Star Trek Timeline

By James Dixon

This timeline is split into 20 parts, linked here:

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Notes: including explanation of acronyms, etc.

2003, 15 June [reference stardate 0/0306.15]
Klingon forces crush Romulan resistance at their two major outposts, forcing a Romulan withdrawal from the disputed area. The Star Empire gives up two outposts, having taken heavy losses. Emperor Kahless is killed in the final battle, and the Riskadh line ends, along with the First Klingon/Romulan War [FASA].

15 October [reference stardate 0/0308]
Terran representatives sign the United Space Initiative in New York. This landmark agreement will focus and accelerate Man's exploration of the Sol system for the benefit of all mankind. It also calls for the establishment of a Solar Fleet, to maintain the rule of law throughout the planets and to protect against unknown hostilities, a Solar Fleet Command, Solar Bases, and eventually an academy [FASA, SFC].

October [reference stardate 0/0310] Utilizing solar sails, Alpha Centaurians begin a concerted effort to populate other planets within their own stellar system [FASA].

The "Lindbergh" class Space Ferry (II) enters service, replacing the Space Shuttle as the primary surface-to-orbit craft. The ship's complement will range from 34-131 personnel. These ships will aid in the completion of the Orbital Power Satellite network, guaranteeing energy-independence for Earth and also in the construction of orbital satellite-cities [SFC].

Rear Admiral Thomas Chandley, one of the most-decorated naval heroes of Terran history, executes his brilliant blockade of Soviet ports during the Aleutian Incident [FASA].

2004, 22 February [reference stardate 0/0402.22]
Kagran epetai-D'kariv, temporary Imperial Regent, officially takes the throne after being confirmed by the Imperial Council [FASA].

An outer planet probe is launched from Earth [SFC].

The first major expansion of Earth's Goddard Moonbase [SFC].

Terra's Farside Moonbase begins operations, specializing in radio telescope observations [SFC].

The Mass Driver is in use at the Clavius Mines. Raw materials are shot back to Earth orbit for processing to feed the burgeoning industry [SFC].

A vaccine to Cygnian Plague is developed by Zilzu on Tellar (61 Cygni V) [MRM].

The first spacechild is born at the Farside Moonbase when Radio Telescope Technician 1st Class Rita Ashworth gives birth to a 3.2 kg. boy, named Jules after Jules Verne. This event is heralded the Earth over as a new generation of man has begun [SFC]. In the "Mirror" universe, Khan soon tires of leading a planet of sheep and orders the reactivation of the space program. He takes on as his chief executive officer his lifelong friend Joachim [TBoT #14].

Thomas Morrison, the first person to die on the moon, is buried in a simple grave marking this historic occasion [SFC].

Man now has a foothold on most of the inhabitable planets in the solar system. His unmanned ships have explored the inner-and outermost planets, as well as the deepest reaches of the seas. Advances in weather-control techniques and the influx of foodstuffs from the space stations have ended Earth's food problems. The standard of living throughout the world has never been higher. Power and raw materials are abundant and luxuries once considered beyond the reach of most of Earth's population are now common- place. Major wars, which a few short years ago seemed unavoidable, are now unthinkable. With his immediate needs satisfied, Man turns his attention and major efforts to reaching the stars. Without faster-than-light travel, interstellar expeditions must be considered a one-way trip. At first, five missions are considered. Three are of the generation-ship variety. 200 volunteers are chosen for each large ship. The ships contain their own ecosystem, producing food, water and power indefinitely. Launched from one of the colony worlds, the ships will eventually build up speeds near the speed of light. The actual trips will take thousands of years in normal time, but due to the time-dilation effects of near-light speeds, it will appear much shorter to the passengers. Even so it will be the descendants of the original passengers who arrive at the destination. The remaining two interstellar ships are to be sleeper ships, in which the passengers are placed in a state of suspended animation to be awakened upon arrival at the destination programmed into these computer-guided ships. These ships are much cheaper to build, as they do not need to have the built-in ecosystems of the generation ships, but the element of risk is much greater [TBoT #2].

Tsiolkovskygrad, the first L-5 city in space, is completed. 250 people take up residence. Boris Karpev is the city supervisor [SFC].

Marking the 50th anniversary of the Terran space age, the most comprehen- sive encyclopedia of space exploration is published [SFC].

The tenth, and last, DY-200 Series sleeper vessel is constructed [DYC].

The Icelandic public databank is established. It is the first attempt at creating a synthetic consciousness [TOS #42].

The "Aventeur" class explorer enters service. It is the first ship to be entirely assembled in Earth orbit, with a complement of 109 and the most powerful onboard radio transceivers to date. The ship's clean fission engines double the efficiency of early fission power packs [SFC].

Fusion power research and development brings forth the ultimate recycling device, the Fusion Torch, a furnace so hot that it can melt down all materials, artifical and natural, to their basic state [SFC]. The first Earth-Moon liner enters service with a ship's complement of 60 [SFC].

An unmanned comet lander also enters service [SFC].

The second L-5 city in space opens. Five more will be built in the fol- lowing decade [SFC].

21 December [reference stardate 0/0912.21]
The Romulans begin a period of slow, cautious expansion in the direction of the Klingon Empire. The expansion ends 40 years later, setting the bound- aries for what is today known as the Triangle, where many of the recurring skirmishes between these two powers and the U.F.P. take place [FASA].

The five interstellar ships are launched from orbit around the outer planets. These include the "Forty Families" generation ship which is the first Earth interstellar ship to use a Bussard ramjet for propulsion (not counting two robot probes). The "Forty Families" will be lost. Two more ramjet generation ships will be launched. One ship, the "Marilee," com- manded by Captain Wayne Perry, will colonize Perry's Planet [TBoT #2, ON 11, ON 14].

Alex Charon is defeated in his bid to be elected to an assembly seat in New York State, his planned first step in his political career. All over the world the maturing supermen are finding their efforts to enter the Human world frustrated by fear and distrust, and by the disapproval of most organized religions [TBoT #2].

The first Earth/Space Census shows that 1,500 people are living off the Earth. As many as 7,500 could be in space by the year 2020, the UN study shows [SFC].

Solar now accounts for 40% of the United States' energy use. A worldwide accelerated Solar Power Satellite program will be completed this decade [SFC].

This is the approximate era during which (according to legend) Klingon Emperor Kessec founded the First Empire with the Pagrashtak (Devil's Heart) won from his greatest enemy, a neighboring warrior-king. His brother, Batahr, kills him for the stone but then repents and uses the Pagrashtak to resurrect his brother. Kessec kills him and establishes the Empire. He eventually gives the stone to Halaylah, a Tehalaian slave (later known as the Collector) who will form an artist's colony on Atropos which will flourish for only a century. She will be sealed up with the Devil's Heart [GN 13].

