Star Trek Timeline

By James Dixon

This timeline is split into 20 parts, linked here:

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Notes: including explanation of acronyms, etc.

stardates 5832.3-5832.6
The space cruiser S.S. "Aurora" (NCC-C1200) is destroyed after being stolen by a band of 'space hippies' in search of the mythical planet Eden (UFC 3676543). With help from the U.S.S. "Enterprise," the planet is located. Their leader, Dr. Sevrin, dies after briefly commandeering the ship [WEd].

June [reference stardate 2/1006] The Klingon L-6B class frigates are phased out of production [FASA]. The U.S.S. "Gettysburg" (NCC-4324) and "Sun Tzu" (NCC-4347) Mark II "Larson" class destroyers are refitted to the Mark VI configuration [FASA].

stardates 5843.7-5843.8
Rigellian fever strikes the crew of the "Enterprise" and, in hopes of obtaining the only known antidote, Mr. Flint, a wealthy hermit is bargained with on Holberg 917G (Omega VII). "Enterprise" fatalities: 1 (unspecified) crewman [RM].

04 June
The U.S.S. "Lexington" (NCC-1703) heavy cruiser is drydocked at Star Fleet Division, San Francisco Yards, Earth for conversion to the "Achernar" configuration [HCE].

stardates 5906.4-5906.5
The planet Excalbia is surveyed by the "Enterprise" and contact is made with non-humanoid, carbon-cycle beings. Through the power of mass transformation, the Excalbians learn the concepts of Good and Evil from the officers of the "Enterprise" [SC].

stardates 5943.7-5943.9
While exploring Sarpeidon, the only inhabited planet of Beta Niobe which is on the verge of going nova, an "Enterprise" landing party becomes entrapped in different time periods of the planet's history. The ship and landing party leave in time to escape the nova [AY].

stardates 5928.5-5930.3
Through the use of an ancient machine unearthed on Camus II, Dr. Janice Lester swaps bodies with Captain James Kirk of the "Enterprise" and assumes command. The transfer is broken and Lester is committed [TI].

A new faction of Klingons, based from Kahless (neighbor system to Kazh) ascend to power and gain control of the Klingonese government. Opposition is suppressed or annihilated, and the new leaders thrust full steam into a program of arms buildup, outfitting their ships with massive weaponry. The first product will be the "K't'inga" class warship [FSC].

stardate 6346.02 {16 June}
The U.S.S. "Enterprise" enters the Arias Mastac Prime Dockyards in orbit of Daran V is uprated to the "Achernar" class configuration with some new systems; including a new holographic recreation room, life support belts in place of environmental suits, new phaser banks (designed by Professor Omen), and is equipped with "Arco" class 2-man, warp 0.95 attack sleds. Lt. M'Ress signs on as a relief communications officer and Lt. Arex as Chief Navigator. Ensign Pavel Chekov is temporarily transferred to the U.S.S. "Lermontov" as Executive Officer [HCE, FRS, EOM, TOS #64].

July [reference stardate 2/1007] The U.S.S. "Balaklava" (NCC-4419) Mark II "Larson" class destroyer is re- fitted to the Mark VI configuration [FASA].

August [reference stardate 2/1008] The U.S.S. "Chou" (NCC-4339) and "Grant" (NCC-4416) Mark II "Larson" class destroyers are refitted to the Mark VI configuration [FASA].

Piper enters Command Central training school at the Star Fleet Academy on Earth [TOS #29].

08 August
The U.S.S. "Eagle" (NCC-1719) heavy cruiser is relaunched as an "Achernar" class starship [HCE].

September [reference stardate 2/1009] The U.S.S. "Ramses" (NCC-4335) Mark II "Larson" class destroyer is refit- ted to the Mark VI configuration [FASA].

09 September
The U.S.S. "Lexington" (NCC-1703) heavy cruiser is relaunched after conversion [HCE].

16 September
The U.S.S. "Eagle" (NCC-1719) "Achernar" class heavy cruiser is recommissioned [HCE].

18 September
The U.S.S. "Lexington" (NCC-1703) heavy cruiser is recommissioned as an "Achernar" class starship [HCE].

October [reference stardate 2/1010] The Mark III "Solar" class cutter enters service with warp 9 capacity and a crew of 25 [FASA].

