Star Trek Timeline

By James Dixon

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Notes: including explanation of acronyms, etc.

2347, January [reference stardate 2/8601] {stardate 24002.7}
The "Decker" class destroyers U.S.S. "Andre LaSalle" (NCC-6024) and U.S.S. "Connor Jacoby" (NCC-6025) are built [FASA].

William Riker meets Paula Andropova in Golden Gate Park on Earth [TNG #13].

February [reference stardate 2/8602] {stardate 24087.7} The U.S.S. "Surmass" (NCC-6026) "Decker" class destroyer is built [FASA].

In school, 7-year old Worf gets in trouble for fighting with other students [TNG 178].

March [reference stardate 2/8603] {stardate 24164.4} The U.S.S. "Nagato" (NCC-3005) "Royal Sovereign" class battlecruiser is built [FASA].

Ro Laren watches her father tortured and killed by Cardassians [TNG 203].

April [reference stardate 2/8604] {stardate 24249.3} The U.S.S. "Peter Preston" (NCC-6027) "Decker" class destroyer and the U.S.S. "Shenvala" (NCC-10006) "M'Benga" class rescue/hospital ship are built [FASA].

On Antares IV, Dr. Costa and his wife combat an infestation of parasitic micro organisms and teach the inhabitants hydroponic farming under ultraclean conditions [TNG #16]. The Romulans attack the planet Penzatti. Dantar VI & VII die in the attack [GN 8].

July [reference stardate 2/8607] {stardate 24498.6} The U.S.S. "Dietrich Vinsel" (NCC-6028) "Decker" class destroyer is built [FASA].

The first androids revolt against their creators on Vemla, eventually leading to world war. Their leader, Jared, will eventually commandeer the Vemlan ship "Conquest" and flee from Vemla with a crew of android refugees [TNG #20].

Kerin is born aboard the Nistral family ship of the Tizarin [TNG #18].

September [reference stardate 2/8609] {stardate 24668.5} The U.S.S. "Myrr' lin T'alon" (NCC-6029) "Decker" class destroyer is built [FASA].

Miles O'Brien becomes a transporter specialist [TNG 228].

The warp engine systems design is tentatively frozen on the "Galaxy" Class Project. The anticipating nacelle design will be frozen later in the year. The impulse design undergoes tweaking. The computer cores pass Reviews 3 & 4. The transporter biofilter design is frozen and fabrication begins. The phaser emitter redesign passes Review 0. The main deflector's power supply is redesigned to accommodate science instruments [NTM].

October [reference stardate 2/8610] {stardate 24750.7} The U.S.S. "Archon Chovich" (NCC-6030) "Decker" class destroyer is built [FASA].

Aboard the "Stargazer" (NCC-2893), Lt. Gerda Asmund attempts to murder Ensign Morgen with a rikajsha stalk in the shuttlebay. She is found guilty of attempted murder and will spend eleven years of her life in the rehabilitation colony on Anjelica VII before committing suicide shortly after her release [GN 9].

Jason Vigo, the son of Miranda Vigo, is born [TNG 274].

Enterprise zones are established in the undeveloped areas of the Aretian system to better facilitate plans for a solar system-wide monetary unit [TNG #23].

Geordi La Forge at age 12 lives with his mother aboard a science ship [TNG #29].

A bottle of Chateau Picard of this year's vintage will be given to Jean-Luc Picard by his brother Robert in 2367 [TNG 178]. December [reference stardate 2/8612] {stardate 24917.8} The U.S.S. "Stonwin" (NCC-6031) "Decker" class destroyer is built [FASA].

2348, January [reference stardate 2/8701] {stardate 25002.7}
The U.S.S. "Hieracho Naguro" (NCC-6032) "Decker" class destroyer is built [FASA].

Amnesty is offered to the Gatherers by Marouk of Acamar III. They refuse [TNG 124].

March [reference stardate 2/8703] {stardate 25166.7} The U.S.S. "Lawrence Stiles" (NCC-6033) "Decker" class destroyer is built [FASA].

The vehicle frame design and docking latch system of the "Galaxy" Class Project passes Review 0. The final selection of frame alloys for the starship is made and the materials are ordered. The warp engine and nacelle designs are frozen, and the nacelle passes Reviews 0 & 1. Test fabrication of the warp engine components begin, along with impulse engine components, main computers, and transporter systems. Tractor beam and communications systems designs are frozen; fabrication is deferred for power simulations. The 3rd redesign of the phaser emitter passes Review 0--reviews 1 & 2 are skipped and fabrication begins. The main deflector's power system is redesigned and fabrication is also started [NTM].

April [reference stardate 2/8704] {stardate 25251.4} The U.S.S. "Nherat" (NCC-6034) "Decker" class destroyer is built [FASA].

Captain Picard visits his home in LaBarre, France on Earth--his next visit will be in early 2367 following the Battle of Wolf 359 [TNG 178].

May [reference stardate 2/8705] {stardate 25333.3} The U.S.S. "Samantha Piper" (NCC-6035) "Decker" class destroyer is built [FASA].

The weather control systems on the Caldos colony are installed or uprated. In any case, they will work flawlessly for 22 years [TNG 266].

June [reference stardate 2/8706] {stardate 25418.0} The U.S.S. "Mandala Flynn" (NCC-6036) "Decker" class destroyer is built [FASA].

Deanna Troi realizes that she will never be a full telepath and is forced to cope with feelings of isolation and inadequacy [TNG #27].

August [reference stardate 2/8708] {stardate 25584.7} The U.S.S. "Irkin B'tly" (NCC-6037) "Decker" class destroyer and the U.S.S. "Barnard" (NCC-10007) "M'Benga" class rescue/hospital ship are built [FASA].

Iarni Koban is born on Foothold [TNG #21].

Ensign Data is promoted to a Lieutenant grade [TNG 114].

October [reference stardate 2/8710] {stardate 25751.4} The U.S.S. "Libby Curtis" (NCC-6038) "Decker" class destroyer is built [FASA].

The Greens of Oriana are given a chance to rejoin their people [TNG #24].

Wesley Crusher is born [TNG 119, TNG 150].

Mikal Tillstrom is born [TNG #25].

T'Sara's last archeological publication appears, before the departure of the "Stargazer" (NCC-2893) on an extended deep space mission [GN 13]. December [reference stardate 2/8712] {stardate 25918.0} The U.S.S. "Allison Vinson" (NCC-6039) "Decker" class destroyer and the U.S.S. "Carson" (NCC-20002) "Sagan" class science research vessel are built [FASA].

17 December [reference stardate 2/8712.17] {stardate 25961.7}
Ensign Nathaniel Zar III, a Star Fleet Merchant Marine of the U.S.S. "Thor" is awarded the Denebian Swan of Merit for preventing the seizure of mercan- tile goods by a Ferengi boarding party after his superiors were killed in an unprovoked attack [FASA].

2349, January [reference stardate 2/8801] {stardate 26002.7}
The design of the Federation Peace Medal is modified. The U.S.S. "Discovery" (NCC-3006) "Royal Sovereign" class battlecruiser is built [FASA].

