``Unification, Part I''
Stardate: 45233.1
Rating: ***

Edited Length: 45:30
U.S. Airdate: November 17, 1991
Nielsen Rating/Rank: [15.4/1]

This Episode was Nominated for Emmy(s)!

Special Guest Star
Leonard Nimoy: `Spock'

Guest Stars
Joanna Miles: [Perrin]
Stephen D. Root: [Captain K'Vada]
Graham Jarvis: [Klim Dokachin]
Malachi Throne: [Senator Pardek]
Norman Large: [Proconsul Neral]
Daniel Roebuck: [Romulan #1 (Jaron)]
Erick Avari: [B'Ijik]
Karen Hensel: [Admiral Brackett]

Mark Lenard: `Sarek'

Co-Producer: Joe Menosky
Co-Producer: Ronald D. Moore
Co-Producer: Peter Lauritson
Producer: David Livingston
Supervising Producer: Jeri Taylor
Executive Producer: Michael Piller
Story by: Rick Berman & Michael Piller
Teleplay by: Jeri Taylor
Directed by: Les Landau

[end credit]
Executive Producer: Gene Roddenberry
Executive Producer: Rick Berman

[closing credits]
Associate Producer: Wendy Neuss

Mimi Cozzens: Soup Woman
Majel Barrett: Computer Voice


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Extended Synopsis (by Tim Lynch) ------------------------------------

Their terraforming mission cancelled, the Enterprise is at a starbase where Picard meets with Fleet Admiral Brackett, who insisted on speaking to him in person. She informs him that one of the Federation's top ambassadors vanished several days ago, and was located by intelligence reports on Romulus two days ago. If he's actually defected, she says, the threat to Federation security would be almost incalculable. She calls up a record of the intelligence report, and enhances the image of the ambassador. Picard is stunned to see the face of none other than Ambassador Spock...

Shortly thereafter, the Enterprise is en route to Vulcan; Picard wishes to meet with Sarek to discuss this, but is very pensive about doing so, given Sarek's ill health and the bond the two share (a past mind-meld). He tells Riker that most of what he knows of Spock came from Sarek's meld, but that this is surprisingly little, as Spock and Sarek have been estranged for decades. As Sarek's wife Perrin makes preparations to come aboard, Riker and Geordi start examining reports of mysterious metal fragments of Vulcan origin found with the wreckage of (of all things) a Ferengi ship.

Perrin comes aboard and meets with Picard. She is, to say the least, bitter, and begins by railing about the fact that Spock didn't even bother to say goodbye when he left. She assures Picard, however, that Spock was definitely not abducted-he put his affairs in order well in advance of his departure. She further elaborates that she became embittered toward Spock when he publicly challenged Sarek's arguments during the debate over the Cardassian war, and tells Picard that she doubts Sarek knows why Spock left. She does, however, consent to let Picard see him, solely because of the bond they share. (Meanwhile, Riker and Geordi find that the metal was definitely of Vulcan origin, and designed for use in space, but that Vulcan has no record of any stolen parts.)

Picard beams down to Vulcan and finds Sarek, wracked by emotional pain and wasting away in his bed. Sarek raves, but comes back to himself a bit when Picard mentions Spock's name. Sarek doesn't know why Spock left, but when pressed, says that he might have gone to see Pardek, a Romulan senator Spock has known since the Khitomer conference who is an extremely moderate element within the Romulan Empire. Sarek's mind deteriorates, however, and when the subject of Pardek comes up again a few moments later, his reaction is "Pardek? The Romulan senator? How do you know Pardek?" Sarek rambles on a bit about Spock's difficult childhood, and tries to bid Picard a traditional farewell, but is denied even that honor by his failing health (Picard must both force Sarek's hand into the traditional Vulcan symbol and finish the "live long and..." left unfinished by Sarek).

Picard now needs a cloaked ship to be able to infiltrate the Romulan Empire, so the Enterprise heads to the Klingon homeworld to obtain one from Gowron. (Data also obtains a visual record of Pardek in the meantime and discovers that Pardek is standing next to Spock in the intelligence photo. Pardek, he tells Picard, has always been a radical by Romulan standards, because he's been an advocate of peace for his entire nine-decade career.) Unfortunately, Gowron is in the process of rewriting Klingon history such that the Federation had nothing to do with the resolution of the recent Klingon civil war, and neither he nor anyone on the High Council will speak to Picard. Picard ends up giving a message to Diplomatic Junior Adjutant B'Ijik, and tells him that the benefit to the Klingon Empire of granting this favor would be the Federation's gratitude-and that if he doesn't help, someone else in the Klingon Empire no doubt will, and that then they would have that gratitude. A somewhat perturbed B'Ijik relays the message, while Beverly starts going over Picard and Data to prepare the prosthetics to disguise them as Romulans.

