Star Trek Timeline

By James Dixon

This timeline is split into 20 parts, linked here:

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Notes: including explanation of acronyms, etc.

06 October
The U.S.S. "Concord" (NCC-2506) is deployed for a subquadrant patrol mission, reportedly operating with the fast frigate U.S.S. "Brooke" (NCC-3210) [SotF].

The U.S.S. "Ingram" (NCC-2001) space control ship is launched. An upgraded "Excelsior" class starship with 22 phasers, 4 megaphasers, and 3 torpedo banks, the "Ingram" is equipped with a sophisticated form of standard lin- ear warp drive due to the complexity, suceptibility to extraneous factors, and poor power curve of the Transwarp drive [ECP].

11 October
An exploratory cruise is begun by the U.S.S. "Essahir" (NCC-2508). Ships operating with the "Essahir" at this time include the heavy cruiser "Alfr" (NCC-1741), the fast frigate "Atalanti" (NCC-3212), and the frigate "Noshiro" (NCC-1885) [SotF].

12 October
The "Raan" (NCC-2519) returns to her home port Starbase 7 and is placed in selected restricted availability until mid-December [SotF].

13 October
The U.S.S. "Argus" (NCC-1078) "Arbiter" class perimeter action ship is laid down at Star Fleet Division, Puget Sound Yards, Earth [SotF2].

The proposed Project ADREFT ("Avenger" Design REFiT), of upgrading the heavy frigate class with a single warp drive, megaphaser, and weapons pod system, is shelved [SfP].

The U.S.S. "Fahrion" (NCC-2510) returns to space off of Starbase 10 to conduct small craft qualification operations with Military Staff Committee members aboard as observers [SotF].

19 October
The strike cruisers "Seneca" (NCC-2538) and "Sovereign" (NCC-2505) are in port at New Canberra, Aldebaran. The U.S.S. "Sovereign" will be assigned to TacFleet for a six-week tactical training mini-cruise with the heavy cruisers "Yorktown" (NCC-1704) and "Exeter" (NCC-1706), and operate in the Ky'Achta area of Subquadrant 1 south. The "Aveley" (NCC-2543) is reassign- ed to Subquadrant 3 south [SotF].

22 October
Operational control of the "Aveley" (NCC-2543) is changed from the Bekkaas Installation to Starbase 26 [SotF].

23 October
The U.S.S. "Basan Goru" (NCC-3247) "Ianar" class fast frigate is commis- sioned [IFP].

October The U.S.S. "Mira" (NCC-2542) "Belknap" class strike cruiser departs the disputed Tholian Assembly border, after spending 302 consecutive days in space on patrol, maintaining a continuous alert status with support units for nearly 8 months [SotF].

25 October
The U.S.S. "Sur Cha" (NCC-2541) completes her classified status mission and will return to her home port, Starbase 5, next month [SotF].

27 October
The U.S.S. "Haven" (NCC-2514) departs Starbase 8 on a subquadrant cruise with the deployment group consisting of the frigate "Atrevida" (NCC-1957), the scouts "Indianola" (NCC-608) and "Fall River" (NCC-615), the corvettes "Paoki" (NCC-3302) and "Varanasi" (NCC-3318) and the perimeter action ship "Enfield" (NCC-1129). The "Haven" is expected to complete her mission in late 2290. The U.S.S. "Decatur" (NCC-2500) embarks on another training mission, with members of the Star Fleet Junior Officers Assoc- iation on board for observation. The U.S.S. "Kuei" (NCC-1103) "Akula" class perimeter action ship is laid down at Terran Rockwell (Spacecraft Division), Pedersen Spaceport, Earth [SotF, SotF2].

28 October
The data-gathering mission involving the U.S.S. "Haversham" (NCC-2504) ends [SotF].

29 October
The U.S.S. "Baikal" (NCC-2513) is deployed to Subquadrant 3 south [SotF].

30 October
The U.S.S. "Aparri" (NCC-1077) "Arbiter" class perimeter action ship is launched [SotF2].

01 November
The U.S.S. "Tioga" (NCC-1063) "Arbiter" class perimeter action ship is commissioned [SotF2].

02 November
The U.S.S. "Evian" (NCC-1043) "Akyazi" class perimeter action ship is commissioned [SotF2].

03 November
The U.S.S. "Khirirat" (NCC-2503) participates in the joint Star Fleet/ Karuv'ti exercise Atanatak in the southern subquadrant sectors. Her de- ployment group at this time includes the heavy frigate "Auguste" (NCC-1899), the fast frigate "Atalanti" (NCC-3212), and the destroyer "Tamerlane" (NCC-510) [SotF].

04 November
The U.S.S. "Fahrion" (NCC-2510) strike cruiser begins to conduct training operations [SotF].
06 November
The U.S.S. "Estocin" (NCC-2511) makes a port call at Hepteradas [SotF].

07 November
The U.S.S. "Seneca" (NCC-2538) concludes operations in the northern subquadrant area [SotF].

10 November
Systems rejuvenation of the U.S.S. "Rishiri" (NCC-2507) strike cruiser is complete [SotF].

11 November
The "Estocin" (NCC-2511) departs Hepteradas and heads to her home port at Starbase 24. After a two-week stay at Daran V, the "Aveley" (NCC-2543) returns to Starbase 26, her home port. The U.S.S. "Ashiya" (NCC-1083) "Arbiter" class perimeter action ship is laid down at Rodriquez Ingenieria, Lima, Earth [SotF, SotF2].

12 November
A DF-7 assault craft of the Alturat squadron crashes into the hangar bay of the U.S.S. "Sovereign" (NCC-2505) causing major damage to the craft but resulting in no casualties. The U.S.S. "Baikal" (NCC-2513) returns from patrol and observation duty near Kzin space to conduct a two-week workup for extended-duration exploratory duty. The U.S.S. "Briza" (NCC-2515) participates in FleetEx 223-5 [SotF].

The TacFleet strike cruiser "Matsurra" (NCC-2512) is withdrawn from class- ified status [SotF].

17 November
The strike cruiser "Haversham" (NCC-2504) operates in the inner subquadrant area. Her sister ship the "Mira" (NCC-2542) returns to her home port of Starbase 22 and is awarded the subquadrant Mission Efficiency Award for the third time and wins the Utaves Medal (for best ship in the Subquadrant Fleet)--both firsts for a strike cruiser. The strike cruiser "Mikuma" (NCC-2516) returns to her home port at Starbase 20 from her extended-dur- ation exploratory mission, having departed three years ago with the "Hornet" (NCC-2516) [SotF].

18 November
The U.S.S. "Aveley" (NCC-2543) enters selected restricted availabilty [SotF].

20 November
Operational stand down and preliminary systems inspection begins for the U.S.S. "Mikuma" (NCC-2516) [SotF].

23 November
The U.S.S. "Mira" (NCC-2542) goes on operational stand down status at Starbase 22. Her sister ship, the U.S.S. "Seneca" (NCC-2538), is placed under temporary TacFleet jurisdiction and is believed to operate with the strike cruiser "Matsurra" (NCC-2512) until mid-December. The training deployment of the U.S.S. "Decatur" (NCC-2500) is completed [SotF].

25 November
The U.S.S. "Rishiri" (NCC-2507) is deployed with numerous support groups. Her sister ship "Estocin" (NCC-2511) arrives at her home port Starbase 25 and is placed on selected restricted availability by the year's end [SotF].