February [reference stardate 2/8802] {stardate 26087.7} The U.S.S. "Wellington" (NCC-50000) class light cruiser enters service in Star Fleet. Designed primarily for frontier defense command, the "Wellington" class is ideally suited as a "trip-wire" vessel. In addition to its heavy phaser and photon torpedo batteries, the "Wellington" class mounts the "Long Lance" plasma torpedo, designed to disrupt enemy sensors and control systems at extreme range. Formidable opponents against all but the largest enemy vessels, "Wellingtons" typical operate in special task groups of three vessels, and are assigned to the command of local starbase commanders [FASA].

Dr. Paul Manheim disappears with a team of scientists to work on non-linear time experiments [TNG 124].

March [reference stardate 2/8803] {stardate 26164.4} The U.S.S. "Meade" (NCC-20003) "Sagan" class science research vessel is built [FASA].

A Ferengi merchant encounters a crippled Choraii ship marooned in space. The Ferengi exchange metal for five Human captives, who in turn are sold to the U.F.P. The first official U.F.P. contact with the Choraii is made [TNG #3].

April [reference stardate 2/8804] {stardate 26249.3} The U.S.S. "Einstein" (NCC-20004) "Sagan" class science research vessel is built [FASA].

Beverly Crusher enters Star Fleet Academy [TNG 214].

The planet Treva petitions for U.F.P. membership [TNG #4]. May [reference stardate 2/8805] {stardate 26331.5} The U.S.S. "Cochrane" (NCC-20005) "Sagan" class science research vessel is built [FASA].

William Riker enrolls in Star Fleet Academy [TNG #13, TNG #15].

Salia is transported from her homeworld Daled IV to Klavdia III [TNG 136].

June [reference stardate 2/8806] {stardate 26416.4} The U.S.S. "Fermi" (NCC-20006) "Sagan" class science research vessel is built [FASA].

Dr. Beverly Crusher meets Captain Jean-Luc Picard prior to the second voyage of the "Stargazer" (NCC-2893). Lt. Jack Crusher is assigned to the "Stargazer" as First Officer [TNG #0, GN 9].

The alternate Natasha Yar is killed while trying to escape her Romulan captors with Sela Yar. Sela swears allegiance to the Romulan Star Empire [TNG 201].

August [reference stardate 2/8808] {stardate 26583.6} The U.S.S. "Blucher" (NCC-50001) "Wellington" class light cruiser is built [FASA].

Ensign Stefan DeSeve defects to the Romulan Star Empire [TNG 240].

The Class H (Hermeticus) planetary quarantine designation is dropped by Star Fleet [TNG #26].

On the "Galaxy" Class Project, the frame and docking systems pass Review 1, and fabrication begins on the structural latches for the "Enterprise." The hull skin design remains frozen, although some areas remain under develop- ment. Fabrication is slowed by warp engine materials failures. The nac- elles pass Review 2 and fabrication on them begins late in the year. Con- struction begins on the tractor beam system. The design of the photon torpedo launchers is frozen. Sensor pallets go under construction. All auxiliary spacecraft are under development [NTM].

Benjamin Sisko meets Curzon Dax. The two quickly become friends [DSN 408]. The father of Miles O'Brien sends in a recorded audition of his son's cello playing to the Aldebaran Music Academy. Miles O'Brien at age 17 signs up for Star Fleet 2 days prior to when he is due to leave [DSN 436].

December [reference stardate 2/8812] {stardate 26917.8} The U.S.S. "V'Ryugenn" (NCC-20007) "Sagan" class science research vessel is built [FASA].

2350, April [reference stardate 2/8904] {stardate 27249.3}
The U.S.S. "Blucher" (NCC-50001) "Wellington" class light cruiser is lost, her whereabouts unknown. The U.S.S. "Napoleon" (NCC-50002), a sister ship, is built [FASA].

May [reference stardate 2/8905] {stardate 27331.5} The U.S.S. "Mendeleyev" (NCC-20008) "Sagan" class science research vessel is built [FASA].

03 June {stardate 27421.9}
The first two spaceframe components (the deck 10 computer core elliptical compression member and the starboard main longitudinal compression bulk- head) of the "Galaxy" class starship "Enterprise" are gamma-welded during a brief ceremony at the Utopia Planitia assembly site in Mars orbit. Con- struction starts on the warp nacelle shells, whose coils remain in the test phase. At midyear, the impulse components are test-fitted within their frames. Computer core framing is underway, habitat modules are test-fitted and construction begins on phaser and photon torpedo assemblies [NTM].

Ken Kolker is born in space [TNG #19].

Kyle Riker deserts his son, William T. Riker [TNG 140].

Gina Pace is born [TNG #6, TNG #19].

Penelope Winthrop is born on Xerxes III [TNG #25].

Divok is born [TNG 249].

The Dorvan V colony is established by North American Indians on the southern continent [TNG 272].

William Samuels relocates to the U.F.P. colony Volon II near Cardassian space [DSN 440].

November [reference stardate 2/8911] {stardate 27835.6} The U.S.S. "Watson" (NCC-10008) "M'Benga" class rescue/hospital ship and the U.S.S. "Surishian" (NCC-20009) "Sagan" class science research vessel are built [FASA].

December [reference stardate 2/8912] {stardate 27917.8} The U.S.S. "Colloredo" (NCC-50003) "Wellington" class light cruiser is built [FASA].

2351, January [reference stardate 2/9001] {stardate 28002.7}
The U.S.S. "Saratoga III" (NCC-3007) "Royal Sovereign" class battlecruiser is built [FASA].

February [reference stardate 2/9002] {stardate 28087.7} The "Paine" (NCC-9000) class frigate enters service in Star Fleet. Designed as a forward reconnaisance and forward-fire support platform, "Paine" class frigates will perform a variety of duties, including commerce escort, pirate fighter, sentry, and scout. The "Paine's" firepower and shielding help it to maintain contact with enemy craft while relaying data to the main fleet. The "Paine" is the ship class which will most often be in contact with Ferengi raiders. The U.S.S. "Cordoba" (NCC-50004) "Wellington" class light cruiser is also built [FASA].

April [reference stardate 2/9004] {stardate 28249.3} A new Star Fleet uniform design represents minor modifications to the Lerithan Textiles design. The most notable change is a realignment of branch colors, with Security and Engineering now marked in gold rather than red [FASA].

The U.S.S "Moscow" (NCC-60000) class scout enters service in Star Fleet. It is a dual-purpose vessel for deep space exploration, with enough firepower to serve as a combat vessel in a regular fleet. With its long-range sensor arrays, the "Moscow" can monitor astronomical and planetary phenomena from great distances and double as an early-warning vessel along sensitive border areas [FASA].

The U.S.S. "T'mirea" (NCC-20010) "Sagan" class science research vessel is built [FASA].

May [reference stardate 2/9005] {stardate 28331.5} The U.S.S. "Bellisarius" (NCC-50005) "Wellington" class light cruiser, the U.S.S. "Constantine Rill" (NCC-9001) "Paine" class frigate, and the U.S.S. "Argana" (NCC-60001) "Moscow" class scout are built [FASA].

July [reference stardate 2/9007] {stardate 28498.6} General Order 28 is mandated: "No officer of command rank shall be removed from command status unless such action has the complete and unqualified agreement of at least three senior officers present. Whenever possible, such officers shall include the ship's First Officer, Chief Medical Officer, a Ship's Counselor, and one junior officer of command station" [FASA].