The U.S.S. "Leipzig" (NCC-4320) and "Constantine" (NCC-4357) "Larson" class destroyes are placed on inactive status. The U.S.S. "Liu Pang" (NCC-4356), "Genghis Khan" (NCC-4375), "Moltke" (NCC-4417), and "Kermal" (NCC-4430) Mark II "Larson" class destroyers are refitted to the Mark VI configuration [FASA].

stardate 6375.62 {03 October}
The U.S.S. "Enterprise" is relaunched, now converted to the "Achernar" configuration [HCE].

The Mark IV "Fenlon" class monitors enter service [FASA].

The last of the Mark II "Nelson" class scouts enter service [FASA].

November [reference stardate 2/1011] The Mark I "Thufir" class destroyers enter service with warp 9 capacity and crews of 180 [FASA].

The U.S.S. "Agincourt" (NCC-4314), "Justinian" (NCC-4362), and "Cortez" (NCC-4383) Mark II "Larson" class destroyers are refitted to the Mark VI configuration. The U.S.S. "Paris" (NCC-2722) "Loknar" class frigate is placed on inactive status [FASA].

01 November
The U.S.S. "Sol" (NCC-1733) "Achernar" class heavy cruiser is laid down at Star Fleet Division, San Francisco Yards, Earth [SotF, HCE].

stardate 6384.91 {05 November}
The U.S.S. "Enterprise" is recommissioned as an "Achernar" class heavy cruiser and continues her 5-year mission under Captain James Kirk. Her first mission: star charting [HCE, BFS/a].

12 November
The U.S.S. "Tori" (NCC-1725) heavy cruiser is drydocked at Rodriquez Ingenieria, Lima, Earth for conversion to the "Achernar" configuration [HCE].

November [reference stardate 2/1011] Star Fleet Bold Extended replaces Machine Extended typefaces on Federation starship hulls [MSGE].

stardates 5221.3-5221.8 [5321]
In orbit of Questar M-17, the "Enterprise" battles an ancient magnetic organism [BFS/a].

stardates 5373.4-5373.9 (into subjective time)
While assisting a team of historians on the planet Gateway, Commander Spock's time stream is disrupted. He returns to Vulcan with the use of the Guardian of Forever and corrects history [Yy/a].

December [reference stardate 2/1012] The D-7G "K't'alla" ("Truthbringer") class cruisers enter service in the Klingon fleet. The direct result of the first Romulan-Klingon technology exchange, these ships are armed with Romulan plasma weapons. Most Klingon commanders of these vessels are uncomfortable with the combat tactics they dictate: the plasma weapon design requires the ship to be close to the enemy in order to fire [FASA].

The U.S.S. "Tedder" (NCC-4445) and "Chryse" (NCC-4453) Mark II "Larson" class destroyers are refitted to the Mark VI configuration [FASA].

The first modification of the Klingon D-10A "Riskadh" class cruiser results in the D-10B though it is never produced in numbers despite being ordered into production [FASA].

The Klingon G-5 "Qexa" ("Tugboat") class cargo transport enters service [FASA].

stardates 5371.3-5372.1 [5372.1-5380]
An intelligent cosmic cloud is diverted from destroying Pallas XIV by the "Enterprise" [OPM/a].

The LN-64 pulsed linear (4th Generation) warp drive is produced. These new (SW45/1-5K) engines, utilizing linear warp drive intermix shafts connecting impulse and warp systems for efficient energy distrib- ution will enable ships to attain warp 12 speeds and in later years warp 20 [FSF, HCE, FRS, SotF, LOR].

25 December (stardates 5143.3-5148.7) [5402.7]
Patrolling near the edge of the Romulan Neutral Zone, the "Enterprise" comes to the rescue of Carter Winston, who turns out to be a shape-changing Vendorian spy set up by the Romulans. After commandeering the "Enterprise" and taking the ship into Romulan space, the Vendorian agent is captured and the ship makes a narrow escape from Romulan vessels. The "Enterprise" takes on supplies and is briefly refitted in orbit of Valeria [Su/a, Log 2].

