Star Trek Timeline

By James Dixon

This timeline is split into 20 parts, linked here:

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Notes: including explanation of acronyms, etc.

stardates 44704.2-44721.9 {15-21 September}
At the very edge of U.F.P. space, the "Enterprise" repairs the Argus subspace telescope array and encounters an alien probe. Lt. Reginald Barclay's intelligence is augmented and through alien compulsion brings the "Enterprise" to the galactic core. First contact is made with the Cytherians who exchange information with the "Enterprise" [TNG 193].

stardate 44741.9 {28 September}
In orbit of Tagus III, the "Enterprise" serves as host to the U.F.P. Archeology Council's annual symposium. Captain Picard is reunited with Vash when Q returns and traps the officers in a Robin Hood simulacrum. Vash agrees to accompany Q--he will maroon her in the Gamma Quadrant [TNG 194, DSN 407].

Commander Sisko attends a Star Fleet briefing on the Q [DSN 407].

The start of treaty negotiations between the U.F.P. and the Cardassians begin, which will last three years and will settle upon a border [TNG 272].

stardate 44765.2 {06 October}
An explosion in the dilithium chamber of the "Enterprise" results in injury to two engineering personnel [TNG 195].

stardates 44769.2-44780 {07-11 October}
Klingon exobiologist exchange officer J'Ddan and "Enterprise" crewman Simon Tarses are accused of sabotaging the ship's warp engines and for a leaking information to the Romulans. Admiral Norah Satie is transported to the "Enterprise" to conduct an investigation [TNG 195].

The Sli begin touring aboard the starliner "Prospector" (B2004), commanded by Captain Walch, at the suggestion of Mon Hartog [TNG #29].

stardate 44793.6 {16 October}
The Borg return to U.F.P. space and destroy the planet Penzatti. Delcara, one of the Shgin and Guinan's bonded sister, destroys several Borg ships using an ancient planet-killer berserker ship. The starships "Enterprise," "Chekov," and "Repulse" battle the Borg near Tholian space, and dying Delcara swears vengeance as she takes the planet-killer at high warp speed on a course into the heart of Borg space [GN 8].

stardates 44805.3-44812.6 {20-23 October}
The U.F.P. offers to assist in revitalizing Kaelon II's sun. Dr. Timicin and Lwaxana Troi are transported to the Praxillus system where a helium-ignition test is conducted using photon torpedoes fired from the "Enterprise" [TNG 196].

Security officer Jenna D'Sora and Jeff Arton breakup [TNG 199].

stardate 44820.5 {26 October}
The U.S.S. "Sutherland" (NCC-72015) "Nebula" class starship is com- missioned. This vessel will be commanded by Lt. Commander Data during the Romulan blockade [TNG 201].

stardates 44821.3-44824.4 {26-27 October}
Ambassador Odan, a Trill symbiont being, settles a conflict between the moons Alpha and Beta of the planet Peliar Zel using Commander Riker as a host body [TNG 197].
stardates 44839.2-44840.8 {02 November}
The "Enterprise" is called to Beltaxiyan Minor, a Jaradan outpost in the Archimedes sector, by the insectoid Jarada to open diplomatic relations. The diplomatic party is split up on the surface and eventually it is learned that the Jarada are suffereing from a biochemical imbalance, resulting in insanity. Dr. Crusher and Selar present them with a cure, but the xenophobic Jarada prefer not to associate with the U.F.P. In the aftermath, Keiko O'Brien learns that she is pregnant [TNG #22].

stardates 44885.5-44896.9 {19-23 November}
Enroute to Risa to attend an artificial intelligence seminar, Lt. Commander La Forge is intercepted and brainwashed by Romulans into assassinating Governor Vagh of Krios. Ambassador Kell is revealed to be aiding the Romulans in their goal of severing the U.F.P.-Klingon alliance [TNG 198].

stardates 44932.3-44935.9 {06-07 December}
The "Enterprise" probes the Mar Oscura dark matter nebula and encounters unique space deformation pockets produced by the dark matter contents. The ship heads for Starbase 260 after narrowly escaping the nebula [TNG 199].

About this time, a Tamarian ship arrives at El-Adrel IV in an attempt to contact the U.F.P. A subspace message is sent [TNG 202].

stardates 44995.3-44998.3 {29-30 December}
Captain Picard participates in the installation ceremony of Gowron, on the Klingon home world, as Arbiter of Succession. The Duras family line, allied with the Romulans, gather a large force near Beta Thorador. Civil war erupts in the Klingon Empire, generated by Romulans intent on breaking the Klingon-U.F.P. alliance. Lt. Worf resigns his Star Fleet commission to aid in the war [TNG 200].

Lt. William Riker, still marooned on Nervala IV since 2361, makes a painting of Betazed's Janerin Falls using a hand phaser [TNG 250].

Darak and Kinsak contribute to the Great Poker Shootout on Risa [DSN #4].

2368 stardates 45020.4-45025.4 {07-09 January}
Star Fleet sets up a blockade of 23 ships between the Romulus and Klingon systems, using a tachyon pulse web to locate cloaked Romulan warbirds. Captain Picard meets Commander Sela of the Romulan fleet. The Duras influence is broken and Worf regains his honor, and position in Star Fleet, as the Romulan warbirds retreat [TNG 201].

stardates 45047.2-45048.8 {17 January}
Contact is finally established with the Tamarians after Captain Picard risks his life communicating with Dathon on El-Adrel IV [TNG 202].

stardates 45076.3-45077.8 {27-28 January}
The Cardassians stage the destruction of the Solarian IV colony. Admiral Kennelly assigns Ensign Ro Laren to the "Enterprise" to perform a covert mission in violation of the Prime Directive [TNG 203].
stardates 45122.3-45129.2 {13-16 February}
The almost-established Melona IV colony is wiped out by the crystal entity which destroyed the Omicron Theta colony. Specialist Dr. Kila Marr is assigned to the "Enterprise" to aid in the problem. In the Brechtian cluster, she destroys the creature using a graviton beam [TNG 204].

stardate 45156.1 {26 February}
Following a mission to Mudor V, the "Enterprise" strikes a quantum filament, causing massive power and computer failures nearly destroying the ship. Molly Miyaki Worf O'Brien is born. The "Enterprise" heads for Starbase 67 for repairs [TNG 205].