The U.S.S. "Garth II" (NCC-50006) "Wellington" class light cruiser and the U.S.S. "Bartholemew Dynass" (NCC-9002) "Paine" class frigate are built [FASA].

Selar joins Star Fleet and leaves Vulcan [TNG #13].

Grace becomes Mark Roper's assistant at the U.F.P. embassy on Betazed [GN 11].

Terek Nor (Deep Space 9) is constructed as a Cardassian mining station in orbit of Bajor. Having a diameter of 1.4 km. and 6 landing pads, it will house a complement of 300 on its 35 levels. Bajoran terrorists plant an aphasia virus weapon in the Command Level replicator subsystem which will remain dormant for 18 years [DSN 405, DSN #2].

Ensign William Riker is assigned to the cruiser "Nogura." He will later serve aboard the "Zhukov" (NCC-62136) and later, with the rank of Lieutenant, on the "Potemkin" (NCC-18253) and "Yorktown" alongside his best friend, Teller Conlon [TNG #13, GN 9].

Stephy Carter is born [TNG #10].

Amanda Rogers is born [TNG 232].

At least 2 new settlers arrive on Jeraddo, Bajor's 5th moon [DSN 415].

Frame construction and major hardware installations continue simultaneously on the "Enterprise." Attachment of hull layers begin. The warp engine core is 65% complete as the nacelles pass Review 3 with assumptions of suc- cessful fixes to coil materials problems. Major impulse engine installat- ion is completed. The computer cores are 50% completed off-site. The first layers of habitat modules are installed. The transporter installat- ion is deferred in labor rescheduling. Tractor beam emitters are modified to accommodate hull skin changes. Installation continues on all other power and consumables conduits [NTM]. October [reference stardate 2/9010] {stardate 28750.7} The U.S.S. "Rommel" (NCC-50007) "Wellington" class light cruiser and the U.S.S. "Amalthea Rex" (NCC-9003) "Paine" class frigate are built [FASA].

November [reference stardate 2/9011] {stardate 28835.6} The U.S.S. "Leningrad" (NCC-60002) "Moscow" class scout is built [FASA].

Natasha Yar is rescued from Turkana IV (New Paris) by Darryl Adin, security chief of the U.S.S. "Cochrane" exploratory vessel [TNG #4].

February [reference stardate 2/9102] {stardate 29087.4} The U.S.S. "Crick" (NCC-10009) "M'Benga" class rescue/hospital ship is built [FASA].

Beverly Crusher meets Dalen Quaice [TNG 179].

March [reference stardate 2/9103] {stardate 29166.7} The U.S.S. "Preston King" (NCC-9004) "Paine" class frigate and the U.S.S. "Balthamar" (NCC-60003) "Moscow" class scout are built [FASA].

Varria meets the Zibalian trader Kivas Fajo [TNG 170].

April [reference stardate 2/9104] {stardate 29251.4} The U.S.S. "Mordaecai" (NCC-50008) "Wellington" class light cruiser is built [FASA].

Terrorists seize the capital on Dulsinaray, take the government hostage,] and proceed to execute the citizens until their demands are met. Tanaka loses his entire family [TNG #22].

May [reference stardate 2/9105] {stardate 29333.3} The U.S.S. "Skoatar" (NCC-20011) "Sagan" class science research vessel and the U.S.S. "Caesaria" (NCC-50013) "Wellington" class light cruiser are built [FASA].

Yuri Kuznetsov graduates from the Star Fleet Academy [GN 9].

June [reference stardate 2/9106] {stardate 29418.0} The U.S.S. "Jursinia" (NCC-60004) "Moscow" class scout is built [FASA].

Balak is born [TNG #23].

July [reference stardate 2/9107] {stardate 29500.0} The U.S.S. "Shanessa" (NCC-9005) "Paine" class frigate is built [FASA].

Julian Bashir and his father, a U.F.P. diplomat, on Invernia II are hit by a massive ionic storm on a remote area of the planet. They find an Invernian girl and Julian watches her die when his father goes for help [DSN 426].

August [reference stardate 2/9108] {stardate 29584.7} The U.S.S. "Montgomery" (NCC-50009) "Wellington" class light cruiser and the U.S.S. "Kincara" (NCC-60005) "Moscow" class scout are built [FASA].

With materials difficulties eliminated, the warp engine core is completed on the "Galaxy" class starship "Enterprise." However, warp field coil man- ufacturing is delayed by furnace facility complications, but other warp system assemblies are completed. Preparations are made for impulse-run tests. The main computer cores are 80% complete, and non-flight mock-ups complete fit checks. Habitat and connecting passages are 55% installed. Installation begins on transporter systems (minus hull emitters). Although phaser bank installation is completed, the electro plasma power supply to the phasers is deferred until warp engine power levels can be verified. The photon torpedo magnetic launcher power supplies are reworked. Tempor- ary gravity generators are installed, networked only where necessary [NTM].

October [reference stardate 2/9110] {stardate 29751.4} The U.S.S. "Sundrass" (NCC-9006) "Paine" class frigate is built [FASA].

The daughter of Aklier Ti'Kara dies on Capulon (Sigma Delphi) IV [TNG #27]. December [reference stardate 2/9112] {stardate 29918.0} The U.S.S. "Malcolm Swain" (NCC-6023) "Decker" class destroyer is lost, cause unknown. The U.S.S. "Adolphus" (NCC-50010) "Wellington" class light cruiser is built [FASA].

Turkana IV (New Paris) severs contact with the U.F.P. [TNG 180].

February [reference stardate 2/9202] {stardate 30087.7} The U.S.S. "Montgomery" (NCC-50009) "Wellington" class light cruiser is destroyed in action [FASA].

March [reference stardate 2/9203] {stardate 30164.4} The U.S.S. "Royal Centauri" (NCC-3008) "Royal Sovereign" class battle- cruiser is built [FASA].

Kyle Riker is the sole survivor of a U.F.P.-Tholian conflict. He meets Kate Pulaski while recovering [TNG 140].

The first of the genetically engineered children of Darwin station are born on Gagarin IV [TNG 133].

Jeremiah Rossa is born on the U.F.P. colony Galen IV [TNG 176].

Jack Crusher dies attempting to sever a starboard nacelle of the "Stargazer" with a phaser rifle to escape the effects of a Nensi phenomenon [TNG 232, GN 9].

April [reference stardate 2/9204] {stardate 30249.3} The U.S.S. "Grundjaki" (NCC-9007) "Paine" class frigate is built [FASA].

15 April [reference stardate 2/9204.15] {stardate 30287.7}
Dr. Jamesson Ingermann's article 'Functional and Funny: A Report on the New Model Human' is published in the "Star Fleet Times" by Star Fleet Command Press [FASA].

Geordi La Forge enters the Star Fleet Academy [TNG 218].

May [reference stardate 2/9205] {stardate 30331.5} The U.S.S. "Van Gelder" (NCC-10010) "M'Benga" class rescue/hospital ship and the U.S.S. "Tilly" (NCC-50011) "Wellington" class light cruiser are built [FASA]. July [reference stardate 2/9207] {stardate 30498.6} The U.S.S. "Kloris" (NCC-60006) "Moscow" class scout is built [FASA].

