Star Trek Timeline

By James Dixon

This timeline is split into 20 parts, linked here:

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Notes: including explanation of acronyms, etc.

2260, stardate 6001.11 {04 January}
In the Gamma 400 system, in orbit of Starbase 12, the "Enterprise" is drydocked and converted over to a "Bonhomme Richard" class heavy cruiser. Her new systems include two retractable phaser banks, an experimental photon torpedo system, warp 8 capacity via PB-32 engines, and a complement of 430. Other shipwide upgrades consistent with the "Bonhomme Richard" configuration include a major bridge upgrade, turbolift alterations, transporter upgrades, and the shipwide elimination of gooseneck intercom units [HCE, SotF, WNM/CMn].

The Marishal, a race of strongly telepathic nontechnological bipeds from a planet in the Procyon sector, are are discovered by the U.F.P. Vulcan teams will be brought in to teach them biofeedback techniques to correct their overpopulation problem [TOS #39].

Twenty miners shipout to the dilithium mining colony on the planet Muldoon [ON 7].

Mori, grandson of a Triumvir of Arcos, is born [ON 6].

A terraforming colony is established on Beta Canzandia III [TOS #58].

A survey indicates that the seven Star Fleet Academies distributed throughout U.F.P. space currently support a permanent faculty of 14,038 and a student population of 85,397 [EOM].

The Klingons give impulse drive technology to the Vancadians [TOS #55].

Saavik is born on the planet Hellguard (872 Trianguli V). She will be the first half-Romulan/half-Vulcan hybrid encountered by the U.F.P. [TOS #49, ST II].

The Klingons encounter the Kreel [TNG #5].

01 February (stardate 6605.17)
New Star Fleet uniforms are issued. They include brightened colors and greater diversification of sleeve mark braids and insignias. Class B duty uniform group/division colors are altered: green blue replaces med- ium blue for sciences, red replaces sand for services, and light green replaces green tan for deck (command) group. Class A dress uniforms reflect the same color alterations and now feature gold braid/piping for officer grades--the matching hat is discarded, as are the epaulet bars. Sciences and services insignias are swapped back to normal. Blue-grey ordnance belts are also phased out at this time [FRS, WNM/CMn].

April The Epsilon class (E-1) communication station is authorized for con- struction. Nearly 100 of these space station facilities will be built in the decades to come, with the first 9 flanking the disputed Klingon border by the late 2260s to serve as listening posts. Each station will house a complement of 539, a dozen shuttlecraft, and 42 antennas (making up 11 communications arrays) [JRM2, FSF].

stardate 6034.27 {04 May}
The U.S.S. "Enterprise" is relaunched, following "Bonhomme Richard" refitting [HCE].

stardate 6044.17 {09 June}
The U.S.S. "Enterprise" is recommissioned after her uprating to the "Bonhomme Richard" class specifications. The 3rd five-year mission of the "Enterprise" officially begins [HCE, FRS, EOM, SfP].

stardates 1512.2-1514.1
On a star charting mission, the "Enterprise" makes the first contact with the flagship "Fesarius" of the First Federation and is tested by Balok. Kirk's "Corbomite Maneuver" bluff is first employed. Lt. David Bailey is assigned as liaison between both federations [CMn].

Collars on Star Fleet duty uniforms are reduced in size to a standard width [WNM/CMn].

stardates 1329.8-1330.1
Harry Mudd is pursued and captured by the "Enterprise," which sustains serious damage to her dilithium crystals. The crystals are replaced at Rigel XII and Mudd is later handed over to the authorities [MW].

Harry Mudd will be sentenced to one year in a rehab colony but released after six months on good behavior. He will found an information service on Deneb V and sell the Denebians the rights to a Vulcan fuel synthesizer, resulting in imprisonment by the local authorities. This will result in conviction of patent fraud on Deneb V, stardate 3140.0 and a death sen- tence. He will resultingly escape from custody in a stolen shuttlecraft under fire by a Denebian space patrol and crashland on an uncharted Class K world inhabited by androids [IM, EOM].

The Tokyo Giants play against the Moscow Dynamos in the World Series baseball game [TOS #28].

27 July
The U.S.S. "Star System" (NCC-2107) "Federation" class dreadnought is com- missioned [FRS].

stardates 1672.1-1673.1
On planet Alfa 177, the "Enterprise's" transporter system malfunctions when a magnetic ore is brought aboard, stranding a landing party on the rapidly freezing surface. It has the effect of splitting transporter subjects into opposites rendering the system useless [EW].

Dr. Albar Exar will become indebted to Spock's papers published on the Alfacite Energy Phenomenon and will use the data to further his research into genetics [ON 2].

Lt. Uhura transfers from Deck Group (Command) division to the Services division of Communications [MW/MT].

stardates 1513.1-1513.8
In orbit of UFC 113, a salt vampire stalks the crew of the "Enterprise" during a routine annual checkup of the colony. "Enterprise" fatalities: Crewman Darnell (Sciences), Crewman Green (Command), Crewman Sturgeon, and Barnhart [MT].

Planet M113 (Gamma Zeta) will be redesignated Crater's World in honor of the late Professor Crater. A permanent archeological base will be established to continue Crater's work [FASA].

Kim Li Wing becomes Secretary of Protocol on the Federation Council on Intercultural Affairs [TOS #69].

stardate 2986.2
About this time, Fleet Captain Christopher Pike saves the lives of seven cadets aboard an old Class J training starship, removing them to safety when the ship's baffles plates rupture. For this action he is awarded his second Medal of Honor. However, prolonged exposure to the delta radiation leaves him with severe scarring and disfiguration. This is followed by loss of motor function, and cardiac and renal failure, resulting Pike's confinement to a life support carriage provided with servo-mechanisms. Eventually he will lose all control over body movement and be able to com- municate only through coded elecroencephalographic signals [EOM, Me].

stardates 1704.2-1704.4
On a mission to pick up a team of scientists from Psi 2000's lone disintegrating satellite ULAPG42821DB ("La Pig"), a virus is accidentally brought aboard the "Enterprise." By integrating cold matter/antimatter, the ship is transported several days back through time. Known as the Spock/Scott Temporal Displacement Process, it will become the basis for the U.S.S. "Lynx" prototype timeship a decade later. "Enterprise" fatalities: Joe Tormolen (Sciences) [NT, ST 1, SFD, LTP].

November The uprating of the heavy cruisers "Jupiter" (NCC-1734), "Quindar" (NCC-1736), "Androcus" (NCC-1738) and "Mondoloy" (NCC-1740) are originally authorized [SotF].

28 November (stardates 1533.6-1535.8)
The U.S.S. "Antares" (NCC-F1312), a science probe vessel, is destroyed after picking up an orphan, Charlie Evans. Attempting to take control of the "Enterprise" with his special abilities, Evans is removed by his Thasian step parents [CX].

stardates 1709.2-1709.6
After a century, contact is re-established with the Romulan Star Empire when a Romulan "Empire" class P-1A "Bird of Prey" cruiser tests its new cloaking device and plasma weapon against U.F.P. forces in Earth outpost sector Z-6. Four Earth outposts are destroyed before the Romulan vessel is forced to self-destruct. Along with the "Enterprise's" science officer, Lt. Sulu will later be responsible for the development of the Romulan plasma weapon into standard photon torpedoes. "Enterprise" fatalities: Specialist Robert Tomlinson (Phaser/Ordnance) [BT, SFH, EOM].