Ambassador Spock disappears from Vulcan. His destination is Romulus [TNG 208].

stardates 45208.2-45212.1 {16-17 March}
Riker returns from leave on Risa with a psychotropically addictive game, quickly distributed aboard ship. The "Enterprise" heads for the largely uncharted Phoenix cluster on a survey mission after the assignment of science teams to the "Enterprise" from the "Zhukov" (NCC-62136). Wesley Crusher, on vacation from the Academy, joins the "Enterprise" and with help from Ensign Robin Lefler, prevents a Ktaran invasion. The Ktaran ship is towed to Starbase 82 and the "Enterprise" rendezvous with the starship "Merrimac" (NCC-61827) to transport Crusher back to the Academy, then to Oceanus IV for a diplomatic mission [TNG 206].

stardates 45223.4-45230.3 {21-24 March}
The "Enterprise" is contaminated by a silicon-based clay lifeform from Phaedra (Xerxes Gamma IV) in the Cassiopeian system. At Starbase 210 the "Enterprise" is nearly self-destructed before the organism is converted back into its inert form, and the "Enterprise" remains in drydock for at least two weeks for repairs. "Enterprise" fatalities: Ensign Michaels (Hull Maintenance Engineer) [TNG #25].

stardate 45231.2 {24 March}
Star Fleet intelligence locates Spock on Romulus [TNG 208].

stardates 45233.1-45240.6 {25-28 March}
Recalled to Starbase 234, Admiral Ruah Brackett briefs Captain Picard on the disappearance of Ambassador Spock. Ambassador Sarek dies. Captain Picard and Lt. Commander Data are transported to Romulus aboard the "Kruge," a Klingon Bird of Prey commanded by Captain K'Vada. The "Enterprise" investigates the disappearance of the starship "T'Pau" (NSP-17938) from the depot at Qualor II [TNG 208].

stardate 45245.8 {29 March}
Senator Pardek betrays Ambassador Spock. Commander Sela's plan of conquering Vulcan fails and the stolen Vulcan ships transporting 2,000 Romulan troops are destroyed to prevent capture. Picard and Data return to the "Enterprise" and Spock remains on Romulus to continue his peace efforts [TNG 207].

stardates 45321-45323 {26-27 April}
Mind-rape occurs on Nel III and is mistaken for Iresine syndrome [TNG 212].

stardates 45349.1-45351.9 {06-07 May}
The "Enterprise" aids Penthara IV's devastation following the impact of an asteroid and is observed by a criminal time traveler, Burlinghoff Rasmussen. The "Enterprise" later travels to Starbase 214 to turn Rasmussen over to authorities [TNG 209]

stardates 45376.3-45376.8 {16 May}
In orbit of Bilana III, the "Enterprise" monitors the trial runs of the Soliton Wave propulsion tests. Alexander Rozhenko joins the civilian crew of the "Enterprise" [TNG 210].

stardate 45397.3 {24 May}
In sector 97, the research vessel "Vico" (NAR-18834) is found wrecked by the starship "Enterprise." One survivor is rescued and the "Enterprise" faces intense gravitic fields in the Black Cluster [TNG 211].

stardates 45429.3-45435.8 {05-07 June}
Mind rape is dealt with aboard the "Enterprise" when a group of Ullian ambassadors are ferried to Starbase 4 [TNG 212].

stardate 45470.1 {20 June}
Tracking the course of a stellar core fragment, the "Enterprise" establishes contact with a long-lost Earth colony on Moab IV. A multi-phase tractor beam saves the colony from destruction, although their contact with the U.F.P. disrupts the genetically-perfect society [TNG 213].

stardate 45494.2 {28 June}
In the Epsilon Silar system, investigating signals in the search for intelligent life, the "Enterprise" complement has their memories suppressed by a Satarran weapon. The Satarrans nearly convince the crew to attack their enemies, the Lysians. The "Enterprise" heads for Starbase 301 as the crew recover their memories [TNG 214].

Star Fleet Cadets Wesley Crusher and Joshua Albert go on a ski trip to Calgary [TNG 219].

stardates 45571.2-45572.1 {27 July}
Non-corporeal aliens gain control of "Enterprise" officers Data, Troi, and O'Brien and attempt to commandeer the starship, in orbit of Mab-Bu VI's moon [TNG 215].

Chief Miles O'Brien's mother dies. His father will remarry [DSN 434].

Also about this time, the first Star Fleet runabouts of the "Danube" class are commissioned. Each will be named after a Terran river. Short-range interstellar craft, with warp 5 capacity and equipped with transporters, one such vessel will be assigned to the "Enterprise" and three will be assigned to Deep Space 9 next year [DSN 435].

stardate 45587.3 {01 August}
Enroute to Sector 27628 for survey, the "Enterprise" assists the transport "Denver" (NCC-54927) struck by a gravitic mine. Lt. Worf's spine is crushed. He undergoes a risky genetronic replication operation con- ducted by Dr. Toby Russell--and recovers [TNG 216].

In an alternate timeline, during Worf's recovery he becomes attracted to Counselor Troi. Six months later he will formally requests Commander Riker's permission to court, and later marry, Deanna Troi. In another reality they will have two children: Shenara and Eric Christopher [TNG 263].

stardates 45614.6-45620.4 {11-14 August}
A null space pocket is investigated by the "Enterprise." Commander Riker nearly violates the Prime Directive by interfering with an erogenous race, the J'naii. The "Enterprise" heads for the Phelen system to negotiate a trading agreement [TNG 217].

stardate 45652.1 {25 August}
Charting the unexplored Typhon Expanse region, the "Enterprise" becomes trapped in time loop for 17.4 days. Breaking free, the "Enterprise" encounters the U.S.S. "Bozeman" (NCC-1841) from 2278 [TNG 218].

stardate 45703.9 {14 September}
Back at the Star Fleet Academy to give the year's commencement address, Picard finds Cadet Wesley Crusher recovering from a training flight disaster. Crusher, and the remaining members of Nova squadron, are severely reprimanded for having attempted the forbidden Kolvoord Starburst Maneuver [TNG 219].

stardate 45733.6 {25 September}
A metal parasite from a destroyed asteroid near Tessen III (Pelorus asteroid field) poses a threat to the "Enterprise." Lwaxana Troi is nearly wed aboard the "Enterprise" to Minister Campio of Kostolain [TNG 220].

Paconta (the Traveler) has a vision of Wesley Crusher's arrival on Dorvan V [TNG 272].

At approximately this time, a Vulcan robot probe scans the 329 Aurigae system and picks up high technological activity on the planet Megara-- a world originally reported as having been pre-technological. The Ferengi responsible for Megara's growth destroy the probe but not before it transmits its findings [TNG #30].

stardates 45761.3-45766.1 {04-06 October}
After picking up miners from Harod IV and rescuing two Ferengi, the "Enterprise" escorts the ambassador of Krios to Valt Minor with a unique cargo: Kamala, a metamorph, who bonds with Captain Picard [TNG 221].

While on a mission to purify the atmosphere of Lessenar and provide emergency assistance, the "Enterprise" rescues four Sli from the "Prospector" (B2004) passenger starliner. The emotion-casting Sli wreak havoc aboard ship and are transported to Starbase 81 along with the "Prospector" in tow--the victim of Ferengi sabotage [TNG #29]. Wesley Crusher, on vacation from the Academy, serves aboard the "Enterprise." The ship picks up Ambassador Offenhouse at Starbase

144 and escorts him to Megara (329 Aurigae II) to deal with the Ferengi
responsible for advancing this primitive planet in violation of the Prime Directive. Investigation reveals that the Ferengi are operatives of the Cardassians who are in the process of constructing a strategic base on the planet with the intent of employing the natives for star service. With the destruction of a Ferengi vessel and a Cardassian "Liburnian" class warship, the "Fatal Arrow," the planet's inhabitants are liberated [TNG #30].

DaiMon Bok buys himself out of prison on Rog. He will make his way to the Dorius Cluster [TNG 274].

stardate 45852.1 {06 November}
A non-corporeal alien takes the form of a child's imaginary friend while the "Enterprise" studies FGC 47, a nebula-shrouded neutron star [TNG 222].

stardate 45854.2 {07 November}
A lone Borg is rescued from a crashed scoutship by the "Enterprise" in the Argolis sector. The Borg, nicknamed Hugh, becomes partially Humanized separated from the Borg collective intelligence, and is returned to his own people [TNG 223].