Framing and hull skin construction continues on the "Enterprise." Docking system latches and pass-through fit checks continue. Deuterium reactant tanks and antimatter pod assemblies arrive from off-site for integration. Warp coil fixes are effected while production of matched coil sets con- tinue. Fusion chambers are powered singly and in combinations as impulse system run-up tests are performed. The reaction control system (RCS) thruster assemblies are installed. Two computer cores are completed and installed in the Saucer Module and Battle Section. Completion of the third core is slowed by isolinear chip availability problems. Phaser power flow regulators and conduits are installed (the predicted warp core power tap is verified as adequate). Work is completed on the main deflector piggyback instrument power supply [NTM].

2354, January [reference stardate 2/9301] {stardate 31002.7}
The U.S.S. "Paul Gable" (NCC-9008) "Paine" class frigate is built [FASA]. February [reference stardate 2/9302] {stardate 31087.7} The U.S.S. "Mattermaine" (NCC-60007) "Moscow" class scout is built [FASA].

Captain Picard, in command of the U.S.S. "Stargazer," visits the planet Chalna [TNG 166].

Admiral Leonard McCoy retires from Star Fleet after having served on 3 starships bearing the name "Enterprise" and as commander of Star Fleet Medical Corps. [TNG #0].

March [reference stardate 2/9303] {stardate 31164.4} The U.S.S. "T'Klyrn" (NCC-10011) "M'Benga" class rescue/hospital ship is built [FASA].

Benjamin Sisko, recently graduated from the Academy and awaiting his first posting, meets Jennifer on Gilgo Beach [DSN 401, DSN #1].

Reannon "The Brass Lass" Bonaventure is captured by the Borg. She is officially declared missing, and presumed dead [GN 8].

Jeremy Aster is born [TNG 153].

Nog is born [DSN 436]. May [reference stardate 2/9305] {stardate 31331.5} The U.S.S. "Lowell" (NCC-20013) "Sagan" class science research vessel and the U.S.S. "Falmor Hann" (NCC-9009) "Paine" class frigate are built [FASA].

On the "Enterprise," some hull skin sections show unacceptable welds: 2% is reworked to fix the problem, the imbedded defensive shield grid is not affected. Low-power tests begin on the warp engine core (warp 2 equivalent energy is reached). While the nacelles still await coil delivery, impulse tests continue. The RCS thruster software problem is fixed. The third computer core, delayed for two additional years, affects all downstream starships under construction. The habitat layers are now 70% complete. Shuttlecraft, work pods, and lifeboats arrive for integration tests. A photon torpedo loader thermal expansion anomaly is fixed [NTM].

June [reference stardate 2/9306] {stardate 31416.4} The U.S.S. "Marlborough" (NCC-50012) "Wellington" class light cruiser is built [FASA].

Dr. T'Pan becomes the director of the Vulcan Science Academy [TNG 248].

The U.S.S. "Clements" rescues Kandia Jiak from Ikkabar--the last surviving member of this Icondian-descendent civilization [GN 13].

Benjamin Sisko proposes to Jennifer in Szagy Park [DSN 402, DSN #1].

October [reference stardate 2/9310] {stardate 31750.7} The U.S.S. "Halcyon" (NCC-9010) "Paine" class frigate is built [FASA].

Lt. William Riker serves aboard the "Fortuna" under Captain Lansing. Riker is assigned to the Betazed embassy for a couple months to await his posting to the U.S.S. "Hood" (NCC-42296), under repair after a Sindareen sneak-attack. On Betazed, he meets Wendy Roper, attends a Beta- zoid marriage, and meets Deanna and Lwaxana Troi--rescuing the former from a Sindareen raider in the Jalara Jungle [GN 11].

2355, April [reference stardate 2/9404] {stardate 32249.3}
The U.S.S. "Royal Hibernia" (NCC-3009) "Royal Sovereign" class battle- cruiser and the U.S.S. "Oslo" (NCC-60008) "Moscow" class scout are built [FASA].

Jake Sisko is born [DSN 410].

May [reference stardate 2/9405] {stardate 32331.5} The U.S.S. "Christopher Dundas" (NCC-9011) "Paine" class frigate is built [FASA].

Natasha Yar enters Star Fleet Academy [TNG #4].

The final outer framing members are completed on the "Enterprise" as a minor design change in the forward dorsal requires added longitudinal members. The impulse engine system is complete, and warp engine core tests continue. The permanent gravity generator network is completed. Habitat modules and storage volumes are also complete. The transporter and sub- space communications system antennae are modified to be made compatible with the deflector shield grid emissions. The SIF, running at low power, works out the starship's framing kinks. After a startup failure is re- paired, the main deflector field focus tests successfully. The starboard pylon phaser bank is swapped with one from the U.S.S. "Yamato" (NCC-71807), providing a better operational fit for each ship. The photon torpedo loader thermal problem returns, and a new fix is final. Sensor pallets are 50% installed; the minimum for flight [NTM].

Beverly Crusher graduates from the Academy [TNG 214].

Deanna Troi enters the Star Fleet Academy [TNG 214].

June [reference stardate 2/9406] {stardate 32416.4} The U.S.S. "Hopewell" (NCC-10012) "M'Benga" class rescue/hospital ship is built. The U.S.S. "Caesaria" (NCC-50013) "Wellington" class light cruiser is destroyed in action [FASA].

July [reference stardate 2/9407] {stardate 32498.6} The U.S.S. "Daystrom" (NCC-20014) "Sagan" class science research vessel is built [FASA]. General Order 29 is issued: "The primary responsibility of the commander of any Star Fleet vessel is the welfare and safety of his crew, including any civilian members of the ship or installation's complement. No action may be taken that creates an unwarranted threat to the safety of those individ- uals under the officer's charge, except in the line of duty and when other- wise unavoidable" [FASA].

Ken Kolker sets foot on his first planet [TNG #19].

Turrok is born [TNG #23].

August [reference stardate 2/9408] {stardate 32583.6} The U.S.S. "Trogan" (NCC-50014) "Wellington" class light cruiser is built [FASA].

Kira Nerys at age 12 begins fighting Cardassians [DSN 401].

Worf undergoes the Klingon Age of Ascension ceremony [TNG 140].

The Battle of Maxia: the U.S.S. "Stargazer" (NCC-2893), under command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, engages a Ferengi vessel in the Maxia Zeta system. The "Stargazer," Picard's first command, is abandoned after the famous "Picard Maneuver" is executed [TNG 110].

The U.S.S. "Carver," almost simultaneously during the Battle of Maxia, tracks an unidentified vessel for twelve seconds at the extreme limit of sensor range. Later computer enhancement analysis by Star Fleet shows conclusively that the vessel was Ferengi [TWF].

Captain Picard is court-martialed by Star Fleet J.A.G. officer Phillipa Louvois after the "Stargazer" is lost [TNG 135].

December [reference stardate 2/9412] {stardate 32917.8} The U.S.S. "Surishian" (NCC-20009) "Sagan" class science research vessel is lost, her whereabouts unknown [FASA].