Geordi reports to Riker that the metal they found came from a navigational deflector array- and what's more, he can even tell what ship it came from: the Vulcan ship T'Pau, which was decommissioned four years earlier and is currently sitting in a supply depot (i.e. it's on the scrap-heap). Picard and Data board the Klingon ship currently sitting off the bow (courtesy of Gowron) and are very closemouthed to Captain K'Vada about his mission, despite his insinuations about "the defector" they must be going to get. The Klingon ship heads for Romulus, and Riker takes the Enterprise to the shipyard where the T'Pau is located.

After Picard and K'Vada have a minor clash of wills regarding quarters, food, and so forth, the ship reaches the border and cloaks. Meanwhile, the Enterprise reaches Qualor Two and hails Dokachin, the Zakdorn quartermaster. Dokachin, reluctant to surrender what little authority he has, is more than a little huffy-but ends up relenting when Troi uses a softer approach. They head to where the T'Pau is supposed to be, and find that it's gone. Dokachin is appalled-in the entire history of the Zakdorn administration of the yard, nothing has ever been lost. He finds that the navigational deflector array was routed to the Tripoli, a supply ship at the edge of the yard. They head for its coordinates, and find that it's gone as well. Riker orders the Enterprise to masquerade as part of the wreckage, figuring that whoever did pick up the deflector array will probably come back for another shipment (due in later that day), and the ship powers down to only life support and sensors.

Meanwhile, Picard tries to sleep on the metal shelf pretending to be a bed, but is very edgy and preoccupied, and ends up getting nowhere. He and Data continue conferring on Romulan society, but are called to the bridge, where Picard receives a subspace message that Sarek is dead.

Back in the junkyard, Geordi detects a ship coming in: unknown origin, no call letters, and well beyond armed to the teeth. The Enterprise powers up and asks what it's doing, but ends up getting static in response. The Enterprise ends up taking a couple of hits, but returns fire and knocks out one weapons system. Unfortunately, the density of weapons on the other ship is so high that that one shot sets off a chain reaction of explosions that destroys the entire ship, leaving Riker with no answers.

Picard and Data, now altered to resemble Romulans, discuss Sarek's death. Picard is somewhat taken aback by it-now, he not only has to confront Spock about his disappearance, but also must inform him that his father has died (and thus that the chance for the two of them to resolve their differences is gone forever). After they're brusquely told by K'Vada that his orders "do not include rescue missions" in case there's trouble, they beam down to Romulus.

Pardek meets with Jaron, who shows him an image of Picard, whom Pardek denies any knowledge of. Jaron informs him that Picard is en route (or possibly already on Romulus), and tells Pardek to circulate Picard's image to Security, reminding them that Picard is no doubt altered to resemble one of them.

Picard and Data quickly find the location of the intelligence photo, and wait for Pardek to appear (a study of his movements shows that he frequents the area quite often). While eating in a local cafe, they find him, but before they reach him, they're seized by Security officers and taken away.

They're taken to some deep caverns, where Pardek greets Picard by name. He regrets the deception, but says that he had to get Picard and Data off the streets as soon as he could, since the *real* Romulan Security knows of their presence. Picard, relieved to be among friends, tells them of his mission. "I'm looking for Ambassador Spock."

"Indeed!" A shadowy figure strides into the light, revealed as Spock himself. "You have found him, Captain Picard."


Highlight Listing:
"Unification I" - Picard and Data travel to Romulus to investigate an unauthorized mission undertaken by the Federation's legendary Mr. Spock
Advertising Headline:
SPOCK! Will his secret mission unite two worlds, or destroy them?
TV log listing:
Spock returns for a dangerous mission on STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION
Operation SNAFU
When Dr. Crusher is examining Data in order to prep him (and Picard) for Romulus, she asks if Data's ears are detachable, to which Data says that they are not. Yet, in "Datalore", Data's brother, Lore, is clearly shown without ears. A design change?

Editor's Note:
Before this episode aired, a 10 second memoriam to Gene Roddenberry was displayed on the screen.

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