Garak, unable to bear DS9 station life, activates his cranial implant with a self-made device. His body will become completely dependent upon the higher endorphin levels generated by the implant over the next two years [DSN 442].

stardate 45873.3 {14 November}
The U.S.S. "Enterprise" is diverted from taking shore leave on Luxor IV to Atropos where an archeological expedition, led by T'Sara, is found massacred by Orion mercenaries. The legendary Devil's Heart stone (Ko N'ya) has been unearthed and is soon recovered from a wrecked Ferengi Marauder by the "Enterprise." Its discovery results in damage to the "Enterprise" and the destruction of the Romulan warbird "Haakona" (responsible for destroying Starbase 193) and the Klingon bird of prey "Plath." The Heart is beamed into a wormhole which transports the stone beyond the known galaxy, while reunifying the descendents of the Iconian race. The "Enterprise" heads for Vulcan to deliver the art- ifacts unearthed from the T'Sara excavation [GN 13].

stardate 45892.4 {21 November}
While aiding a damaged Romulan ship, Ensign Ro and Lt. Commander La Forge are temporarily presumed dead after being shifted out of phase while beaming back to the "Enterprise" from the Romulans' experimental molecular phase inverter. The "Enterprise" heads for Garadius IV [TNG 224].

Assigned to transport Byfrexian, Luss, and Cordian ambassadors to Sindar aboard the "Enterprise," Counselor Troi's life is saved by Admiral Riker from the 25th Century. In an alternate timeline, Troi dies from Raxatocin poisoning administered by a Chameloid from the future and the Sindareen become a powerful and formidable people [GN 11].

stardate 45944.1 {10 December}
Following a magnetic wave survey of the Parvenium system, an ancient probe from Kataan (Selarian sector) is encountered by the "Enterprise." A nucleonic beam from the probe allows Picard to live life as Kaman, a Kataan inhabitant who lived 1,000 years ago, in 20-25 minutes of real time [TNG 225].

stardates 45959.1-45965.3 {16-18 December}
The "Enterprise" is called to Earth on a priority mission when Lt. Commander Data's head is unearthed in San Francisco, having been buried for nearly five centuries. Further investigation brings the "Enterprise" to Devidia II (Marrab Sector) where a temporal disturbance transports Data back in time to 1893 [TNG 226].

Transporter Chief O'Brien begins wearing one single 'hollow' rank pip as opposed to his previous two solid rank pips [TNG 226/TNG 228].

The forward port side turbolift shaft in Engineering aboard the "Enterprise" is replaced with a vertical Jefferies tube (Number 25?) [TNG 226/TNG 228].

In an un-named swamp, Kira fights Cardassians on Bajor [DSN 420].

2369 stardate 46001.3 {31 December, 2368}
Data is rescued from the 18th Century using the technology of the shape-shifters. Mark Twain is given a brief tour of the "Enterprise." The alien base of operations on Devidia II is destroyed via a volley of photon torpedoes [TNG 227].

stardates 46041.1-46043.6 {15 January}
Four survivors of the science ship U.S.S. "Yosemite" (NCC-19002) in the Igo sector are rescued by the "Enterprise," after being suspended in a transporter buffer, by Lt. (j.g.) Barclay [TNG 228].

stardates 46071.6-46075.1 {26-27 January}
Ambassador Ves Alkar is rescued from a transport ship under attack by Rekag starships. Counselor Troi temporarily mutates under Alkar's influence while carrying out negotiations on Seronia [TNG 229].

stardate 46125.3 {14 February}
Captain Montgomery Scott is rescued from the crashed "Sydney" class transport "Jenolen" (NCC-2010) trapped on an alien Dyson Sphere artifact, after being suspended in the transporter for 75 years [TNG 230].

stardates 46154.2-46191.2 {25 February-10 March}
While charting the vast Amargosa Diaspora globular cluster, the "Enterprise" makes contact with beings through a tertiary subspace domain in Cargo Bay 4 [TNG 231].

stardates 46192.3-46193.8 {11 March}
Transporting Amanda Rogers from Starbase 112 to Tagra IV (Argolis cluster), the "Enterprise" officers must deal with her manifesting Q powers [TNG 232]. Lt. (j.g.) Dan Kwan becomes acquainted with Ensign Calloway about this time [TNG 270].

Praetor Darok of the Romulan Empire assigns Commander Valak to command of the "Syrinx," the first of the new "D'Kazanak" class warbirds. He baits the "Enterprise" with a distress signal and commandeers her. Using the computer of the "Enterprise" to locate the coordinates of Hermeticus Two, both ships are taken into the Neutral Zone to this forbidden world--in reality, an artificial ark. The Ambimorph inhabitants release the "Enterprise" and take the crew of the "Syrinx" for study [TNG #26].

A Class M world is discovered within an immense interstellar cluster by the "Enterprise." The planet's inhabitants are discovered to be yet another group of Humans transplanted from Earth by the Preservers. Captain Picard and an away team shutdown a poaching operation in violation of the Prime Directive. In order to escape from the world's gravity mine defense system set into motion, the Preserver base of operations is hastily destroyed. The "Enterprise" heads for Starbase 217 for repair work [TNG #28].

stardates 46235.7-46236.3 {27 March}
Returning from Marlonia, "Enterprise" personnel are beamed aboard ship during their shuttlecraft's passage through a molecular reversion field, reducing them to children. The shuttlecraft "Fermi" (NCC-1701-D/09) is lost. After a short-duration Ferengi take-over, the transporter restores them to their original ages, and a missing science team on Ligos VII is recovered [TNG 233].

Ensign Ro Laren transfers off the "Enterprise." She will attend Advanced Tactical Training School and receive promotion to Lieutenant grade [TNG #26/TNG 234+, TNG 276]

stardates 46271.5-46278.3 {09-11 April}
In orbit of Deinonychus VII, awaiting the arrival of the supply ship "Biko," Lt. Commander Data's interface with the "Enterprise's" computer malfunctions. Lt. Worf, Counselor Troi, and Alexander become trapped in a malfunctioning holodeck [TNG 234].

stardate 46302 {20 April}
The Velos VII internment camp is closed. Surmak Ren is repatriated [DSN 405].

stardates 46307.2-46317.8 {22-25 April}
Exocomps are found to be intelligent life forms when the "Enterprise" monitors the progress on an experimental Particle Fountain mining device in orbit of Tyrus VII-A [TNG 235].

stardates 46357.4-46358.2 {10 May}
Captain Edward Jellico takes command of the "Enterprise." Captain Picard, Lt. Worf, and Dr. Crusher embark on a covert mission into Cardassian space to verify the development of a metagenic weapon on Seltrice III. Counselor Troi begins to wear a standard Star Fleet uniform as ordered by Captain Jellico [TNG 236].
stardate 46360.8 {11 May}
Captain Picard is interrogated on Seltrice III, and released to again command the "Enterprise" after Captain Jellico's antimatter mine ploy [TNG 237]. According to one account of Garak's, Gul Garak shoots down a shuttle of 97 Cardassian civilians and escapees bound for Terek Nor, shortly before the Cardassian withdrawl. One passenger was the daugher of a prominent military official. He is stripped of his rank and position and exiled from Cardassia. According to another account, Garak is stripped of his rank and position for helping Bajoran children chosen for interrogation to escape. A third account blames Garak's exile on Elim, his best friend, who accused Garak for the escape of Bajoran prisoners. Regardless of whichever account is the truth Garak, once a member of the Obsidian Order, is exiled to the station [DSN 442].

stardates 46379.1-46393.1 {18-23 May}
Commander Benjamin Sisko and Chief O'Brien are assigned to Deep Space 9 in orbit of Bajor following the withdraw of Cardassian forces. The "Enterprise" drops off 3 Star Fleet runabouts for the station's use: the "Rio Grande" (NCC-72452), "Yangtzee Kiang" (NCC-72453) and "Ganges" (NCC-72454). The first truly stable wormhole is discovered and the station is relocated to claim it [DSN 401, DSN 402, DSN #1].