28 November
The U.S.S. "Delphin" (NCC-2537) returns to Starbase 19 [SotF].

29 November
The U.S.S. "Mikuma's" (NCC-2516) operational stand down and inspection is completed [SotF].

30 November
The U.S.S. "Raritan" (NCC-1845) "Enterprise (II)" class heavy cruiser is commissioned [SotF, HCE].

02 December
Exercise Atanatak ends [SotF].

03 December
The U.S.S. "Sur Cha" (NCC-2541) is deployed along the Klingon-Federation border. The U.S.S. "Abila" (NCC-1044) "Akyazi" class perimeter action ship is commissioned. The U.S.S. "Kutaisi" (NCC-1111) "Akula" class perimeter action ship is laid down at Terran Rockwell (Spacecraft Division), Pedersen Spaceport, Earth [SotF, SotF2].

05 December
Selected restricted availability begins for the "Mikuma" (NCC-2516) at Starbase 20 [SotF].

06 December
The U.S.S. "Baikal" (NCC-2513) arrives at Starbase 5 for assignment with other fleet units [SotF].

09 December
The U.S.S. "Sovereign" (NCC-2505) "Belknap" class strike cruiser is as- signed to defensive status in Quadrant zero [SotF].

11 December
Operational stand down status for the strike cruiser "Mira" (NCC-2542) ends at Starbase 22 [SotF].

12 December
The U.S.S. "Essahir" (NCC-2508) is returned to Starbase 9. A DF-20 assault craft of the Chirripo squadron accelerates prematurely during launch mode and crashes into the landing bay wall of the U.S.S. "Haversham" (NCC-2504). The pilot is killed instantly and the ship suffers Class A damage (requiring repair at a dockyard facility), resulting in the "Haversham" proceeding to Starbase 23 to be placed on operational stand down [SotF].

13 December
The U.S.S. "Thrace" (NCC-1064) "Arbiter" class perimeter action ship is commissioned [SotF2].

The U.S.S. "Khirirat" (NCC-2503) leaves port at Lucerna, Rigel II [SotF].

15 December
The U.S.S. "Amastra" (NCC-1046) "Akyazi" class perimeter action ship is launched [SotF2].

The TacFleet strike cruiser "Matsurra" (NCC-2512) engages in joint TacFleet/Star Fleet exercises with the strike cruiser "Seneca" (NCC-2538) [SotF].

17 December
The U.S.S. "Delphin" (NCC-2537) enters the Cameron Naval Facility for 12-week selected restricted availability (SRA), while the U.S.S. "Concord" (NCC-2506), her sister ship, returns to her home port at Starbase 25 to also be placed in SRA by the year's end. The "Fahrion" (NCC-2510), meanwhile, completes her training operations. The U.S.S. "Decatur" (NCC-2500) departs Starbase 3 on an extended-duration training cruise [SotF].

The Swift War ignites between the U.F.P. and Klingon Empire. It will result in the virtual annihilation of many worlds on both sides and event- ually inspire a genuine change in attitudes [TWF].

Captain K'Temok, commanding the Klingon warship "T'Ong," embarks on a long-term voyage with his crew in suspended animation [TNG 146].

20 December
The "Haversham" (NCC-2504) completes operations in the inner sub- quadrant area, while her sister ship the "Mira" (NCC-2542) enters the Cameron Naval Facility for 8-week selected restricted availability [SotF].

21 December
The U.S.S. "Essahir" (NCC-2508) departs Starbase 9 to participate with Azurian vessels in a joint exercise [SotF].

28 December
The U.S.S. "Timis" (NCC-1080) "Arbiter" class perimeter action ship is laid down at Singapore Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Ltd., Singapore, Earth [SotF2].

31 December
The U.S.S. "Temeraire" (NCC-1846) "Enterprise (II)" class heavy cruiser is commissioned [SotF, HCE].

2290, 02 January
FleetEx 223-5 involving the strike cruiser "Briza" (NCC-2515) concludes [SotF].

07 January (stardate 8707.01)
'Federation Starship Recognition Chart' is published.

14 January
The U.S.S. "Levant" (NCC-1843) "Enterprise (II)" class heavy cruiser is commissioned [SotF, HCE].

'Star Fleet Enginery: Circumferential PB Warp Engine Series' is published, having originally appeared in the July 2264 issue of 'Starship Design' [SFE].

The "Fahrion" (NCC-2510) enters selected restricted availability at Rigel [SotF].

22 January
The U.S.S. "Baikal" (NCC-2513) "Belknap" class strike cruiser is deployed [SotF].

09 February
The U.S.S. "Dagu" (NCC-3248) "Ianar" class fast frigate is commissioned [IFP].

February Volume One of 'Ships of the Star Fleet' (103rd edition) is published [SotF].

March The strike cruiser U.S.S. "Mikuma" (NCC-2516) is deployed [SotF].

26 March
The U.S.S. "Guiyang" (NCC-3249) "Ianar" class fast frigate is commis- sioned [IFP].

April The "Talence" (NCC-1062) and "Thrace" (NCC-1064) perimeter action ships exceed velocity maneuvering records while on Fleet trials with the heavy cruiser "Alkaid" (NCC-1829). The ships regularly outscore the heavy cruiser, rendering her offensive capability ineffectual during multiple engagements [SotF2].

The U.S.S. "Decatur" (NCC-2500) returns from her extended-duration training cruise embarked upon in December [SotF].

June The U.S.S. "Sjoto" (NCC-1098) "Akula" class perimeter action ship is commissioned. She is the first of the "B" variants in this series [SotF2].

August Admiral Joseph Primmin (Special Operations, TacFleet) commands the Primmin's Hunt Exercise. The perimeter action ships "Acerra" (NCC-1049), "Jico" (NCC-1057), and "Armavir" (NCC-1059) are tracked into separate areas of operation by 3 individual task force units. Their orders are to avoid their respective group of "hunters" (each consisting of 1 heavy cruiser and 1 fast frigate) while remaining within their assigned areas of space. Utilizing all of the elements at their disposal, including speed, maneuverability, cloaking systems, and overall stealth characteristics, only the "Acerra" is located by her assigned search task force after 6 days of attempts [SotF2].

Volume Two/Number One of 'Ships of the Star Fleet: Akyazi class Perimeter Action Ships' (103rd edition) is first published [SotF2].

The Type 4D Combat Phaser sees widespread use by Star Fleet marines and security specialists [SFD].

Star Fleet Tactical and Star Fleet Operations decide that there are definite advantages in having a permanent test crew assigned to Strategic Design. The Cathedral Unit, the test crew comprised of personnel from the Star Fleet Corps of Engineers and Star Fleet Tactical assigned to evaluate starship prototypes, is formed [SfP].

The U.F.P. consists of a total of 1,560 member systems [SFD].

Archeologists on Faramond make a major discovery: a basic chemistry book, perhaps a children's text, enabling translation of the language of the Old Culture [GN 12].

[reference stardate 2/29.16?] Dr. Caroline Ravenwood is awarded the Cochrane Award for her breakthroughs in psychotherapeutic engineering, which will eventually make possible the invention of the Holodeck [FASA].

[Y 180] The Hydrans and Orions begin operating fast patrol ships. Three U.F.P. dreadnoughts are converted to DN+'s. Warp 3.2 drones become available, although maximum ship combat speed is about warp 3.19-- anything faster than that ruins the tracking capability [SFB].

2291, January
The U.S.S. "Decisive" (NCC-3231) class fast frigate is commissioned. Having a smaller profile and faster than previous classes, 19 ships of this class are planned [SotF].

01 February [reference stardate 2/3002.1]
The 77th revised edition of "Star Fleet Training Command Regulations' is published [FASA].

Captain Roger Wright is assigned to the Cathedral Unit of Star Fleet [SfP].

[Y 181] The U.F.P. CV "MacArthur" crashes into the Romulan capitol during "Operation Remus." The Kzinti begin operating fast patrol ships and add them to their space control ship dreadnoughts. The Gorns, Romulans, and Tholians begin operating fast patrol ships. Ardak Kumerian is promoted to Admiral. Phil Kosnett is promoted to Commodore [SFB].