Commodore Favere says his farewells to Hazel Payton. The two won't meet again until the Aleph incident [TOS #64].

Terise Haleakala-LoBrutto, deep-cover Star Fleet agent, is planted on the Romulan homeworld [TOS #35].

Ensign Selena Karras files an application to serve aboard the "Horizon" on a research mission to the Soolahn system. Instead, she will be assigned to the "Enterprise" [TOS #56].

2264, January [reference stardate 2/1101]
The Klingon K-15D scouts enter service [FASA].

The U.S.S. "Von Blucher" (NCC-4400) and "Pershing" (NCC-4428) Mark II "Larson" class destroyers are refitted to the Mark VI configuration [FASA].

Coridan becomes the 28th U.F.P. member. The Star Fleet Record 'History of the Coridan Admission' is published [STM, SotF2].

Boothby is born [TNG 219].

stardates 5483.7-5483.9
The "Enterprise" frees the women of Taurus II from their own glandular secretion trap [LS/a].

stardates 5554.4-5554.8 [5503.1]
The 5th clone of Stavos Keniclius is discovered ruling the planet Phylos by the "Enterprise" [IV/a].

stardate 5591.2 [5510.1]
The "Enterprise" returns to Omicron Delta IV, the 'shore leave planet' for R & R. The planet's computer is running wild and is negotiated with before shore leave commences [OUP/a].

stardate 4978.5 [5514.0-5514.6]
Harry Mudd is once again apprehended by the "Enterprise," after having tried to sell 'love crystals' [MP/a].

stardate 4979.6
Mudd is sentenced to an indefinite period in rehabilitation therapy for violations of the Federation pharmaceutical code, including fraud, illegal drug manufacturing, swindling, and transport of a dangerous life- form (a Rigellian hypnoid) [EOM, MP/a].

stardate 1254.4 [5524.5]
Given the task of exploring the galactic core, the "Enterprise" is drawn into a parallel universe. The crew are tried by the inhabitants of Megas-tu and helped to cross back into our universe [Mtu/a].

stardates 5577.3-5577.7 [5525.3]
Responding to a strange distress signal, the "Enterprise" is bombarded with spiroid epsilon radiation. The crew begin to contract but are restructured by the transporter systems. The lost colony Terra 10 is found to be responsible, and the entire city is spacelifted to Verdanis (Epsilon Pegasi), renamed Verdantin [Te/a, Log 4].
stardates 5267.2-5267.6
Surveying the Delta Triangle region of space, the "Enterprise" and the Klingon battlecruiser "Klothos" ("Carnage," KL 99970), are transported into a parallel universe. Through cooperation, they manage to return to our own continuum [Tr/a].

stardate 5392.4 [5526.2]
While escorting two robot grain ships to Sherman's Planet, the "Enterprise" rescues trader Cyrano Jones from a pursuing Klingon battlecruiser, the "Tor'Stog" ("Devisor," KL 73796) The "Enterprise" once again becomes infested with tribbles, as does the "Devisor" [MTT/a].

stardates 5499.9-5506.2 [5527.0]
The Class N water world Argo is studied by the "Enterprise" when Captain Kirk and Commander Spock are transformed into water-breathers by the planet's inhabitants. The process is reversed, and a sea-quake is diverted by the "Enterprise" [Am/a].

stardates 6334.1-6336.2 [5527.3-5527.4]
Commander Spock is stricken by Choriocytosis and the U.S.S. "Huron" (NCC-F1313), carrying the only cure, is attacked and ravaged by Orion pirates. After pursuit by the "Enterprise," the Orion pirate vessel is captured intact and Spock's life is saved [PO/a].

stardate 5683.1 [5527.4]
Numerous ships are called to rendezvous with a Vedalan asteroid for a unique mission. A holy war will erupt across the galaxy unless the stolen Soul of Skorr is returned to its people. Kirk and Spock and a group of specially selected beings retrieve it from a Mad Planet (Upsilon Mensae) [Ji/a].