The Martian Fever ravages the Martian Colonies [MRM].

In the "Mirror" universe, the Singh Moonbase is constructed as the first permanent outpost on another planet [TBoT #14].

Marsbase 1, Terra's first interplanetary outpost, begins the first thorough search for extraterrestrial life with a crew of 15 under the command of Director Mark Glynn [SFC].

The Planet Rover, a 4-6 man buggy, enters service [SFC].

Fear that the supermen plan to replace normal Humans reaches a stage of witchhunting when Gerald Vance, a crackpot evangelist, publishes his 'Children of Satan: How the Supermen Plan to Conquer the World.' The book is the ravings of a deranged fanatic, full of half-truths, scientific inac- curacies, and out-and-out lies. Vance details the plans of the "superman conspiracy" to take over the governments of the world by subterfuge, and "eventually establish concentration camps where all of the normal Human males will be used as slave labor and worked to death, and all of the women will be genetically 'reprogrammed' to produce only supermen children." The innate Human need for an antagonist left vacant by the elimination of war found a handy target in the form of the supermen, and the fact that several of the supermen had already endeavored to enter politics and business led to a ready acceptance for Vance's bigotry. The book leaps to the top of the best-seller lists, and waves of hysteria follow in its wake [TBoT #2].

The DY-300, successor to the DY-100, undergoes prototype testing. This design has some serious flaws which prevent it from entering service [SFC].

The Space Homesteading Act affords enterprising pioneers the opportunity to acquire property in the Solar System. From its beginnings, the Act proves to be popular and workable [SFC].

The first manned Jupiter Mission is the Terrans' farthest journey from Earth [SFC].

The Asteroid Rover unmanned probes enter service [SFC].

Marsbase 2 expands the search for extraterrestrial life [SFC].

Algobarium (Element 115) is discovered on Mars in Martian Colony 3 [MRM].

Terra's first interstellar probes, the "Stellar" series, are launched toward nearby stars. Designed to gather data necessary for interstellar spaceships, these probes utilize elementary program-independent thought computer technology, with a cruising velocity of 0.104c via advanced fis- sion powered ion drive [SFC].

The "Lindbergh" class space ferries are withdrawn from service [SFC].

Alex Charon loses his class-action suit to have 'Children of Satan' suppressed. The publicity resulting from the trial only serves to bolster the book's popularity and lend credence to the rumor that Charon's people would end freedom of speech [TBoT #2].

In the "Mirror" universe: Heartened by the success of the lunar outpost, Khan demands intensified efforts on the part of his scientists in the areas of exploration and domination of the solar system [TBoT #14].

The U.N.P. "U Thant," one of the "Stellar" series probes, reports large amounts of antimatter in the interstellar void at a distance of 120.4 A.U. from Pluto (Sol IX). This startling discovery subsequently changes the course of spaceflight technology decades later [SFC]. Charon tries again for elective office. By now, resentment against the supermen is so high that Charon is driven from every platform where he tries to speak. Twice he narrowly escapes lynching. Disgusted with America, he gathers around him an elite band of superman scientists and administrators and leaves the country. He offers their services to any under-developed nation that will allow them to live in peace. Still suffering the effects of overpopulation, India gratefully takes them up on their offer. But Charon seeks more than a home for his people. He intends to eventually take control [TBoT #2].

The last legitimate, two-dimensional photograph of a Vulcan probe ship is taken by Earth, and dismissed as another hoax [GN 7].

The Alpha Centauri expedition is Earth's first starflight attempt (or so one source indicates) [ST 2].

The Elasians launch their earliest nuclear-powered spaceships [TOS #68].

Work begins on the development of an ion internally-metered pulse drive. Ion-impulse, utilizing beryllium fusion coupled with low-level continuum distortion resulting in a fast-moving jet of monatomic oxygen atoms, will in time provide ships with speeds surpassing 0.78c [DYC, LOR, SS, GN 3, NTM].

A cancer-inhibiting plant compound is discovered on Ganymede (Jupiter III) [MRM].

From Marsbase 3 begins an in-depth study on using Phobos and Deimos for mining of materials [SFC].

The first homesteaders begin leaving for the Asteroid Belt [SFC].

In Germany, things are going somewhat better for the supermen. The leader of the superman faction is a man named Rupert Hentzau, the hereditary Baron of Ruritania. Hentzau proposes the return of the aristocracy to power as rulers of the nation. The most amazing thing about Hentzau is that he finds a receptive audience in his German countrymen. Especially attractive to them is his insistence that East Germany, which is still under Russian influence, be reunited with West Germany. Skillfully using world opinion against the Russian and East German rulers, Hentzau later in the year manages to convince the United Nations to authorize the unification of the two German nations [TBoT #2].

The U.N.S.S. "Wheeler" DY-500 class explorer enters service. This 36-man craft, developed from the DY-100 series, will be used primarily for travel to and within the asteroid belt. The "Wheeler" is the first class of ship to be equipped with elementary independent thought computers. Another DY-500 class vessel, the "Woden" class, will enter service decades later. The DY-500s are noted as being reconfigured surplus submarine shells [SFC, DYC, GN 7].

On Phobos, the larger Martian moon, a temporary base is set up as the first Terran mining activity begins [SFC].

On the 50th anniversary of the first manned mission to the Moon, all six original Apollo landing sites become historic landmarks [SFC].

Surveys indicate that the body of baseball enthusiasts is less than half the size it had been two decades earlier [TNG #15].

Germany becomes a whole nation again, and a celebrating German people de- clare Hentzau to be Rupert I, Emperor of all the German Peoples. Other Europeans view the title as a sign that Rupert will not be satisfied with the German nation alone [TBoT #2].

2020, January [reference stardate 0/2001]
The Vulcan scientist Sardax proves the feasibility of interstellar travel using the base camp approach to long-range exploration. A series of supply/support colonies are later founded within a ten-light-year radius of Vulcan, with succeeding generations of colonists in turn continuing the expansion [FASA].

April [reference stardate 0/2004] The Alpha Centauri Concordium of Planets is founded, marking the first development of an interplanetary union founded on democratic principles [FASA].

The first manned mission to Saturn, the U.N.S.S. "Lewis And Clark" ("Aventeur" class explorer) under the command of Colonel Shaun Jeoffrey Christopher reports evidence of alien visitation. Mine shafts and tread marks are found on the Saturnian moons. This remarkable find begins to forever change man's perspective of himself in the universe. Following this mission, Christopher will become Chief of Staff of UNSF [SFC, TY].

Planet Rovers are phased-out [SFC].