2356, January [reference stardate 2/9501] {stardate 33002.7}
After an interim period of reaction against the standard military look, a compromise Star Fleet uniform design is introduced returning to the trad- itional blue, gold, and red patterns [FASA].

The U.S.S. "Canadara" (NCC-9012) "Paine" class frigate is built [FASA].

The last Tarellian plague ship is believed to have been destroyed by the Alcyones [TNG 105].

The U.S.S. "Huxley," commanded by Captain Alfred C. Bowles, is destroyed by a thermonuclear device in orbit of the planet Rampart in the Rho Ophiuchi system [TNG #11].

Connor and Moira Rossa die on Galen IV during a Talarian attack. Their son, Jeremiah Rossa, is adopted by Talarians [TNG 176].

Captain Mansfield assumes command of the "Charleston" (NCC-42285) space control ship [GN 9].

Approximately this time, Raymond Boone marries [DSN 445].

March [reference stardate 2/9503] {stardate 33166.7} The U.S.S. "Wallenstein" (NCC-50015) "Wellington" class light cruiser is built [FASA].

Surmak Ren is arrested for several disruptive acts committed by the Higa Mentar Bajor Underground, but released for insufficient evidence [DSN 405].

The 7-year firestorm cycle restarts on Bersallis III [TNG 245].

April [reference stardate 2/9504] {stardate 33251.4} The U.S.S. "Damon West" (NCC-6012) and the U.S.S. "Meredith Levette" "Decker" class destroyers are destroyed in action [FASA].

16 April {stardate 33292.3}
The skin of the "Enterprise" is 90% complete. The warp engines power up tests to warp 8 equivalent. The warp coils are delivered and installed. Full power nonpropulsive tests of the impulse fusion generators are performed. The third computer core is finally delivered and installed, and additional programming and tests continue. The first habitat module swapout performed by transporter is successful. Transporter tests and the final SIF and inertial damping field hookups are completed. The communication system is 90% complete. Impulse power to the phasers is certified. 30% of the lifeboats are delivered and docked [NTM].

May [reference stardate 2/9505] {stardate 33333.3} The U.S.S. "Chirpenitar" (NCC-60009) "Moscow" class scout is built [FASA].

05 May {stardate 33344.3}
The as yet unnamed U.S.S. "Galaxy" (NX-70637) is launched from orbital dock on maneuvering thrusters [NTM].

July [reference stardate 2/9507] {stardate 33500.0} The Model II S-20 standard administrative shuttle enters service. Built to replace the aging S-7 and S-10 models, the S-20 takes full advantage of the new micro-impulse engine, trading minimal increases in space allocation for increased power and maneuverability [FASA].

The U.S.S. "Crater" (NCC-20015) "Sagan" class science research vessel, the U.S.S. "Saxe" (NCC-50016) "Wellington" class light cruiser, the U.S.S. "Carla Winterspoon" (NCC-9013) "Paine" class frigate, and the U.S.S. "Murigami" (NCC-60010) "Moscow" class scout are built [FASA].

Lorens Ben is born on Foothold [TNG #21].

Myra Calvert is born [TNG #23].

The Federation wins a limited war with the Cardassians during this era [TNG #30].

William and Louise Samuels have a daughter [DSN 440].

November [reference stardate 2/9511] {stardate 33836.1} The U.S.S. "R'dannan" (NCC-50017) "Wellington" class light cruiser is built [FASA].

December [reference stardate 2/9512] {stardate 33918.0} The U.S.S. "Shoonedev" (NCC-20012) "Sagan" class science research vessel is built [FASA].

2357, February [reference stardate 2/9602] {stardate 34087.7}
The U.S.S. "Lur'Shann" (NCC-50018) "Wellington" class light cruiser and the U.S.S. "Drakendesh" (NCC-9014) "Paine" class frigate are built [FASA]. William Riker graduates from the Star Fleet Academy, 8th in his class [TNG 236].

The planet Alaj becomes a U.F.P. member [TNG #14].

March [reference stardate 2/9603] {stardate 34164.4} The U.S.S. "Shoonedev" (NCC-20012) "Sagan" class science research vessel is lost, her whereabouts unknown. The U.S.S. "Quiberon" (NCC-60011) "Moscow" class scout is built [FASA].

Geordi La Forge graduates from the Star Fleet Academy [TNG 218].

Tenara requests U.F.P. membership, which is delayed due to M'dok objections [TNG #8].

May [reference stardate 2/9605] {stardate 34331.5} The U.S.S. "Valiant III" (NCC-3010) "Royal Sovereign" class battlecruiser and the U.S.S. "Davout" (NCC-50019) "Wellington" class light cruiser are built [FASA].

The Klah'Kimmbri kidnap the crew of the "Le-Matya" for their Conflicts [TNG #9].

Following the destruction of the freighter "Odin" (NGL-12535), the survivors settle on Angel I. A conflict with the Prime Directive of Non-Interference results [TNG 115].

August [reference stardate 2/9608] {stardate 34583.6} The U.S.S. "Corby" (NCC-20016) "Sagan" class science research vessel, the U.S.S. "Sedgemoor Tann" (NCC-9015) "Paine" class frigate, and the U.S.S. "Loris" (NCC-60012) "Moscow" class frigate are built [FASA].

Surmak Ren is arrested by the Cardassian government on charges of terrorist activity stemming from the kidnapping of Gul Spumco and the disruption of the military, and imprisoned on Velos VII [DSN 405].

September [reference stardate 2/9609] {stardate 34668.5} The U.S.S. "Murat" (NCC-50020) "Wellington" class light cruiser is built [FASA].

Kira Nerys, a member of the Shakaar, liberates the Gallitep forced labor camp governed by Gul Darhe'el on Bajor. Kalla-Nohra Syndrome results from a mining accident there while Gul Darhe'el receives the Proficient Service medallion on Cardassia. Aamin Marritza, a Cardassian filing clerk, is one of the Cardassian survivors with Kalla-Nohra [DSN 419].

Vash departs Earth [DSN 407].

October [reference stardate 2/9610] {stardate 34750.7} The U.S.S. "Hadsenn" (NCC-60013) "Moscow" class scout is built [FASA].

Hull integrity is complete, and all SIF and IDF systems on the "Enterprise" are operational. The warp nacelles are buttoned up and certified for flight, with final impulse system adjustments underway. A computer core subspace field shielding problem arises on the "Enterprise" threatening one-third of the power systems aboard, and is traced to conflicting power -up procedures, and fixed. The communications system is completed after minor rerouting to avoid the computer problem. The remote firing of the photon torpedo system is successful. The final hookup of the defensive shields is completed, and sensor pallets are certified [NTM].

The U.S.S. "Galaxy" (NCC-70637) explorer is commissioned. This class represents Star Fleet's most sophisticated achievement in multimission ship systems designs, having a cruising velocity of warp 6 and a maximum velocity of warp 9.2 (on a revised warp scale), 14 phaser arrays, 3 photon torpedo launchers, and a complement of 1012 (including civilians/families). She is declared deep-spaceworthy and warp-capable, and moves to the outer solar system [NTM, EDC].