stardates 5275.6-5276.8 [5532.8]
Dr. Leonard McCoy of the "Enterprise" is tried for medical mispractice in the Dramen system for the slaughter of the inhabitants of Dramia II, nineteen years ago. He is released after finding a cure for the Auroral Plague which threatened the crew of the "Enterprise" [Al/a].

stardate 3183.3
After escaping from a Romulan sneak attack into an energy cloud, the "Enterprise's" main computer malfunctions and threatens the lives of the ship [PJ/a].

stardates 6063.4-6063.5 [5535.2]
The "Enterprise" officers meet Kukulkan, a space traveler who visited Earth in ancient times, while tracing the origin of Kukulkan's unmanned probe of Earth [HS/a].

stardates 6770.3-6770.6 [5536.3-5536.9]
Enroute to Babel with the retiring Ambassador Robert April, the first captain of the "Enterprise," the ship seemingly crosses over into an antimatter universe. The entire incident is later revealed to be the doing of a rogue planetoid of telepathic beings testing the U.F.P. and the Klingon Empire [CC/a, Log 7].

stardate 5501.2 [5537.1-5537.2]
The disappearance of the crew of the science vessel "Ariel," in orbit of Lactra VII, leads the officers of the "Enterprise" into a planet-sized zoo of specimens from all across the galaxy. After being released by the Lactrans, the ship aids them in a quest for a new creature for their zoo, a Jawanda [EB/a, Log 8].

stardate 7403.6 [5537.3-5537.9]
Commander Ari bn Bem from the recently-contacted planet Pandro (Garo VII), joins the "Enterprise" on a series of exploratory and contact missions. Trouble starts on Delta Theta III, and later on Pandro itself when Klingons are found experimenting with Pandronian life forms [Be/a, Log 9].

stardate 4187.3 [5538.6-5539.2]
The "Enterprise," enroute to negotiations with the newly-contacted Briamosites, discovers a Slaver stasis box. It is transported to Starbase 25 by the long-range shuttlecraft "Copernicus" (NCC-1701/13) and is captured by Kzinti enroute. The box is opened, revealing an advanced weapon which self-destructs, killing the Kzinti. Afterwards, the stasis box is used to impress the Briamosites into allying themselves with the U.F.P., to the regret of the Klingon negotiators [SW/a, Log 10].

Ensign Chekov returns to the "Enterprise" as Navigation Officer. Life support belts are withdrawn from service [EOM].

stardate 4496.1
The long-lost L5 structure, the generation ship "Wanderer," is discovered by the "Enterprise" while following Admiral La Forge's orders to search the quadrant for Klingon vessels after 12 days. After preventing the craft's destruction, the "Enterprise" heads for Space Station K-7 for shore leave [ON 15].

Lieutenants M'Ress and Arex transfer off the "Enterprise" [Log 10+].

16 February
The U.S.S. "Tori" (NCC-1725) heavy cruiser is relaunched after conversion to "Achernar" specs [HCE].

February [reference stardate 2/1102] The K-6A "Lar'hal" ("Administrator") class gunboat enters service in the Klingon Empire [FASA].

The U.S.S. "Trafalgar" (NCC-4304), "Cochise" (NCC-4345), and "San Jacinto" (NCC-4407) Mark II "Larson" class destroyers are refitted to the Mark VI configuration [FASA].

The Klingon W-2C class warpshuttle enters service [FASA].

stardates 4011.9-4205.5
A major war breaks out between the Klingon Empire and U.F.P. Organia is cutoff. Recording a navigational grid on the far side of Klingon space near the Shapley Center, the "Enterprise" attempts a transporter experiment by beaming Commander Spock to Organia in tachyonic form. The experiment fails, yielding duplicate Spocks. The ship lays in a direct course for Organia: a journey of nearly 6 months, 4 of which spent cutting through Klingon space. There, the duplicate Spock is eradicated while the Organians are freed from a Klingon-designed planetary thought-shield. The Organians deprive the Klingons of spaceflight for a thousand years. The "Enterprise" reports to Starbase 16 for two weeks down time and new assignment [ON 1].