Lt. Uhura receives a promotion to full Lieutenant grade after successfully deciphering the Romulan micropulse code [EOM].

[Y 155] The Treaty of Pelione re-establishes the Neutral Zone, and ends this Second Federation-Romulan "War." Ensign Phillip Kosnett graduates from the Star Fleet Academy. Ensign Ardak Kumerian graduates from the Deep Space Fleet Academy. The Fourth Lyran-Kzinti War ends. The Orions destroy border station K4 [SFB].

Over the next few years, the outpost colonies will be rebuilt, numbering 14. Outposts 1 through 8 will be outfitted with the highest grade of listening and scanning equipment available [FSF].

November? [reference stardate 2/0711] The Vulcan Academy of Science allays fears of Vulcan/Romulan collusion when it publicizes its theory concerning the Romulans' Vulcan heritage. This theory postulates a race known as the Preservers, who seeded the galaxy with Humans and Humanoids [FASA].

The Klingon K-5 "V's'talo" ("Watcher") class gunboat enters service [FASA].

stardate 2712
Dr. McCoy undergoes a severe attack of hay fever, limiting his duties [EOM].

stardates 2712.4-2712.7
The "Enterprise" is assigned to locate Dr. Roger Korby on Exo III. He is found alive in android form and, using the Exoan technology, duplicates Captain Kirk. His plan fails, but a duplicate Dr. Brown will later attempt to carry out Korby's dream of an android U.F.P. Nurse Christine Chapel agrees to remain aboard the "Enterprise." "Enterprise" fatalities: Matthews (Security) and Rayburn (Security) [LG, TOS #45].

A new Type 2A (Agronska 30) Phaser Pistol variant is issued, featuring a uniform black hand grip instead of the previous silver grip. Several years later, other upgrades to this hand/pistol phaser series will include new Phaser 1 intensity scales and two recessed buttons on the Phaser 2 grip: safety and trigger [LG/DMd, FRS, TM].

stardates 2715.1-2715.2
Dr. Tristan Adams dies from his neural neutralizer machine on the Tantalus V Penal Colony, following the escape of Dr. Simon Van Gelder [DMd].

stardates 2713.5-2717.3
Miri's World (UFC M-347601/Juram V), an exact duplicate of Earth, is discovered by the "Enterprise." The landing party fights, and defeats, a deadly virus there [Mi].

stardates 2817.6-2819.8
The "Enterprise" is lured to Planet Q by Dr. Thomas Leighton who suspects that actor Anton Karidian is Kodos the Executioner. A company of actors sponsored by the Galactic Cultural Exchange Project are transported by the "Enterprise" to the Benecia Colony. Kodos the Executioner dies aboard the "Enterprise" [CK].

Yeoman Janice Rand transfers off the "Enterprise." She will return in later years [CK/GS, TMoST].

stardates 2821.5-2823.1
On a mission to deliver medical supplies to Makus III for shipment to New Paris, the "Galileo"/7 shuttlecraft crashes on Taurus II while investigating Murasaki 312, a quasar-like phenomena. "Enterprise" fatalities: Lt. Gaetano (Radiation Specialist) and Lt. Latimer (Navigator) [GS].

Chief Engineer Scott will see to the court martial of Lt. Samuel Boma for his actions on Taurus II. Dr. Boma will become a successful civilian sci- entist and develop the alloy quantobirilium used in the outer hull of the "Star Empire" prototype dreadnought [TOS #29].

The starboard console of the Command Con on the "Enterprise" undergoes a minor upgrade: the four indicator lights on the left side of the Command Functions Panel are replaced with Manual Execute push buttons, resulting in five buttons down the left side of the panel, five Function Active indi- cators down the right side, and five computer-generated control labels between each [GS/Cml, TM].

stardate 2945.7
A Force 5 ion storm strikes the "Enterprise." Repairs are carried out in orbit of Starbase 11 [Cml].

stardates 2947.3-2950.1
Following the ion storm, Captain James Kirk is accused of murdering his records officer, Lt. Commander Benjamin Finney. He is forced to stand a general court-martial on Starbase 11 and is cleared when it is revealed that he was framed by the victim. James Kirk is the first Star Fleet starship captain to stand trial. Finney will later seek revenge on the planet Vancadia [Cml, TOS #55].

Lt. Commander Spock is promoted to full Commander rank after serving two years with Captain Kirk. Commodore Mendez replaces Commodore Stone as the commander of Starbase 11 [Cml/Me, EOM].

Dr. Ursula Mornay of the University of Tarrigor (Altair VI) synthesizes trilithium in solid form [TOS #31].

Beau Deaver moves to Nisus (Vulcan Colony 9) [TOS #38].

T'Mir travels aboard a sailing ship while on leave on Earth [TOS #20].

Within the Klingon Empire, Grael arranges the assassination of his older cousin, Teshrin--and fails [TOS #58].

The Type 1/2B (Marfak "Sting" Model One) Hand/Pistol Phaser is developed for Star Fleet by Marfak Armaments, Ok-Taiv Iks, Andor. Like the Agronska series, Phasers 1 and 2 are interlocking units, however both weapons are controlled from the Phaser 1B's solid-state keypad which features preset (as opposed to variable) setting modes of operation. There will be several years before they see U.F.P.-wide use [SFD, FRS].

Laura O'Connor dies from Vegan choriomeningitus forcing her husband to retire from corporate life. He turns Laura's World (Laurison 294) into a planet-wide shrine [FASA].

2261, January [reference stardate 2/0801]
The U.S.S. "Nakhimov" (NCC-4418) "Larson" class destroyer is destroyed [FASA].

Tritanium (Element 125) is discovered on Argus X [MRM].

Over the next year, eight "Coventry" class frigates are modernized to improve their ASD (anti-ship defense) capabilities. A Kolt "selective- target" deflector spire and extended range sensors are installed. The U.S.S. "Constant" (NCC-1236) is additionally fitted with KRL series energy absorption plates in her primary hull [SotF].

10 January
Hull numbers NCC-1732-NCC-1744 are assigned to the "Achernar" class [SotF].

Holtzman escapes from prison [TOS #28].

Ensign Ingrit Tomson signs aboard the "Enterprise" [GN 5].

Delkondros comes to power on Vancadia [TOS #55].

Star Fleet doubles its patrols along the Romulan Neutral Zone and establishes new, larger, more heavily armed border stations in reaction to the Romulan border attack of stardate 1709 [FASA].

