Star Trek Timeline

By James Dixon

This timeline is split into 20 parts, linked here:

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Notes: including explanation of acronyms, etc.

08 February
The U.S.S. "Kublai" (NCC-507) "Saladin" class destroyer is commissioned [FRS].

stardate 2602.28
The U.S.S. "Darius" (NCC-502) destroyer is commissioned. "Saladin" class, the "Darius" will remain active in Fleet Subquadrant 0 through the year 2288. Christopher Pike will serve for a time as her Chief Navigator [FRS, EOM].

06 March
The U.S.S. "Sacajawea" (NCC-598) "Hermes" class scout is commissioned [FRS].

12 March
The U.S.S. "Suleiman" (NCC-508) "Saladin" class destroyer is commissioned [FRS].

15 May
The U.S.S. "Crockett" (NCC-600) is the last "Hermes" class scout to be commissioned. She will later see action with the Klingons, during which Lt. Barbara Omen will die during her service aboard. By the year 2288, the "Crockett" will be placed in ready reserve in Fleet Subquadrant 3 North. The U.S.S. "Hannibal" (NCC-512) "Saladin" class destroyer is also commissioned [FRS, TOS #64].

stardate 2649.31
The U.S.S. "Alexander" (NCC-511) "Saladin" class destroyer is commissioned. In the 2250s, James Kirk will serve aboard her as the ship's Executive Of- ficer. The "Alexander" will eventually be withdrawn from service and placed in reserve in Fleet Subquadrant 2 South [FRS, EOM]. Quince Waverleigh is born [TOS #37].

Silek says his farewells to Sarek and Amanda [TOS #30].

July [reference stardate 1/7407]
The materializer (later called the transporter) is invented in the U.F.P. (or perhaps becomes accepted throughout the Federation?). The first exper- iment using a human subject is successful when a man is transported from the U.S.S. "Moscow" ("Baton Rouge" class, commanded by Captain Henry Winthrop) to the U.S.S. "Tehran" ("Baton Rouge" class, commanded by Captain Luigi Pirelli) [FASA, SFC, TWF].

The "Master" class interstellar tugs enter service, each with a complement of 20 [SFC].

Captain Jackson Kahle retires from Star Fleet. He will go on to found UniPhase Incorporated (responsible for Star Fleet phaser banks) and the Peace Foundation [TOS #70].

[Y 115]
The U.F.P. tug battle pod enters service [SFB].

22 September
The U.S.S. "Ahriman" (NCC-513) destroyer of the "Saladin" class is com- missioned. Active in Fleet Subquadrant 4 South and through 2288, Lt. (j.g.) Nyota Uhura will serve aboard her shortly after graduating from the Academy [FRS, EOM].

28 September
The U.S.S. "Hashishiyun" (NCC-516) "Saladin" class destroyer is com- missioned [FRS].

12 October
The U.S.S. "Azrael" (NCC-517) "Saladin" class destroyer is commissioned [FRS].

Roy John Moss is born [GN 12].

04 November
The U.S.S. "Hamilcar" (NCC-518) "Saladin" class destroyer is commissioned [FRS].

21 December
The U.S.S. "Shaitan" (NCC-519) "Saladin" class destroyer is commissioned. She will be credited in verifying the existence of the Klingon D-7 "Klolode" class warship "Thanatos" ("Vengeance," KL 63573) on stardate 4696.34 [FRS].
2227 [reference stardate 1/75]
Continued discord with the U.F.P. policy cripples the Federation's economic strength and threatens its ability to provide security to all members [SFC].

06 March [reference stardate 1/7503.06]
A'Alakon Landiss Inc. is created in Divallax, Andor. It will manufacture personal and group-oriented life support systems for use in zero-gravity and thin atmospheric environments [FASA].

15 June [reference stardate 1/7506.15]
A generally Conservative alliance of several worlds is formed called the Outer Systems Party [FASA].

The Ceti Alpha system is surveyed by an unmanned probe [ST II].

Alec MacPherson is born [TOS #28].

07 December
The U.S.S. "Al Rashid" (NCC-3802) "Ptolemy" class transport/tug is commis- sioned [FRS].

A geophysicist at the Lalande 8 mining complex discovers that dilithium crystals can focus and channel the energy from antimatter annihilation reactions [TOS #16].

stardate 1087.7
Gary Mitchell is born in Eldman [WNM, GN 1].

The U.S.S. "Constellation" (NCC-1017) is recommissioned as a "Constitution" class heavy cruiser. The last of the original "Constitution" class ships to be commissioned, a 15th ship, the U.S.S. "Kresta" (NCC-1712) is cancel- led for this class [HCE].

Harry Mudd becomes apprenticed to a slave merchant on Antares Pi IV after receiving a formal education [EOM].

Admiral Luther Whitetree dies [TOS #16].

March [reference stardate 1/7603]
Extensive dilithium deposits are discovered at the Rigel XII Mining Complex. The Orion colonies mine and sell the crystals to both the U.F.P. and Klingon Empire, for use as power rectifiers in starship warp drives. Dilithium will revolutionize interstellar travel and military weapon technology [FASA].

Smith & Smythe becomes the first firm to mass-produce an impulse engine system [FASA].

14 May
The U.S.S. "Anaxagoras" (NCC-3803) "Ptolemy" class transport/tug is commissioned [FRS].

10 June
The U.S.S. "Anaximander" (NCC-3804) "Ptolemy" class transport/tug is commissioned [FRS].

[Y 117]
The Orion corsair, DR, "Slaver", and LR are observed in operation [SFB].

The planet Cavalier (Calka IV) is colonized by Arcturians [FASA].

07 November
The U.S.S. "Aristarchus" (NCC-3805) "Ptolemy" class transport/tug is commissioned [FRS].

2229, 22 January
The U.S.S. "Eratosthenes" (NCC-3807) "Ptolemy" class transport/tug is commissioned [FRS].

23 January
The U.S.S. "Galilei" (NCC-3808) "Ptolemy" class transport/tug is com- missioned [FRS].

26 March? (stardate 1277.1)
James Tiberius Kirk is born in Riverside, Iowa, U.S., Earth, the son of George Kirk, Sr. and Winona Kirk [EOM, WNM, GN 3].

The Memory Alpha complex is established [STM].

28 April
The U.S.S. "Ulugh Beg" (NCC-3810) "Ptolemy" class transport/tug is com- missioned [FRS].

The "Independence" (NCC-F1300) transport/freighter is commissioned. These Class II support ships, designed to supplement the main fleet of "Ptolemy" transport/tugs will total 100 vessels (NCC-F1300-NCC-F1399), each with a complement of 25 and warp 4 capability. With their success, the "Freedom" (NCC-F1400), "Equality" (NCC-F1500), "Liberty" (NCC-F1600), "Justice" (NCC-F1700), and "Fraternity" (NCC-F1800) series vessels will be built in later years [FRS, ICP].

07 August
The U.S.S. "Philolaus" (NCC-3811) "Ptolemy" class transport/tug is commissioned [FRS].

Dax first attempts to master an Altonian Brain-teaser [DSN 403].

Marla McGivers is born [SS, ST 2].

Elizabeth Shaeffer is born [ON 16].

Katalya Tremain is born [ON 8].

Sarda is born on Earth [TOS #29].

Zack Malkin, Lucy Pogue, Tom Beauvais, and Emily are born [GN 12].

The "Hale" class 65-man scouts enter service with advanced third generation warp drive [SFC].