The "Belmont" class 12-man interplanetary tug enters service [SFC].

The Star Age on Earth: interstellar travel is perfected [LOR, SFD].

In the "Mirror" universe: Olympus II, the first self-sufficient city in space, is completed and inhabited by 250 persons, half of whom are members of Khan's Olympian Elite [TBoT #14].

2021, February [reference stardate 0/2102]
The first Tellarite experiments using a form of interstellar ramjet are begun [FASA]. Evidence of life is found on Mars in the form of skeletal structures of silicon-based insect-like creatures. Several million years old by silicon isotope dating, these 3 x 1 centimeter samples are discovered following a three month long sandstorm. Science Officer Dr. John Oppenheimer transmits his findings to Earth, in accordance with Article 1 of the United Space Initiative [SFC].

Topaline (Element 117) is discovered on Ganymede, the third moon of Jupiter (Sol V). It will in later years become vital for the life support systems of planetoid colonies and starships [MRM, FC, SFD].

Experiments with new power sources over the next four years leads to the development of two DY-300 prototype vessels. Experimental test drones for the new ion-impulse drive, they will be tested till 2029 [DYC].

The U.N.S.S. "Courageous" (a DY-500 "Wheeler" class explorer), commanded by Captain Fitzsimmons Wallabee, cannot return home thus becoming the worst tragedy in the 65 year history of Terran spaceflight. This incident, caused by a flare penetrating a shielding flaw, leads to the upgrading of all design and safety standards for forthcoming ships. With fused fiber- optic computer tubes and fission magnetochamber feed valve, the "Courageous" accelerates out of the Sol system, with her fuel supply eventually exhaused at a final velocity of 0.86c--according to Engineering Officer Haddad Koire's log [SFC].

[reference stardate 0/2200]
The last of the "Stellar" series probes is launched [FASA].

July [reference stardate 0/2207]
First contact occurs between the Andorian Empire and the remnants of the Vegan Tyranny, a mysterious race of beings whose origins and physical appearance have never been determined. Some scholars suggest that the Vegan Tyranny were cybernetic rather than organic. At this time, they had lost much of their original power and influence, though it is not known how. The war between this race and the Andorians rages off and on for many years. Due to the Andorians, the Vegan Tyranny fails to regain their empire, and they all but disappear after 2090 [FASA].
October [reference stardate 0/2210]

Jackson Roykirk, designer of the "Stellar" series, dies [FASA, SFC].

In the "Mirror" universe: The invention of the fusion torch accelerates the development of fusion powered space propulsion systems and extends Khan's cold supremacy into the equally cold vacuum of interstellar space [TBoT #14].

On Mercury (Sol I), two new elements are discovered: Celebium (Element 103) and Pergium (Element 111), two trans-hahnic radioactives. Pergium, in later years, will be used in many fission reactors and will be in great demand [MRM, DD].

Fusion propulsion is given increased research and development funding to speed its feasibility in Terran spaceship use [SFC].

Over the period of five years, four baseball teams have gone bankrupt and another eight have changed hands a total of nineteen times [TNG #15].

The Irish Reunification occurs on Earth: terrorism wins out [TNG 160].

After seven years of maneuvering, Alex Charon takes over direct control of India. His plan is to now aid supermen in other nations to gain power in their own lands. Since the powerful and socially secure Western powers are not about to hand themselves over to superman rule, Charon turns his attention instead to the Third World [TBoT #2].

A scientific study gives the proposed Venus Terraforming Project an unconditional "Go." It will begin in a few years [SFC].

The last of the Earth-Moon liners introduced in 2008 is taken out of service [SFC].

The uprated "Wheeler" DY-500 series enters service, employing advanced fis- sion and a complement of 40 [SFC].

Zefram Cochrane, the creator of warp drive, is born [Mt]. Sorahl of Vulcan is born [GN 2].

Twelve probes are sent into Jupiter's Red Spot which send back data showing it is the result of its inner core, and not merely atmospheric, processes. Dr. Lloyd Elkins, science supervisor a the Ganymede Temporary Research Out- post, reports the data in his science log [SFC].

In the "Mirror" universe, Khan orders the launching of two manned missions, to Jupiter's moons and to Venus. Only one ship returns--the Venus exped- ition. The other is assumed destroyed by the unknown. Distressed by the loss of such valuable equipment and Olympian manpower, Khan reluctantly accepts his scientists' recommendation about unmanned probes. The first of these, "Nomad," is shortly launched from Earth. The manned Earth/Saturn probe, meanwhile, discovers evidence of ancient alien visitation on one of Saturn's moons. His hunger for conquest reawakened, Khan orders a radio search for extraterrestrial intelligence [TBoT #14].

August [reference stardate 0/2508] T'Sarra introduces the Kolinahr mental discipline on Vulcan [FASA].

Twenty programmed probes seed the upper atmosphere of Venus with billions of blue-green Cyanidium Caldarium algae as part of the Venus terraforming project [SFC].

The capital city of the Asteroid Belt, Asteropolis, opens as the center of all mining activity. It is also used, at times, as a way-station and refueling depot for increasing outer planet expeditions [SFC].

A 15-man Asteroid Mover series of ships enter service [SFC].

Contact with the "Nomad" probe is lost. It is presumed destroyed in a meteor storm [SFC].

Buck Bokai, a shortstop from the London Kings, breaks Joe DiMaggio's hitting record in the game of baseball [TNG 113, DSN 416].

The reign of Teslah, ninth Dohlman in the line of the Sevuth, begins on Elas. She will rule for at least twenty Elasian years [TOS #68].

07 October
The game of baseball in decline, the Phoenix Sunsets play against the Fairbanks Icebreakers. The final score is four to three [TNG #15].

In the "Mirror" universe, evidence of extinct microscopic life is found on Mars [TBoT #14].

The U.N.S.S. "Tiller" (DY-500/"Wheeler" class) with Dr. William Slater reports on the initial success of the Venus terraforming project, one year and 17 days after the project's start [SFC].

The first Work Pods, 2-man service vessels, enter service [SFC].

2028, 10 February [reference stardate 0/2802.10]
Kagran's son, Kadar, succeeds to the Klingon throne as a compromise candidate to quiet conflict between factions in the Imperial Council. Kadar spends much of his reign trying to keep all sides content, resulting in little real exploration and expansion for the next 15 years [FASA].

The Jupiter Base on Ganymede begins expanded research into the Solar system's largest planet [SFC].