Star Fleet orders the refit of Mark II "Nelson" class scouts to Mark III by installing the new warp engines, phasers, and shield generators. The change in the main engines will increase the overall power output by 30% and the maneuverability by 50% at the expense of the cruising and emergency speeds [FASA].

stardates 3012.4-3013.2
The "Enterprise" is called back to Starbase 11. It is then hijacked to Talos IV by Commander Spock along with her former commander, Fleet Captain Christopher Pike. Spock stands court-martial but all charges are dropped by Commodore Mendez. Pike becomes a cultural observer for the U.F.P. on Talos IV [Me].

stardates 3025.3-3025.8
The crew of the "Enterprise" take shore leave on Omicron Delta IV. Doctor McCoy is seemingly killed [SL].

stardates 2124.5-2126.3
While crossing a star desert in Quadrant 904 on a mission to the Beta 6 Colony, the "Enterprise" battles Trelane, a childish super-being, on the rogue planet Gothos [SG].

26 January
The Type 2 Command Wraparound (Fatigue uniform) is approved [URM].

stardates 3045.6-3046.2 (January?)[reference stardate 2/0801]
Contact is made with the Gorn Hegemony when Cestus III, an Earth outpost, is destroyed by a Gorn raid. The "Enterprise" goes in pursuit, but is apprehended by the Metrons. Captain Kirk is forced to fight and defeat the captain of the Gorn ship on an asteroid. The Metrons return Kirk to the "Enterprise" and the ship is transported 500 parsecs from its last position. The "Enterprise" heads back to Cestus III at warp 1. "Enterprise" fatalities: Lt. O'Herlihy (Ordnance) and Lt. Lang (Ordnance) [Ar, FASA].

February [reference stardate 2/0802] The last of the Mark I "Cochrane" class colonial transports enter service [FASA]. The U.S.S. "Shiloh" (NCC-4326) "Larson" class destroyer is sold to a private sector. The U.S.S. "Aldebaran" (NCC-2712) "Loknar" class frigate is destroyed [FASA].

stardates 3087.6-3088.7
On a remote planet, a "winking out" phenomena is observed and corrected by the "Enterprise," caused by the intersection of two opposite universes and the enigmatic humanoid Lazarus [AF].

28 February
The U.S.S. "Achernar" (NCC-1732) class heavy cruiser is laid down at Star Fleet Division, San Francisco Yards, Earth [SotF, HCE].

14 March
The Type 2 Command Wraparound (Fatigue uniform) is first issued [URM].

The Redjac entity murders women on Rigel IV. Administrator Hengist becomes possessed by the creature [WF].

The "Enterprise" surveys solar system L-370 and charts 7 planets in this system, at approximately this time [DMa]. At about this time, the Flying Parasites arrive at Deneva aboard a space vessel from Ingraham B bringing mass insanity to this planet [OA].

03 April
The U.S.S. "Concordat" (NCC-2109) "Federation" class dreadnought is commissioned [FRS].

09 April [reference stardate 2/0804.09]
The Organian Treaty Zone is established, making important changes in the Klingon/Federation border and giving additional territory to both governments [FASA].

April [reference stardate 2/0804] The Mark I "MoKal" class transports enter service with warp 8 capacity (unloaded) and crews of 28. They are designed to push their cargo pods from behind, and are employed commercially by many corporations and transfer companies [FASA].

At Cygnet XIV, the "Enterprise" undergoes general repair and maintenance. The ship's computer is given a female personality. Also at about this time, the ship's transporter room consoles are upgraded: the right most coordinate tracking monitor panel is replaced with a panel resembling the old one rotated 180 degrees [TY, TOS #10, AF/TY, TM].

stardates 3113.2-3114.1
While heading back to Starbase 9 for resupply, the "Enterprise" is caught by a black star and flung back through time to the year 1969. A reverse application of the same conditions returns the "Enterprise" to the current year [TY].

May [reference stardate 2/0805] The U.S.S. "Deyan" (NCC-4451) Mark II "Larson" class destroyer enters service [FASA].

Dr. McCoy spills acid on a table in his medical office. In the "Mirror" universe, McCoy's counterpart also spills acid [MM].

stardates 3125.3-3130.4
Romulans enter the Canara system when a plague destroys one-third of their population. After a week-long shore leave on Starbase 8, the "Enterprise" once again engages Romulan vessels [TOS #10].

A three-week minimum overhaul at a starbase repairs the computer problem of the "Enterprise" [TY].

stardate 3150.10
A special review board concludes that the computer transmission of technical orders from the "Enterprise" while in 1969 was a purely random matter and a "natural accidental occurence in the sequential train of historical events" [TM].

stardates 3156.2-3158.7
The "Enterprise" goes in search of the long-lost U.S.S. "Archon" (NCC-1370). On planet UFC 611 (C-111)-Beta III, a society enslaved by a computer called Landru is released [RA].

Trouble begins on Janus VI when the pergium miners open up a new underground level at the pergium production station, inevitably leading to contact with the Horta [DD].

June [reference stardate 2/0806] The Mark V "Nelson" class scouts enter service. The first of the refit "Nelsons" is the U.S.S. "Sager" [FASA].

The Klingon D-4E cruisers are phased-out in the Klingon Empire, replaced by the D-7 class with its superior firepower and more powerful engines [FASA].

stardates 3192.1-3193.0
A 500 year interplanetary war fought by computers is halted by the intervention of the "Enterprise" at Eminiar VII with Ambassador Robert Fox's help. The "Enterprise" heads for Argona II [TA].

stardates 3141.9-3143.3
The DY-100 class sleeper vessel, S.S. "Botany Bay" (DY-102) is discovered drifting in space by the "Enterprise." Seventy-two 'supermen' from the Eugenics Wars are revived and, after a failed takeover attempt, are exiled to Ceti Alpha V [SS].

stardate 3153.1
Lydia Romaine conducts a thorough search for information on the S.S. "Botany Bay" and the Eugenics Wars era prior to the delivery of the vessel to the Federation Air and Space Museum on Earth [EOM].

stardates 3417.3-3417.7
Under the influence of spore plants, the "Enterprise" crew desert the ship for the planet Omicron Ceti III. Commander Spock, through the use of subsonics, destroys the spore influence [TSP].

stardate 3196.1
Silicon-based life is discovered on Janus VI. The "Enterprise" investigates and discovers the Horta creatures are the last of its kind and a mining agreement is established. Dahai Iohor Naraht is born, soon to be the first Horta to serve in Star Fleet. "Enterprise" fatalities: Kelly (Security) [DD, TOS #18].

[reference stardate 2/0801.06] A Klingon battle group under the command of Captain Kor seizes the planet Organia and transports occupation foces to the planet's surface. The U.S.S. "Enterprise" responds to the threat to Organia. Captain Kirk and his First Officer are captured after attacking Klingon military installations on Organia [EM, FASA].