2230, 06 January
The U.S.S. "Pythagoras" (NCC-3812) "Ptolemy" class transport/tug is commissioned [FRS].
January [reference stardate 1/7701]
Captain Krenn sutai-Rustazh is the first Klingon ambassador on Earth. Commading the IKV "Mirror," an experimental D5 class cruiser testing the experimental dilithium-focused warp drive, he is escorted to a Babel Conference on Earth by the U.S.S. "Savannah II" commanded by Admiral Douglas Shepherd. Spock meets his first Klingon [TOS #16].

The Second Babel Conference meets to address a number of issues, including the volatile issues raised by the Terra-Return League. After lengthy speeches, the vote to dissolve the United Federation of Planets fails, leaving the Federation intact. Immediately after the Conference, the Terra-Return League disbands, and its political influence ceases. Follow- ing the collapse of the Terra-Return League, the Independent Systems Move- ment Party is formed [FASA, SFC].

In the "Mirror" universe: The annual Babel Conference is disrupted when a representative of the Movement for a Pure Humanity, Governor Kodos of the Tarsus IV Colony, delivers an impassioned condemnation of those with Olympian blood, and of the emperor as well. Stormtroopers attempt to ar- rest him, but he manages to escape, secretly making his way back to the Tarsus Colony and secluding himself from society [TBoT #14].

21 March
The U.S.S. "Thales" (NCC-3813) "Ptolemy" class transport/tug is com- missioned. In the 2250s, Montgomery Scott will serve aboard her as an engineering officer. The "Thales" will be withdrawn from service, placed in reserve in Fleet Subquadrant 0, by the year 2288 [FRS, EOM].

10 April
The U.S.S. "Hevelius" (NCC-3814) "Ptolemy" class transport/tug is com- missioned [FRS].

15 April
The U.S.S. "Caracal" (CC-750) command cruiser class ship is decommissioned. She will be preserved at the Federation Air and Space Museum [CCP].

21 April
The U.S.S. "Navangar" (CC-751) "Caracal" class command cruiser is decommis- sioned [CCP].

29 April
The U.S.S. "Spartan" (CC-752) "Caracal" class command cruiser is decommis- sioned [CCP].

24 June (stardate 1278.4)
Hikaru Walter (Itaka) Sulu is born in San Francisco, U.S., Earth [EOM, ST IV].

The "Korolev" (NCC-367) exploratory cruiser class starship is launched, the predecessor of the "Bonhomme Richard" class [SfP].

stardate 1089.5
Elizabeth Dehner is born in Delman [WNM].

Daran V becomes the 21st U.F.P. member [STM].

11 August
The U.S.S. "Reliance" (CC-753), U.S.S. "Matanzas" (CC-755) and U.S.S. "Saphir" (CC-756) "Caracal" class vessels are decommissioned [CCP].

Harry Mudd marries Stella Eloise Klatskin on Antares Pi IV. He will stow away aboard a trading vessel two months later [EOM].

David Fein is born.

Young Spock is tormented by other young Vulcans due to his hybrid heritage. His mother, Amanda, is consequently disturbed. He attempts his first practical joke [JB, Yy/a].

[reference stardate 1/78]
The introduction of an advanced space trawler, the "Cabot" class, makes it much easier for remote bases and outposts to receive needed raw mat- erials throughout the U.F.P. These 25-man ships function as portable refineries, traveling among remote star systems and bases to process a wide range of raw materials, from ore to oil, diamonds to dilithium. With low- warp capability (warp 3.5 empty, warp 2.5 loaded) and itineraries extending to the furthest reaches of the known galaxy, the crews of these trawlers will not see home for up to a decade at a time [SFC].

[Y 119]
Klingon battle pod enters service [SFB].

The first of the "Alexis" (NCC-G420) series cargo drones are commissioned. Ex-Q series, these drones will form the "Sherman" class group of cargo ves- sels [FRS].

The Memory Alpha complex is opened to the general public [STM].

Svonn kidnaps Spock's sehlat as an experiment.

Moriah Wayne is born [TOS #66].

Quentin Monroe is born [GN 12].

[reference stardate 1/79]
Research and development improvements in subspace radio enable transmis- sions to reach the velocity of warp 20 (8,000c)[SFC].

The U.F.P. Central Health Authority warns all worlds within Sector 3.G4; Quadrant 2 about the effects of the upcoming Phi Puma radiation barrage [SFC].

The decommissioned U.S.S. "Navangar" (CC-751) command cruiser is scrapped [CCP].

03 April [reference stardate 1/7904.03]
Gwendolyn Daemon Illisen dies [FASA].
The decommissioned U.S.S. "Spartan" (CC-752) "Caracal" class command cruiser is scrapped [CCP].

09 May
The U.S.S. "Requin" (CC-758) "Caracal" class heavy cruiser is decom- missioned [CCP].

The "Freedom" (NCC-F1400) series freighters enter service and the last of the "Symma" (NCC-G128) cargo drones are commissioned [FRS].

02 July
The U.S.S. "Arroyo" (CC-759) "Caracal" class heavy cruiser is decommis- sioned [CCP].

The decommissioned U.S.S. "Reliance" (CC-753) "Caracal" class strike cruiser is scrapped [CCP].

Rodimus Gandar is born in Southhampton, England, Terra [FASA].

[Y 120]
The Fourth Gorn-Romulan War begins [SFB].

The U.S.S. "Matanzas" (CC-755) "Caracal" class heavy cruiser is scrapped [CCP].

The S.S. "Columbia" crashlands on Talos IV. There is only one survivor, Vina Oliver, the Talosians first human contact [Me, EOM].

Epala is born [TOS #59].

The U.S.S. "Saphir" (CC-756) and U.S.S. "Requin" (CC-758) "Caracal" class heavy cruisers are scrapped [CCP].

(8877 Vulcan Years, 20th Day of Tasmeen)
Spock undergoes the Kahs-wan ordeal on Vulcan. His life is saved by his cousin Selek prior to the actual test. His pet sehlat, I-chaya dies. Selek teaches Spock the Vulcan nerve pinch. Spock technically fails the Kahs-wan, but saves the life of Sendet in doing so. Sekar comes to Spock's defense, silencing the bullies challenging his heritage. Spock is joined by law, tradition, and the Vulcan mind touch to T'Pring [Yy/a, TOS #20, AT].

In an alternate timeline, Spock dies undertaking his own Kahs-wan test. His parents separate after his death and Amanda Grayson dies in a shuttle accident at Lunaport on her way home from Earth. Commander Thelin, an Andorian Star Fleet officer, later serves as First Officer/Science Officer aboard the starship "Enterprise." Sarek serves as an ambassador to 17 planets over the next thirty years in this alternate timeline [Yy/a].

01 June
The U.S.S. "Palomar" (CC-760) and U.S.S. "Long Beach" (CC-761) "Caracal" class command cruisers are decommissioned and placed in reserve [CCP].

The Duchiai Expansion results in the Mal Satz conflict. The U.S.S. "Potemkin" (NCC-1711) sees extensive action [SotF].

The U.S.S. "Arroyo" (CC-759) "Caracal" class heavy cruiser is scrapped [CCP].

[reference stardate 1/80]
The "Bode" class heavy scout enters service. This ship has a complement of 73 and advanced third generation warp drive [SFC].

05 September
The U.S.S. "Tayi" (CC-762) "Caracal" class light cruiser is decommissioned and placed in reserve [CCP].

[Y 121]
The Gorn monitor pod enters service. Another Klingon-Tholian "Incident" occurs. The Kzinti battle pod enters service [SFB].