Tahna Los, a Bajoran Kohn-ma freedom fighter, takes refuge on Deep Space 9 and attempts to collapse the mouth of the wormhole with a bilitrium antimatter converter bomb [DSN 404].

stardates 46384-46421.5 {20 May-02 June}
Security Chief Odo is framed for the murder of Ibudan on Deep Space 9, and then cleared of the charges following an investigation. Keiko O'Brien establishes a childrens school [DSN 403].

stardates 46423.7-46425.8 {03-04 June}
The food replicators aboard Deep Space 9 unleash a deadly aphasia virus, engineered by Bajoran terrorists [DSN 405].

stardate 46424.1 {03 June}
The Moriarty simulacrum takes control of the "Enterprise's" Holodeck 3, taking Captain Picard, Lt. Commander Data, and Lt. (j.g.) Barclay hostage. The destruction of the "Enterprise" in the Detrian system is narrowly averted when two gas giants collide [TNG 238].

A Tosk is tracked down through the wormhole to Deep Space 9, escaping its pursuers [DSN 406].

stardate 46461.3 {17 June}
A coalescent life form is encountered on Subspace Relay Station 47 by the "Enterprise" [TNG 239].

stardate 46519.1 {08 July}
Kidnapped, Counselor Troi assumes the identity of a Tal Shiar officer aboard the Imperial Romulan Warbird "Khazara" to help Vice Council Moret and his aids defect to the U.F.P. [TNG 240].
stardates 46531.2-46532.3 {12-13 July}
Vash and Q arrive on Deep Space 9. An embryonic crystal life form drains the station's power, converting it into gravitons, and nearly drives the station into the wormhole [DSN 407].

Gul Marak in command of the "Galor" class Cardassian dreadnought "Swift Striker," demands the return of DS9 to the Cardassians after the short-term ascension to power of the Revanche party. Bajoran collaborators are discovered planting bombs aboard the station and the Cardassian engineer Berat helps disarm a bomb on an antimatter containment bottle after being granted temporary asylum. Marak fails in his mission, is executed, and Gul Dukat returns to power [DSN #6].

stardate 46910.1 {28 November}
Dax is accused of having committed treason and murder while on Klaestron IV 30 years ago [DSN 408].

A compressed terrion beam nearly kills Captain Picard. While unconscious he encounters Q who conducts a tour of Picard's life as it may have been [TNG 241].

The consciousness of Rao Vantika, a deceased criminal, possesses Dr. Julian Bashir on Deep Space 9 [DSN 409].

stardate 46578.4 {30 July}
While the "Enterprise" is assigned to assist in the reconstruction of Bajoran aquaduct systems on Deep Space 9, Lt. Commander Data has a "near death" experience and Jaglom Shrek ferries Worf to a Romulan prison camp on Carraya IV on a mission to locate his father [TNG 242].

stardate 46579.2? {30 July}
Worf is taken captive by Romulans. Toq, a fellow prisoner, unites with Worf and persuades the Romulans into releasing all prisoners. They are transferred to the "Enterprise" from a Romulan warbird [TNG 243].

First contact procedures are conducted on Deep Space 9 with the Wadi delegation from the Gamma Quadrant. They introduce the Chula game involving the station crew as playing pieces [DSN 410].

The Ferengi Grand Nagus Zek arrives on Deep Space 9. Passing on the title to Quark, he fakes his own death as a test for his successor [DSN 411].

stardate 46682.4 {07 September}
Docked at the Remmler Array undergoing barion sweeps, the "Enterprise" is boarded by mercenaries after the ship's trilithium resin [TNG 244].

stardates 46693.1-46697.2 {10-12 September}
Lt. Commander Nella Darrin of the "Enterprise" nearly dies on Bersallis III fighting firestorms threatening the planetary outpost [TNG 245].

A Miradorn raider conflict on Deep Space 9 leads Security Chief Odo on a fruitless search for other changelings like himself into the Chamra Vortex [DSN 412]. A Borg ship is destroyed by subspace compression when emerging from the the wormhole at Deep Space 9. Ferengi Glav brings a psychotic shapeshifter aboard Deep Space 9 who goes on a killing spree, drawing Cardassian and Edemian warships to the station. Dr. Bashir cures an Edemian boy, Rasa, of panoria [DSN #2].

While transporting a substation module to the other side of the wormhole, Major Kira confronts Horen Rygis, fanatic leader of the Redemptorists. The station, in reality a quarantine module, is established and halts the at- tempted Cardassian claim of the Gamma Quadrant's wormhole mouth [DSN #3].

In the Gamma Quadrant, a runabout bearing Kai Opaka, Commander Sisko, Major Kira, and Dr. Bashir crashes on a moon of the 3rd planet in an uncharted system. The moon, a penal colony designed to prolong agony between warring factions of prisoners, contains bio-mechanical microbes forcing the Kai to remain behind while the other members are rescued by O'Brien. The "Yangtzee Kiang" (NCC-72453) DS9 runabout is lost and will be replaced with the runabout "Orinoco" (NCC-72905) [DSN 413].

stardate 46729.1 {24 September}
Land negotiations between the Bajoran Paqu and Navot factions are carried out on Deep Space 9. Chief O'Brien finds himself chosen as Sirah on Bajor, to control the Dal'Rok energy creature [DSN 414].

stardates 46731.5-46735.2 {24-26 September}
While conducting a protostar survey mission in the Volterra nebula, Picard rejects an archeological expedition request by Professor Galen. Galen dies in an Yridian attack, forcing Picard to abort a diplomatic mission to Atalia VII and take the "Enterprise" to Ruah IV, Indri VIII, Loren III, and finally the Gulmoran system where a DNA algorithm mystery is unraveled [TNG 246].

stardate 46772.4 {08 October}
The "Enterprise" finds the entire crew of the U.S.S. "Saladin" ("Nebula" class starship) dead, including Captain Harlock [TNG 252].

stardate 46778.1 {11 October}
Commander Riker is abducted on a mission to Tilonus IV. The Tilonians attempt to extract information from his mind forcing him to recall Dr. Crusher's 'Frame of Mind' play [TNG 247].

stardates 46830.1-46831.2 {29-30 October}
Dr. Reyga, a Ferengi scientist, tests his experimental metaphasic shield on the "Enterprise" shuttlecraft "Justman" (NCC-1701-D/03) and is murdered by Dr. Jo'Bril. Dr. Crusher faces an inquiry after performing an autopsy on the Ferengi's body [TNG 248].

stardate 46844.3 {04 November}
Major Kira evacuates a small colony on Bajor's 5th moon, the site for Bajor's first large-scale energy transfer project [DSN 415].

stardate 46852.2 {07 November}
Lt. Worf takes leave on Boreth where Kahless The Unforgettable returns--in actuality a memory-imprinted clone of the ancient Klingon leader. The "Enterprise" provides transport for Kahless and his followers to the Klingon homeworld [TNG 249].

stardate 46853.2 {07 November}
Aliens studying Deep Space 9 turn the imaginations of the station's personnel into reality [DSN 416].