December [reference stardate 2/9612] {stardate 34917.8} The U.S.S. "Nathaniel Green" (NCC-50021) "Wellington" class light cruiser is built [FASA].

2358, January [reference stardate 2/9701] {stardate 35002.7}
The U.S.S. "Samantha Elass" (NCC-9016) "Paine" class frigate is built [FASA].

The U.S.S. "Pegasus" (NCC-53847) commanded by Captain Eric Pressman is lost near the Devolin system during a mutiny regarding the captain's experimental phasing cloaking device (in violation of the Treaty of Algeron). The ship's helmsman Ensign William Riker, just seven months out of the Academy, grabs a phaser and defends the captain. The "Pegasus" is reported destroyed by a warp core breach but in reality the ship's phasing cloak operated long enough for the vessel to drift into asteroid Gamma 601 [TNG 264]. William Riker serves as Second Officer aboard the U.S.S. "Yorktown" [GN 9].

Willie Potts is born [TNG 177].

Miranda Vigo and her son, Jason, depart Earth for Kamor V to care for the orphaned children there following the Cardassian War [TNG 274].

March [reference stardate 2/9703] {stardate 35164.4} The U.S.S. "Andre LaSalle" (NCC-6024) "Decker" class destroyer and the U.S.S. "Royal Hibernia" (NCC-3009) "Royal Sovereign" class battlecruiser are destroyed in action [FASA].

Aboard the "Enterprise," tests continue on total warp and impulse propulsion systems. All other internal spacecraft systems are powered up, and cross-system tests continue. New flight software is installed in all three computer cores. The ejectable bridge module is docked, and the minimum flight test program crew completes the preliminary training aboard ship. The nonflight captain's yacht test article is docked. The U.S.S. "Enterprise" is launched and leaves dock on maneuvering thrusters [NTM].

The Romulans attack the Klingon Kapor'At Colonies, forcing the Klingons to abandon the system after a series of raids. At the height of the attacks, the Der'Nath colony puts 48 young children on a "ChunDab" class freighter bound for Kling. It never reaches its destination. Presumably crippled by Romulans, the freighter crashes on Selva [TNG #23].

Janna Calvert, of the science vessel "Icarus," dies when the stabilizers on her shuttlecraft malfunction [TNG #23].

April [reference stardate 2/9704] {stardate 35249.3} Lieutenant Commander Marsha Mintaine of the U.S.S. "Valkyrie" is awarded the Star Fleet Medal of Honor for her appeasement of hill tribes on Loris VIII at the cost of considerable physical and emotional injury [FASA].

The U.S.S. "Uxbridge" (NCC-50022) "Wellington" class light cruiser is built [FASA].

The SC-22 "Sphinx" class cargo shuttle enters service in Star Fleet. Deriving its name from its vaguely leonite shape, this Andorian designed craft is a miniature version of the much larger cargo transports used extensively by Star Fleet. The "Sphinx" class will be used primarily in support of ground-based facilities and on larger vessels. The shuttle's cargo pods are slung under the belly of the craft for transporting cargo either too unstable or too bulky for normal transporter transit. Each cargo pod can carry 25 standard cargo units, and the craft can haul up to four such pods and jettison them individually, if necessary [FASA].

May [reference stardate 2/9705] {stardate 35331.5} The U.S.S. "Silimari" (NCC-60014) "Moscow" class scout is built [FASA]. June [reference stardate 2/9706] {stardate 35416.4} The U.S.S. "Falmor Hann" (NCC-9009) and the U.S.S. "Halcyon" (NCC-9010) "Paine" class frigates are lost, their whereabouts unknown [FASA]. Civil war breaks out between the Paradas in the Gamma Quadrant [DSN 434].

July [reference stardate 2/9707] {stardate 35498.6} The U.S.S. "Tamara" (NCC-9017) "Paine" class frigate is built [FASA].

August [reference stardate 2/9708] {stardate 35583.6} The U.S.S. "Ney" (NCC-50023) "Wellington" class light cruiser is built [FASA].

General Order 30 is issued: "Star Fleet Command recognizes the right of each ship commander to interpret the specifications of the Prime Directive as he sees fit, consistent with the conditions of other existing general orders in effect, and based on circumstances that may arise in dealing with newly discovered sentient races" [FASA].

September [reference stardate 2/9709] {stardate 35668.5} THe SW-21 long-range warp shuttle enters service in Star Fleet. Unarmed, but carrying the same enhanced deflector shield as does the S-20 shuttle, the SW-21 has both micro-impulse and micro-warp propulsion with warp 3 capacity. Easily modified, numerous commercial variants will exist, including medical, communications, and rescue craft [FASA].

The Vulcan archeologist T'Sara leads an excavation on Atropos to find the legendary Ko N'ya with Sorren which will last a decade [GN 13].

October [reference stardate 2/9710] {stardate 35750.7} The U.S.S. "Hadley" (NCC-60015) "Moscow" class scout is built [FASA].

Miles O'Brien serves a shore tour in the dry docks on Starbase 13, putting the "Enterprise" together [DSN #5].

The Cardassians take an interest in the strategic importance of Megara (329 Aurigae II) and hire Ferengi to begin advancing the natives as part of a long-term plan to strike back at the Federation. Within the next decade, an extensive industrial infrastructure employing slave labor will be created. Daimon Chudak finances the whole operation with 50 billion credits [TNG #30]. William and Louise Samuels have another daughter [DSN 440].

November [reference stardate 2/9711] {stardate 35835.6} The U.S.S. "Nelson" (NCC-50024) "Wellington" class light cruiser is built [FASA].

Lord Reyjadan, an unDiWahn, arrives on Starbase 193 in search of the Dream Gem (Ko N'ya) [GN 13]. December [reference stardate 2/9712] {stardate 35917.8} The U.S.S. "Pride of Elass" (NCC-9018) "Paine" class frigate and the U.S.S. "Florence" (NCC-60016) "Moscow" class scout are built [FASA].

2359, January [reference stardate 2/9801] {stardate 36002.7}
The U.S.S. "Royal Centauri" (NCC-3008) "Royal Sovereign" class battle- cruiser is lost, her whereabouts unknown [FASA].

February [reference stardate 2/9802] {stardate 36087.2} The U.S.S. "Carver" (NCC-50025) "Wellington" class light cruiser is built [FASA]. The planet Vorgon becomes a U.F.P. member [TNG #14].

A temporary peace on Mordan IV will last for five years [TNG 112].

April [reference stardate 2/9804] {stardate 36249.3} The U.S.S. "Pride of Troyass" (NCC-9019) "Paine" class frigate and the U.S.S. "Milano" (NCC-60017) "Moscow" class scout are built [FASA].

Worf meets the half-Human/half Klingon K'Ehleyr [TNG 146].

Deanna Troi graduates from the Star Fleet Academy [TNG 214].

May [reference stardate 2/9805] {stardate 36331.5} The U.S.S. "Drake" (NCC-50026) "Wellington" class light cruiser is built. The U.S.S. "Grundjaki" (NCC-9007) "Paine" class frigate is destroyed in action. The U.S.S. "Drakendesh" (NCC-9014) "Paine" class frigate is re- fitted [FASA].