In the "Mirror" universe, the first contact with the Kzinti Patriarchy oc- curs. The Kzin do not see the empire as a threat but as a means of furthering their galactic conquests. Thus they welcome the empire with open arms [TBoT #14].

The last of the original "Independence" (NCC-F1300) series freighters enter service [FRS].

25 December
The U.S.S. "Dominium" (CC-763) and U.S.S. "R'Sah-Dan" (CC-764) "Caracal" class light cruisers are decommissioned [CCP].

2233, 19 January (stardate 1281.2)
Nyota Penda Uhura is born in Kitui Province, Kenya on Earth [EOM, Log 10].

Christopher Pike enters the Star Fleet Academy as a midshipman. He will major in spatial navigation and warp drive engineering, and will finish fifth in his class [EOM].

Mr. Brack purchases Omega VII (Holberg 917G) [RM].

Mira Romaine is born on Martian Colony 3 [ST 6].

Janet Wallace is born [ST 7].

Robert Johnson is born [DY].

[reference stardate 1/81]
Recent great strides in science and technology are an important reason why many U.F.P. planets now have an optimistic outlook on the future [SFC].

01 August [reference stardate 1/8108.1]
Kloratis Drives is founded on Tellar. It will become a leading manufact- urer of assorted warp engine technologies for Tellarite starship designs and a leading developer of various impulse engine designs. Working with Shuvinaaljis Warp Technologies will eventually yield a new series of micro- warp engines for small transport systems [FASA].

Kim Li Wing is born in the city of Beijing on Earth, the daughter of Dr. Kam Sung Wing and Dr. Anna Stanford Anderson [TOS #69].

The last of the "Freedom" (NCC-F1400) series freighters are commissioned [FRS].

2234, March [reference stardate 1/8203]
The T'Dakka system is discoverd by the Klingons. Within the next five years, they will make first contact with the Kinshaya on the fifth planet in this system [FASA].

Beta Ophiuchi becomes the 22nd U.F.P. member [STM].

Lori Ciana is born [GN 5].

One vacation at his grandparents' home in Vermont, James Kirk, Sam Kirk, and the 3 McLaughlin boys from the adjoining farm spend an entire month playing cowboys and Indians. Tommy McLaughlin builds a set of talking drums from a computer network. By the end of the summer, Jim Kirk is proficient at using Morse code [TOS #65].

The so-called Demon War between the Klingons and the alien race known as the Kinshaya begins along the coreward border of the Empire. The Empire diverts fleets and material from the Federation and Romulan borders to meet the threat from the Demon's Rift [FASA].

The first of the "Equality" (NCC-F1500) series freighters is commissioned [FRS].

[Y 123]
The Third Klingo-Kzinti War begins [SFB].

Klingon activities near the Federation border decrease drastically during this period, with few Klingon warships seen and the number of routine con- frontations dropping by more than 70 percent. Star Fleet Intelligence later learns from Operation Dixie that the Klingons are fighting a war with an unknown race along their coreward border [FASA].

The last of the "Alexis" (NCC-G420) series cargo drones are commissioned [FRS].

The U.S.S. "Sherman" (NCC-G145) cargo vessel is commissioned. The succes- sor to the "Symma" series which also forms the "Sherman" class, will con- sist of seven series: "Symma" (NCC-G128), "Sherman" (NCC-G145), "Linda" (NCC-G147), "Susan" (NCC-G150), "Alana"(NCC-G151), "Dirdra" (NCC-G153), and "Alexis" (NCC-G420). All vessels will be commissioned by 2244 [FRS, CDP].

Spock visits Minneapolis, Earth in the winter [ON 5]. Elaine Johnson is born [DY].

Donald Lorritson is born [TOS #12].

Jerry Freeman is born [TOS #18].

Aileea dinAthos is born on Okeanos (Eris V) [TOS #66].

10 May [reference stardate 1/8305.10]
George Kirk writes a letter to his sons from his post on Starbase 2. He is proud of George Kirk, Jr.'s green ribbon science fair award in biology, and apologizes for not being with his family last month [GN 3].

"McCormick" class factory ships are decommissioned [SFC].

The first of the "Liberty" (NCC-F1600) series freighters is commissioned [FRS].

The interstellar pleasure craft introduced in 2216 are phased out [SFC].

December [reference stardate 1/8312] The Romulan plasma weapon is invented, giving new hope to the Star Empire forces on the Klingon and Federation borders. The weapon is made oper- ational in two years, and modifications are made periodically, resulting in several variants [FASA].

2236, 05 February [reference stardate 1/8402.05]
Surelox Systems is founded in Tybrenn, Arcturus as a subsidiary of Leeper- Fell Universal, a manufacturer of ship defense shield systems. Surelox will produce an inexpensive, low-power, single phase-shift transformer which will establish Surelox as a major competitor in the defense shielding industry [FASA].

February [reference stardate 1/8402]
The largest space rescue in history occurs when the U.S.S. "Deerslayer" ("Voyager" class starship commanded by Captain Roger Trautmann) recovers the 600 passengers and crew of the S.S. "Juliana" starliner (commanded by Captain Demetrius Kovanas) from an unexplored sector [FASA, SFC].

Richard Daystrom makes the Duotronic breakthrough, for which he will be awarded the Nobel and Z. Magnees prizes [UC].

In the "Mirror" universe, Richard Daystrom achieves his great Duotronic breakthrough. He intends to give this information to the Klingons, but imperial agents learn of his plans before he can carry them out. He is arrested for treason and sentenced to an isolated concentration camp on Delta Hydra VI [TBoT #14].

Christopher Pike is placed aboard the U.S.S. "Farragut" (NCC-1702) with the rank of Ensign as an engineering technician. He will transfer to navigat- ion in 2237 [EOM].

The first of the "Linda" (NCC-G147) cargo drone series is commissioned [FRS]. A ship disappears in the Cicada/Taurean region [LS/a].

Arlene Galway is born [ST 7].

July [reference stardate 1/8407]
The D-4A "D'ama" ("Predator") class cruiser enters service in the Klingon Fleet. The predecessor of the famed D-7 class, it pioneers the command- pod-forward design which will later become the standard for most modern Klingon warships. This class will see extensive action in the Demon War [FASA].

[Y 125]
The Fourth Gorn-Romulan War ends. The Gorns have gained some territory. The Lyrans attack the Kzinti with part of their fleet, taking advantage of the concurrent Klingo-Kzinti War. This is the Third Lyran-Kzinti War [SFB].

In the "Mirror" universe, Daran V becomes the 550th planet to be seized by the empire [TBoT #14].

Montgomery Scott earns extra money by fixing malfunctioning land and sea vessels offered to him in his after-school hours. His first love is Maureen Ryan, a classmate in secondary school [TBoT #5].

Scott constructs 7 separate field generators to simulate the Klingon multiship field system and disproves the Perera Theory that photon torpedoes would detonate when placed at the junction points. It is called the Aberdeen Solution and later published in 'The Encyclopedia of Engineering Development and Design' [TOS #47].

Montgomery Scott ships out as a crewman aboard a private prospecting vessel, and is soon promoted to Assistant Engineer [EOM].

Kevin Thomas Riley is born on Earth [GN 5, GN 10].

Christine Chapel is born.

Latium, an immune system chemical, is synthesized [TOS #38].

The last of the original "Sherman" (NCC-G145) series cargo vessels are com- missioned [FRS].

[reference stardate 1/85]
"University" class spacefaring schools are decommissioned [SFC].