After 25 years the U.F.P. seal is changed. The new seal features a more uniform laurel wreath similar to that in the United Nations seal, circling an altered, gridless, view of the Treaty Zone emphasizing 3 stars. It will be approximately one year before the new seal is employed throughout all divisions of the U.F.P. but it shall remain unaltered for over 80 years. It may initially represent the Grand Alliance and clearly has its design lineage in the Star Fleet Space Station division emblem [ST VI, SfP, FASA, JRM2].

The upgrading of the 16 "Starstalker" (NCC-2117) class patrol cruisers to class 1b technology begins. The addition of dual phaser cannon makes this class the most heavily armed in the fleet [SfP].

The "Ranger" (NCC-2701) light cruiser class starship is launched. Featuring 12 phaser emplacements, two torpedo tubes, a complement of 470, and a maximum speed of warp 14.9, it is the most accepted light cruiser class starship since the introduction of the "Amchitka" (NCC-1310) class. The ECHO (Enhanced Collimation via Harmonic Oscillation) enhanced phaser system is scheduled to be tested on this new starship class [SfP]

A new starship class, the Tactical Cruiser, is launched. The U.S.S. "Thruxton" (NCC-2761) TacCruiser class features a ship's complement of 455, 4 phaser cannon, 12 standard phasers, 4 torpedo tubes, and a maximum speed of warp 15.3 [SfP].

The U.S.S. "S'Harien" (NCC-3107) class battlecruiser prototype is launched. Features include 12 phasers, 4 torpedo tubes, a ship's complement of 440, an emergency warp of 13.4, and a unique jettisonable secondary hull. This ship represents an improved and upgraded "Menahga" (NCC-3100) class battlecruiser, and plans are made to recall most of the "Menahga" starships back for refit following the commissioning of this improved battlecruiser class [SfP].

The long-heralded "Pharris" (NCC-3537) strategic frigate class is launched. Featuring three landing platforms, a complement of 375, warp 11.8 capacity, two torpedo tubes (of a new launch design mounted in the old hull position just below the bridge), and 12 standard phaser emplacements, it is yet another offshoot of the "Avenger" (NCC-1860) heavy frigate class but incorporating close-mounted warp nacelles [SfP].

Incorporating design elements of the "Avenger" (NCC-1860) class heavy frigates, the "Adamant" (NCC-3029) dreadnought class prototype is launched. Along with the traditional 3 nacelles, her elongated hull features 4 fore/aft firing megaphasers, 12 standard phaser emplacements, 4 photon torpedo tubes (in a weapons pod), but a complement of only 430 and an emergency maximum speed of warp factor 12.6 [SfP].

The "Dupleix" (NCC-2346) class perimeter action ship is tested, utilizing an experimental twin nacelle deployment to harness the absolute maximum speed (warp factor 14) and acceleration advantage for an Escort-design, while seriously sacrificing maneuverability. Her specs include 14 standard phaser emplacements, two fore/aft firing megaphaser cannon, and a complement of 311 [SfP].

The "Scimitar" (NCC-2901) fast destroyer class is the first attempt to achieve tandem nacelles at the bottom of a dorsal pylon in a starship. Chosen as a testbed vessel for both the BackUP phaser/photon torpedo augmentation system and the controversial Perseus Shield System, the "Scimitar" has a complement of 320, a maximum emergency warp of 12.4, 4 torpedo tubes, and 14 standard phasers (not counting the BackUP unit) [SfP].

Derived from the "Dupleix" (NCC-2346) dual nacelle design, the "Phantom" (NCC-2951) superscout prototype is launched, featuring the experimental "Opera" passive sensor pod array to serve as a mobile covert sensor platform. A complement of 300, 12 phasers, and an emergency max. speed of warp 13.6, makes this a unique class to be built [SfP].

The "Davenport" (NCC-2635) corvette class prototype is launched. The first experiment with lateral-oriented nacelles gives this class warp 13.6 maximum speed. Having virtually no secondary hull and a complement of only 275, this class is armed with only two fore/aft megaphaser cannon [SfP].

The prototype U.S.S. "Schmidt" (NCC-800) tug completes trial runs. This Class 2 spacecraft design having a complement of only 62, a cruising speed of warp 5, and a tractor beam nacelle with no ordnance, is scheduled to replace the "Ptolemy" (NCC-3801) class transport/tugs [SfP].

The "Archangel" (NCC-2294) class shuttlecarrier is launched. Intended to eventually replace the "Ariel" (NCC-2200) class shuttlecarriers, the "Archangel" features 6 landing bays, a ship's complement of 500, 14 phaser emplacements, warp 9.5 capacity, and two impulse drives [SfP].

The U.S.S. "Enterprise," drydocked at Starbase 1, undergoes systems upgrades to warp drive (the incorporation of salvaged Transwarp technology & intermix sequence giving the ship a maximum emergency velocity of warp 18.6), secondary propulsion (all pulsed laser reaction-control systems replaced with particle-beam thrusters), and the possible upgrading of life support and transporter systems--with the potential alteration of exterior hull markings in the near-future. This is also likely the time of her third bridge refitting or swapout. The new bridge module features the lateral relocation of turbolift shafts allowing the installation of a total of four aft stations (2 Tactical and 2 Master Sit- uation) instead of the previous two stations between the turbolift alcoves. This upgrade results in modification to the upper two deck levels in the command hull and relocation of the captain's ready room from B Deck to the outer perimeter of Deck 1, in addition to the usual individual bridge station instrumentation upgrades [SfP, EDP, ST VI, EBD].

stardates 9521.6-9529.1 (November?)
Unknown forces attack Themis and Kudao. The Klingon moon Praxis explodes, giving the Klingon Empire 50 years of life left. The "Enterprise," under command of Captain Kirk, is assigned to escort the Klingon battlecruiser "Kronos One" through U.F.P. space. Gorkon, Chancellor of the Klingon High Council, is assassinated and Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy are sentenced to the Rura Penthe penal colony. Escaping from the prison asteroid, Kirk prevents the assassination of the Federation President at the Khitomer Conference and destroys the prototype Bird of Prey "Dakronh," capable of firing while cloaked, commanded by General Chang. The "Enterprise" heads back to Earth to be decommissioned, her principle bridge officers anticipating retirement. "Enterprise" fatalities: Ensign Burke, Ensign Samno (Security Yeomen) [ST VI].

The 25th Anniversary Edition of 'Starfleet Dynamics' is published, a compilation of the previous 'Starfleet Officer Requirements' manuals (2280-2290) [SFD].

stardates 9587.2-9582.1
The "Enterprise" heads for Starbase 12 where she is ordered to transport a team of mediators (the Treadways, who recently brought peace to the planet Risa, settling a decade of conflicts) to Ssan (Alpha Gederix IV) after a rendezvous with the U.S.S. "Potemkin" (NCC-1711). The assas- sination cult on Ssan is dissolved with the death of Shil Andrachis. Jocelyn Treadway, ex-wife of Dr. McCoy, also dies in the line of duty. "Enterprise" fatalities: Diaz (Security Officer) [GN 14].

Heading back to Starbase 1 (Sol System) for decommissioning, the "Enterprise" responds to an urgent distress signal from the "Excelsior" class space control ship "Bill Of Rights" (NCC-2010?). In orbit of the planet Faramond, the U.S.S. "Bill Of Rights" commanded by Captain Alma Anne Roth is found ensnared by a dampening field created by the renegade Roy Moss on the surface. An alien long-distance frequency- focus transporter left behind by an ancient civilization is engaged by Moss resulting in the world's destruction. The "Enterprise" heads back to Earth with Moss in custody where the U.F.P. president announces the new decision not to decommission the "Enterprise" and her sister ships [GN 12]. Issue 25 of 'Starfleet Prototype' is published [SfP].