The "Galileo" class transports enter service. The U.N.S.S. "Tycho Brahe," among others of this class, will become the most durable workhorses in spaceflight history. Extremely durable and long-lasting vessels, these early fusion ships will be able to attain up to 0.35c and enable travel to the outer planets and beyond into interstellar space. In the 2030s the "Galileo" will become the primary ship class to the Asteroid Belt, and in the 2040s the most popular carrier to the outer planets. These are the first ships with elementary interstellar celestial navigation, with a ship's complement of 98 [SFC].

12 August [reference stardate 0/2808.12]
Astronomers on Alpha Centauri pick up intelligent signals from outside their system. These signals will later be identified as originating from Vulcan [FASA].

Melody Sawyer is second-seeded in tennis at the Goddard Moonbase Semifinals [GN 2].

In the "Mirror" universe, the mining of antimatter begins in the Asteroid Belt. At the same time, the terraforming of Venus begins [TBoT #14].

Irillium (Element 116) is discovered in the asteroid belt in the Sol system [MRM].

Mysterious, intelligent signals are received at Terra's Farside Moonbase 2C. Emanating at 327 degrees toward the galactic center in Sagittarius, from a distance of 15,000 light years, they are the first extraterrestrial communications ever heard by Humans. This is the first success of Project SETI after 60 years. Not until the invention of duotronic computers will these signals be translated: a quaternary code describing the star's life forms, history, culture, and spiritual values [SFC].

The United Earth Space Probe Agency (UESPA) is re-established by the United Nations. In time it will replace NASA [DYC].

A famous novelist from Orion writes a classic using the theme 'Let me help' [CEF].

The Power Age on Earth: antimatter power is developed and research into warp drive is begun [LOR, SFD].

[reference stardate 0/30] The inhabitants of the planet Cygnet XIV undergo a political upheaval, resulting in the formal establishment of a dominant matriarchal system by the planet's females. Through succeeding generations, females are granted educational and other social privileges at the expense of the males. Although this system allows cybernetics and computer technology to grow, the social gap between the sexes also grows [FASA].

The last of the "Aventeur" class explorers end their service [SFC].

In the "Mirror" universe, the thought of conquering another race of sentient beings spurs Khan into establishing the Olympian Solar Fleet. A solar base is constructed on Titan [TBoT #14].

03 August [reference stardate 0/3008.03]
First contact is made between the Tellarites and Rigellian traders [FASA].

A second Jupiter base on Ganymede joins in the research of the huge planet, while also starting studies of the other Jovian moons [SFC].

September [reference stardate 0/3109] The Tellarites discover the fabulous weath of the Orion Homeworlds [FASA].

The service life of the Asteroid Rovers end [SFC].

2032 [reference stardate 0/32]
Inhabitants of the planet Sauria begin to cultivate local fruits, with the goal of producing high-quality vintages. From these initial efforts will arise a planet-wide industry devoted to the production of the much sought- after wines, brandies, and liqueurs in the galaxy [FASA].

March [reference stardate 0/3203] The United Nations commissions the Solar Fleet for security and rescue purposes throughout the inhabited Sol system [FASA].

The "Drake" series of second generation, greatly improved unmanned inter- stellar probes are launched from Earth's moon, employing early fusion drive [SFC].

The call to rescind the Homestead Act is defeated in view of the Asteroid Belt's obvious benefits to Earth [SFC].

Alex Charon's plans are succeeding beyond his wildest dreams. By now, ten nations are controlled by supermen: India, the Empire of East Africa, the Republic of Central Africa, the United Nations of North Africa, United Indochina, Manchuria, the Republic of the Congo, Burma, Pakistan, and the Empire of the German Peoples. Of all these, only the German Empire does not own its allegiance to Alex Charon. This is a flaw Charon plans to cor- rect. He succeeds in concluding an alliance with the volatile Rupert. Though he controls almost one-third of the world's population, Charon knows it is the poorest third. The only nation on Earth that Charon can even look to for help, and that has technology and wealth enough to battle the Western nations when the time comes, is Germany. So Charon enters into talks with Rupert for an alliance of their powers. During their discus- sions, Charon discovers that Rupert's desires for power rival his own. Although they do not trust each other, they have no choice. Charon needs Rupert's technology and wealth, Rupert needs Charon's almost inexhaustible supply of people. The alliance, which on the surface appears to be no more than an exchange of information and raw materials, is in fact a plan for dividing up the world. They form tacit agreements: Charon would retain control of Africa, Asia, and sections of South America; Rupert would gain dominion over his hated enemies, the other Europeans and Russians, plus most of North America. Back in India, Charon faces a threat to his power when a native superman, Ram Singh Kahn, begins to build a power base for himself. Using the resentment that has grown against Charon because of his practice of rounding up the sacred cattle that roam freely through India and selling them to foreign markets, he quickly becomes the favorite of the people. He also receives the support of many of Charon's generals, who resent having to follow a non-Indian and a white man. Though small at first, Kahn's power continues to grow as Charon increasingly turns his attention to world conquest [TBoT #2].

Rupert faces his first serious test. When the Council of Spacefaring Nations (the international body that controls space travel) meets, other European nations show their distrust of Rupert by introducing a resolution to have Germany expelled from the organization for "certain warlike inten- tions." To be exiled would deny Germany access to the advanced resources of space technology, and more important to Rupert, would ban Germany from launching and operating its own satellites. In a vicious behind-the-scenes fight, Rupert manages to keep his nation in the Council, but his bitterness against his neighbors is now beyond the point of reconciliation. Later in the year, in a now brazen show of disdain, Rupert launches a series of "observation" satellites, and although to an extent they are for observa- tion, their primary purpose is much more chilling. The satellites contain ground-controlled laser cannons, positioned in orbit so that they can be targeted anywhere on the globe in a matter of minutes. They can also de- fend themselves against missile attack. Weapons such as these have been banned since the 20th Century, and consequently, no other nation has an effective defense against them. They are to be Rupert's major weapon in the coming bid for world domination [TBoT #2].

An Earth expedition places a manned mission in a 40 million kilometer orbit around Sol for close-up study [SFC].

The "Companion" class escort ships enter service. These 20-man escorts, including the U.N.S.S. "Fisher," will be one of the most utilized classes during the period of intensive development and testing inevitably resulting in interstellar spaceflight capability. The "Fisher" will later be used for advanced fusion performance testing and warp drive prototype escort [SFC].

(20th Year of the reign of Teslah) The inhabitants of Elas discover their sister world Troyius, a four-year round trip at 0.2c [TOS #68].

America gains its 52nd state [TNG 138].

The Saturn Solar Base begins operations on Titan [SFC].

The UN commissions Solar Fleet for security and rescue purposes throughout the inhabited Solar System [SFC].