Kelvar Garth is the leading graduate of the Star Fleet Academy and will rise to become the leading Star Fleet tactician and military expert during the Four Years War. He will be promoted to the rank of Fleet Captain after the Four Years War and replace Christopher Pike as being in charge of "Constitution" class vessels. Later he will receive command of the U.S.S. "Lexington" (NCC-1703) and while serving as a diplomatic representative of the U.F.P. to the planet Antos IV, will be burned and disfigured by an exploding power plant on the planet's surface. Garth is taught the secret of molecular metamorphosis by the Antosians allowing him to alter his form. The accident accelerates Garth's mental collapse resulting in paranoia and megalomania which almost causes the destruction of the Antosian people when Garth attempts to use the "Lexington's" firepower to destroy his benefact- ors, and committed to Elba II [FASA].

September [reference stardate 1/7109] Physicist Richard Daystrom shares a Nobel Prize with William Abramson for their revolutionary computer theory with duotronics, which processes infor- mation concerning every atom in the galaxy. Daystrom's later pioneering work in Duotronics will later be supplemented by various Cygnian research- ers [FASA, SFC].

The last of the "Equality" (NCC-F1500) series freighters is commissioned, and the first of the "Justice" (NCC-F1700) series freighters is commis- sioned [FRS].

Construction of a large, inexpensive class of mid-sized starships is proposed to patrol U.F.P. space in sectors adjoining the Romulan Neutral Zone and in other volatile areas. As a result, the "Detroyat" class starship "Resolution" (NCC-1101) is used as a testbed for what will eventually become the "Surya" class of frigates [AES].

The initial planetary survey of Vendor IX is carried out by the "Farragut" (NCC-1702). Chris Pike discovers and apprehends a Vendorian in the form of a fellow crewman. He will be promoted two grades to full Lieutenant and assigned as Navigation Officer to the scout "Hermes" (NCC-585) [EOM].

Wrigley's Pleasure Planet is founded [STM].

The last of the "Liberty" (NCC-F1600) series freighters is commissioned [FRS].

Amelinda Lukarian is born [GN 1].

30 May
The U.S.S. "Republic" (NCC-1371) is reclassified as a heavy cruiser training ship [SotF].

June [reference stardate 1/7206]
Richard Daystrom's revolutionary theory on computer information processing, combined with William E. Abromson's transtater physics, results in the de- sign of the first practical, portable universal translator [FASA].

Montgomery Scott is hired as an Impulse Engineer by the Rigel Tri-Planetary Shipping Lines. He will work four years aboard interplanetary liners and cargo vessels [EOM].

The inhabitants of Altair IV and VI reacquire spaceflight and begin mining the asteroid belt and Altair III. Interplanetary civil war breaks out yet again in this system [LOR, AT].

The methods the Star Fleet Medical Corps uses to approve new drugs and medical techniques are updated--but will not be updated again in at least another 25 years [TOS #64].

At a high school social in Georgia, Leonard McCoy meets his future wife, Jocelyn, and Clayton Treadway. They dance and a fight erupts. Jocelyn goes home with McCoy, the new boy in town [GN 14].

Sybok comes to live with Spock in Sarek's household, on Vulcan [ST V].

Janice Rand is born [GN 1].

Cynthia McPhillips is born [TOS #33].

Jenny Hogan is born [TOS #54].

[reference stardate 1/86]
Dilithium crystals are integrated into a new generation of engines capable of greater velocity, range, and thrust. The "Sawyer" class scouts are the first ships to incorporate these engines--fourth generation warp drive, the ships have complements of 30 [SFC].

[Y 128]
The Hydran "lost colonies" begin preparations for the restoration of the Kingdom. Technology is acquired from unknown foreign sources, later said to be Kzinti or perhaps Orion. The great 22nd century journalist Fod N. Berry suggests that the Orions were operating under a contract with the Federation G.I.A. [SFB].

October [reference stardate 1/8610]
The Romulan cloaking device is perfected and is used successfully in ves- sels on the Klingon border. The Klingons quickly encounter them [FASA].

Star Fleet, seeking to procure a large number of medium-sized starships to patrol borderspace areas, proposes the construction of the "Surya" class frigate. This definitive mission profile will be later assigned to the "Agilis" class perimeter action ships. However, the current design crit- eria proposed by the Bureau of Spacecraft design is a class of simple, easy to maintain, and inexpensive to operate ships. Originally 72 "Surya" class frigates are proposed [SotF].

[reference stardate 1/8611]
The "K't'agga" ("Painbringer") D-7A class Klingon battle cruiser is intro- duced into the Klingon fleet [FASA].

2239, 11 March
The U.S.S. "Resolution" (NCC-1101) "Detroyat" class heavy destroyer is drydocked at Star Fleet Division, San Francisco Yards, Earth to serve as the testbed ship for the forthcoming "Surya" class frigates [SotF].

March [reference stardate 1/8703]
The Demon War ends with a whimper instead of a bang. A state of prolonged but stalemated hostility exists between the two races, with no end in sight. It is almost three years before the Klingon military presence along the borders with the U.F.P. and the Romulan Star Empire is back to its pre- war strength, though the Demon War did see the introduction of several new ship designs [FASA].

April [reference stardate 1/8704]
The Mark I "Anton" class cruiser is commissioned with a crew of 290 and warp 9 capacity [FASA].

June [reference stardate 1/8706]
In recent years, many of the problems that have plagued the U.F.P. have been solved. The Federation enters its second century stronger than ever. The Great Awakening begins [FASA].

The last of the "Linda" (NCC-G149) series cargo drones is commissioned, and the "Susan" (NCC-G150) cargo drone is commissioned [FRS].

Aurelia (Xi Herculis) becomes the 23rd U.F.P. member--the first avian race ever encountered by the U.F.P. [STM, TNG #21].

The Battle of Donatu V is fought [TT, STM].

Commander George Kirk serves as Security Chief on Starbase 2 [GN 3].

Helen H. Gordon is born in the Martian Colonies [TOS #53].

Renna Auk-rex is born [TOS #61].

Rachel Lanz is born [TOS #27].

The "Lowell" class scouts are decommissioned [SFC].

Subspace radio transmission speed is upgraded to warp 30 (27,000c) [SFC].

[Y 131]
The Third Klingo-Kzinti War ends, with inconclusive results [SFB].

The first of the "Fraternity" (NCC-F1800) series freighters is commissioned [FRS].

In the "Mirror" universe, Memory Alpha is established as the empire's central storage complex for all military intelligence, most of which is stolen from vanquished worlds [TBoT #14].

2240, January [reference stardate 1/8801]
The "Larson" (NCC-4300) class destroyers enter service, including the U.S.S. "Midway" (NCC-4301), named for military leaders and battles of Terran origin. The only exception being the U.S.S. "Thelenth" (NCC-4305), named after an Andorian admiral who defeated the Klingons in a pitched battle at Donovan's Star at the cost of his own ship and crew. The class vessel is named after Admiral William G. Larson, hero of the battle at Gamma Hydra during the Romulan War. These Mk I "Larson" destroyers are armed with lasers and accelerator cannon and have crews of 195 and warp 9 capacity. They will eventually number a total of 162 ves- sels (NCC-4300-NCC-4475) [FASA].
February [reference stardate 1/8802]
The U.S.S. "Coral Sea" (NCC-4302) Mark I "Larson" class destroyer enters service [FASA].
March [reference stardate 1/8803]
The U.S.S. "Tannenberg" (NCC-4303) and U.S.S. "Trafalgar" (NCC-4304) Mark I "Larson" class destroyers enter service [FASA].
05 April [reference stardate 1/8804.05]
The Amalgamation of Federation Scientists is created [FASA].