Nearly thirty ships and the lives of thousands of Star Fleet personnel are saved when Suvuk willingly delivers himself into the hands of the Klingons. Suvuk, after being physically tortured and subjected to the Klingon mind-sifter, breaks free of his captors on the Klingon flagship "Hakask" ("Horrendous," KL 99019) at Regulus. He disables the ship's warp drive, melts its impulse engines, and makes solid-logic copies of everything of interest in the Klingons' library computers, then dumps the computers themselves before making it back aboard the newly re-commissioned U.S.S. "Intrepid" (NCC-1708) in a stolen Klingon shuttlecraft. Suvuk will later be awarded the Pentares Peace Commendation with an extra cluster for conspicuous heroism [TOS #18].

stardates 3198.4-3201.7 [reference stardate 2/0801.09]
The Organian Conflict: in orbit of the seemingly-primitive planet Organia, the forces of the Klingon Empire and the U.F.P. prepare for all-out war. The Organians, super-beings in reality, put a stop to the war and establish the Organian Peace Treaty along with the Klingon Neutral Zone. The Organian Treaty Zone is established over the next three months by negotiation. The new zone makes important changes in the Klingon/U.F.P. border and results in additional territory for both governments. Although both sides will honor the treaty, the fate of various 'orphaned' planets in the Klingon Neutral Zone remains unresolved. This Organian Conflict is also known as the "Second" Klingon-Federation "War." Some time afterwards, the Organians are asked to intervene regarding the Iruhe mind-predators of 4408B Trianguli, resulting in a mysteriously empty and quiet world [EM, TM, FASA, SFB, TOS #35].

Emperor Kassa commits suicide, unable to bear the shame of being defeated in such an ignominious manner by a pacifist culture. His heirs begin a period of reorganization, and Imperial policy begins to make a subtle shift from conquest by force to conquest by economic domination [FASA].

On Neural (Zeta Bootis III), the Klingons begin to introduce modern firearms [PLW].

[Y 156] The Orions destroy a Kzinti border station. The Kzinti-Hydran Treaty is signed. Each pledges to attack the Klingon and Lyrans if the other is attacked by them. The Klingons and Lyrans sign a joint defensive treaty six weeks later. Many Lyran clans oppose this treaty, resulting in a sporadic civil war [SFB].

stardate 3034.6
Ensign Chekov is assigned bridge duty aboard the "Enterprise," and Lt. Uhura accepts a brief temporary transfer to the U.S.S. "Lexington" (NCC-1703). A series of brutal attacks on worlds in the Xaridian star system are traced to the disinherited warrior caste of the Rithrim, hired as mercenaries by the Parath'aa of Alpha Xaridian V [TOS #59].

stardate 3134.0
The Time Planet (Gateway) is discovered by the "Enterprise" by tracking waves of time distortion. Earth history is accidentally destroyed and then repaired through the use of the Guardian of Forever [CEF].

The "Enterprise" heads for Earth for shore leave. Captain James Kirk contemplates resigning from Star Fleet [GN 3].

stardates 3287.2-3289.8
A mass insanity of Flying Parasites is tracked to the planet Deneva by the "Enterprise." George Samuel Kirk is found dead. His wife, Aurelan Kirk, dies shortly thereafter. By setting up a ring of orbital trivium satellites, the parasites are destroyed. The "Enterprise" heads for Starbase 10 [OA].

November [reference stardate 2/0811] The Mark III "Alamo" class defense oupost is placed on location. These outposts are capable of withstanding a tremendous amount of punishment while delivering powerful offensive blows and are normally positioned in orbits around vital planets. They house a complement of 410 crewmembers, 280 passengers, and 30 shuttlecraft. They are built on location but can be moved by several specially-designed "Samson" class tugs [FASA].

Klingon D-11C "One Wing" class destroyers enter service [FASA].

The U.S.S. "Hood" (NCC-1707) heavy cruiser is attacked by a Kzinti cruiser. The bridge of the "Hood" is destroyed, her command officers killed. Ensign M'ress, sneaking aboard the enemy vessel, sends a distress signal--earning her a promotion to Lieutenant [Log 5].

Ceti Alpha VI explodes, shifting the orbit of Ceti Alpha V. All life on Ceti Alpha V is destroyed, with the exception of the bulk of Khan Noonian Singh's colony and Ceti eels [ST II].

07 December
The U.S.S. "Directorate" (NCC-2110) "Federation" class dreadnought is commissioned [FRS].

Roy Moss begins work on Faramond and will remain undisturbed for the next three decades [GN 12].

The Eridani Gryfalcons win the Federation Tridimensional Hockey championship in the double-overtime final game. Shawn Ge-Yrmis is named most valuable player [Log 10].

[reference stardate 2/08] The Type 4 V-8 "Bird of Prey" class cruiser enters service in the Romulan fleet [FASA].

The CS-2 Type II "Graceful Flyer" class scout enters service in the Romulan fleet [FASA].

[Y 157] The Gorn-Federation "war" starts as the result of a small incident. Both fleets mobilize, but no actual fighting takes place. The "war" ends only six weeks later with signing of the Treaty of Friendship. The Fifth Lyran-Hydran War begins. The Lyran civil war ends abruptly. ECM and scrambling drones become available [SFB].

2262, January [reference stardate 2/0901]
The Organians decide to discover whether or not Humans and Klingons can live and work together. They select Sheridan's World as a sight of an experimental colony composed of both Humans and Klingons. Should the project succeed, the Organians will consider lifting many of the restrictions to developing other worlds in the region [FASA].

The "Kepler" (K-1) class deep space trading station is authorized. These stations will be constructed by Star Fleet division's orbital assembly station at Starbase 16 for peaceful access in neutral space. Designed for extensive cargo handling and to provide recreational facilities for passing ships, each trading post consists of a central hub and three radially-attached arms. By the end of the 23rd Century, a total of 96 such stations will be constructed, each housing from 798 to 1,130 personnel and (at least in later years as not initially intended to be military installations) an optional 12 phaser emplacements. Before the 2270s, 17 will be in service, located in remote and little-developed regions of the U.F.P., originally intended for the support of colonization efforts on the Federation frontier [JRM2, K7P, EOM, STM].

[Y 158] The Fourth Klingo-Kzinti War begins. Citing their treaty, the Hydrans almost immediately launch an attack against the Klingon border squadrons. The Lyrans join the Klingons in fighting both Hydrans and Kzinti. The U.F.P., anxious to reduce the threat to their security posed by the Kling- ons, shifts fleet units to the Klingon border, and discusses with the Organians the possibility of limited action by the U.F.P. to restore the "balance of power." This is, however, a "hoax" (as the U.F.P. would never consider military power as a solution to the problem), intended to influ- ence the Klingons to negotiate an immediate settlement to end the war. The plan backfires [SFB].

The Klingon K-30E class monitors are decommissioned [FASA].

Corbomite (Element 140) is discovered on Starbase 27: named after James Kirk's famous bluff [MRM]!

The Vulcan science survey ship "Diversity" is lost near the Romulan Neutral Zone [TOS #49].