Rupert now has dozens of laser cannons in orbit. Beginning to fear his intentions, the other European nations demand inspection of the satellites. A team is dispatched by the Council, but they are blasted out of the sky by one of the lasers. Now that the true nature of the satellites is known, the nations of the world demand that Rupert dismantle them. His response is to open fire on nuclear missile silos in England and France. Russia is his next target. Even as the Supreme Soviet is in the process of declaring war upon him, Rupert's lasers are in the process of destroying their weaponry. Able to pinpoint targets at will, Rupert quickly brings Europe to its knees. He then turns the lasers on the United States. But for once, someone acts without bureaucratic haggling. The United States launches its small complement of missiles at both Germany and the satellites. A desperate but futile effort, as over three decades of peace have led the superpowers to destroy most of their defensive weaponry. Only four of the satellites are destroyed [TBoT #2].

The West's last-ditch effort to stop Rupert is launched. The space fleet based on the Moon attempts to destroy the satellites, but is destroyed by the laser defense system. Fearing further attacks from the moon, Rupert turns his lasers to Moon Base One. It is this action which proves his undoing. Now that the war has come to their doorstep, the satellite colon- ies decide to intervene. Converting their powerful communication and power lasers into destructive weapons, they are able to take Rupert's technicians by surprise and eliminate his satellites. In a rage, Rupert orders his missiles fired at the colonies, and they too are easily destroyed. Al- though the brunt of Rupert's threat is now gone, he still controls most of Europe, and a formidable array of sophisticated weaponry. Even with the sword of imminent destruction removed from their heads, the Western Allies still face a long hard fight to free Europe. A year of fighting has given Kahn control of the western half of India. Most of Charon's old allies have now sided with him. But Charon still has a foothold in eastern India, and as this is the section that contains most of the heavy industry, he controls the nuclear missiles and the technology to use them. A stalemate is thus reached, and the East girds itself for long and bitter war [TBoT #2].

Advanced Fusion Prototype One (AFP-1) experimental ship explodes, with all lives lost. Test pilot Robert Carradine dies as Captain Richard Hanna of the "Companion" class escort support vehicle "Fisher" watches the exper- imental ship vaporized apparently due to misfiring ignition beams and clog- ged fuel injector delivery tubes. This is a major setback for Terran interstellar travel capability. The destruction of the prototype is claimed by Colonel Edward Featherstone Green, a former United Nations Armed Forces officer, after gaining control of the Luna military defense base. This act of sabatage begins what is later referred to as Colonel Green's War: a revolt against the Terran government to force its leaders to discon- tinue space exploration, backing the last of the Eugenics Scientists. A UN task force eventually succeeds in recapturing Luna Base but not before Green mangages to launch several nuclear missiles, inacinerating two major metropolitan centers with millions of casualties. Escaping capture after the fall of Luna Base, Green returns to Terra where he and his supporters conduct numerous terrorist activities. After concerted efforts yielding over a million casualties, Colonel Green and his supporters are hunted down and killed in a missile barrage on their island fortress near Singapore. Though the war lasts less than one year, several widespread incidents of industrial sabatage and urban terrorism show the enormous potential of such groups. This includes his taking advantage of Hanson Smith's surprise development of the particle curtain ten years earlier than thought possible by the scientific community. Earth is nearly pushed back into a Second Dark Ages. In later years, Colonel Green will come to be revered by sup- porters of the Back-to-Earth movement, and the leaders of the Terra-Return League will make him a representative of their cause [SFC, FASA, SC, MRM, GN 7].

Soljenov escapes Earth aboard an experimental long-jump sleeper ship. Centuries later he will conquer the Zarans, form the Totality, and have a daughter, Sola Thane [TOS #9].

2036, May [reference stardate 0/3605]
Terran space-time researchers find holes in the general theory of relativ- ity, making faster-than-light communications and travel theoretically pos- sible, though not yet an actuality. The interstellar probe U.N.P. "Drake" ("Wells" series) detects geon holes in the space-time fabric for the first time. These deformations are used decades later for warp communications. The "Drake" probe was one of 15 launched from Earth's moon in the early 2030s. The series had a four-fold increase in effective range and a ten- fold improvement in data gathering and analyzing capability over the earlier "Stellar" series, employing significantly increased artificial intelligence enabling them to make much more complex decisions on their own sending back whatever pictures and data they deemed important [FASA, SFC].

The Western Allies invade Europe. They are aided by underground groups which have sprung up under Rupert's despotic rule, but get no further help from the space colonies. After the threat of the laser satellites was removed, the colonies ignored all attempts at contact. They appear to want no more to do with the problems and wars of Earth. The war in the East is still going in Kahn's favor. All of Asia and Africa (except for Charon's East India stronghold) is under his control. But his hold on these lands are shaky. He is running out of food and materials. His repeated attempts to overrun Charon have failed. His followers are beginning to mutter of revolt. And he always must fear a victory by Rupert, which would naturally lead to an attack on Kahn's forces and lands. Deciding that he must have an impregnable base from which to retrench his forces, Kahn decides upon Australia. Able to attack it with the whole of his forces, Kahn takes con- trol of Australia in a matter of days. He then turns his attention to administration, and an unspoken truce is formed between him and Charon [TBoT #2].

The newly re-established United Nations declares that no Earth citizen can be made to answer for the crimes of his race or forbears [TNG 101].

Kazanga of Omega Cygni researches respiratory disease [MRM].

The "Saratoga" class cargo carrier enter service with a complement of 18 and early fusion propulsion [SFC].

The DY-400 "Helsinki" class science survey/research vessels are constructed. Built with a new advanced second generation ion-impulse propulsion system, travel time is reduced to half. Cryogenic units are no longer used, but larger crews are needed [DYC].

The easy victory that Rupert once seemed to have is now an empty dream. By the summer, his forces have been driven back to the German borders. Even though he has brought them to ruin, the German people are still loyal to Rupert, so an invasion of Germany would mean at least another long, hard year of fighting against a still rabid citizenry. The Allies decide to sue for peace instead. The terms of the treaty would require Germany to destroy all of its military machinery and to aid in the restoration of Europe. It also requires that Rupert abdicate the throne, and that the new emperor not be one of the supermen. In return, the Allies will allow Germany to remain an independent state, something they would not allow if an invasion was required. Though he is a despot, Rupert still loves his people, and realizing that the war is lost, accepts the treaty as the best thing for them. To assure the continuance of his power, Rupert appoints a distant relative, Joseph Slegberg, Baron Rustaheim, to be emperor. The war in the East has gone badly for Kahn. One of his allies, K'huarba Insebe, Emperor of East Africa, attacks Kahn's unprotected rear in an attempt to widen his power. Kahn realizes that this is but the first of such results by his allies. Instead of attempting to defend a crumbling empire, Kahn takes the cream of his supermen and retreats to his Australian stronghold [TBoT #2].