April [reference stardate 1/8804]
The Mark I "Nelson" class scout enters service with warp 10 capacity and a crew of 176. Similar in design to the "Hermes" class, the primary mission of the "Nelson" is to explore and map uncharted areas of space, to ob- serve new civilizations and cultures, and, in some cases, to make initial contact. This will make the "Nelson" class responsible for more contacts with alien cultures than any other vessel class in Star Fleet. This original configuration has the "Nelson" class outfitted with two forward- firing only, medium-power lasers, and a single transducer shield generator [FASA].

16 April
NCC-1850 through NCC-1921 are originally classified as frigates, to form the forthcoming "Surya" class [SotF].

April [reference stardate 1/8804]
The U.S.S. "Thelenth" (NCC-4305) Mark I "Larson" class destroyer enters service [FASA].

The 514th "Independence" class freighter is commissioned, comprising ships in the 6 different series [FRS].

May [reference stardate 1/8805]
The D-16A "Kl'sarza" ("Swiftwind") class destroyer enters service in the Klingon fleet [FASA].

06 June
The procurement office cancels its order for 100 additional "Fraternity" (NCC-F1800) series transport/freighters after the delivery of only 14. In several years after the outbreak of the Four Years Wars this decision will quickly be seen as a major mistake [FRS].

June [reference stardate 1/8806]
The Mark I "Liberty" class freighters enter service with warp 9 capacity (unloaded) and crews of 70. During the Four Years War they will be used extensively to carry supplies into forward areas. For such missions they will be armed to help in protecting the convoys from Klingon ambush, but their light weapons are of little use against the sophisticated Klingon weaponry [FASA].

The U.S.S. "Waterloo" (NCC-4306) Mark I "Larson" class destroyer enters service [FASA].

07 July [reference stardate 1/8807.7]
Ggramphud Histo-Cryogenics, Inc. is founded on Tellar, dedicated to research concerning cryogenic techniques for life prolongation [FASA].

July [reference stardate 1/8807]
The Mark I "Larson" class destroyers "Borodino" (NCC-4307), "Austerlitz" (NCC-4308), and "Normandy" (NCC-4309) enter service [FASA].

August [reference stardate 1/8808]
The K-17A "Z'mortama" ("Death Stalker") class scout enters service in the Klingon fleet [FASA].

Korax is born in the Klingon Empire [TOS #25].

02 September [reference stardate 1/8809.2]
Animation Ultragraphics is formed in Arrival, Tellar by Jason d'Andrew of Terra and Arrv Delepphid of Tellar. It will become a leader in vid-cart and tri-dimensional broadcasting technology as system-wide entertainment media [FASA].

Leonard McCoy receives his doctorate at the University of Georgia and John Hopkins after receiving medical training as a general practitioner [EOM].

Marina Franz is born [TOS #70].

Roy John Moss signs aboard the pirate vessel "Shark" with his father "Big Rex" Ross. The ship utilizes Roy Moss's sophisticated deflector shield system to remain within the Blue Zone of the Rosette Nebula, in the vicinity of Orion and the Faramond systems, and hijack passing spacecraft. One of their first pirated ships contains relics from the Faramond system and Roy Ross begins to translate the symbols and learn of the ancient technology. The U.F.P. will shortly establish a dome and archeological site [GN 12].

October [reference stardate 1/8810]
The U.S.S. "Marathon" (NCC-4310) and "Pharsalus" (NCC-4311) Mark I "Larson" class destroyers enter service [FASA].

Dr. Tristan Adams revolutionizes asylums [DMd].

Anitra M. Lanter is born [TOS #30].

Commander George Kirk sees the starship "Enterprise" for the last time prior to the Faramond spacejacking incident [GN 12].

[Y 132]
The first Orion heavy cruiser is sighted. Hydran agents begin infiltrating the Klingon-occupied planets of the Kingdom [SFB].

The "Alana" cargo drones (NCC-G151 and NCC-G152) are commissioned [FRS].

In the "Mirror" universe: Governor Kodos reappears, now thoroughly unhinged, driven mad by his obsessive distrust of all Olympian descendants. He begins a mass execution of these "monsters." By the time imperial troops arrive to stop him, some five thousand men, women, and children lie dead [TBoT #14].

2241, February [reference stardate 1/8902]
The Z-4B "Zha Mortas" ("Deathgame") defense outpost enters service in Klingon space [FASA].

Kodos the Executioner murders half the population of Tarsus IV. While visiting relatives there, James Kirk becomes one of the few witnesses and saves the life of young Kevin Riley [CK, EOM, TOS #54, GN 10].

The U.S.S. "Dierdre" (NCC-F1302) freighter, commanded by Captain Naranjit "Randy" Singh, is the first ship to arrive at the Tarsus IV colony with supplies [TOS #26].

March [reference stardate 1/8903]
THe Mark I "Larson" class destroyers "Poitiers" (NCC-4313) and "Agincourt" (NCC-4314) enter service [FASA].

After three years of excellent reports aboard the U.S.S. "Hermes" (NCC-585), Christopher Pike is promoted to Lt. Commander at the captain's recommendation and transferred to the destroyer U.S.S. "Darius" (NCC-502) as Chief Navigator [EOM].

June [reference stardate 1/8906]
The U.S.S. "Blenheim" (NCC-4315) Mark I "Larson" class destroyer enters service [FASA].

Dr. Leonard McCoy marries Honey [EOM].

August [reference stardate 1/8908]
The U.S.S. "Torgau" (NCC-4316) Mark I "Larson" class destroyer enters service [FASA].

Dr. McCoy sees golden Aspin trees on Earth in the high Uintas of the West [TOS #26].

September [reference stardate 1/8909]
The K-3A "Kalath" class gunboat enters service in the Klingon fleet. The U.S.S. "Eylau" (NCC-4317) Mark I "Larson" class destroyer enters service in Star Fleet [FASA].

19 September (stardate 1290.7)
Pavel Andreievich Chekov is born in Pushkino, U.S.S.R., Earth [EOM].

The Raven species is first revealed to the U.F.P. from a survivor of a wrecked cargo freighter [TOS #34].

Hikaru Sulu and his family move from San Francisco, Earth to Ishikawa, Ganjitsu (Shinpai), a planet on the U.F.P.-Klingon border [GN 1, ST V].

Lenore Karidian is born [CK].

The PXK pergium fission reactor is phased out [DD].

October [reference stardate 1/8910]
The U.S.S. "Cre'cy" (NCC-4312), "Leyte" (NCC-4319), and "Leipzig" (NCC-4320) Mark I "Larson" class destroyers enter service [FASA].

Commodore Yang begins to ensure that the threads of communication between the Romulan Empire and the U.F.P., in the form of neutral traders and auto- mated intelligence sensing, remain unbroken [TOS #10].

Tina Lawton is born [ST 1, CX].

Teresa McNair is born [TOS #11].

15 November
The 72 proposed ships to comprise the "Surya" class frigates is reduced to 28 vessels. Two months before construction begins, 11 additional ships will be authorized [SotF].

[reference stardate 1/89]
The "Eagle" class starliner, using dilithium (fourth generation) warp engines, expands the range of Federation tourism--each ship with a comple- ment of 1,000 [SFC].

[Y 133]
The Gatling Phaser is developed by the Hydrans [SFB].

01 December [reference stardate 1/8912.1]
Survivors Corporation is founded in Tycho City, Deneva originally as a fam- ily project to provide affordable emergency/casualty insurance to veterans of the Four Years War and to their families [FASA].