Captain Koren Anastas engages in peaceful negotiations that leads to the surrender of the Klingon renegade fleet of Natabor [FASA].

June [reference stardate 2/9806] {stardate 36416.4} The U.S.S. "Pavel Chekov" (NCC-6010) "Decker" class destroyer is lost, cause unknown. The U.S.S. "Sedgemoor Tann" (NCC-9015) "Paine" class frigate is refitted [FASA].

stardate 36455 {15 June}
A bottle of northern continent Aldebaran whiskey of this stardate's vintage will be given to Guinan by Jean-Luc Picard. He and Captain Montgomery Scott will later share it in a holodeck aboard the "Enterprise" [TNG 230].

Rasa is born [DSN #2].

July [reference stardate 2/9807] {stardate 36498.6} The U.S.S. "Dietrich Vinsel" (NCC-6028) "Decker" class destroyer is de- stroyed in action. The U.S.S. "Stockholm" (NCC-60018) "Moscow" class scout is built [FASA]. Gelia Torly, a Bajoran Kohn Ma freedom fighter, spends time in a Cardassian cell [DSN #6].

Thala is born [TNG #13].

Aboard the Nistral family ship of the Tizarin, Kerin receives a single-pilot shuttle for this twelfth birthday [TNG #18].

August [reference stardate 2/9808] {stardate 36583.6} The U.S.S. "Apollinari" (NCC-50027) "Wellington" class light cruiser is built [FASA].

In Mars space, a flight test crew continues developmental shakedown trials on the "Enterprise," with her computers receiving continuous performance updates from the "Galaxy" orbiting Pluto. Tasks include extensive sensor operations, simulated emergency conditions and combat exercises, and power system stress analysis. The warp field coils receive their first power, nonpropulsive warp 1 equivalent, and power conditioning of the warp coils continues up through warp 8 equivalent. Performance analysis continues on all vehicle components. The main computers begin developing "system awareness," learning and recording how the ship behaves as a total entity. The U.S.S. "Enterprise" is declared deep-spaceworthy and warp-capable. Yellow warp-stress visibility hull coatings are applied [NTM].

The number of deformed babies born on Oriana reaches its peak [TNG #24].

October [reference stardate 2/9810] {stardate 36750.7} The U.S.S. "Ambergis" (NCC-60019) "Moscow" class scout is built [FASA].

stardate 36764 {05 October}
The Judge Advocate General's report on the inquiry into mutiny aboard the U.S.S. "Pegasus" (NCC-53847) concludes that certain members of the crew did mutiny just before the ship's destruction, and that the surviving of- ficers are withholding vital information from the inquiry. Further invest- igation is recommended, however there isn't any. The report is classified [TNG 264].

Wendy Roper marries a Berq, a teacher on Betazed [GN 11].

The father of Joakal I'lium dies and the 21-year old rules Capulon (Sigma Delphini) IV through the Council of Elders. Elana E'shala's father is appointed to the Council of Elders and she meets Joakal. Aklier Ti'Kara also begins serving on the Council [TNG #27].

November [reference stardate 2/9811] {stardate 36835.6} The U.S.S. "Cransston Juriss" (NCC-9020) "Paine" class frigate is built [FASA].

William Riker makes his first attempt to play 'Night Bird' on his trombone. In ten years he still will not be able to accomplish this [TNG 250].

Gul Dukat assumes command of Terek Nor, Bajor's orbital Cardassian mining station [DSN 440].

December [reference stardate 2/9812] {stardate 36917.8} The U.S.S. "Jean Bart" (NCC-3011) "Royal Sovereign" class battlecruiser and the U.S.S. "Hawkins" (NCC-50028) "Wellington" class light cruiser are built [FASA].

2360, January [reference stardate 2/9901] {stardate 37002.7}
The U.S.S. "Sundrass" (NCC-9006) "Paine" class frigate is destroyed in action [FASA]. The "Enterprise" achieves warp flight in the outer Sol system. Over the next three years: initial vibration difficulties transitioning to higher warp factors are smoothed out by computer adjustments to the warp geometry control software. Skin reinforcements and frame stiffening are performed during dock layovers. Final hull coatings and markings are applied. Live-fire phaser and photon torpedo exercises test crews and systems. Low-level defensive shield power deficiencies appear, resulting in enhanced shield generator designs put into work. All lifeboats and auxiliary spacecraft are docked, including the flight-qualified captain's yacht. The Operational bridge module is eventually docked to the "Enterprise" [NTM].

The harvester biogenic weapons are perfected during this era [DSN 433].

February [reference stardate 2/9902] {stardate 37087.4} The U.S.S. "Christopher Pike" (NCC-6002) "Decker" class destroyer is lost, cause unknown. The U.S.S. "Quinitaus Gall" (NCC-9021) "Paine" class frigate and the U.S.S. "Oudinard" (NCC-60020) "Moscow" class scout are built [FASA].

Admiral Mark Jameson is confined to a wheelchair due to the effects of Iresine's Disease [TNG 112].

On Bajor, Hovath, the Sirah's apprentice begins studying the ways of the storyteller and the Dal'Rok [DSN 414].

March [reference stardate 2/9903] {stardate 37166.7} The U.S.S. "Nherat" (NCC-6034) "Decker" class destroyer is lost, cause unknown [FASA].

43rd Day of Makteg (stardate 43205?) {15 March?}
Alexander Rozhenko, K'Ehleyr's/Worf's son, is born [TNG 146, TNG 210].

April [reference stardate 2/9904] {stardate 37251.4} The U.S.S. "Bagration" (NCC-50029) "Wellington" class light cruiser is built [FASA].

17 April [reference stardate 2/9904.17] {stardate 37295.1}
Mr. Data goes before the Federation Special Investigation Committee. Captain Caroline Victorial Gorden, commander of the U.S.S. "Tripoli" (NCC-19386) and Councilman Petrach Sormassov testify [FASA].

May [reference stardate 2/9905] {stardate 37333.3} General Order 31 is issued: "The conditions and specifications of the Prime Directive shall henceforth apply to all sentient life forms discovered, be they of natural or artificial origin" [FASA].

12 May [reference stardate 2/9905.12] {stardate 37363.4}
Captain Delrin Toval of the U.S.S. "Hindenberg" is awarded the Star Fleet Medal of Honor for his heroism in evacuating his crew after an unprovoked attack from IKS warships without a single loss of life [FASA].

17 May [reference stardate 2/9905.17] {stardate 37377.0}
Ambassador Elias Rinn receives the Federation Peace Medal for bringing the planet Halka into the Federation, despite several decades of refusals by the Halkan High Council [FASA].

Bajoran resistance leader Li Nalas and other Bajorans are taken prisoner by Cardassian forces. They are put to work at the Hutet labor camp on Cardassia IV. Before their capture, however, a few sub-impulse raider craft are hidden on the Lunar 5 base [DSN 421, DSN 423].

July [reference stardate 2/9907] {stardate 37500.0} The U.S.S. "Barcley d'Tolly" (NCC-50030) "Wellington" class light cruiser is built [FASA].

The "Santa Maria," "Erehwon" class personnel transport, bound for Gemulon V lands on a planet in the Orellius Minor system (Sector 401) for repairs and ends up colonizing the world through the help of the colonists' leader, Alixus and her duonetic field generator [DSN 435].