Strategic Design issues 'Starship Enterprise NCC-1701A Deck Plans' published by the Star Fleet Academy Training Command Press [EDP].

Additional phaser banks (RSM-12A single mount) are installed in the secondary hull of "Acharnar" class heavy cruisers [SotF].

February Several senior officers of the "Enterprise" retire from Star Fleet [ST VI].

The Klingon-Romulan Alliance is dissolved [TNG 181].

Building begins on the "Ianetos" (NCC-710) class superscouts [SotF].

The U.S.S. "Malverne," "Fredrikstad" (NCC-2204) class shuttlecarrier, is launched [SotF].

Eight ships of the "Amchitka" (NCC-1310) light cruiser class are put into service, bringing the total number of active light cruisers in Star Fleet to 20 [SotF].

Building begins on the "Kresta" (NCC-1966) class heavy frigates. Originally proposed as being the last frigate-type ships to be constructed based on the "Avenger" design, the "Miranda" class will follow, well into the next century [SotF].

Funded by the Interstellar Ministry of Science, the "Nakarat" (NCC-1805), "Agena" (NCC-1816), "Antares" (NCC-1820), and "Betelgeuse" (NCC-1822) heavy cruisers leave U.F.P. treaty territory on extended-duration exploratory missions [SotF].

[Y 182] Operation "Cavalry": Gorn fleet units transfer to the Klingon frontier for a major assualt in cooperation with Kzinti and U.F.P. units [SFB].

The Tellarites declare victory in absentia over the Calligar [TOS #57].

Ensign Matt Franklin is assigned to the U.S.S. "Jenolen" (NCC-2010), a "Sydney" class transport, under the command of Captain James Armstrong [TNG 230].

Building begins on the U.S.S. "Excel" (NCC-2545) class strike cruiser [SotF].

The "Endurance" class heavy frigates "Dardanius" (NCC-1871) and "Hippolyta" (NCC-1872) are assigned to Subquadrant 4 north [SotF].

The "Achernar" class heavy cruisers "Sol" (NCC-1733) and "Astrad" (NCC-1739) are assigned to the Star Fleet Reserve Force [SotF].

[Y 183] Repeated carrier battles ignite between U.F.P./Kzinti and Klingon forces. The U.F.P. CV "Napoleon" is heavily damaged and taken out of the war [SFB].

The Kotri close-in deflector shield system (CIDSS) is incorporated into the "Enterprise (II)" class heavy cruisers. The CIDDS might also be backfitted into all "Constitution (II)" class vessels [SotF].

2294 stardate 7893.1
The U.S.S. "Jenolen" (NCC-2010) "Sydney" class transport, bound for the Norpin V colony crashes onto an alien Dyson Sphere artifact. The retiring Captain Montgomery Scott, and Ensign Matt Franklin, are the only survivors of the crash. They lock the transporter's pattern buffer in a diagnostic cycle and place themselves into transporter stasis [TNG 230].

Construction begins on the long-awaited "Arusha" class superscouts. An impressive 32 vessels of this class of sleek, sophisticated designed scouts with a 23% greater range than current ships are proposed [SotF].

[Y 184] At the Pleiades Turkey Shoot, "Cracker Jack" Radey saves the fleet [SFB].

Magna Roma (UFC 892-IV) becomes a member of the U.F.P. following revolutions and the start of reforms [TNG #8].

The "Amerind" (NCC-626) class scouts now number 13, each having increased range and superior scientific capability. Like the "Cygnus" (NCC-617) class scouts and "Cochise" (NCC-530) class destroyers, the "Amerind" scouts feature ACE (Advanced, Circumferential warp Engine) propulsion, made pos- sible by Transwarp research funding increases [SotF].

Construction is completed on the "Riga" (NCC-3340) class corvettes, totalling 17 [SotF].

Three ships of the "Tikopai" class are assigned to the Star Fleet Reserve Force [SotF].

The outbreak of plasma plague in the Obi system takes many lives [TNG 150].

Three ships of the "Lng'we Chi" (NCC-23005) exploratory cruiser class are launched [SotF].

Two ships of the "Excel" (NCC-2545) strike cruiser class are in service [SotF].

Additional ships of the successful "Etna" (NCC-2131) class command ship are constructed, bringing the number of these vessels to 18 [SotF].

The heavy cruisers "Essex" (NCC-1727) and "Potemkin" (NCC-1711) are decommissioned. The building/converting of "Enterprise (II)" class heavy cruisers is completed. Star Fleet's heavy cruiser fleet now stands at 95 active starships: 14 "Enterprise (II)" class, 18 "Ashanti" class, 33 "Tikopai" class, 7 "Constitution (II)" class, 14 "Endeavor" class, and 9 "Achernar" class [SotF].

Star Fleet reaches its Class One fleet buildup goal of approximately 90 classes and 1600 active hulls, Commissioner Valdemar's proposition [SotF].

[Y 185] The Organians return and halt the war. They offer no explanation for their absence, but express hope that the "Lower Empires" (as they call the others) have "learned the futility of war" [SFB].

All 16 ships comprising the "Ianetos" (NCC-710) superscout class are built, commissioned, and in active service [SotF].

Construction begins on the "Reigate" heavy cruiser class to replace the aging "Achernar" starships on active duty [SotF].

The Ansata of Rutia IV are denied their independence and resort to terrorism which will last for over 70 years [TNG 160].

All nine vessels of the "Kresta" (NCC-1966) class heavy frigates are com- pleted and commissioned [SotF].

[Y 186] The Interstellar Concordium attempts to save the warring galaxy from itself by occupying most of it over the next year [SFB].

Production begins on the "Constellation" (NCC-1017) class star cruisers. A definite departure from established starship designs, this class features a "laminated" primary hull, a rotated impulse drive, 4 laterally-oriented warp drive nacelles, 12 standard phaser emplacements, and several photon torpedo tubes and megaphaser cannon. Designed for long-term self-sufficiency, the "Constellation" class carries a complement of 640 and will be employed on extended duration exploration probes far outside the present boundaries of the U.F.P. Treaty Zone [SfP].

A Klingon expedition makes contact with Ventax II [TNG 187].

Beta Li'odo signs a treaty with the U.F.P. The first known contact with the Nuaran Imperium occurs when the U.S.S. "Polaris" engages the invading fleet [TNG #6].

[Y 188] The Andromedans invade the galaxy [SFB].

All major Class 1b starships are "Transwarp" retrofitted [SfP].

Janri Kash is born [DSN #5].

Captain Hikaru Sulu at age 70 may be experiencing heart problems at this time from latent gravity stress effects experienced in his childhood, according to Dr. McCoy's diagnosis in 2258 [GN 1].

October [reference stardate 2/3910] The "Excelsior" class U.S.S "Enterprise" (NCC-1701-B) is built at the Antares Shipyards. She will be commanded by Captain Tomas Johnson, Jr. and be a key figure in the exploration of space beyond the Gourami Sector. Over 142 star systems will be mapped by this ship, including first contact with 17 civilizations [FASA, EDC, NTM].

Aklier Ti'Kara is born on Capulon (Sigma Delphini) IV [TNG #27].

The U.F.P. makes its first contact with the inhabitants of Angel I [TNG 115].

The Preservers first come to Star Fleet's attention [TNG #28].

Bata Huri is born [DSN #5].

The passenger starliner "Prospector" (B2004) is built [TNG #29].

2305, 13 July
Jean-Luc Picard is born in LaBarre, France on Earth [TNG 214].

The Klah'Kimmbri resort to kidnapping off-worlders to continue their Conflicts [TNG #9].