The U.S.S. "Resolution" (NCC-1101) heavy destroyer, drydocked for testbed vessel upgrading, and has her naval contruction contract number changed to 1877--as opposed to the originally authorized NCC-1850--to place her at the end of the procurement list [SotF].

2242, 14 January
The final number of "Surya" class vessels authorized (39) is approved, as well as her hull numbers (NCC-1850-NCC-1888) [SotF].

Cygnet XIV becomes the 24th U.F.P. member [STM].

Joanna McCoy is born [EOM, TOS #28].

February [reference stardate 1/9002]
The U.S.S. "Buena Vista" (NCC-4322) Mark I "Larson" class destroyer enters service [FASA].

Spock enters the Star Fleet Academy [EOM].

James Kirk strains his parents' marriage on Earth [GN 12].

19 March
The U.S.S. "Surya" (NCC-1850) prototype frigate is laid down at Vickers Shipbuilding Group Ltd., New London, England, Earth [SotF].

Having interned at Atlanta General for two years, Dr. McCoy will continue as a staff physician for three additional years [EOM].

April [reference stardate 1/9004]
The U.S.S. "Garbo" (NCC-4323) Mark I "Larson" class destroyer enters ser- vice [FASA].

Montgomery Scott becomes an engineer for Star Fleet [TNG 230].

Anne Gauvreau enters the Star Fleet Academy. During her 21 years in Star Fleet, she will serve as Executive Officer aboard the "Yorktown" (NCC-1704) under Captain Matthew Decker before his transfer to the "Constellation" (NCC-1017). Offered command of the science vessel "Hawking," Gauvreau will reject the promotion, wanting to command a "Constitution" class starship, and eventually resign from Star Fleet [GN 7].

May [reference stardate 1/9005]
The U.S.S. "Gettysburg" (NCC-4324) Mark I "Larson" class destroyer enters service [FASA].

With the exception of NCC-1877 (the U.S.S. "Resolution" heavy destroyer of the "Detroyat" class) the "Avenger" class is originally authorized as frigates. Their classification will change and their construction will be delayed [SotF].

Marita Llorente is born [GN 7].

The U.S.S. "Wells" inexplicably travels through time as it returns from a three-year mission in only 33 solar days. Commodore Gregory Tree of Star- base 20 logs the report [SFC].

June [reference stardate 1/9006]
The U.S.S. "Castinian" (NCC-4325) Mark I "Larson" class destroyer enters service [FASA].

Surelox Systems upgrades its original Model A phase-shift transformer by introducing new double phase-shift technology [FASA].

[reference stardate 1/90]
Emperor Karhammur plans of expanding the Klingon Empire into U.F.P. space. Planning begins on a series of minor skirmishes to divert U.F.P. attention away from Axanar [FASA].

The "Provider" class cargo carriers are decommissioned [SFC].

The K-30A "K'nel" ("Luckless") class monitor enters service in the Klingon fleet to replace the obsolete K-12 monitor which was unable to operate alone due to the lack of sufficient maneuvering capability and weaponry [FASA].

[Y 134]
The Hydran "Ranger", "Lancer", and "Scout/Hunter" enter service in the "lost colonies" [SFB].

September [reference stardate 1/9009]
The T-3A "D'aka" ("Mover") class assault ship enters service in the Klingon Fleet, with warp 8 capacity and a complement of 62 crewmembers and 800 troops [FASA]. The U.S.S. "Shiloh" (NCC-4326) Mark I "Larson" class destroyer enters ser- vice [FASA].

The W-2A "Koreba" Class II warpshuttle enters service in the Klingon fleet [FASA].

The U.F.P. begins monitoring the progress of the Patrian Republics [TOS #69].

October [reference stardate 1/9010]
The Mark I Andorian-designed "Loknar" (NCC-2700) class frigates enter ser- vice with warp 9 capacity (mounting a new warp drive engine in Star Fleet's inventory for only 2 years), armed with 4 heavy lasers and a single accel- erator cannon, and crews of 76. The "Loknar" will see more action than any other vessel in Star Fleet during the Four Years War. These frigates are all named after cities and provinces of the U.F.P. More than half of these vessels will be crewed by Andorians and the majority of these will be as- signed to the 'Blue Fleet' (ships whose officer contingent and crew are entirely Andorian). The U.S.S. "Loknar" is the first ship commissioned into the 'Blue Fleet' and will serve as the flagship for many years. This class will total 100 vessels (NCC-2700-NCC-2799) [FASA].

The construction of 100 Type I "Roman" (SFDD-100) class dry dock facilities are authorized (SFDD-100-SFDD-199). With a standard facility complement of 150, 8 shuttlecraft bays, and 63 standard shuttles, this facility will be generally used in the production and repair of civilian and research ves- sels [JRM].

The Mark I "Cochrane" class colonial transports enter service. These warp 9 (unloaded) capacity ships are used by Star Fleet Colonial Operations Com- mand to transport U.F.P. colonists to new unexplored worlds. Each vessel has the capacity to carry up to 2,400 passengers and their necessities, with standard crews of 36. These ships travel in large groups and are always escorted by the ships of Military Command [FASA].

The first of the "Dirdra" (NCC-G153) cargo drones are commissioned [FRS].

November [reference stardate 1/9011]
The U.S.S. "Gallipoli" (NCC-4327) Mark I "Larson" class destroyer enters service. The U.S.S. "Ahkeil" (NCC-2701) Mark I "Loknar" frigate enters service [FASA].

December [reference stardate 1/9012]
The U.S.S. "Jutland" (NCC-4328) Mark I "Larson" class destroyer enters service [FASA].

2243, January [reference stardate 1/9101]
The U.S.S. "Vernol" (NCC-2702) Mark I "Loknar" class frigate enters service [FASA].

The 'time barrier' (warp factor 4) is broken by intermix improvements--and dilithium crystal focus. The crystals are used to focus and channel the output, not just in the energizers. With more energy made available stronger warp generators are built. These "Titiac" PB-32 (3rd Generation warp drive) warp engines will be installed on the "Bonhomme Richard" (NCC-1712) class heavy cruisers, and eventually backfitted on most of the "Constitution" (NCC-1700) class vessels, allowing warp 8 maximum velocity and warp 6 cruising velocity. These units feature partially exposed space warp generators, which create a more stable warp bubble with correspond- ingly slower dilithium decay, and a near-perfect manufacturer's test record [STM, SFE, TOS #16, HCE].

The U.S.S. "Rickover" is lost while on an exploratory mission near the galactic core [ON 9].

Uhura learns sign language from her deaf cousin, Epala, in Koyo, Kenya in the summer [TOS #59].

T'iana dies in a fire at the Institute for Advanced Mathematics [TOS #41].

Ambassador Sarek is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize [TOS #42].

James Kirk digs a fishing pond out behind a barn at the home farm in Iowa on Earth. His father arranges for Captain Robert April to supply him with fish eggs to stock the pond. James Kirk will later get some trout fish out of it [GN 12].

Artinton and Lasslanlin ally themselves with their cousin, Krulmadden, an Orion pirate [GN 7].

April [reference stardate 1/9104]
The U.S.S. "Anzio" (NCC-4329) Mark I "Larson" class destroyer and the U.S.S. "Trantis" (NCC-2703) Mark I "Loknar" class frigate enter service [FASA].

James Kirk meets Patrick Brady [TOS #51].

Spock meets Grake [TOS #15].

Charles Evans is born [CX].