23 July
The NASA starship S.S. "Charybdis," commanded by Colonel Steven Richey, departs the Sol system. This is the third manned interstellar ship to depart Earth's solar system. The ship's telemetry fails and is never heard from again [TNG 138].

Spacefarms, huge orbiting windmill-shaped constructions, become a new source of food supply for Earth [SFC].

Intensive training begins for crews of forthcoming extra-solar long- duration interstellar voyages [SFC].

2038, January
Joseph Slegberg becomes Emperor Franz Joseph I. K'huarba, giddy by what he feels is a major victory over Kahn, assembles the dregs of his armies and attacks Charon. He is easily defeated, but the effort, coupled with famine leads to the fall of Charon's empire as well. His armies desert, and driven almost mad by the failure of his dreams, Charon singles out Kahn for blame. His last act before committing suicide is to launch his remaining missiles at Australia. The devastation caused by this attack allows a strike force of Western Allies to move on Kahn's fortress and take him and his main body of supermen followers captive. He refuses to renounce his ambitions, so he and his people are placed aboard a sleeper ship and launched into space. The long struggle with the supermen is over. The results: an Earth in ruins. Widespread starvation and disease. The loss of an incalculable amount of knowledge and resources. And over one-third of the Earth's population destroyed. Surveying the carnage, no one would suspect that Man's finest hour was at hand [TBoT #2].

The DY-500 "Woden" class space freighter is built. Over the next few years the "Woden" class will total six vessels, as will the "Helsinki" class. The last of the DY-Series, the DY-500 ships will remain in service until the mid-2100s [DYC].

Rubindium (Element 120) is discovered in the asteroid belt (Sol system). The crystalline element is a natural laser if properly cut [MRM, PF].

UN Resolution 51 determines that no Earth citizens could be held liable for the acts of their ancestors and confirms the Human status of certain Human-variant strains created in the gene research laboratories re- sponsible for the Eugenics supermen. This is known as the 'Khan's Stepchildren' resolution [TOS #66].

2039, January [reference stardate 0/3901]
Terra's first Pluto Base opens. It will serve as a navigational checkpoint for out-system missions [FASA].

The starliner "Enterprise" makes Earth's first successful interstellar expedition of the Alpha Centauri system. In the 2050s, 7 or more of these 120 meter long, 35 crew starliners will be launched at various target stars within 15 light years of Sol. Only this UESPA "Enterprise" reaches its destination. With the advent of warp drive, these early interstellar probe ships will be phased out [STM].

The 3-man "Bathyscaphe" ships enter service with advanced fission propulsion [SFC].

Television becomes obsolete as a form of entertainment [TNG 126].

The Klingons clash with the Daa'Vit Confederacy and will remain enemies for more than three centuries [GN 9].

Dax is born some time during this era [DSN 401].

The "Columbus" class explorers enter service. These ships will be capable of traveling at 0.75c utilizing antimatter 'spiked' fusion. The "Columbus" class will be the most advanced sublight fusion ship of the 21st Century and the first spaceship class with on-board shuttlecraft for extra- vehicular excursion. The U.N.S.S. "Icarus" will be the most famous ship of this class when it journies to Alpha Centauri and makes contact with the inhabitants. The ship will be preserved in the Moon's Spaceflight Museum. Each ship carries a complement of 40 and an armament of 4 forward lasers and 25 fusion torpedoes, and will quickly supercede the "Columbia" class for interstellar flight [SFC].

Commercial interplanetary travel begins for the Terrans with the inaugural flight of Solar Spacelines. And a new species will soon inhabit the Solar System: the tourist. The "Magellan" class spaceliners enter service, each carrying 260 passengers from Earth to the Asteroid Belt. The "Prince Of Whales" will be the most famous ship of this class, commanded by Captain Lars Olmstead [SFC].

In the "Mirror" universe, the advance fusion drive "Alexander" class vessels are launched [TBoT #14].

The DY-500 "Wheeler" class explorers are phased-out [SFC].

The "Adameve" leaves for Barnard's Star. This interstellar journey is expected to last nine years [SFC].

2042, 23 June [reference stardate 0/4206.23]
The U.N.S.S. "Icarus" sets sail for the closest neighboring star system, Alpha Centauri, commanded by Captain Roger Tauber. The estimated travel time for the voyage is six years. This 8,600 metric ton craft is powered by a high-acceleration, sublight speed Bussard ramjet. A crowd of several thousand people watch nearby as the spacecraft is launched from Luna, while billions watch live, televised coverage, carrying a complement of 40 [SFC, FASA].

Buck Bokai of the London Kings hits a winning home run in the final World Series baseball game, attended by only 300 spectators [DSN 416].

In the "Mirror" universe, the "Icarus" manned mission also leaves for Alpha Centauri. Meanwhile, on Earth, Joachim has become discontent with his friend's obsession with Olympian supremacy, especially since intense inter- breeding has rendered the pure-bred Olympian virtually extinct. Joachim assassinates Khan and takes his place as sole dicator of the Sol system, little knowing that he has set a deadly precedent. Under his command, the Olympian Solar Fleet becomes the Earth Solar Fleet [TBoT #14].

13 November
O-Chlorobezyl-Malononitrite and related chemical gas weapons of war are developed on Earth [WoE].

This is also the era during which Spiderweb is most likely developed [TOS #2].

November [reference stardate 0/4211] Within the Klingon Empire, growing dissatisfaction among the military finally forces the D'kariv line from the halls of power. General Milvi epetai-Javvic of the Imperial Marines takes the throne, the only non-Naval officer ever to hold that office. He begins exploration funding again, but the Imperial Navy opposes him at almost every turn. To regain control over the entire military, Milvi agrees to let his oldest son be trained as an officer of the Imperial Navy, thus assuring that the next emperor will again be a naval officer [FASA].

The "Parr" class interplanetary, 18-man, tug enters service [SFC].

The Ka'Hat plague spreads throughout the Klingonii worlds [MRM].

The bloody Mind Control Revolts start on Earth [ST-TMP].

During the Mind Control Riots, the administering of large doses of meperidine and neo-dopamines (drugs used in crude mind-wiping) are banned [GN 2].

Extra-solar activity grows as more crews will be needed for interstellar flight [SFC].

An Interplanetary Communications Network guarantees reliable communications throughout the Solar System. Mohammed Kahlil, Secretary General of the United Nations, makes the inaugural transmission from the L-4 Communi- cations Platform [SFC].

The S.S. "Charybdis" is contaminated by an alien life form. Colonel Richey, the last survivor, finds himself within a simulacrum created from the novel 'Hotel Royale,' on the planet Theta VIII [TNG 138].