Timicin is born on Kaelon II [TNG 196].

The Cardassians move into the Bajoran system and strip Bajor [DSN 401, DSN #1].

Jean-Luc Picard sleeps outdoors for the first time, with his playmate Louis, brother Robert, and Robert's friend Claude [TNG #19].

Indri VIII, a class L planet covered with deciduous vegetation and possessing no animal life whatsoever, is identified by U.F.P. vessels [TNG 246].

Diat Manja pays a visit to T'Sara's residence [GN 13].

The first unofficial contacts between the U.F.P. and the Ferengi Alliance start [TNG #0].

The Treaty of Algeron (an amendment?) forbids the U.F.P. to develop cloaking device technology [TNG 264].

2311, January [reference stardate 2/5001]
The Anastas Medal of Achievement is originated by Star Fleet Command. Named for the first female starship captain, it is awarded to female officers of executive command rank or higher who have demonstrated superior skill and expertise while facing extreme hazard. It is a platinum disk showing the principal representatives of the U.F.P. with hands joined above a gold inscription of "Achieve Together," and hangs from an aquamarine ribbon [FASA].

The Tomad Incident is the last U.F.P. contact with the Romulans. Thousands of lives are lost. For more than half a century they will remain out of contact with the U.F.P. and the Klingon Empire (excluding the Norendra III attack of 2344) [TNG 126].

[Y 202] After a long campaign, the Andromedans are defeated [SFB].

Gatherer Penthar Mull, of the Lornak clan, is killed by Yuta of the Tralesta clan [TNG 157].

Rishon marries 'Kevin Uxbridge' [TNG 151].

Stephaleh n' Ehliarch is born on Andor [TNG #12].

During a hot summer day on Earth, Jean-Luc Picard takes shelter in a small parish church to escape the torment of his brother Robert. He later takes an interest in learning of when it had been built. Jean-Luc Picard's study sparks a love of history and archeology that will grow over the years [TNG #27]...

The Hamlin Massacre occurs: the entire adult population of the U.F.P. colony on Hamlin is slaughtered by the Choraii, but the children are taken alive [TNG #3].

"Enterprise (II)" class heavy cruisers near the end of their maximum duration--to be either decommissioned or refitted [SotF, HCE].

Shar-Lon acquires the 'Gifts' of the 'Repository' of the 'Builders' and eliminates all nuclear weapons on his planet. He demands the construction of the 'World of the Peacekeepers' and becomes their dictator [TNG #2].

Mark Jameson marries Anne [TNG 112].

Anomaly T-128 (Pike's Rift) reopens, but the U.F.P. is engaged in major hostilities as part of the Klingon-Romulan War and is unable to dispatch a research team to re-establish contact with the Calligar [TOS #57].

According to Star Fleet projections of 2290, Perimeter Defense Platforms in the Fleet total 181. These include 102 "Akyazi" (NCC-1010), 28 "Engage" (NCC-1125), and 11 "Kirsanov" (NCC-1170) class perimeter action ships in addition to 40 vessels stationed to perimeter defense duty (corvettes, clippers, etc.) [SotF2].

Louise Drayton is born in Ottawa on Earth--at least according to U.F.P. records [TNG #23].

2316, January [reference stardate 2/5501]
As a result of crises between the U.F.P. and various foreign powers and pressure from U.F.P. pacifists, Star Fleet uniforms change resulting in a less-militaristic design created on New Paris. The uniform features a return to the "traditional" Star Fleet V-neck with its wide branch-colored collar. Worn with this is the basic white blouse, flared trousers, and black service boots. Rank is displayed in silver braid, with a gold Star Fleet emblem on the left breast. As with previous designs, this uniform will eventually attract criticism. Detractors will consider the white uniform befitting of civilian contractors and laborers rather than trained specialists [FASA].

The U.F.P. colony on Orin IV discovers an ancient computer net of individual memory packets developed by an ancient race, possibly the Preservers [GN 8].

The head of the Emmonite delegation dines at the home of Admiral Manelli, head of Star Fleet Command [GN 9].

Omne's Vortex is once again accessible [ON 12].

War breaks out between the Aretians and Pargites over territorial disputes [TNG #23]. Transporter Psychosis is eliminated with the perfection of multiplex pattern buffers [TNG 228].

Neural imprinting is developed as an experimental educational technique, in theory capable of imparting the equivalent of a college education in a matter of hours. In practice, it damages two percent of the people who undergo it. The damage ranging from a few minor personality quirks to schizophrenia or catatonia [TNG #30].

The legends of the Ko N'ya are introduced to Jean-Luc Picard by his brother [GN 13].

Room bombings end on Oriana [TNG #24].

Sambl is born on Capulon (Sigma Delphini) IV [TNG #27].

Commander Mark Jameson negotiates a hostage situation on Mordan IV. By breaking the Prime Directive through arming both sides with weapons, four decades of civil war will result [TNG 112].

A vessel of unknown origin appears in the Denorios Belt carrying an infant shapeshifter named Odo. He will live among the Bajoran people, eventually becoming Security Chief of the orbital Cardassian mining station Terek Nor later known as Deep Space 9 [DSN 402, DSN #1, DSN #2].

Surmak Ren is born on Bajor [DSN 405].

Lynn marries Emil Costa [TNG #16].

Jackson Carter is born [TNG #10].

Devinoni Ral is born in Brussels, European Alliance on Earth [TNG 156].

Miranda Vigo is born on Newgall [TNG 274].

The Viper hand weapon, predecessor to the Displacer, is phased out of use in the Romulan Empire [TNG #23].

Elizabeth Fallon is born [TNG #19].

Jean-Luc Picard flunks his Star Fleet Academy entrance exam [TNG 119].

Raymond "Rennie" Marr is born [TNG 204].

Jean-Luc Picard enters the Star Fleet Academy. Having trouble with mathematics, Picard takes supplementary courses at Cal Tech in Old Pasadena where he is tutored by Adrienne Tillstrom [TNG 214, TNG #25].

On Delula II, Freshman Cadet Jean-Luc Picard wins the Star Fleet Academy marathon (possibly with the help of the Ko N'ya in his posses- sion in 2368), beating Chiang, Drager, T'Soron, Miyakawa, Gareth, Keel, Dorgath, Stemon, and Crusher. He is the first freshman ever to win the Academy Marathon [GN 13, TNG 175].
13 October
Beverly C. Howard (Crusher) is born in Copernicus City on Luna [TNG 214].

At the Star Fleet Academy (Sol system) a parrises squares tournament is held: Nova Squadron vs. Minsk [TNG 219].

Gart Xerx begins to teach and practice psychology [GN 11].

T'Para (Selar) is born on Vulcan [TNG #13].

[reference stardate 2/65] Koren Anastas is born [FASA].

Jean-Luc Picard graduates from the Star Fleet Academy [TNG 214, TNG 219].

Ensign Picard, awaiting assignment, instigates a fight with a group of Nausicaan warriors in the Bonestell Recreation Facility at Farspace Station Earhart. He is stabbed through the heart and receives a bionic cardiac replacement [TNG 143, TNG 241].

The Sadalsuudians of Beta Aquarius V make exploratory contacts with ships from the U.F.P. They obtain Human genetic material and grow a Human: Dorothy "Chops" Taylor [TNG #11].

Timicin begins his work on developing a program to revitalize Kaelon II's sun [TNG 196].

William Patrick Samuels is born in Bergen, Norway on Earth [DSN 440].

Castor Nayfack is born [TNG #28].

The Cardassians annex the Bajoran homeworld. Many Bajorans migrate to other worlds including the Valo system near the Cardassian Union [TNG

Josip Vossted is born on Foothold [TNG #21].