May [reference stardate 1/9105]
The United Earth Alliance Parliament issues the Star Fleet Medal of Honor. This stylized U.F.P. symbol superimposed on a solid gold disk set against a 5-pointed silver star attached to a red-white-blue vertical striped ribbon, is the highest decoration awarded by Star Fleet Command and the U.F.P. It is given to individuals who show self-sacrifice, heroism, and courage des- pite extreme peril in the service of the U.F.P. Because recipients are considered to be the embodiment of the highest ideals of the U.F.P., their descendants may automatically enter the Star Fleet Academy [FASA].

July [reference stardate 1/9107]
A study completed for the Federation Council's Office of Public Information reports that the new dilithium-powered starships will eventually permit a thorough exploration of all sectors within the Federation's sphere of in- fluence. This finding supports Star Fleet's recent emphasis on its Galaxy Exploration Command [FASA].

The U.S.S. "Corregidor" (NCC-4331) Mark I "Larson" class destroyer and the U.S.S. "Morgan City" (NCC-2704) Mark I "Loknar" class frigate enter service [FASA].

August [reference stardate 1/9108]
The Klingon D-4E cruiser is tested and proclaimed successful [FASA].

The U.S.S. Guadalcanal" (NCC-4332), "Iwo Jima" (NCC-4333) and "Okinawa" (NCC-4334) Mark I "Larson" class destroyers enter service [FASA].

DD495 series drydocks are phased out [SFC].

06 September
The U.S.S. "Resolution" (NCC-1877) "Surya" class testbed vessel is relaunched [SotF].

"Hunter" class corvettes are decommissioned [SFC].

October [reference stardate 1/9110]
The U.S.S. "Ramses" (NCC-4335) Mark I "Larson" class destroyer enters service [FASA].

[Y 135]
The Hydrans from the lost colonies under King Hydraxan XI attack the Klingon satellites over the Hydran planets. In a swift campaign lasting only a few weeks, the Hydran Kingdom is restored. The personal popularity of Hydraxan XI makes him "unacceptable" to the Guilds, and he dies under mysterious circumstances. While Hydraxan XII ascends the throne, the Guilds solidify their power [SFB].
December [reference stardate 1/9112] The U.S.S. "Thebes" (NCC-4336) Mark I "Larson" class destroyer enters service [FASA].

17 December
The U.S.S. "Illusive" (NCC-1851) "Surya" class frigate is laid down at Vickers Shipbuilding Groupd Ltd., New London, England, Earth [SotF].

2244, 12 January
The U.S.S. "Surya" (NCC-1850) prototype frigate is launched [SotF].

January [reference stardate 1/9201]
The U.S.S. "Hammurabi" (NCC-4337) Mark I "Larson" class destroyer and the U.S.S. "Farside" (NCC-2705) Mark I "Loknar" class frigate enter service [FASA].

03 February
The U.S.S. "Antrim" (NCC-1852) "Surya" class frigate is laid down at Star Fleet Division, Baltic Yards, Leningrad, Earth [SotF].

05 February
The U.S.S. "Resolution" (NCC-1877) "Surya" class frigate is recommissioned. On stardate 7977.83 she will verify the existence of the Klingon D-8 "K't'inga" class warship "Skelpf" ("Battle," KL 09893) [SotF, FRS].

March [reference stardate 1/9203]
The D-4E "D'ama" class cruiser enters service in the Klingon fleet [FASA].

03 March
Leonard McCoy makes love to his wife, probably for the last time [ON 5].

Clayton Treadway destroys McCoy's marriage, the doctor finding the two in bed together in his own home [GN 14].

25 March?
Jocelyn McCoy walks out of Dr. Leonard McCoy's life, taking their daughter Joanna with her. The next day, he heads for the Jackson Mall to apply for Star Fleet duty after reading a 'Space For A Few' advertisement [ON 5].

Dr. Leonard McCoy applies for a Star Fleet commission and will spend two years in the Academy studying space medicine, during which he is an ad- vanced intern in the Federation Medical Assistance Program and leads mass- innoculation teams to Ilyra VI and Dramia II. Before all this, he will be a trainee aboard the "Republic" (NCC-1371) serving under Chief Medical Of- ficer Vincent Bando on a medical relief mission to Ssan (Alpha Gederix IV) [EOM, GN 14].

April [reference stardate 1/9204]
The L-6B "T'h'lar" ("Defender") class frigate enters service in the Klingon fleet. The U.S.S. "Troy" (NCC-4338) Mark I "Larson" class destroyer enters service in Star Fleet [FASA].

Sarek declines to speak to his son, Spock, after his choosing Star Fleet service over the Vulcan Academy of Science [JB].

Leonard McCoy is beamed by transporter for the first time [ON 1].

Christopher Pike is advanced to the rank of full Commander [EOM].

May [reference stardate 1/9205]
The U.S.S. "New America" (NCC-2706) Mark I "Loknar" class frigate enters service [FASA].

Montgomery Scott, senior engineer on the Deneva asteroid belt run, applies for his warp drive papers. He will serve his apprenticeship aboard the freighter S.S. "Glasgow" [EOM].

The Brass Ring Incident: a U.F.P. passenger ship strays into the Romulan Neutral Zone, nearly triggering off another Romulan war. The original treaty is amended [TOS #37].

June [reference stardate 1/9206]
The U.S.S. "Chou" (NCC-4339) Mark I "Larson" class destroyer and the U.S.S. "Kosk" (NCC-2708) Mark I "Loknar" class frigate enter service [FASA].

On Hafjian, a high-gravity world, Hikaru Sulu wears a Leiber exoskeleton [GN 1].

Metika Spyroukis is born [ON 10].

26 June
The U.S.S. "Durmitov" (NCC-1853) "Surya" class frigate is laid down at Star Fleet Division, Baltic Yards, Leningrad, Earth [SotF].

James Kirk meets Gary Mitchell [WNM].

Elizabeth Shaeffer enters Star Fleet Academy and becomes a member of the Special Security Division [ON 16].

The security system in Sarek's household is activated. It will not be used again for 20 years [TOS #30].

Albert Schang is born [ON 13].

The last of the "Dirdra" (NCC-G160) series cargo drones are commissioned [FRS].

[reference stardate 1/92]
The "Canopus" class of 235-man dilithium research ships begin the first extensive work on the Sagittarian arm of the galaxy [SFC].

August [reference stardate 1/9208]
The U.S.S. "Xerxes" (NCC-4340) and "Salamis" (NCC-4341) Mark I "Larson" class destroyers enter service [FASA].

19 August
The U.S.S. "Kanaris" (NCC-1854) "Surya" class frigate is laid down at Vickers Shipbuilding Group Ltd., New London, England, Earth [SotF].

The "Stellerford" class space liners are decommissioned [SFC].

The "Mann" class cruisers are decommissioned [SFC].

[Y 136]
The Second Federation-Kzinti War begins as the Kzinti attack border stations [SFB].

September [reference stardate 1/9209]
Star Fleet Intelligence learns that the first Axanarian task force under command of Klingon Admiral Kkorhetza has left the Klingon naval base of Ruwan [FASA].

02 October [reference stardate 1/9210.02]
Captain Robert April addresses the U.F.P. General Assembly that he is step- ping down from the Fleet Starship Program, allowing it to unfold under hardier hands. He announces that five ships of the "Constitution" class are embarking on missions and seven more are under construction. He also announces his successor to the captaincy of the flagship U.S.S. "Enterprise" as Captain Christopher Pike [GN 3].
November [reference stardate 1/9211]
The U.S.S. "Xenophon" (NCC-4342) and "Julius Ceasar" (NCC-4343) Mark I "Larson" class destroyers enter service [FASA].