Dora Grayson dies [GN 2].

2045, January [reference stardate 0/4501]
The United Nations Organization celebrates 100 years of cooperation among the peoples of Terra. People throughout the Sol system take part [FASA].

A Vulcan scoutship crashlands on Earth. The survivors secretly leave Earth in a stolen DY-100 vessel with help from Captain Kirk and his officers (transported from 2259). The entire incident is covered up until the late 23rd Century [GN 2].

[reference stardate 0/45] The Andorian Empire is at its height, with 13 colonized worlds outside the Andorian home system [FASA].

Sessek of Vulcan studies alien physiologies [MRM].

The "Belmont" class interplanetary tugs end their service [SFC].

The Venus Flyer, a variable wing 6-man airplane, passes its final Earth testing and is transported to Venus to take part in the Terraforming Project [SFC].

Asteroid Movers end their service lives [SFC].

The Mind Control Revolts end on Earth [ST-TMP].

After twenty years, the Venus Terraforming Project has progressed enough to allow a base to be constructed at the North Pole. Estimates indicate it will be a few decades more before the work is completed. Dr. William Slater reports from the Venus North Pole Base [SFC].

The Work Pods introduced in 2027 are removed from service [SFC].

The U.N.S.S. "Icarus" makes contact with the inhabitants of Alpha Centauri VII. This is Earth's first official extraterrestrial contact. The Centaurians are quite humanoid, descendants of Greeks transported from Earth in the 3rd Century. This event forever changes Humankind [GN 2, STM, TM, SFC, TWF].

In the "Mirror" universe, contact is also established with Alpha Centaurians. Still acting under Khan's orders, the crew of the "Icarus" issues the proclamation "Be conquered or be destroyed." The Alpha Centaurians, a peaceloving race, promptly surrender their liberty for the sake of harmony [TBoT #14].

Alpha Centauri IV and V are Class M worlds and will be colonized by Earth within the next few decades by sublight ships. Alpha Centauri IV will become known as Centaurus or Athens and John Houston Gregory will be the first Terran to land on it [STM, TOS #28, LOR, SFD].

December [reference stardate 0/4812] Zefram Cochrane formulates the initial warp drive calculations that will make faster-than-light possible and, eventually, practical [SFC, FASA].

In the "Mirror" universe, Zefram Cochrane formulates the theory of warp drive. However, he keeps his discovery to himself, not wishing to aid the spread of Earth's brutality throughout the cosmos. But much to his dismay, an Earth spy breaks into his lab and steals his notes, taking the knowledge back to his home world [TBoT #14].

Dilithium (Element 119) is discovered on Jupiter's fifth moon. The major properties of this crystalline element will not be known by Earth for the next two centuries [MRM].

Solar System activity booms as new industrial methods continually raise the Gross Solar Product (GSP) [SFC].

The "Monticello" class cargo carriers enter service with advanced fusion and complements of 15 [SFC].

Uprated DY-500 "Wheeler" series ships are phased-out of service, while DY-500 "Woden" series ships remain in service [SFC].

The Kzinti, a race of felinoid warriors, invade the Sol system. All UESPA spacecraft are commandeered for military use. The DY-500 series is the most advanced of these vessels and is best equipped. Asteroid-based lasers placed on defensive outposts in the outer solar system decades earlier by the UNPF and providing propulsion for UESPA probe spacecraft, are turned against the Kzinti invaders [SW/a, EOM].

The famous Knossus archeological dig on Earth yields accounts of Drantos, a popular Cretan monarch of the middle Bronze Age [TNG #20].

In little over half a century, Earth people can be found throughout the solar system. An accomplishment previous generations of Earthside pioneers would be proud of [SFC].

Earth is depleted of its natural petroleum deposits [TOS #28].

November [reference stardate 0/5011] The Fourteen Clans of Cait are united under one government for the first time in their history, setting the stage for Caitian civilization as it is known today [FASA].

Dr. Zefram Cochrane discovers the space warp at the Alpha Centauri Scientific Institute [Mt, LOR].

Interplanetary super cargo carriers accelerate solar trade and industry in the Sol system [SFC].

2052, April [reference stardate 0/5204]
Cochrane's Warp Drive Principle causes a sensation, and an intensive warp drive development program is immediately set up [FASA].

The "Galileo" class transports ends its service [SFC].

The "Glenn" class space bus enters service. Over 200 of these principal surface-to-orbit carriers will be built, each with a complement of 28 and with the ability to carry up to 450 passengers. Their convertible inter- iors make them useful for both industrial transport and passenger service around Earth, orbital satellite-cities, Mars, Venus, and the Asteroid Belt [SFC].

Cochrane's Factor, the curvature of space-time by the presence of mass in subspace, is discovered [STM].

March [reference stardate 0/5303] Alpha Centaurian biosocialist Zancmar Hodgkins pulishes his Law of Parallel Development, stating that similar planets develop similar life forms with similar cultures. After careful study and approval by the Alpha Centauri Academy of Biosciences, it is transmitted to Terra, where it it received 52 months later [FASA, BC].

2054, September [reference stardate 0/5409]
The "Icarus" returns from its historic journey. The United Nations dispatches a mission to Alpha Centauri to open formal relations, discuss trade, and exchange knowledge of each other's history [FASA].

The "Wayne" class 8-man scouts enter service with advanced fusion drives [SFC].

In the "Mirror" universe, Joachim is delighted with the invention of warp drive and orders the construction of an experimental warp drive ship. It is completed by year's end and tested near Pluto [TBoT #14].

The first warp engine prototype WD-1 propels Rosy the chimpanzee at warp 1.5 during a successful controlled experiment. The U.N.S.S. "Fisher," commanded by Captain Richard Hanna, recovers the prototype at the outer limits of the Pluto Test Area [SFC, FASA, TWF, GN 2].

First Generation warp drive is developed and tested by Zefram Cochrane [GN 2].

Construction begins on the Bekeem colony ship, initiated by the third Supreme Primary Lans [TNG #14].

Interplanetary high-speed ambulances improve the survival rates of the severely sick and injured in the Solar System with quicker access to Earth-based medical facilities. The first of these is the "Keller" class with a complement of 30 and advanced fusion propulsion [SFC].

Zefram Cochrane demonstrates a practical warp drive [TOS #66].

A 100 years in space poll lists encountering life on Alpha Centauri, the first men on the moon, and the Venus Terraforming Project as the three most significant events in Human history [SFC].

June [reference stardate 0/5706] The Xenobiological Probability Study, underwritten by the University of Luna for the United Nations of Terra, is released. This study concludes mathematically that the chances of discovering any intelligent non-humanoid life forms within the next century of exploration are extremely small [FASA].