Dr. Noonian Soong marries Dr. Juliana O'Donnel secretly on a trip to Nivala IV. A Klingon and a Karvalan trader are the only witnesses [TNG 262].

Isolinear chips replace duotronic enhancers in Star Fleet transporters, increasing their efficiency [TNG 230].

Ship's Counselors are first assigned to Star Fleet ships [TNG 230].

Mullibok escapes from a Cardassian labor camp on Bajor. He stows away aboard a Cardassian survey vessel, overpowers the ship's small crew complement, and becomes the first settler on Jeraddo, Bajor's 5th moon [DSN 415].

Arjen's father becomes a pilot instructor at Gardana [DSN 437].

Mark Brooks is born [TNG 184].

Wendy Roper is born [GN 11].

Sara Kingsley is born [TNG 133].

According to Kor, Koloth's eyesight begins to weaken [DSN 439].

At about this time, Lt. Picard meets Ambassador Sarek at Spock's wedding [TNG 171].

The artificial world Kirlos is discovered by the U.F.P. and the K'vin Hegemony [TNG #12].

The first U.F.P. outpost in the Boradis system is established on Boradis III [TNG 146].

Chudak is born in the Ferengi Alliance. By 2368 he will amass a personal fortune of 2 billion credits and hold the position of Daimon [TNG #30].

2332 {14 April?}
William Thomas (Thelonius) Riker is born on Earth in Valdez, Alaska [TNG #0, TNG 250, GN 11].

September Miles Edward O'Brien is born [DSN 431, DSN 434].

Eli Telaka is born [TNG 133].

Cohen is born [TNG #18].

Captain Picard commands the U.S.S. "Stargazer" (NCC-2893) star cruiser. Originally a bridge officer of Lieutenant grade, Picard is awarded command of the vessel following the death of her captain during a crisis situation [TNG #6, TNG 241].

Selar is bonded to Sukat [TNG #13].

June [reference stardate 2/7206] {stardate 10416.4} The New Paris Star Fleet uniform design is phased out by pressure from Tellarite, Andorian, and Zaranite leaders. The Alpha Centaurian firm of Lerithan Textiles wins the contract for a new uniform featuring black trousers and a pullover top. A swath of branch-colored cloth rises up from the left breast in a cutaway design, looping over the left shoulder and down the back diagonally. Red denotes Security, Engineering, Communicat- ions, and Support personnel; blue represents Science and Biomedical serv- ices; gold represents Command positions, and green represents Colonial and Ground Personnel. A silver Star Fleet arrowhead symbol is worn on the left breast, with ranks displayed as sets of circular silver devices beneath. Line officers will continue wearing these in many of the more distant reaches of the galaxy even into the 2360s [FASA].

The Chaquafar's scientific community share their information with the U.F.P. [TNG #9].

Geordi La Forge is born in the African Confederation on Earth [TNG 218].

01 May [reference stardate 2/7405.01] {stardate 12331.5}
Commander Chevlek Hc'arrex, Chief Communications Officer of the U.S.S. "Excelsior" resigns his commission after the Federation Supreme Court rules that his family bonds on Andor come first when informed that the vessel was to undertake an unexpected 2-year mission and contradicting the earlier itinerary which stated that the "Excelsior" was bound for Andor. The Commander's wife was with child and he had been expected to be present during the birth, an event sacred to the clan-conscious Andorians. This creates the issue of how to retain competent officers in Star Fleet while still allowing them to have families, and leads to the development of General Order 27 [FASA].

Gilaad Ben Zoma serves as Executive Officer aboard the "Stargazer" (NCC-2893) [GN 9].

The class I freighter "Marco Polo" is completely refitted [TNG #13].

2336, February [reference stardate 2/7502] {stardate 13087.4}
The "Decker" (NCC-6000) class destroyer enters service in Star Fleet. These 200-man warships are named after officers who have shown special gallantry or sacrifice. The U.S.S. "William Decker" (NCC-6001) "Decker" class destroyer sister ship is built [FASA].

29 March {stardate 13243.2}
Deanna Troi is born on Betazed. Kestra, her older sister, will die shortly later when running after a pet dog at Elnar [TNG 214, TNG 259].

April [reference stardate 2/7504] {stardate 13251.4} The U.S.S. "Christopher Pike" (NCC-6002) and U.S.S. "Robert April" (NCC-6003) "Decker" class destroyers are built [FASA]. May [reference stardate 2/7505] {stardate 13333.3} The U.S.S. "Kelvar Garth" (NCC-6004) "Decker" class destroyer is built [FASA].

The scout ship U.S.S. "Crockett" (NCC-600) discovers the Sli in the Qizan Qal'at system. The ship relays a message to Starbase 1 that a Klingon warship had arrived (the "BIr Hud") and the emotion-projecting Sli force the Klingons to surrender without engaging in defensive man- euvers. When the "Crockett" refuses to respond to subsequent messages, the "Bridger" (NCC-591?) investigates and finds the debris of both vessels. The first of two Star Fleet diplomatic envoys is sent to the planet, estab- lishing the sentience of the Sli but unsuccessful in communicating [TNG #29].

Aklier Ti'Kara's daughter is born on Capulon (Simga Delphini) IV [TNG #27].

2337, January [reference stardate 2/7601] {stardate 14416.4}
The U.S.S. "Kelvar Garth" (NCC-6004) "Decker" class destroyer is destroyed in action [FASA].

February [reference stardate 2/7602] {stardate 14087.7} The U.S.S. "Jonathan T. Esteban" (NCC-6005) and U.S.S. "Clark Terrell" (NCC-6006) "Decker" class destroyers are built [FASA].

The first group of Autonomous Survival and Recovery Vehicles (ASRVs) are produced in time to be fitted to the last "Renaissance" class starship, the U.S.S. "Hokkaido" [NTM].

Natasha Yar is born on Turkana IV (New Paris) [TNG #4].

Emil and Lynn Costa are forced to resign from a research project on Epsilon IV [TNG #16].

Egin becomes a Valend on the Council of Valends in the Teniran Echelon [TNG #19].

Jean-Luc Picard leads the Star Fleet contingent to the Federation Games held on Yokohama [TNG #22].

Beverly Crusher becomes a brunette, for a time [TNG 235].

2338, January [reference stardate 2/7701] {stardate 15002.7}
The U.S.S. "Royal Sovereign" (NCC-3000) class battlecruiser enters service in Star Fleet. Besides functioning as warships, the "Royal Sovereign" class will ships will distinguish themselves as exploration craft, most notably the "Valiant III's" (NCC-3010) initial contact with the humanoid species on Haven [FASA].

02 February {stardate 15090.4}
The U.F.P. colony on Omicron Theta (Kiron III) is destroyed by Lore, a prototype android created by Dr. Noonian Soong, who lures a crystalline life-sapping entity to the colony. Lore is disassembled and stored. Data, its successor, is created and soon discovered by a U.F.P. survey team from the U.S.S. "Tripoli" (NCC-19386). Data was left behind at the request of Dr. Juliana O'Donell, Dr. Soong's young wife, in fear of Data being another deflective android like Lore or the three predecessor androids, with Data's 'childhood' memory wiped and his positronic brain programmed with the col- onists' logs. The Soongs flee to Turleena III in an escape pod. Dr. Juliana Soong will die there after being injured by the crystalline entity during the escape. He builds an android duplicate of her and transfers her memories into the positronic brain matrix. She will later leave him. Data will spend 4 years in the Star Fleet Academy, 3 years as an ensign, and 10-12 years on various space duties before serving aboard the "Enterprise" [TNG 114, TNG #0, TNG 262].