stardates 6720.8-6725.1
After the 8th day in orbit of Kyros, carrying out a planetary survey using telescan cephalic implants, a defective mind link transforms Commander Spock into a revolutionary. He sabotages the "Enterprise's" warp drive by removing the trilithium modulator crystals and for ten days nearly breaks the Prime Directive [ON 3].

stardates 6273.6-6067.8
All Class I starships abort non-emergency missions to investigate abnormal shortfalls in dilithium shipments. The "Enterprise" aborts an expedition to the Aldebaran Sector and discovers Harry Mudd to be behind the U.F.P.-wide shortage. Using the androids and resources of the planet Mudd (now called Liticia) and the starship "Superstella" he is chased by the "Enterprise" to the Energy Barrier. Contact with the Barrier throws both ships into Nubecula Minor and alters the lattice structure of the dilithium aboard both ships. The crystals become unstable and set off a chain reaction destroying Nubecula Minor and throwing the "Enterprise" back through space-time to stardate 6013.4-- long before the Mudd crystal crisis. The Mudd androids sentence Mudd to banishment from the galaxy [ON 7].

stardate 6107
The "Enterprise" transports J.A. Lawrence, a civilian Integrator, to Alpha Aldiss. During the voyage, the Integrator, persuaded by Captain Kirk, integrates the Mudd Affair reports into a narrative form [ON 7].

stardates 6834.5-5763.7
Enroute to R & R on Starbase 10, the "Enterprise" briefly diverts to Fornax II to transport a sealed tape of Dr. Albar Exar's genetic work. Prior to the doctor's death, he splits Spock into two halves: one Vulcan, one Human, by transporter means. The "Enterprise" again diverts, to Iota Ceti VI to rescue a U.F.P. survey team. At Starbase 10, Spock is reunified and after ten days of R & R the "Enterprise" proceeds to Sector 5 for exploration and mapping operations [ON 2].

The "Enterprise" encounters the remains of the U.S.S. "Halcyon," an "Avenger" class scout, destroyed by an interdimensional contact point--which the "Enterprise" narrowly escapes from [ON 2].

A group of renegade Andorians decoy the U.S.S. "Yorktown" (NCC-1704) with a distress signal and engage the starship enroute to Starbase 6 from Earth colony 7, carrying the top secret weapon code-named Excalibur. The starship launches the Excalibur in a shuttlecraft which is later recovered by Commander Spock and Lt. Phyllida Gaines of the "Yorktown" on the planet Mevinna. The "Enterprise" transports the weapon to Starbase 6 [ON 2].

A multi-parallel space-time inversion briefly transposes Captain Kirk, Commander Spock, and Dr. McCoy with their 20th Century counterparts while Commodore Kor claims the planet Kahless [ON 2].

March [reference stardate 2/1103] The U.S.S. "Blenheim" (NCC-4315), "Saladin" (NCC-4368), and "Cromwell" (NCC-4377) Mark II "Larson" class destroyers are refitted to the Mark VI configuration [FASA]. The Klingon K-4A "Kl'xenova" ("Enforcer") class gunboat/covette enters service. It is one of the most maneuverable vessels in known space, designed to perform two different missions: in-system patrol duties or outpost/border patrol duties when acting as a gunboat, and rapid attack in mass assaults when acting as a corvette [FASA].

The Klingon K-14A is phased out as K-14C scouts enter service [FASA].

03 March
The U.S.S. "Tori" (NCC-1725) is recommissioned as an "Achernar" class heavy cruiser [HCE].

After completing a difficult escort journey, the "Enterprise" crew takes leave on Krasni and the "Enterprise" assists the "Starfarer" [ON 2].

The "Enterprise" personnel take shore leave on the frontier world Rhinegelt. Spock undertakes the 'mok farr' ritual: the Vulcan rite of passage into adulthood by mind-melding with one of the native animals [ON 2].

On an un-named Class M planet, the "Enterprise" crew mutiny after establishing contact with psionic sapient insect life. "Enterprise" fatalities: Carlos Durban (Biologist) [ON 2].