The bridge of the "Enterprise" undergoes several minor upgrades. A direct scanner scope (type: SP-HCA/RVS-1) is incorporated onto the Engineering Station. A hardcopy cartridge output slot is added to the Science Station. The Helm/Navigation console's warp factor readout and astrogator function monitor boards (of 10 lights each) are replaced with ship's sensors activity monitors (9 lights each). The Helmsman's Station's status board and control panels are replaced with a retractable weapon targeting scope and an all-new helm function panel (a 6x6 board of buttons/indicators with 6 operating modes/overlays). Bridge overhead cove lighting colors are also altered (Communications Station from yellow to green, Science Station from blue to yellow, Engineering Station from red to blue etc.) [OA/Cp, TM, EBP].

stardate 3018.2
Two extra-galactic ornithoid aliens are encountered by "Enterprise" crewmembers on the planet Pyris VII. "Enterprise" fatalities: Lt. Jackson (Command) [Cp].

stardates 3219.4-3220.3
Enroute to Epsilon Canaris III, the "Enterprise" shuttlecraft "Galileo" (NCC-1701/7) is hijacked in space to Gamma Canaris N by a gaseous life form known as the Companion [Mt].

stardates 3497.2-3499.1
A topaline mining agreement treaty is negotiated on Capella IV despite Klingon mining interest. Klingon agent Kraz is killed by a kligat--two years later his bond-brother, First Captain Kain, will seek revenge against Kirk on the water world Okeanos. Leonard James Akaar is born. "Enterprise" fatalities: Grant (Security) [FC, TOS #66].

February [reference stardate 2/0902] The U.S.S. "Doermann" (NCC-4452) Mark II "Larson" class destroyer enters service. The U.S.S. "Lavinius" (NCC-2758) "Loknar" class frigate is lost, her whereabouts unknown. In the Empire, the Klingon K-14C class scout enters service [FASA].

stardate 3468.1
The "Enterprise" is stopped dead in space by a super-being calling himself Apollo, while approaching Pollux IV [WM].

[Y 159] In an attempt to stop the seemingly endless and inconclusive battles between the two powers, the first Romulan/Klingon non-aggression and technological treaties are signed at Villiam ("Speaker") III, near The Tri- angle, known as the Klingon-Romulan Treaty of Smarba. Afraid of the apparent growing military might of the U.F.P., the Romulans and Klingons decide to concentrate on this common enemy. The Romulans, currently ahead in territory, give up many disputed planets as well as the plans for an older-model cloaking device and the plasma weapon. In return, the Klingons provide a number of older D-7 ships equipped with Klingon weapons and engines. This allows the Romulans to experiment with converting half a dozen Warbirds to War Eagles. These increase pressure on the U.F.P. border. The U.F.P. transfers elements of the Star Fleet from the Klingon to the Romulan border. This allows Klingons to tranfer ships to fight the Kzinti. The U.F.P. attempts to use the "threat of force" as a substitute--for simple force has failed, and results in a dangerous sit- uation which nearly destroys the U.F.P. [FASA, SFB].

stardate 3372.7
Commander Spock is forced to return to Vulcan due to the Koon-ut kal-if-fee mating drive. Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy are introduced to T'Pau [AT].

The "Enterprise" finally arrives at the inaugaration ceremonies of the new president of Altair VI: one of four ships including the "Excalibur" (NCC-1705) and the "Endeavor" (NCC-1716) [AT, ST 3].

March [reference stardate 2/0903] The U.S.S. "Chryse" (NCC-4453) Mark II "Larson" class destroyer enters service [FASA].

Records indicate that galactic trader Cyrano Jones is in the Klingon sphere of influence during this time, probably attempting to sell Spican flamegems and/or tribbles [TT].

stardate 3998.6
The Klingon emperor, Kapronek of the Kamorh'dag (Northern continent clans, or Sta Mura), fears the rise of the Gevish'rae ("Thirsting Knives": southern continent clans, or Bur Chak). While the "Enterprise" settles a religious dispute on Alpha Malurian VI, a terraforming colony on Beta Canzandia III is taken over by Klingons in search of the experimental G-7 beam. Kirk briefly meets his son, David Marcus. Commander Kruge becomes promoted to Captain [TOS #58].

The U.S.S. "Niantic" (NCC-1105) "Detroyat" class heavy scout encounters the U.S.S. "Constellation" (NCC-1017) heavy cruiser patrolling near the latter vessel's sector near the M-370 star system. A week later, the "Niantic" will disappear without a trace and become the only "Detroyat" class ship ever to be lost. Two weeks later, the "Constellation" will encounter the planet-killer [DCP].

stardate 4202.1
The U.S.S. "Constellation" (NCC-1017) enters system L374 and finds the 4th planet being sliced up by an unknown vessel. The "Constellation's" deflectors are disabled and her antimatter fuel is 'deactivated' by an energy-damping field emitted by the hostile vessel: an intergalactic planet-killer robot weapon. Commodore Matthew Decker beams his crew down to the 3rd planet--which is also destroyed [DMa].

stardate 4202.9
The "Constellation" is found by the "Enterprise." The intergalactic berserker responsible is destroyed by overloading the "Constellation's" impulse engines, destroying both vessels. Commodore Decker dies in the line of duty [DMa].

stardates 3614.9-3615.4
While on therapeutic shore leave on Argelius II, Lt. Commander Scott is accused of murder. Further investigation proves that a non-corporeal being (Redjac) is responsible. "Enterprise" fatalities: Lt. Karen Tracy (Psychotech) [WF].

April [reference stardate 2/0904] Enroute to New Deimos, 6 "Cochrane" colonial transports and their escorts disappear. Some speculate that the Gorn were responsible but no evidence surfaces. The colonial expedition consisted of 13,200 colonists and 1,250 Star Fleet officers and men [FASA].

Commander Kor becomes acquainted with Kali [TOS #19].

The transporter rooms of the "Enterprise" are upgraded: Computer Functions Monitor stations are added alongside the main control consoles (in at least the standard 6-person transporter rooms) [WF/Cg].

stardate 3541.9
The long-lost space probe "Nomad" is brought aboard the "Enterprise" after having destroyed all life in the Malurian star system. The probe itself eventually self-destructs. "Enterprise" fatalities: 4 (unspecified) Security lieutenants [Cg].
stardates 3715.3-3715.6
On Gamma Trianguli VI, a primitive subservient civilization is freed of its mechanical god. "Enterprise" fatalities: Lt. Hendorf, Lt. Marple, Lt. Mallory, and Lt. Kaplan (Security) [Ap].

A minor "Enterprise" bridge upgrade: a row of 8 buttons are added to the Navigator's Station console for finer control of course Plotting and Scanning operating modes [Ap/MM, EBP, TM].

During an ion storm, a landing party beaming up to the "Enterprise" from the planet Halka transposes with their counterparts in an alternate "Mirror" universe where an Empire exists in place of the Federation [MM].

In the "Mirror" universe, Captain James Kirk will consequently become one of the most famous names in history, influenced by Commander Spock's counterpart. Spock will become Commander-in-Chief of the empire by preaching reform, disarmament, and peace. Upon Spock's completion of reform, the empire will be conquered by the Alliance: a union between the Klingons and Cardassians. Following this "first crossover," all transporters in the "Mirror" universe are redesigned to prevent any future reoccurances [DSN 443].

stardates 3478.2-3479.4
While delivering supplies to Gamma Hydra IV, members of the "Enterprise" landing party become subject to hyperaging. Command is temporarily transferred to Commodore George Stocker who takes the ship into the Romulan Neutral Zone and nearly destroys the "Enterprise" moments before an antidote is developed. The "Enterprise" heads for Starbase 10 to deliver Commodore Stocker to his station post "Enterprise" fatalities: Lt. Arlene Galway (Chief Biologist) [DY].