Ensign Taitt is posted to the "Enterprise" [TNG 253].

stardates 46915.3-46920.1 {30 November-01 December}
On a mission to retrieve the database left behind on Nervala IV's planetary station, a duplicate Lt. William Riker is discovered. The victim of a transporter accident 8 years previous, he is transferred to the U.S.S. "Gandhi" (NCC-26632) during a rendezvous [TNG 250].

stardates 46922.3-46924.5 {02-03 December}
Mutiny spreads throughout Deep Space 9 after the telepathic archive energy matrix of the long-dead Saltah'na is brought aboard from the destroyed Klingon ship "Toh'Kaht" [DSN 418].

stardate 46925.1 {03 December}
A delegation of U.F.P. ambassadors on a fact-finding mission to the wormhole (including Lwaxana Troi) visit Deep Space 9. An alien probe unleashes a computer program entity in the station computer [DSN 417].

Aamin Marritza tries to pass himself off as the war criminal Dul Darhe'el on Deep Space 9. He is killed by a Bajoran prisoner [DSN 419].

stardates 46944.2-46945.3 {10-11 December}
A runabout transporting Captain Picard, Chief Engineer La Forge, and Counselor Troi back to the "Enterprise" encounters temporal disruptions. The "Enterprise" is found frozen in time combating a Romulan warbird [TNG 251].

A Bajoran religious leader attacks scientific non-religious teaching on Deep Space 9. The station's school is bombed and Ensign Aquino is killed [DSN 420].

The First Annual Deep Space Nine Poker Tournament is held on DS9. Among the contestants are Cynthia Jones, Grand Nagus Zek, Garak, Morn, Dr. Bashir, Security Chief Odo, Berlinghoff Rasmussen, Lursa & B' Etor, and L'sthwan. The games are disrupted by phase-shifted Ghost Riders hunting Espiritu, nearly triggering another Cardassian war. The U.F.P. ("Galaxy" class?) starships "Madison," commanded by Captain Higginbotham and "Idaho," commanded by Captain Kiser, settle the dispute [DSN #4].

Ensign Sito Jakser is assigned to the "Enterprise" at the request of Captain Picard [TNG 267].

stardates 46982.1-46984.6 {24-25 December}
The Ohniaka III outpost is found massacred by a new strain of Borg not a part of the collective intelligence. Lt. Commander Data experiences his first emotions. 15 starships are dispatched to assist neighboring colonies in the sector, including the "Gorkon" (NCC-40512), "Crazy Horse" (NCC-50446), and "Agamemnon" (NCC-11638). Eventually, the "Enterprise" confronts a Borg vessel of new design and a Borg prisoner is taken. Data and the Borg escape from the "Enterprise" aboard the shuttlecraft "El-Baz" (NCC-1701-D/05) through a Borg-generated transwarp conduit. Dr. Crusher is left in command of the "Enterprise" while search parties scan the surface of an alien world in seach of Data and the Borg prisoner--revealing Lore and Data's reunion and pledge to destroy the U.F.P. [TNG 252].

2370 stardate 47025.4 {09 January}
The "Enterprise," under temporary command of Dr. Crusher, destroys a Borg ship by luring it into a star, making use of the metaphasic shield. Hugh's Borg faction overwhelms the Lore-controlled faction. Data's ethical program is rebooted by a jury-rigged kedion pulse generator. He destroys Lore and, with the Soong-built emotion chip destroyed, recovers. The "Enterprise" returns to U.F.P. space and heads for Starbase 295 [TNG 253].

Major Kira and Chief O'Brien rescue the legendary Bajoran freedom fighter Li Nalas from the Hutet labor camp on Cardassia IV. The Bajoran extremist group known as The Circle makes its presence known aboard Deep Space 9. Kira is recalled to Bajor and Li, named Navarch, is assigned to DS9 as the new liaison officer [DSN 421].

The "Enterprise" plays host to Iyaaran ambassadors conducting studies of Human emotions. Human intimacy is observed by marooning Captain Picard on a deserted planet [TNG 254].

It is discovered that the Krisari are supplying The Circle with arms--furn- ished by the Cardassians. Troops are mobilized on Bajor. Major Kira is kidnapped, Minister Jaro is revealed to be the leader of The Circle, and Kira is rescued by a strike force. Deep Space 9 prepares to evacuate as assault vessels are detected headed for the station. Vedek Winn allies herself with Jaro [DSN 422].

stardate 47215.5 {19 March}
In orbit of Muichney VII, all 7 people aboard the science vessel "Ramon" (NCC-29487) are found dead, her hull trapped in the gravity well of a gas giant. The U.S.S. "Hera," commanded by Captain La Forge, is also lost, presumed destroyed with her crew of over 300. An experimental interface probe, operated by Lt. Commander La Forge for rescue operations, is used by alien beings to communicate with La Forge in the guise of his mother. The "Enterprise" heads for Starbase 495 [TNG 255]. A small team of DS9 personnel lead by Commander Sisko remain hidden aboard the space station, and eventually regain control from the invading Circle members. Major Kira and Lt. Dax are dropped off on Lunar 5 by an evacuation ship. They unearth a raider craft for armed transport to Bajor's Chamber of Ministers and furnish evidence of the Cardassians' role. Li Nalas dies saving Commander Sisko's life. Major Kira resumes her position aboard DS9 after the return of the station's normal complement [DSN 423].

stardate 47135.2 {18 February}
Captain Picard is assumed dead in a barfight on Desica II. Commander Riker, now in command of the "Enterprise," postpones a mission to the Argus sector to investigate and takes the ship to Boradis III where he is taken captive by mercenaries. Both Riker and Picard attempt to gain their confidence as their ship approaches Cauldor II in search of additional relics for an undisclosed project. They encounter the "Enterprise" and Riker arranges for the ship to drop her shields as Picard fires on her [TNG 256].

stardates 47160.1-47169.2 {27 February-02 March}
The two starships head for the Hiralan sector in search of the final module of the Vulcan ancient Stone of Gol weapon: a psionic resonator. In orbit of the planet Vulcan, Telara, a member of the Isolationist movement on Vulcan, is taken into custody. Riker and Picard reassume their positions aboard the "Enterprise" and the starship heads for Starbase 227 [TNG 257].

stardate 47182.1 {07 March}
While Deep Space 9 is temporarily evacuated when threatened by plasma discharges Verod, a Trill, invades the station to steal Lt. Dax's symbiont [DSN 424].

stardates 47177.2-47178.3 {05-06 March}
The custody of Rugal, a Cardassian boy raised by Bajorans, is disputed on Deep Space 9 [DSN 425].

stardate 47225.7 {23 March}
The "Enterprise" enroute to Starbase 219 for the annual Star Fleet Admirals' Banquet runs into warp core problems. The banquet is missed when it is realized that the new warp core, just installed at Starbase 84, has released parasitic interphasic creatures. Lt. Com- mander Data's dream program aids in the discovery of a solution: a high-frequency metaphasic pulse to purge the ship of the creatures [TNG 258].

stardate 47229.1 {24 March}
Ensign Melora Pazlar, the first Elasian to join Star Fleet, arrives on DS9 for cartography. Falod Kot also arrives--to kill Quark [DSN 426].

stardate 47237.8 {27 March}
Quark and Constable Odo, projected 3 days ahead in time, find DS9 massacred by the Bekkir. Using the same time travel artifact, they return in time for Quark to stop the invasion [DSN #5].

stardate 47254.1 {02 April}
Instructing a delegation of Kaerin telepaths on board the "Enterprise," Lwaxana Troi temporarily falls into a coma. Counselor Deanna Troi learns of the sister she once had while luring her mother out of mental collapse [TNG 259].