April [reference stardate 2/7704] {stardate 15249.3} General Order 26 is established: "No member of a ship's complement or other ground-based installation can be held directly accountable for the actions of their superiors. Similarly, no member of a ship's company or other Star Fleet personnel will share disciplinary measures taken against their com- manding officer(s) if said individuals were not directly involved in the actions leading to disciplinary measures. This order extends to conditions involving proven violations of the Prime Directive, where proof of such violations exist" [FASA].

The U.S.S. "Montgomery Scott" (NCC-6007) "Decker" class destroyer is built [FASA].

Government collapses on Turkana IV (New Paris) [TNG 180].

The U.S.S. "Independence," a "Constitution" class (sub-class or group) heavy cruiser commanded by Captain Wiley, is reported destroyed. The only trace of her disappearance is a shuttlecraft recovered, bearing the apparent remains of 4 of the ship's personnel--in reality, Ambimorph shapechangers who infiltrate Star Fleet [TNG #26].

Captain Picard sees his Academy archeology professor, Galen, for the last time prior to his arrival and death aboard the "Enterprise" in 2269 [TNG 246].

Odovil Pardi and Kardel Anit are born on Megara (329 Aurigae II) [TNG #30].

(17th day of Adin) Joakal I'lium, and his twin brother Beahoram, are born on Capulon (Sigma Delphini) IV. Sambl begins to serve at the temple [TNG #27].

November [reference stardate 2/7711] {stardate 15835.6} The U.S.S. "Samara Uhura" (NCC-6008) "Decker" class destroyer is built [FASA].

2339, February [reference stardate 2/7802] {stardate 16087.7}
The U.S.S. "Alaska" (NCC-3001) "Royal Sovereign" class battlecruiser is built [FASA].

May [reference stardate 2/7805] {stardate 16331.5} The U.S.S. "Hikaru Sulu" (NCC-6009) "Decker" class destroyer is built [FASA].

Civil war erupts on Klaestron IV. Curzon Dax, U.F.P. mediator, becomes involved with Enina Tandro, the wife of General Ardelon Tandro [DSN 408].

The last of the "Constitution" class/sub-class/group of heavy cruisers are withdrawn from service. The only known exceptions are the U.S.S. "Centurion" (NCC-1702, originally named the "Farragut") and one or more ships which will perish at the Battle of Wolf 359 in 2367. One "Constitution" class starship is well-preserved at the fleet museum [TNG #26, TNG #8, TNG 175, TNG 230].

Geordi La Forge is briefly caught in a fire but is unharmed [TNG 199].

September [reference stardate 2/7809] {stardate 16668.5} The U.S.S. "Pavel Chekov" (NCC-6010) "Decker" class destroyer is built [FASA].

16 September {stardate 16709.6}
Geordi La Forge is operated on by Dr. Lenske and receives his VISOR (Visual Instrument and Sight Organ Replacement), manufactured by Digital Bio-Ap [TNG #11, TNG #0, TNG #25].

The Klingon Empire allies itself with the U.F.P. after negotiations between Riva, Sarek, and Kobry [TNG #0].

2340, 17 January {stardate 17046.4}
Ro Laren is born on Bajor [TNG 214].

22 May? {stardate 17391.2?}
Worf is born [TNG 153].

Nathaniel Teros does work on neuro-muscular adaptation of low-gravity species. It has no practical success at the time [DSN 426].

June [reference stardate 2/7906] {stardate 17418.0} The U.S.S. "Koren Anastas" (NCC-6011) "Decker" class destroyer is built [FASA]. Elsia's father, a stellar cartographer, conducts a full spectrum mineral analysis of the Flycun Asteroid Belt--or so she claims [DSN 431].

William Riker plays anbo-jyutsu with his father for the first time [TNG 140].

Lwaxana Troi deletes early entries from her journal in an attempt to bury the past [TNG 259].

Rurigan departs Yadera Prime, a world in the Gamma Quadrant dominated by the Dominion, and retires on the second planet in an undefined system. Using an omicron particle field generator he re-creates his home village [DSN 436].

December [reference stardate 2/7912] {stardate 17918.0} The U.S.S. "Damon West" (NCC-6012) "Decker" class destroyer is built [FASA].

2341 [reference stardate 2/80] {stardate 18002.7}
Simone Van Gelder, granddaughter of Dr. Simon Van Gelder, is born. She will be responsible for the development of the first practical Holodeck, undoubtedly building upon the concepts first formulated by Dr. Richard Daystrom [FASA, TOS #57].

March [reference stardate 2/8003] {stardate 18164.4} The U.S.S. "M'Benga" (NCC-10000) class rescue/hospital ship enters service in Star Fleet. This long-range rescue craft provides emergency medical support to distant colonies and to vessels in deep space. The "M'Benga" can carry a host of specialized laboratories and specialists in such areas as microbiology, immunology, xenobiology, and pathology. An "M'Benga" also has numerous surgical, quarantine, low-gravity surgical, and intensive care units as well as enough medical and pharmacological stores for a medium- sized colony of humanoid species. The U.S.S. "Anton Thiel" (NCC-6013) "Decker" class destroyer and the U.S.S. "Royal Andor" (NCC-3002) "Royal Sovereign" class battlecruiser are also built [FASA]. Jadzia, Dax's future host, is born [DSN 401, DSN #1].

With her medical degree, Dr. Beverly Crusher establishes her own private practice [TNG #0].

Imprima (Dante Maxima VII) cuts off trade with the U.F.P. [TNG #15].

Megan Terry sues Emil and Lynn Costa for the scientific plagiarism of biofilter version 8975G--and loses [TNG #16].

August [reference stardate 2/8008] {stardate 18583.6} The U.S.S. "Yoshitomo Karasuma" (NCC-6014) "Decker" class destroyer is built [FASA].

The Greens of Oriana predict that their planet is dying, with merely decades of life left [TNG #24].

Data enrolls in the Star Fleet Academy. Bruce Maddox is the sole member to oppose Data's entry [TNG 201].

Nine-year-old William Riker gets lost in the wilderness on a hiking trip with his father [TNG #11].

November [reference stardate 2/8011] {stardate 18835.6} The U.S.S. "Stephen Decatur" (NCC-6015) "Decker" class destroyer is built [FASA].

2342, April [reference stardate 2/8104] {stardate 19249.3}
The U.S.S. "Nathaniel Zar" (NCC-6016) and the U.S.S. "Meredith Levette" (NCC-6017) "Decker" class destroyers are built [FASA].

09 April {stardate 19271.2}
Jean-Luc Picard misses a rendezvous in Paris on Earth with Jenice (Manheim) [TNG 124].

Natasha Yar is abandoned [TNG 103].

Julian Subatoid Bashir is born [DSN 401, DSN #1, DSN 442].

Surmak Ren graduates from the University of Bajor, his major field of study: Genetic Programming [DSN 405].

Jasmine Terry is born in Calcutta on Earth [TNG #16]. December [reference stardate 2/8112] {stardate 19917.8} The U.S.S. "Salk" (NCC-10001) "M'Benga" class rescue/hospital ship is built [FASA].

2343, February [reference stardate 2/8202] {stardate 20087.7}
Captain Amanda Kincaid of the U.S.S. "Fearless" is awarded the Shuvalis Diamond of Recognition for her efforts in favor of the planet Haven joining the Federation. She worked tirelessly for the cause despite the hostility that many planetary officials felt toward the idea [FASA].

The U.S.S. "J.L. Lambert" (NCC-6018) "Decker" class destroyer and the U.S.S. "Steuben" (NCC-10002) "M'Benga" class rescue/hospital ship are built [FASA].

The "Excelsior" class U.S.S. "Enterprise" (NCC-1701-B) is lost [FASA].