Mere days before the "Enterprise's" hijacking, the android coordinator Norman is assigned to the ship and manages to evade routine physical examinations by Dr. McCoy [IM].

About this time, Star Fleet Command receives the last of Professor John Gill's reports on Ekos. Melakon is probably in full command [PF].

stardate 4513.3
The "Enterprise" is hijacked to the planet Mudd (UFC 257704-II) by an android commanded by Harry Mudd. After control of the "Enterprise" is regained, Mudd is marooned on the planet with 500 android duplicates of his ex-wife [IM].

stardate 4513.7
Found guilty of six additional felonies, including kidnapping and grand theft, Harry Mudd is placed in the protective custody of the androids. However, he will proceed to organize them into athletic teams, steal one of their spacecraft, and eventually reopen the 'Mudd Free Information Ex- change' on Ilyria VI. Selling the Star Fleet Academy to the natives, he will use the credits to reach Sirius IX. Distributing a local love potion to over a thousand Sirians, resulting in violent allergic reactions, Mudd's funds will be impounded by the Bank of Sirius driving him out of U.F.P. space to the mining planet Motherlode (Acadia III) [IM, MP/a, EOM].

June [reference stardate 2/0906] The U.S.S. "Bursilev" (NCC-4454) Mark II "Larson" class destroyer and the U.S.S. "Alpha Colony" (NCC-2764) Mark II "Loknar" class frigate enter ser- vice [FASA].

stardates 4523.3-4525.6
A priority A-1 distress signal draws the "Enterprise" to deep space station K-7. Captain Kirk is ordered to guard a shipment of quadrotriticale to Sherman's Planet while his ship, and the station, becomes infested with tribbles [TT].

stardates 4040.7-4041.7
The wreckage of the S.S. "Beagle" (NCC-F1307) is traced to planet UFC 892-IV (Magna Roma) where, due to its 20th Century-styled culture, the Prime Directive of Non-Interference is nearly broken [BC].

stardates 3842.3-3843.4
The "Enterprise" is assigned the task of transporting ambassadors of U.F.P. planets to the planet Babel, including Sarek of Vulcan and his wife Amanda. Contact is made with an Orion high-speed vessel which tries to disrupt their transport [JB].

04 July [reference stardate 2/0907.4]
The Marsfoods Corporation is founded in Vandalia on Mars by Elias Wintergreen as the U.F.P.'s most outrageous fast foods supplier [FASA].

Following an unprovoked Klingon attack on the starship "Enterprise," Captain James Kirk investigates a series of murders at the Vulcan Academy of Science on the planet Vulcan. "Enterprise" fatalities: Rosen, Livinger, M'Gura, Jakorski, and Ensign Carl Remington [TOS #20].

After a month in orbit of Vulcan, the "Enterprise" encounters a plague condition on Nisus (Vulcan Colony 9) [TOS #38].

Dr. Geoffrey M'Benga is assigned to the "Enterprise" [TOS #38].

Kevin Katasai becomes the first Klingon to enter the Star Fleet Academy [TOS #38].

09 August
The U.S.S. "Achernar" (NCC-1732) class heavy cruiser is launched [SotF, HCE].

stardates 4211.4-4211.8
On Neural (Zeta Bootis III), the Klingons are discovered breaking the Prime Directive by escalating the development of firearms [PLW].

stardates 3211.7-3259.2
Captain Kirk and a landing party, while checking the Gamma II station, are kidnapped to the planet Triskelion and sold as thralls. Kirk gambles to free the slaves and wins their freedom [GT].

stardate 4534.7
The "Enterprise" approaches Starbase 9 for shore leave and Lt. Commander Scott celebrates his Star Fleet anniversary on the ship's bridge [TNG 230].

September [reference stardate 2/0909] The U.S.S. "Poitiers" (NCC-4313) "Larson" class destroyer is placed on inactive status. The U.S.S. "Titian Plain" (NCC-4455) Mark II "Larson" class destroyer enters service [FASA].

stardates 3619.2-3620.7
On Argus X, a Vampire Cloud creature is battled. It is the same creature that decimated the "Farragut" eleven years earlier, and it is destroyed by the "Enterprise" on Tycho IV with an antimatter device. The "Enterprise" then takes on vaccines and related medical supplies from the U.S.S. "Yorktown" (NCC-1704) for transport to Theta VII. "Enterprise" fatalities: Ensign Rizzo (Security) and (unspecified) Security personnel including Valdini and/or Leslie [Ob, TOS #57].

At approximately this time, Star Fleet Command receives the last normal space radio message from the U.S.S. "Horizon" (NCC-1000) cruiser reporting on her voyage to Sigma Iotia II [PA].

stardate 6769.4
The "Enterprise" successfully completes a diplomatic mission to the Patrian Republics on Patria I, revealing a conspiracy in the planet's Mindcrime Unit and severing their ties with Klingon arms suppliers. The "Enterprise" heads for a rendezvous with the "Lexington" (NCC-1703) [TOS #69].

stardates 4307.1-4309.4
A gigantic spacegoing 'ameba' is destroyed after having annihilated the U.S.S. "Intrepid" (NCC-1708) and the entire Gamma 7A system [IS].

stardates 4598.0-4598.7
The "Enterprise" is sent to Sigma Iotia II to discover what sociological damage the pre-Prime Directive ship "Horizon" (NCC-1000) had on the planet [PA].

stardates 4657.5-4658.9
Kelvans, from the distant Andromeda galaxy, take control of the "Enterprise" and ready it for an intergalactic journey home. "Enterprise" fatalities: Leslie Thompson (Yeoman) [AON].

The star Minara begins to enter a nova phase. At approximately this time, a U.F.P. research station is established on the second planet in the system [Em].

stardates 4768.3-4770.3
Three disembodied entities are unearthed on the long-dead planet Arret. In an experiment, they take control of the bodies of three "Enterprise" officers [RT].

November [reference stardate 2/0911] Deep-cover Star Fleet agents within the Klingon Empire report that the Klingons and Romulans have settled their border disputes and have likely sealed cease-fire agreements with military technology exchanges. The Rom- ulans trade cloaking device modules in exchange for Klingon D-6 "Raxor" and D-7 "Klolode" class battlecruisers complete with transporter and dis- ruptor technology. In later years the Romulans will trade the data on their plasma torpedo and "Bird of Prey" scout ships in exchange for Klingon D-8 "K't'inga" class warships [FASA, FRS, EI, TBoT].

The Klingon L-6I class frigate enters service [FASA].

stardate 2534.0
A drastic violation of the Prime Directive is discovered on Ekos, where old Earth's Nazi Germany society had been recreated by U.F.P. cultural observer John Gill [PF].