The "Liberty" class enters service. Each ship having a complement of 39 and advanced fusion propulsion. The U.N.S.S. "Bon Homme Richard" will be the most famous ship of this class [SFC].

July [reference stardate 0/5807] Kamtav epetai-Javvic succeeds his father on the Imperial throne, and carries on with the exploratory efforts. The Klingon military backs the new Emperor, and so conquest begins anew [FASA].

The UN mission that left Terra in 2054 arrives at Alpha Centauri, and diplomatic relations begin [SFC].

The Advanced Pluto Research Station opens [SFC].

The "Bathyscathe" ships end their service [SFC].

[reference stardate 0/5900] Terran space forces have their first violent encounters with aliens later identified as the Vegan Tyranny [FASA].

Professional baseball succumbs to mounting losses. Only eight franchises remain of the thirty-two that had populated the American and National Leagues at the peak of their prosperity [TNG #15].

Lavinius V is attacked by flying parasites. All the inhabitants are used for slave labor and killed [OA].

The Industrial Space Ark concept is proposed as a potential boom to space economy [SFC].

The "Saratoga" class cargo carriers end their service lives [SFC].

"Long" class, 9-man barges with advanced fusion drives, enter service [SFC].

Cochrane's team succeeds in producing a prototype field device of massive proportions. Described as a fluctuation superimpeller, it finally allows an unmanned flight test vehicle to straddle the speed of light "wall," alternating between two velocity states while remaining at neither for longer than Planck time. The first continuum distortion propulsion (CDP) engines (only informally dubbed warp engines) are developed and incorpor- ated into existing spacecraft designs. Eventually Cochrane and his team of engineers relocate to the Alpha Centauri colonies (a 4-year CDP-powered voyage) to continue to pioneer warp physics. The S.S. "Bonaventure" (NCC- S1100) galactic survey cruiser, the first starship with warp drive, will be built and launched, and will mysteriously disappear on her third voyage [NTM, EOM, STM, Tr/a].

Solar Spacelines has special tourist flights to view Halley's Comet close-up [SFC].

2062, January [reference stardate 0/6201]
The Fundamental Declaration of the Martian Colonies establishes independent government for all Terran colonies. It is used as a precedent-setting doc- ument for worlds wanting to decalare governmental autonomy and signed by John Hammerlich, governor of the Martian Colonies. Matthew Turnbull Knox is one of the authors of the Fundamental Declaration and eventually will become one of the Martian governors in the early 22nd Century. It gives form to Humankinds first government independent of Terran control [SFC, FASA, FRS].

In the "Mirror" universe, the Alliance Code of the Martian Colonies is drafted by dictator Joachim, placing all inhabited regions in the Sol system under his rule [TBoT #14].

04 February [reference stardate 0/6202.04]
Chandley Works, Ltd. is founded in Caravalla, Mars by Rear Admiral Thomas Chandley before the U.F.P.'s formation, the company will be a major sup- plier and producer of efficient combat vessel designs [FASA]. John Burke, the Chief Astronomer at the Royal Academy of Great Britain, maps the UFC 24187 (Sherman's Planet) region [TT, STM].

The "Great Awakening" occurs on Argelius II [WF].

A major earthquake strikes Oldtown San Francisco, Earth. It will take twenty years to rebuild the city [GN 5, TOS #54].

The Venus Flyer comes to the end of its service life on Venus [SFC].

Alpha Centauri and Terra begin cultural exchanges. Their ties of friend- ship and cooperation continue to strengthen [FASA].

A Romulan underground group is formed. Their purpose is to force the Romulan government to peacefully co-exist with other interstellar neighbors [TOS #27].

Rapid improvements in warp drive technology results in the advanced "Verne" class ships. These cruisers are the most popular of the early warp spaceships, used for both interplanetary and interstellar missions. The U.N.S.S. "Amity" will make the first historical Vulcan contact and carry the stranded Vulcan survivors back to their home world. These ships utilize 35:1 matter to antimatter fuel, have warp 2.7 capability, a complement of 112, and are armed with 8 forward lasers and 50 fusion torpedoes [SFC].

July [reference stardate 0/6407] The "Franklin" series warp-driven message probe becomes operational. These small, unmanned probes have rudimentary astrogational equipment, and are capable of carrying a cargo of up to 0.1 metric tons in addition to several hundred recorded messages. These probes are later refitted with modern warp drives and used for the next three decades. A total of 380 are built [FASA].

The Kzinti make one more attack on the Sol system. The Kzinti are once and for all defeated by Earth forces. Their Patriarchy is stripped down to a handful of planets by the Treaty of Sirius and they are confined to a spherical volume of space 50 light years in diameter. The Treaty of Sirius (and the later Treaty of Vega IX) also guarantees the multi-racial makeup of starship crews [SW/a, STM, EOM].

The 'temporary' consolidation of UESPA with the UN security forces becomes a necessary and permanent one, following the four Kzinti raids. The militaristic elements that characterize UESPA will diminish during the 22nd Century, largely through the influence of Vulcan technology and philosophy [EOM].

Intensive archeological study of the Meztorien civilization begins [TOS #65].

Jason Nyere dies from an unspecified fever [GN 2].

A disabled starship from the planet Vulcan is rescued by the Solar Fleet: 42 survivors including 4 wounded under the command of Captain Sparon. After a brief Earth stay they are returned to their home planet aboard the U.N.S.S. "Amity" ("Verne" class) cruiser, which rescued them, commanded by Captain Peter O'Brian and begin diplomatic relations. This is Earth's first official contact with the Vulcans [SFC, FASA, GN 2].

In the "Mirror" universe, first contact with Vulcan also occurs. A warrior race, the Vulcans nevertheless possess a startling intelligence. War breaks out instantly with heavy casualties on both sides including the loss of the warp drive ship I.S.S. "Bonaventure" [TBoT #14].

The fourth-dimensional (second-level) nature of dilithium crystals is discovered. On Earth, a mad dilithium rush occurs when it is discovered that dilithium crystals have a dozen different three-dimensional physical configurations which can make them resemble common crystals. Many Earth museums become incredibly well-funded overnight simply by tearing apart their geology exhibits to find dilithium crystals which had been misident- ified as quartz for generations. It will be some time until the crystals are used to their full potential in warp drives [GN 7, TOS #68].

The Djanai settle their neighboring planet Inar--which later becomes unin- habitable via nuclear catastrophe, forcing them to reclaim Djana [GN 5].

The Rey begin space exploration in the hope of contacting other intelligent life forms [TOS #67].

About this time, Melody Sawyer, commander of the survey ship "Xeno," goes down with her ship after rescuing all hands following an engine room explosion [GN 2].

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