May [reference stardate 2/8205] {stardate 20331.5} General Order 27 is mandated: "No member of Star Fleet shall be required by the assignment of standard duties and responsibilites to undergo extended seperation from his family if family members can be reasonably provided aboard ship or as part of an existing Star Fleet installation" [FASA]

June [reference stardate 2/8206] {stardate 20416.4} The Model III Starship Captain's Yacht enters service aboard large Star Fleet vessels. Warp-driven, equipment on this saucer-shaped craft can create a variety of environmental conditions and synthesize rare foods and drink. It has a plush interior and private viewing image screens for the entertainment of foreign dignitaries, and warp 6 capacity [FASA].

06 July {stardate 20512.3}
The "Galaxy" Class Project if officially approved. Design centers begin drawing upon previous starships once the general specifications are transmitted to the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards on Mars (Sol IV). The vehicle frame, engine systems, computer cores, and hull receive high priority [NTM].

Deanna Troi's father, Lt. Ian Andrew Troi, dies [TNG 259].

Geordi La Forge gets his first pet, a Circassian cat [TNG 212].

Mark Hughes is born [TNG #0].

Star Fleet uniforms are altered. The color-coded undershirt component is dropped [TNG 259/TNG 163].

Kira Nerys is born on Bajor [DSN 440].

September [reference stardate 2/8209] {stardate 20668.5} The U.S.S. "Zackary Holmes" (NCC-6019) "Decker" class destroyer is built [FASA].

November [reference stardate 2/8211] {stardate 20835.6} The U.S.S. "Kola" (NCC-3003) "Royal Sovereign" class battlecruiser is built [FASA].

The U.F.P. makes its first contact with the Jarada, to disasterous effect [TNG 113].

March [reference stardate 2/8303] {stardate 21166.7} The U.S.S. "Kai-Jasik" (NCC-6020) "Decker" class destroyer and the U.S.S. "Pasteur" (NCC-10003) "M'Benga" class rescue/hospital ship are built [FASA].

The U.S.S. "Enterprise" (NCC-1701-C) heavy cruiser commanded by Captain Rachel Garrett successfully defends the Narendra III Klingon outpost under attack by 4 Romulan warbirds, but is destroyed in the battle [TNG 163, NTM, EDC].

The Romulans take prisoners from the destroyed "Enterprise" and Lt. Natasha Yar is among them (transported from the alternate timeline from 2366 A.D., stardate 43625.2). They are interrogated and killed, except for Yar who is taken as a consort by a Romulan general [TNG 201].

In an alternate universe, the Klingon outpost is destroyed by the Romulans. The Klingons, believing their new U.F.P. allies betrayed them, break away from the treaty, and over two decades of war result between the U.F.P. and Klingon Empire [TNG 163].

June [reference stardate 2/8306] {stardate 21418.0} The U.S.S. "Peter Marlowe" (NCC-6021), U.S.S. "Jason Starion" (NCC-6022), and U.S.S. "Malcolm Swain" (NCC-6023) "Decker" class destroyers are built [FASA].

Jean-Luc Picard meets Abraham Orbutu on Cassiopeia Gamma IV [TNG #9].

Devinoni Ral relocates to Hercules III [TNG 156].

On Betazed, Deanna Troi and Chandra begin meditating on a particular painting [GN 11].

A Bajoran shopkeeper and wife begin a small business on Bajor which will last for 17 years until their transfer to the Cardassian minining station Terek Nor (later to be called Deep Space 9) [DSN 431].

The Advanced Starship Design Bureau (ASDB) begins early definition work on "Galaxy" class mission simulators programmed with basic vessel characteristics. Detail design work continues [NTM].

24 December {stardate 21980.9}
Further computer modeling efforts by members of the structural, systems, and propulsion working groups on the "Galaxy" Class Project result in revised specifications being sent to the Utopia Planitia designers. These specifications require the "Galaxy" class to sustain a normal cruising speed of warp 6 until fuel exhaustion, a maximum cruising speed of warp 9.2, and a maximum top speed of warp 9.6 for 12 hours. The total estimated vehicle mass is reduced through materials improvements and internal rearrangements to 4.96 million metric tons [NTM].

Sela Yar, the daughter of the alternate timeline's Tasha Yar, is born in Romulan captivity [TNG 201].

February [reference stardate 2/8402] {stardate 22087.7} The U.S.S. "Royal Proxima" (NCC-3004) "Royal Sovereign" class battlecruiser is built [FASA]. Data graduates from the Star Fleet Academy with honors in exobiology and probability mechanics [TNG 214, TNG 101].

stardate 22519.5 {08 July}
The U.S.S. "Brittain" (NCC-21166) "Miranda" class science vessel is commissioned [TNG 191].

October [reference stardate 2/8410] {stardate 22750.7} The U.S.S. "Voris" (NCC-10004) "M'Benga" class rescue/hospital ship is built [FASA].

Mass and volume studies proceed for all internal systems on the "Galaxy" class starship, based on the first cut of frame designs, narrowing the field from 40 to 15. The computer core and software architecture passes Design Review 0 [NTM].

The Albino goes into hiding on Secarus IV [DSN 439].

2346, February [reference stardate 2/8502] {stardate 23087.7}
The U.S.S. "Sagan" (NCC-20000) class science research vessel enters service in Star Fleet. Built as an improvement on the weak "Gagarin" class science vessel, the "Sagan" deep space science and research vessel has improved power, shielding, and weaponry so that it can better defend itself if necessary during the course of a mission. The "Sagan" class is designed to provide an extensive geological, biological, and cartographic survey of newly discovered worlds and to serve as manned deep space probes of astronomical and astrophysical phenomena on station for long periods of time [FASA].

Two weeks prior to departing on a mission, Captain Picard becomes romantically involved with Miranda Vigo on Earth [TNG 274].

Morgen graduates from the Star Fleet Academy and is immediately assigned to the "Stargazer" (NCC-2893) with the rank of Ensign [GN 9].

"The Egg," a neutronium probe, is designed and developed by Paul Stubbs [TNG 150].

The testing of hull materials for the "Galaxy" class proceeds; for the final design must include conduits for a structural integrity field (SIF), inertial damping field (IDF), and deflector shield grid. Warp and impulse systems pass Design Review 0, but materials difficulties are foreseen in the warp coils. The impulse system design is frozen. The computer design passes Reviews 1 and 2. Sensor systems evolve. The habitation and workspace module design is frozen, and fabrication begins. A redesign of the transporter biofilter is requested. The phaser emitter undergoes redesign, the photon torpedo upgrade proceeds with the standard launcher and casings, and the main deflector design is frozen [NTM]. November [reference stardate 2/8511] {stardate 23835.6} The U.S.S. "Crenshaw" (NCC-10005) "M'Benga" class rescue/hospital ship is built and will shortly be lost, her whereabouts unknown [FASA].

stardate 23859.7 {09 November}
The Khitomer Massacre: Romulan ships ravage the Klingon agricultural colony on Khitomer, killing 4,000 Klingons. Worf and Kahlest are the only survivors. The U.S.S. "Intrepid" (NCC-38907), commanded by Captain Drew Deighan, offers assistance. This is the first major battle between the Romulans and Klingons after the end of their alliance. Sergey Rozhenko, a non-commissioned warp field specialist aboard the "Intrepid," adopts Worf after finding the boy buried under wreckage on the planet's surface. He will be raised on the farming world Gault [TNG 165, TNG #5, TNG #29].

Klingon warriors defending an outpost on the perimeter of the Khitomer system are taken captive by Romulans under the leadership of Commander Tokath. Following 3 months of interrogation, they will live out the remainder of their lives in a Romulan prison camp on Carraya until Worf's arrival in 2369 [TNG 243].

William Riker falls in love with Elizabeth Fallon [TNG #19].

Marla Kinsolving is born [TNG #21].

On Capulon (Sigma Delphini) IV, Faellon becomes Chief Servant to the king [TNG #27].

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