Terise Haleakala-LoBrutto is selected for the upcoming deep-cover mission into Romulan space [TOS #35].

stardate 4729.4
Dr. Richard Daystrom's new computer, the M-5, is installed aboard the "Enterprise" and given a test run. It fails miserably after destroying the S.S. "Woden" (DY-500) automated ore freighter, and firing on the heavy cruisers U.S.S. "Lexington" (NCC-1703), "Excalibur" (NCC-1705), "Hood" (NCC-1707), and "Potemkin" (NCC-1711). Dr. Daystrom is hospitalized. "Enterprise" fatalities: Ensign Harper (Engineering) [UC].

A crewless U.S.S. "Exeter" (NCC-1706) in orbit of Omega IV is found contaminated with a deadly virus, and Fleet Captain Ronald Tracy is found to be violating the Prime Directive on the planet. "Enterprise" fatalities: Lt. Galloway [OG].

December [reference stardate 2/0912] The Mark VI "Larson" class destroyer enters service with a more powerful impulse drive system, improved phaser weapons and more efficient shield generators [FASA].

The U.S.S. "Borodino" (NCC-4307), "Leyte" (NCC-4319), "Guadalcanal" (NCC-4332), "Napoleon" (NCC-4344), "Cannae" (NCC-4353), "Charlemagne" (NCC-4364) and "Hardraade" (NCC-4369) Mark II "Larson" class destroyers are refitted to the Mark VI configuration [FASA].

By use of the lightspeed breakaway factor, the "Enterprise" is sent back through time to the year 1968 for crucial historical research. Captain Kirk discovers that an alien team is already stationed on Earth, ensuring its survival [AE].

stardate 5947.3
After having delivered a contact team to Midgwis (Elcidar Beta III), Yarblis Geshkerroth, a 'ghost walker,' takes possession of Captain Kirk's body [TOS #53].

UESPA is disbanded and replaced by Star Fleet Command's Bureau of Space Exploration [EOM].

The Klingon hierarchy undergoes a purge resulting in a series of border skirmishes. Vice Admiral Vaughan Rittenhouse orders the construction of the U.S.S. "Star Empire" (NCC-2116) prototype dreadnought (later to evolve into the upgraded "Federation II" dreadnought class). A year later, a new strain of Klingons (the Bur Chak) will control the Klingon Empire [TOS #29, FSF].

The breakthrough development of linear warp drive begins [SFE].

Smith & Smythe releases a new micro-impulse warp engine design [FASA].

The Mark I R-1 orbital defense outpost enters service. This weapons platform armed with 18 phasers and 6 photon torpedo tubes will form the basis of the R-1 "Regula" class spacelab facilty a decade later [FASA, JRM2].

2263, January [reference stardate 2/1001]
The Romulans begin deploying D-7 battlecruisers in squadrons of 3 along the Neutral Zone [FASA]. The U.S.S. "Tannenberg" (NCC-4303) and "Torgau" (NCC-4316) Mark II "Larson" class destroyers are refitted to the Mark VI configuration [FASA].

The Klingon D-16A class destroyers are decommissioned [FASA].

"Baton Rouge" class cruisers are decommissioned [SFC]. Plans to modernize the five remaining, non-modernized "Coventry" class frigates are cancelled [SotF].

Maximus O'Connor dies and ownership of Laura's World (Laurison 294) falls into the hands of his brother and only surviving heir, Paul O'Connor. He turns the planet into a vast parkland "for lovers only" [FASA].

stardate 4385.3
Under orders to contact the Melkots, the "Enterprise" officers, before achieving their goal, become entrapped in an illusionary world [SGn].

stardates 4372.5-4373.9
The "Enterprise" transports the Dohlman of Elas to Troyius, in the Tellun star system. The starship's engines are sabotaged and a Klingon D-6 battlecruiser engaged. "Enterprise" fatalities: Watson (Technician/Engineering) [ET, TOS #68].

19 January
The U.S.S. "Organization" (NCC-2111) "Federation" class dreadnought is commissioned [FRS].

stardates 4842.6-4843.6+
An asteroid is diverted from destroying the planet Amerind. In doing so, the "Enterprise's" warp engines are burned out, forcing the ship to drift to Amerind on impulse engines for 59.223 days. The first evidence of the Preservers, an advanced culture known to have saved many primitive civilizations in ancient times, is found on this class M world. This planet is later also known by the name Miramanee. In the next century, at least two more Preserver-seeded worls will be discovered [PSy, TNG #28]. February [reference stardate 2/1002] The last of the Mk I "Anton" class cruisers are commissioned, as they are replaced by the Mk II design [FASA].

The U.S.S. "Coral Sea" (NCC-4302), "Garbo" (NCC-4323), and "Corregidor" (NCC-4331) Mark II "Larson" class destroyers are refitted to the Mark VI configuration. The U.S.S. "Kohlar" (NCC-4456) Mark VI "Larson" class destroyer enters service, the first new-build Mark VI "Larson" [FASA].

The Klingon K-17D "Z'mortama" ("Death Stalker") class scouts are decommissioned [FASA].

Over the next four and a half years, the Klingons will create 5 new warp drive engines, 2 impulse drive systems, 5 new disruptor types, 4 photon torpedo types, 5 shield systems (of which 2 will use a trinary power transformer), and 2 powerful computer systems. Many of these new systems will be incorporated into the D-10F cruiser [FASA].

March [reference stardate 2/1003] When rich deposits of dilithium and other minerals are discovered in the Klingon Neutral Zone, Klingon warcraft begin to patrol it heavily, keeping just on their side of the Zone [FASA].

The U.S.S. "Khartoum" (NCC-4401) Mark II "Larson" class destroyer is re- fitted to the Mark VI configuration [FASA].

12 March
The U.S.S. "Achernar" (NCC-1732) heavy cruiser is commissioned, the first major starship with the PB-47 circumferential warp drive, and the last major starhip class with circumferential (as opposed to linear) engines. This second variation on the "Constitution" class will establish records for hyperspace acceleration unsurpassed until the development of linear warp drive in the mid-2260s. Her expanded systems include 6 phasers, 2 photon torpedo banks, and an externally-mounted deflector shield grid. Thirteen ships of this class will be built (NCC-1732-NCC-1744) and 22 "Constitution/Bonhomme Richard" ships will be converted over to this class. On stardate 6835.57, the U.S.S. "Achernar" will verify the existence of the Klingon "K't'inga" D-8 class warship "Make'" ("Death," KL 67348) [SotF, FRS, HCE].

At approximately this time, the U.S.S. "Intrepid" (NCC-1717) heavy cruiser is reported missing. Three weeks later the "Enterprise" will be assigned to locate her [TW].

stardates 5027.3-5027.4
On sealed orders, the "Enterprise" enters Romulan space and is captured by a small fleet of Romulan vessels: "Luctas" ("Starfire," ChR 316), "Parno" ("Broadsword," ChR 381), and "N'Lanaes" ("Predator," ChR 385). The "Enterprise" escapes with the Romulans' new cloaking device and the fleet commander. It is confirmed that Romulans are now employing Klingon vessels (D-7 battlecruisers) and technology due to the recent Klingon-Romulan Alliance. This action of acquiring the Romulan cloaking device is known as Operation Purloin [EI, FRS, FASA].