Ferengi Grand Nagus Zek returns to DS9 with another scheme to gain the upper hand of the Gamma Quadrant involving Tula berries. Quark meets Pel, a Ferengi female [DSN 427].

stardates 47282.5-47284.1 {13 April}
Security Chief Odo solves a five year old murder case on Deep Space 9 Quark nearly dies retrieving a hidden list of names [DSN 428]. Star Fleet receives the last message from the U.S.S. "Fleming" medical transport prior to its disappearance in the Hicarus Corridor [TNG 261].

stardate 47304.2 {21 April}
Captain Picard and Dr. Crusher are made prisoners on Kesprit III, a world requesting associate membership in the U.F.P. [TNG 260].

stardates 47310.2-47314.5 {23-24 April}
While recovering the crew of the "Fleming" medical transport in the Hicarus Corridor, the "Enterprise" discovers that warp drive is destroying space. The Federation Council limits all U.F.P. vessels to a speed of warp 5 except in cases of extreme emergency [TNG 261].

Counselor Troi and Commander Riker prepare crew evaluation reports [TNG 267].

stardate 47329.4 {30 April}
After the fourth anniversary of the Wolf 359 battle, Commander Sisko meets Venna, a psycho-projection of Nadell Seyutek, wife of Professor Gideon Seyutek who is conducting stellar regeneration experiments with the support of the U.S.S. "Prometheus" (NCC-71201). Professor Seyutek dies in a shuttlepod while detonating Epsilon 119 [DSN 429].

stardate 47391.2 {22 May}
A fleet of Skrreea seek sanctuary on DS9 then are denied permission to settle on Bajor, and colonize Draylon II [DSN 430].

stardate 47410.2 {29 May}
Lt. Commander Data meets an android duplicate of his 'mother' Dr. Juliana (O'Donell/Soong) Tainer while the "Enterprise" saves the planet Atria IV by reliquifying the planet's core through the use of plasma infusion triggered by the ship's phasers [TNG 262].

In an alternate timeline, a malfunction in the "Enterprise's" main deflector results in Worf's inability to attend the Forkus IIII Batlh'etlh tournament and asks his brother to replace him [TNG 263].

stardate 47391.2 {22 May}
Lt. Worf, returning to the "Enterprise" from Forkus IIII aboard the shuttlecraft "Curie," passes through a quantum fissure. Chief Engineer La Forge's VISOR catapults Worf through a stream of alternate timelines while the "Enterprise" is at the Argus Array, discovered to have been reprogrammed by the Cardassians [TNG 263].

In an alternate timeline, Chief Engineer La Forge dies from plasma burns following a ship battle with a Cardassian "Galor" class vessel [TNG 263].

Martus Mazur, a refugee from the Elorian system, establishes Club Martus on DS9 giving Quarks competition. Sisko shuts down Mazur's casino when his gaming machines interfere with station routine [DSN 431].

stardate 47391.7 {22 May}
In the Gamma Quadrant, on Planet LS6, an alien life form is brought aboard DS9. An alien gas afflicts Odo [DSN 432].

stardate 47457.1 {15 June}
The "Enterprise" aborts a Maycoria quasar energy output survey to rendezvous with the U.S.S. "Crazy Horse" (NCC-50446) starship in Sector 1607 to assist Admiral Eric Pressman in the recovery of the U.S.S. "Pegasus" (NCC-53847). The admiral is placed under arrest until a full inquiry can be held at Starbase 247 when an illegal phasing cloaking device is recovered from the ship in asteroid Gamma 601 (Devolin system) [TNG 264].

The turbolift elevator cars of the "Enterprise" are upgraded, featuring altered movement indicator ports [TNG 264/TNG 265].

stardates 47423.9-47427.2 {03-04 June}
Dr. Nikolai Rozhenko violates the Prime Directive on Boral II by beaming the doomed inhabitants of this world suffering from atmospheric dissipation to the "Enterprise." The ship relocates the village to Vacus VI (Coral sector) where Dr. Rozhenko elects to remain with the Borallians [TNG 265].

Felisa Howard, grandmother of Dr. Crusher, is buried at the Caldos colony. Picard and the "Enterprise" officers discover that a non-corporeal ana- phasic entity has been using the Howard family line for centuries. Dr. Crusher destroys the entity with a hand phaser. The "Enterprise" heads for Starbase 621 [TNG 266].

According to Kang, one of the discarded wives of the Albino dies [DSN 439].

Dr. Bashir and Chief O'Brien eliminate the stockpiles of biogenetic gene- disruptor harvester weapons aboard a Telani cruiser ending war between the Telani and the Kelerans. Bashir and O'Brien are briefly presumed to be dead after both races decide to eliminate all sources of data connected with the harvester weapons including the two DS9 personnel who escape to Telani III. The DS9 runabout "Ganges" (NCC-72454) is destroyed and will be replaced with the "Mekong" [DSN 433].

stardate 47552.9 {20 July}
Admiral Guenther arrives at DS9 to personally assess the Cardassian movements along the border [DSN 434].

stardate 47566.7 {25 July}
The "Enterprise's" rendezvous with the "Clement" is delayed and the ship heads at maximum warp for the Ogaya system near the Cardassian border. A pod bearing Juret Dal with valuable information is recovered by the "Enterprise" and he is transported back into Cardassian space with Ensign Seto aboard the new shuttlecraft "Curie." Ensign Sito Jakser is presumed dead after her escape pod is not recovered by the "Enterprise" [TNG 267].

stardates 47569.4-47581.2 {26-31 July}
A Peradan replicant of Chief O'Brien experiences 52 hours of life aboard Deep Space 9, flees to Parada II in the Gamma Quadrant and is killed, prior to peace talks aboard the station [DSN 434].

stardate 47573.1 {28 July}
To respond to questions about setting up colonies near the wormhole, Commander Sikso and Chief O'Brien embark on surveying nearby star systems and end up marooned on a world in the Orellius Minor system, a lost Human colony [DSN 435].

stardate 47603.3 {08 August}
Security Chief Odo and Lt. Dax encounter a world of omicron particle field holograms in the Gamma Quadrant. Jake Sisko is introduced to DS9's engineering systems by Chief O'Brien and given a combadge [DSN 436].

stardate 47611.2 {11 August}
Counselor Troi returns to the "Enterprise" from a 3-day class reunion on Starbase 231. Lt. Commander Data is dispatched to Barcon IV to retrieve radioactive material from a crashed U.F.P. probe and experiences temporary amnesia from a power surge. Consequently he spreads radiation poisioning throughout the natives but cures the affliction. Lt. Commander Troi is promoted to full Commander rank and the "Enterprise" heads for a rendezvous with the "Lexington" to take on medical supplies for transport to the Torenko Colony [TNG 268].

stardates 47615.2-47618.4 {12-13 August}
In Sector 1156, a rogue comet is tracked by the "Enterprise," originating from the Darsays system. Its ice coating boiled away by the ship's phasers, the comet is revealed to be an informational archive relic at least 87 million years old. The archive's transmissions transform the "Enterprise" and restructures Lt. Commander Data's positronic network, depositing the imprints of ancient personalities. The transformational program is deactivated and an archeological team is dispatched to study the artifact [TNG 269].

stardates 47622.1-47623.2 {15 August}
Lt. (j.g.) Dan Kwan commits suicide on the "Enterprise." The ship takes on medical supplies at Starbase 328 for transport to Barson II. Invest- igation into Kwan's death reveals the catalyst to have been a psychic imprint left in the "Enterprise's" starboard nacelle tube (Deck 25) 8 years ago, when the remains of two bodies are scanned [TNG 270].