30 November
"Coventry" class starships NCC-1230 through NCC-1239 originally classified as heavy frigates are redesignated as frigates [SotF].
December [reference stardate 1/9212]
The K-3B "Kalath" class gunboat enters service in the Klingon fleet. The U.S.S. "Borga" (NCC-2709) Mark I "Loknar" class frigate enters service in Star Fleet [FASA].

14 December
The U.S.S. "Surya" (NCC-1850) frigate is commissioned. These heavily-armed ships (4 21.5 QEV dilithium laser banks), each with a ship's complement of 320, were developed from the U.S.S. "Resolution" (NCC-1101), a "Detroyat" class heavy destroyer, used as a testbed for this new class ship. A total of 39 "Surya" frigates (NCC-1850-NCC-1888) will be constructed [SotF, HFP, AES].

21 December [reference stardate 1/9212.21]
The U.S.S. "Bohr" reports observing a three-ship Klingon task force in unclaimed space between the U.F.P. and Klingon spheres of influence, and is diverted from picket duty. The small task force is a decoy to lure the "Bohr" from its patrol area and to allow a 20-ship force to attack the Federation-manned Arcanis IV Research Outpost. Klingon marines massacre the entire 112 crew of this base which begins a chain of events that will lead to war. Having detected two massive Klingon battle fleets in the following two months, the Federation begins to prepare for war, but hostilities do not begin immediately. Meanwhile, all this is a blind to distract the U.F.P. from Axanar, the true target of Klingon interest [FASA].

In the "Mirror" universe, the empire learns of an alliance between the Klingon Federation and the Axanar star system. Imperial forces assault Axanar and destroy a Klingon starbase being constructed there. The attack is led by Captain Garth. So begins the Four Years War [TBoT #14].

The U.S.S. "Hood" (NCC-1707) charts the Cygni Maxima system. They report sentient life on the system's fourth planet and declare it off-limits to all U.F.P. space traffic [TOS #59].

Sam Oats is born [TOS #67].

2245, January [reference stardate 1/9301]
Debris from the exploded U.S.S. "Ajax" is found in the form of a comet by the U.S.S. "Brahe," commanded by Captain Peter Sullivan. This is the first such incident to occur. Star Fleet Intelligence later learns that the first Axanarian task force entered Federation space at this time [FASA, SFC].

Dr. Leonard McCoy saves the life of the assassin Shil Andrachis while a trainee on a medical relief mission to Ssan (Alpha Gederix IV) during the Assassin Wars set off by Li Moboron. His CMO, Vincent Bando, is picked up by the "Enterprise" to stand trial for the attempted murder of McCoy's patient. His next assignment: Beta Aurelon III [GN 14].

February [reference stardate 1/9302]
The Klingon D-7A class battlecruisers are being produced at the rate of five per month [FASA].

24 February [reference stardate 1/9302.24]
The U.S.S. "Irwin" detects a Klingon Battle Group in the unclaimed space between the two powers. Star Fleet transfers all available warships from neighboring sector to organize a defense [FASA].

Montgomery Scott temporarily serves as a senior engineer at the San Francisco Ship Yards, overseeing the refitting of the "Enterprise" and 3 of her sister ships [ON 15].

March [reference stardate 1/9303]
The U.S.S. "Napoleon" (NCC-4344) Mark I "Larson" class destroyer enters service [FASA].

10 April
The U.S.S. "Pralaya" (NCC-1855) "Surya" class frigate is laid down at Star Fleet Division, San Francisco Yards, Earth and the U.S.S. "Hashira" (NCC-1856) "Surya" class frigate is laid down at Star Fleet Division, Singapore Naval Yards, Earth [SotF].

April [reference stardate 1/9304]
The U.S.S. "Peking" (NCC-2710) Mark I "Loknar" class frigate enters service [FASA].

On Earth, James Kirk attempts to lead a band of half a dozen teenagers from Iowa to Oregon. They get as far as signing aboard the dynacarrier "Christopher Cockerell" as deckhands before being detained by Commander George Kirk, his father [GN 12].

27 April
Young James Kirk sets foot aboard the starship "Enterprise" for his very first time. His father, Commander George Kirk on emergency leave, arranges to take his son along on a voyage to the newly discovered archeological site at Faramond. Taking Liason Cutter 4 from the "Enterprise" to complete the voyage as the starship deflates a planet-possession dispute on Vega IX, the craft is hijacked by the pirate ship "Shark" enroute. Two crewmen die and the remaining complement fight for their lives on the edge of the Rosette Nebula's blue zone. Eventually the "Enterprise" comes to their rescue. Roy Moss is taken into custody [GN 12].

The "Enterprise" is recommissioned following the promotion of Captain April to Commodore. He will become the U.F.P.'s ambassador-at-large and retain this position for the next two decades. Her next captain will be Christopher Pike. The arrowhead emblem of the "Enterprise" is created. In time it will become the standard division insignia on Star Fleet uniforms, regardless of starship [NTM, CC/a, TM, FRS].

The Auroral Plague slaughters the entire population of Dramia II. Dr. McCoy leads a mass-innoculation program there and treats Kol-tai for Saurian virus [Al/a].

June [reference stardate 1/9306]
The U.S.S. "Cochise" (NCC-4345) Mark I "Larson" class destroyer and the U.S.S. "Epcot" (NCC-2711) Mark I "Loknar" class destroyer enter service [FASA].

01 July
The U.S.S. "Socorro" (NCC-1231) "Coventry" class frigate is laid down at Newport News Shipbuilding, Louisiana, Earth [SotF].

After completing the required courses in three years with consistently excellent reports, Spock becomes a Star Fleet officer. He is promoted to Lieutenant (j.g.) and serves as Third Officer and Science Officer aboard the "Artemis" after additional post-graduate work in computer science and alien cultures [EI, TOS #44].

19 July
The U.S.S. "Andalucia" (NCC-1857) "Surya" class frigate is laid down at Star Fleet Division, Singapore Naval Yards, Earth [SotF].

Hikaru Sulu gets a tour of the "Aerfen" on Ganjitsu [GN 1].

29 July
The U.S.S. "Coventry" (NCC-1230) prototype frigate is laid down at Rapier Dynamics Group, Rio de Janeiro, Earth [SotF].

The Navigational Hazard Classification Authority is established by Star Fleet to provide information to all interstellar vessels, both military and civilian, regarding potentially hazardous spots along known routes [ON 10].

03 August
McCoy, a member of the medical team assigned to Beta Aurelon III, helps to combat a plague and develop a cure. He receives a subspace communique from Dr. Janice Taylor stationed on Ssan revealing that Li Moboron was killed in a raid, and that his best friend Merlin Carver was murdered by the same assassin whose life he had saved [GN 14].

14 August
The U.S.S. "Santander" (NCC-1232) "Coventry" class frigate is laid down at Star Fleet Division, Puget Sound Yards, Earth [SotF].

The "Bonhomme Richard" class heavy cruisers are authorized for construction [SotF].

E. Sandes Ishan graduates from Star Fleet Academy. He will go on to command the patrol cutter U.S.S. "Gynda," the destroyer U.S.S. "Rahman" (NCC-514), and the light cruiser U.S.S. "Seasprite" [SsD].

September [reference stardate 1/9309]
Star Fleet Intelligence later learns that the first Axanarian task force arrived at Axanar at this time, with a second, reinforcing task force also on its way there [FASA].

The U.S.S. "Lutzen" (NCC-4346) Mark I "Larson" class destroyer enters service [FASA].

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