Over the next couple years, Star Fleet Division's Bureau of Intelligence will duplicate and mass-produce the cloaking device modules for use aboard Class I starships. The prototype Star Fleet cloak, based upon the Romulans' design, will first be tested in the "Wraith II" (WKI-2) stealth shuttle in 2266 by Lt. Commander Sulu at the White Sands Flight Center on Earth. The Vulcan-designed "Tandem" 14 (SW-7) warp shuttles will later be equipped with cloaks. The "Federation" (NCC-2100) class dreadnoughts will be among the first major starship classes outfitted with cloaking device receptacles. The dematerialization modules needed to complete the systems are assigned to only those ships with cause to need them, as (at least in the early units) the systems are to be used only for emergencies due to the drain on ship's power, and possibly the problem of subspace radiation contamination. In the 2270s, Spock will be granted permission to experiment with the original Romulan cloaking device at Star Fleet Headquarters in San Francisco to determine the true cause of Captain Kirk's brief disappearance [TOS #70, FRS, HFP, FCP, TOS #40].

According to an alternate account (or perhaps Star Fleet propaganda?): Despite intense study by the best minds in Star Fleet, the Romulan cloaking device remains a mystery. Nevertheless, political pressure forces Star Fleet to make a public display of the stolen device. The device is installed on a Federation ship and dignitaries from all over the U.F.P. observe the experiment from a nearby vessel. To the horror of the test's organizers and the Federation Council (who pressed for the test) the ship fitted with the cloaking device and the vessel containing the U.F.P. dignitaries both vanish. Seconds later, there is a huge explosion. Neither ship is ever seen again, and scientists quit working on cloaking device technology [FASA].

stardate 5029.5
In the Epsilon Indii system, the Starnes expedition is found dead on Triacus. The "Enterprise" investigates and a non-corporeal alien is found responsible and is dealt with. "Enterprise" fatalities: 6 (unspecified) landing party members [CL].

stardates 5431.4-5432.3
Commander Spock's brain is removed by an alien woman from Sigma Draconis VI. His brain is restored in the advanced underground city [SB].

26 March
On Kirk's birthday, Spock presents the captain with a chess alcove present: snap-in bulkhead doors, turning an unused access corridor located between the two officers' quarters into a private chess gaming sanctorum [ON 6].

stardates 5630.7-5630.8
While transporting the Medusan ambassador to the U.F.P. back to its homeworld, Dr. Lawrence Marvick, one of the designers of the starship's engines, goes mad from exposure to the Medusan. He takes control of the ship and takes it out of our universe and dies. By use of a Medusan mind meld, the "Enterprise" returns home [TB]

April [reference stardate 2/1004] The U.S.S. "Okinawa" (NCC-4334) Mark II "Larson" class destroyer is re- fitted to the Mark VI configuration. The U.S.S. "Wavell" (NCC-4442) "Larson" class destroyer is destroyed. The U.S.S. "Tana Re" (NCC-4457) Mark VI "Larson" class destroyer and the U.S.S. "Altair VI" (NCC-2765) Mark II "Loknar" class frigate enter service [FASA].

stardate 5121.5
Sent to pick up a team of scientists in the Minara system which is entering a nova phase, the "Enterprise" finds the team murdered by humanoids. The "Enterprise" warps out as Minara goes nova [Em].

stardate 5693.2
In the Territorial Annex of the Tholian Assembly, the "Enterprise" encounters the U.S.S. "Defiant" (NCC-1717) trapped in a dimensional interphase. While trying to recover Captain Kirk from the "Defiant," the "Enterprise" returns fire with Tholian scout ships [TW].

stardates 5476.3-5476.4
An immense generation ship built by the Fabrini, called "Yonada," is diverted from destroying the U.F.P. member world Daran V, by the "Enterprise." By researching the Fabrini records, a cure for Xenopolycythemia is found [FW].

stardates 3372.7-3375.5
A non-corporeal alien that feeds on hate attempts to start a war between the survivors of the Klingon battlecruiser ("Klolode" ("Destruction," KL02529)?) aboard the "Enterprise," but is overpowered through cooperation [Dv]. Possibly during this incident, the first Klingon sonic disruptor pistol is obtained by Star Fleet. It will be instrumental in the death of former "Enterprise" chief medical officer Dr. Mark Piper after the conclusion of the "Enterprise's" 5-year mission [TOS #70].

stardates 5784.2-5784.3
The planet Platonius is discovered by the "Enterprise." A fight against the psychokinetic Platonians results when the ship's chief medical officer refuses to remain on the planet [PSt].

Lokai steals a shuttlecraft from Starbase 4 [LB].

stardates 5710.5-5710.9
Hyperaccelerated humanoids are discovered on Scalos. They nearly seize control of the "Enterprise" in an attempt to use the crew as breeding stock. "Enterprise" fatalities: Crewman Compton (Security) [WE].

26 April
The U.S.S. "Star Union" (NCC-2112) "Federation" class dreadnought is commissioned [FRS].

An "Enterprise" landing party discovers an ancient Kalandan outpost and battle against a deadly computer-generated 'woman.' "Enterprise" fatalities: Ensign Wyatt (Transporter Specialist), Lt. D'Amato (Senior Geologist), and John B. Watkins (Engineer, Grade 4) [TWS].

May [reference stardate 2/1005] The Tellarite Planetary Government issues the first Federation Peace Medal [FASA].

stardates 5730.2-5730.6
Contact is made with the last two natives of the planet Cheron, which is found to have destroyed itself [LB].

stardate 5718.3
The deranged Fleet Captain Garth of Izar takes control of the Elba II Penal Colony and its inmates. The "Enterprise" delivers a new therapeutic drug to the correctional facility, which results in most of the inmates' rehabilitation [WGD].

stardates 5423.4-5423.8
The first U.F.P. delegation to the planet Gideon (Delta Dorado) reveals the planet to be grossly overpopulated. The forced introduction of Vegan Choriomeningitis results in a crude form of population control [MG].

17 May
The U.S.S. "Eagle" (NCC-1719) heavy cruiser is drydocked at Cosmadyne Corporation, Houston, Earth for upgrading to "Achernar" configuration [HCE].

stardates 5725.3-5725.6
The memory core of Memory Alpha is attacked and destroyed by the non-corporeal inhabitants of Zetar. Rebuilding of the library complex begins with Memory Prime. Lt. Mira Romaine becomes Chief Technician [LZ, TOS #42].

In the "Mirror" universe, the empire is impressed by the chaotic power of the Zetars and offers them an alliance. They accept [TBoT #14].

stardates 5818.4-5819.3
On the U.F.P. world Ardana (Mu Leonis), a sociological revolution occurs. The Troglytes gain their freedom to live in the cloud city of Stratos and the "Enterprise" transports zienite to Merak II [CMn].

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