritium" class cruisers are constructed in a vain attempt to overcome the glaring shortcomings. Each ship has a complement of 250, an actual warp capacity of 3 (although estimated to warp 4.75), 5:1 matter-to-antimatter, and an armament of 6 laser banks, 8 particle beam cannons, and 250 photon torpedoes. It is also the first ship to be equipped with tricorders [SFC].

In the "Mirror" universe, the "Titan" class 3rd generation warp drive ships prove a failure and are soon removed from imperial service [TBoT #14].

20 November
The U.S.S. "San Raphael" (NCC-1005) "Horizon" class cruiser is launched [HCE].

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