Lt. Dax and Trill initiate Arjen bring an expanding proto-universe aboard Deep Space 9 from the wormhole and transport it back. Chief O'Brien faces the problem of Vole infestation [DSN 437].

stardate 47653.2 {26 August}
The "Enterprise" performs field tests of new tactical systems and weapons upgrades. Captain Picard and Lt. Commander Data, returning to the ship after recovering a rogue torpedo, find the "Enterprise" contaminated with an Intron virus de-evolving the ship's complement. Traced to Lt. (j.g.) Barclay's synthetic T-cell serum for Yuridian flu treatment, the crew is cured and the virus named Barclay's Protomorphosis Syndrome [TNG 271].

Professor Natima Lang and two of her students, members of a Cardassian resistence movement, seek sanctuary on Deep Space 9 [DSN 438].

About this time, the Vole mating season begins on DS9 [DSN 437].

stardate 47751.2-47755.3 {01-02 October}
The "Enterprise" arrives at Starbase 310 for a meeting with Fleet Admiral Lechair and is ordered to evacuate the Indian colony on Dorvan V. Cadet Wesley Crusher, on vacation from the Academy, intervenes and resigns from the Academy having seen a vision of his father with help from the Traveler. Crusher decides to remain behind on Dorvan V [TNG 272].

Klingons Kor, Koloth, and Kang are reunited on DS9. With Dax they voyage to the Secarus system to seek vengeance on the Albino. Koloth and Kang die fulfilling their blood oath [DSN 439].

stardate 47779.4 {11 October}
Awaiting a rendezvous near the Vodray nebula, the "Enterprise" diverts to Moranga IV for the Festival of Koq Bavar where Worf runs into a staged assassination attempt. K'mtar, gintoq to the House of Mogh, claims to have been sent by Kurn to protect Worf. The "Enterprise" diverts to Kola III to locate the Duras sisters involved in magnasite ore smuggling, believed responsible for the assassination attempt. The Duras sisters are eventually encountered by the "Enterprise" in the Yufandis system. K'mtar reveals that he is the dishonored Alexander Rozhenko from 40 years in the future, convincing Worf to reinforce his encouragement of young Worf's warrior training--or to accept himself [TNG 273].

At DS9, the Cardassian freighter "Bok Nor" is destroyed by the Maquis, a band of Star Fleet rebels opposed to the recently erected Cardassian demilitarized zone. Gul Dukat and Commander Sisko travel to the Volon Colonies where they witness the Maquis in action. Gul Dukat is kidnapped by the Maquis, leading Sisko, Kira, and Bashir into the Badlands in pur- suit. Commander Calvin Hutson, Star Fleet's attache to the U.F.P. colon- ies in the zone, reveals himself to be the leader of the Maquis [DSN 440].

Gul Dukat is rescued from the Maquis by Commander Sisko. He agrees to help Commander Sisko stop Cardassian Central Command from smuggling weapons into the demilitarized zone provided Sisko stops the Maquis. The Xepolites are discovered to be the smugglers and one vessel is impounded. DS9's 3 runabouts are deployed against the Maquis' vessels near the Brima Colony, effectively dispersing them [DSN 441].

stardates 47829.1-47831.8 {29-30 October}
Ex-DaiMon Bok seeks to avenge the death of his son. A message left by an unmanned probe leads the "Enterprise" to Kamor V and Picard to Jason Vigo believed to be his son--actually Bok's trick of resequenced DNA. Bok is turned over to the Ferengi Alliance following his capture in the Zendi Kabu system [TNG 274].

stardate 47869.2 {13 November}
After weathering an unexpected magnascopic storm in the Mecorder Sector searching for U.F.P. colony sites, the "Enterprise's" computer becomes sentient, generating interconnecting neural matrix nodes throughout the ship. The nodes are linked through Holodeck 3, consisting of spliced holodeck programs formed around Dr. Crusher's Orient Express program. The ship goes in search of vertion particle emissions from white dwarf stars in the Tamborg Beta 6 system, then the McPherson nebula where it conceives an entity and promptly disables its nodes [TNG 275]. Dr. Julian Bashir deactivates Garak's cranial implant on DS9, saving the Cardassian's life. He is confined to the infirmary for 10 days [DSN 442].

Returning back to DS9 after opening a hospital on New Bajor, the first Bajoran colony in the Gamma Quadrant, Dr. Bashir and Major Kira's runabout cross over into the "Mirror" universe. Terek Nor is the center of authority for the Bajoran sector of the Alliance, a union between the Klingons and Cardassians which conquered the Terran Empire in this parallel universe. Bashir and Kira escape from the "Mirror" universe with help from the counterparts of Sisko and O'Brien [DSN 443].

Koobis Elk, ex-secretary and Cardassian collaborator, boards Deep Space 9. Vedek Bareil withdraws from the Bajoran Vedek election to protect ex-Kai Opaka, responsible for the death of 43 Bajorans. Vedek Winn becomes the new Kai [DSN 444].

stardates 47941.7-47943.2 {09-10 December+}
Lt. Ro Laren is welcomed back to the "Enterprise" and assigned to in- filtrate the Maquis following the rescue of a Cardassian warship commanded by Gul Evek in the demilitarized zone. Ordered to lead the Maquis into an ambush in the Hugoron nebula, Ro betrays Star Fleet choosing to side with the Maquis [TNG 275].

stardate 47944.2 {10 December}
Preparing to depart on a vacation with his wife, Chief Miles O'Brien is arrested by Gul Evek and taken to Central Prison on Cardassia Prime, charged with supplying the Maquis with photon warheads stolen from DS9. He is released following a trial upon the delivery of a Cardassian spy in the guise of Raymond Boon [DSN 445].

On a trip to the Gamma Quadrant with his son, Quark, and Nog, Commander Sisko makes contact with the Jem'Hadar, soldiers of the Dominion. The "Galaxy" class explorer U.S.S. "Odyssey" (NCC-71832) is lost with all hands while retreating from the Jem'Hadar warcraft [DSN 446].

stardate 47988 {26 December}
Captain Picard find himself jumping across time between his present, his past (immediately prior to his first "Enterprise" mission in 2364), and his future (circa 2396). Q is found to be responsible, once again testing the captain who is apparently responsible for destroying Humanity in an alternate timeline through the accidental creation of an anti-time eruption anomaly via 3 tachyon pulse beams projected at the same point in 3 dif- ferent time periods. Picard brings the "Enterprises" of the past, present, and future into the anomaly to create a static warp shell which halts the time paradox phenomena before its creation in the Devron system. Captain Picard shares his glimpses of the future with his officers so as to hope- fully alter future events for the better [TNG 277, TNG 278].