August [reference stardate 2/9908] {stardate 37584.7} The U.S.S. "Cordoba" (NCC-50004) "Wellington" class light cruiser is de- stroyed in action. The U.S.S. "Ramana Loris" (NCC-9022) "Paine" class frigate is built [FASA].

Dina is born [DSN #2].

Taya, a holographic child, is "born" in the omicron particle field village on the Rurigan's world in the Gamma Quadrant [DSN 436].

Timicin's grandson is born [TNG 196].

October [reference stardate 2/9910] {stardate 37751.4} Captain Koren Anastas successfully occupies the last of the major Orion pirate outposts on Matacai [FASA].

The U.S.S. "Manstein" (NCC-50031) "Wellington" class light cruiser is built [FASA].

December [reference stardate 2/9912] {stardate 37918.0} The U.S.S. "Patton II" (NCC-50032) "Wellington" class light cruiser, the U.S.S. "Essex Prinn" (NCC-9023) "Paine" class frigate, and the U.S.S. "Ambassador Hardin" (NCC-8000) prototype heavy cruiser are built [FASA].

2361, January [reference stardate 3/0001] {stardate 38002.7}
The "K'mirra" ("Alliance") class battlecruiser of the Klingon Defense Force enters service. The largest and most formidable of all vessels currently serving the Klingon Defense Force, the "Alliance" class is proof of the mutual cooperation and trust existing between the Free Worlds of Klinzai and the U.F.P. [FASA].

February [reference stardate 3/0002] {stardate 38087.7} The U.S.S. "Petersburg" (NCC-60021) "Moscow" class scout and the U.S.S. "Danton Abrams" (NCC-8001) "Ambassador Hardin" class heavy cruiser are built [FASA].

17 March [reference stardate 3/0003.17] {stardate 38208.2}
Lieutenant Asham Razi of the U.S.S. "Hood" (NCC-42296) is awarded the Karagite Order of Heroism for his capture of a previously unknown pirate base on the planet Gibraltar [FASA].

The U.S.S. "Potemkin" (NCC-18253) is the last Star Fleet vessel to contact Turkana IV (New Paris) until the "Enterprise's" visit later in 2367 [TNG 180].

Rishon and Kevin Uxbridge move to the Delta Rana IV colony [TNG 151].

April [reference stardate 3/0004] {stardate 38249.3} The U.S.S. "Horatio Ballantrye" (NCC-8002) "Ambassador Hardin" class heavy cruiser is built [FASA].

Aster dies from a Rushton infection [TNG 153].

Dr. Dalen Quaice is stationed at Starbase 133 [TNG 179].

Vash serves as Professor Samuel Estragon's personal assistant in his search for the Tox Uthat [TNG 167].

Idun Asmund becomes the First Officer of the "Charleston" (NCC-42285) under Captain Mansfield's command [GN 9].

Keela is born aboard the Teniran Echelon starship "Glin-Kale" [TNG #19].

Renegade Klingons raid the U.F.P. [TNG 239].

The day before Riker's posting to the "Potemkin" (NCC-18253) he meets with Deanna Troi at the Janaran Falls on Betazed. They agree to meet on Risa six weeks later and never do because of his Nervala IV promotion [TNG 250].

Lt. Riker of the U.S.S. "Potemkin" leads a team to Nervala IV to evacuate the research station. He is the last member of the away team to beam up and, totally unknown for 8 years, is accidentally transporter-replicated on the planet's surface. The Riker beamed aboard earns a promotion for exceptional valor during the evacuation [TNG 250].

Aboard the "Potemkin," William Riker will take up the game poker, possibly to ingratiate himself with the officers [TNG 267].

August [reference stardate 3/0008] {stardate 38583.6} The U.S.S. "President Survil" (NCC-8003) "Ambassador Hardin" class heavy cruiser is built [FASA]. Tellar Conlon and William Riker forge the Impriman Trade Agreement on Dante Maxima VII (Imprima). Riker is promoted to First Officer of the U.S.S. "Hood" (NCC-42296) under the command of Captain Johnathan DeSoto [TNG #15, GN 9].

A Bajoran shopkeeper and his wife set up a business on DS9 after running a shop on Bajor for 17 years [DSN 431].

December [reference stardate 3/0012] {stardate 38917.8} The U.S.S. "Admiral Carnes" (NCC-8004) "Ambassador Hardin" class heavy cruiser is built [FASA].

2362, January [reference stardate 3/0101] {stardate 39002.7}
The U.S.S. "Constellation" is scrapped [FASA].

Dr. Manheim and his associates begin their search for a suitable planet for their temporal experiments [TNG 124].

February [reference stardate 3/0102] {stardate 39087.7} The U.S.S. "Archon Chovich" (NCC-6030) "Decker" class destroyer is lost, cause unknown [FASA].

March [reference stardate 3/0103] {stardate 39164.4} The U.S.S. "Patricia Prince" (NCC-8005) "Ambassador Hardin" class heavy cruiser is built [FASA].

Rugal is adopted by Bajoran parents on Bajor [DSN 425].

stardate 39355.5 {09 May}
Dekong Elig dies from phaser fire while attempting to escape from the Velos VII internment camp [DSN 405].

June [reference stardate 3/0106] {stardate 39416.4} The U.S.S. "Hikaru Sulu" (NCC-6009) and the U.S.S. "Kai-Jasik" (NCC-6020) "Decker" class destroyers are destroyed in action [FASA].

Quark sells out Falod Kot. Kot is sentenced to 8 years in a Romulan labor camp for hijacking a shipment of Romulan ale [DSN 426].

July [reference stardate 3/0107] {stardate 39498.6} The U.S.S. "Beth Bigelow" (NCC-8006) "Ambassador Hardin" class heavy cruiser is built [FASA].

The planet Ta'Trosha IV becomes a U.F.P. member [TNG #14].

The Farpoint Station entity lands on Deneb IV [TNG #0].

Dr. Beverly Crusher is promoted to a full Commander [TNG 268].

Senna is born [TNG #23].

The Setlik III Massacre: the Cardassians raid and ravage Setlik III, a U.F.P. outpost. Nearly 100 civilians are killed including the wife and children of Captain Benjamin Maxwell of the U.S.S. "Rutledge" (NCC-57295). The "Rutledge" comes to the aid of the outpost and Miles O'Brien, Tactical Officer of the vessel, experiences his first taste of Cardassian warfare and death [TNG 186, DSN 445]. Shortly following the Setlik III Massacre, Raymond Boone of the "Rutledge" leaves his wife and is discharged from Star Fleet after failing several crew performance reviews. The real Boone was captured and killed on Setlik III, replaced with a surgically altered Cardassian spy. The Cardassian Boone will frame Chief O'Brien 8 years later to discredit the U.F.P. [DSN 445].

November [reference stardate 3/0111] {stardate 39835.6} The U.S.S. "General A'thak" (NCC-8007) "Ambassador Hardin" class heavy cruiser is built [FASA]. December [reference stardate 3/0112] {stardate 39917.8} The U.S.S. "Ambassador Crane" (NCC-8008) "Ambassador Hardin" class heavy cruiser is built [FASA].

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