27 December [reference stardate 3/0912.27] {stardate 47989.0}
Lieutenant Commander Sheva Hev'lek, Chief of Security of the U.S.S. "Sheffield", is awarded the Andorian Battle Star for protecting the lives of Federation citizens against a superior force of Ferengi merchant enforcers on Borgia V [FASA].

2371, 05 October [reference stardate 3/1006.5] {stardate 48761.6}
Cadet Kimberly Calabrese is awarded the Grankite Order of Honor for her rescue of four comrades in a micro-warp shuttle training accident near Memory Alpha [FASA].

The Tygarian freighter "Nanut" returns from the Gamma Quadrant [TNG 421].

Dr. Emil Costa's 5-year term of house arrest on Kayran Rock expires [TNG #16].

Another window briefly opens up in the distortion field of Nervala IV allowing transport to the surface [TNG 250].

2381, 08 July [reference stardate 3/2007.08] {stardate 58517.8}
Commander Ellen Childs, Assistant Executive Officer of the U.S.S. "Berlin" (NCC-14232), is awarded the Anastas Medal of Achievement for her expertise and control during a space battle with the Ferengi in the absence of her superiors [FASA].

The "Galaxy" class starships undergo their first major refits [NTM].

Geordi La Forge meets Ambassador Picard for the last time prior to the anti-time anomaly incident--in an alternate timeline [TNG 277].

Admiral Riker halts the decommissioning of the "Enterprise." Probably at this time the "Enterprise" is upgraded to dreadnought configuration with a third nacelle, warp 13+ capacity (a new warp scale in use?), and cloaking technology [TNG 278].

Raxatocin poison is developed [GN 11].

In an alternate timeline, Geordi La Forge meets retired Ambassador Picard in France when he hears that Picard has Iromotic Syndrome. Picard and La Forge visit Professor Data at Cambridge University to find an answer to the time disorientation phenomena. Picard and company arrange for passage aboard the U.S.S. "Pasteur" (NCC-58928) "Hope" class medical ship commanded by Captain Beverly Picard. They seek out Worf's assistance to gain permission to cross into Klingon territory (current U.F.P.-Klingon relations being poor as the Klingons have taken over the Romulan Empire). The ship heads for the Devron system in search of the temporal anomaly--and, through the emission of a third inverse tachyon pulse, creates the temporal anomaly--which begins to expand backwards through time. The "Pasteur" is destroyed by a warp core breach following an assault by Klingon attack cruisers. The crew is rescued by the "Enterprise" commanded by Admiral Riker of Starbase 247. Picard takes the ship into the anti-time anomaly's center to reverse the phenomena with a static warp shell. The ship's three incarnations are destroyed but are successful, wiping out the alternate timeline developed by Q and Picard [TNG 277, TNG 278].
Mark Roper dies [GN 11].

The Sindareen raiders become more aggressive--in an alternate timeline [GN 11].

Raxatocin poisoning is as of yet undetectable [GN 11].

The "Galaxy" class starships undergo their second major refits [NTM].

Admiral Riker assumes command of Starbase 86 [GN 11].

stardate 82965.4 {18 December}
'The Worlds of the Federation' is published [TWF].

In an alternate timeline, Captain Wesley Crusher of the U.S.S. "Hood" transports Admiral William Riker of Starbase 86 to Betazed for Lwaxana Troi's funeral. The admiral is then transported back to the starbase aboard the "Enterprise" (NCC-1701-F), commanded by Commodore Data, where he takes the surveying ship "Chance" to the Forever World and prevents Deanna Troi's murder in 2368, correcting the timeline [GN 11].

Alexander Rozhenko meets a man in the Canvers system giving Rozhenko a chance to change the past. Alexander Rozhenko travels back in time 40 years to alter his own history to ensure that he becomes a warrior instead of a diplomat to prevent the death of Worf on the floor of the council chamber [TNG 273].

2414 [reference stardate 3/53] {stardate 91002.7}
Reports on the ultimate disposition of the original android representatives of the planet Mudd are declassified [FASA].

The "Galaxy" class starships undergo their third major refits [NTM].

The "Galaxy" class starships undergo their last major refits [NTM].

The aging "Galaxy" class explorers are decommissioned as "Nova" class starships enter service [NTM].

Dynasia is presumably given another chance at joining the U.F.P. [GN 13].

In the "Mirror" universe, the Star Empire begins to crumble, according to Commander Spock's predictions in 2262. In actuality, the Empire had been conquered by the Alliance between the Klingons and Cardassians before 2370 [MM].
The neutron star Kavis Alpha again explodes [TNG 150].

A time pod travels back to New Jersey, Earth in the 22nd Century. Berlinghoff Rasmussen then takes it to 2368 where it then auto-returns back to the 22nd Century [TNG 209].

The U.F.P. is welcome to return to Velara III by the crystalline micro- brains [TNG 117].

An alien super-weapon, the Tox Uthat, a quantum phase inhibitor capable of halting all nuclear reaction within a star, is constructed by Kal Dano and displaced back through time to the 22nd Century [TNG 167].

The U.F.P. Treaty Zone is fully explored [LOR]?

The Ko N'ya's wormhole again opens up [GN 13].

Antilles becomes a U.F.P. member [TBoT #2].

Disaster follows a U.F.P. treaty with the Husseans, leading to thorough U.F.P. humiliation. Contact with the Ha'alah race inevitably turns into interstellar war--one of the bloodiest in U.F.P. history. These two prime crises eventually lead to the generation of economic depression and the rise of the Disciplinarian Movement throughout U.F.P. space [TBoT #2].

The Great Secessions mark the end of the U.F.P. Beginning with the Antilles Colonies seceeding from the U.F.P. and the formation of the Antilles Federation, the planet Markolith follows suit and forms the Markolith Federation. The U.F.P. (Federation Prime) begins to lose more and more member worlds to secession and the outbreak of civil wars resulting in the Persid Federation, Spica Federation, Eridani Federation, and Al Nasl Federation. They are followed by the colossal Sualocin and Lacertaen Federations, the former to consist of over 200 member worlds [TBoT #2].

The Battle of Ras Alegthi: ships from the Ruchbach, Monoceros, Denebola, and Tarazed federations combine forces to demolish a fleet of Syntatic invaders. It is one of few efforts by some federations to join forces. The Battle of Aquila 2127: Romulan, Kzinti, and Mal'kanstan ships simultaneously converge upon and claim this planet--predators fight among themselves resulting in a devastating battle where no ships remained to attack federation ships. Distrust proves dangerous and destructive [TBoT #2].

The Great Invasions, some 600 years of predator races fighting amongst themselves, comes to a halt. The only remnants of the original U.F.P. are the distant extragalactic colones, long out of touch with the Milky Way galaxy [TBoT #2].

The Energy Barrier's wavefront begins to impact on inhabited U.F.P. worlds, according to K't'lk's calculations [TOS #13].

All life in the Andromeda galaxy is destroyed by high radiation [AON].

The Wanderers Who Play return to the U.F.P. (or what remains of it) to judge its progress [Log 7].

Light from Nebecula Minor in the constellation Toucan reaches known space--in an alternate timeline [ON 7].

Lt. Commander Nella Darrin's projected star system model is either proven or disproven [TNG 245].

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