Captain James Kirk dies on Omne's Black Hole Planet. Omne, last of his race, reveals the Phoenix Process of transporter resurrection and restores Kirk to life--in duplicate. One returns to command the "Enterprise," the other becomes the property of the Romulan Commander [ON 4].

stardates 9722.4-9789.2
R.A. Roblein, Federation Director of Interworld Affairs, debates the Prime Directive of Non-Interference in the Voran Dynasty Hegemony near the Romulan Neutral Zone. Captain Kirk is appointed Ambassador Plenipotentiary to the conference. Black Omne makes his second, and perhaps last, appearance [ON 12].

stardates 6132.8-6142.4
The enigmatic planet Anomaly is discovered by the starship "Enterprise" and contact is made with the telepathic Arivne--and the invading Irapina. "Enterprise" fatalities: Lt. Bill Hixon (Security) [ON 5].

stardates 7502.9-7508.9
Nearing the end of a benchmark survey of Sector 3, the "Enterprise" discovers the Chatalia generation ship and Captin Kulain of the Klingon warship "Korezima." The "Enterprise," drained of fuel, limps to Starbase 3 where it remains for a week [ON 11].

13 March
The U.S.S. "Kongo" (NCC-1710) heavy cruiser is drydocked at Star Fleet Division, San Francisco Yards, Earth for conversion over to the "Achernar" class [HCE].

26 March
The grandson of a Triumvir of Arcos is rescued from a damaged ship by the "Enterprise." The crew celebrate Captain Kirk's birthday and a Sniggly energy creature disrupts activity aboard ship [ON 6].

Disputes are settled on Vestalan between the Hualans and the Star Fleet base, with the "Enterprise's" intervention [ON 6].

stardates 5459.4-5459.6
An "Enterprise" landing party is held hostage by a Finder, a robot probe built by the ancient Tullvan race, intent on obtaining warp drive technology [ON 6].

"Enterprise" personnel become the guinea pigs of an extradimensional scientist [ON 6].

With the "Enterprise" observing a supernova with a consignment of astrophysicists from Starbase 6, a landing party encounters a 600 year old city of sleeping humanoids. "Enterprise" fatalities: Lt. Horst Gorshim [ON 6].

The "Enterprise" crews' genders are temporarily reversed in an ancient automated starship trap. Commander Kang confronts Captain Kirk for the second time [ON 6].

stardate 5828.3
Starbase 3 receives a distress call from Outpost Hadrian under attack by an unknown vessel. Several days later, Altair VII comes under attack by the same force, shortly followed by an attack on the Cannella system and several worlds in the Klingon Empire suffer the same fate. Starbase 2 orders the "Enterprise" to investigate. The starships "Republic" (NCC-1371) under Captain Manchu and "Excelsior" (NCC-1718) under Captain LaLiberte are dispatched to Altair. The gigantic planet-sized alien computer Nagha is responsible. The "Enterprise" is diverted to Raga's Planet where the Sleeping God, a mutant named Singa, is taken aboard. The Nagha is destroyed and Singa returned to Raga's Planet [ON 6].

April [reference stardate 2/1104] The Mark I "Epsilon" class cutter enters service with warp 8 capacity and a complement of 25 [FASA]. The U.S.S. "Marathon" (NCC-4310) Mark II "Larson" class destroyer is re- fitted to the Mark VI configuration [FASA].

stardates 6451.3-6459.7
Dr. Katalya Tremain transports aboard the "Enterprise" from Starbase 11 to help explore and contact life forms on the planet Arachnae, in time to prevent its system from slipping into Romulan space due to violent ion storm activity shifting the magnetic field marker of the Neutral Zone. Commander Maximus Thrax of the "Decius" claims the system. "Enterprise" fatalities: Lt. Angela Mendoza, Ensign Donald Ackroyd (Biochemist), Fitzgerald (Security), Jeff Williams (Security), Martin, Jeffreys, and 4 unnamed Security guards [ON 8].

stardates 6914.6-6982.3
Between U.F.P. and Klingon space on Delta Gamma IV, and "Enterprise" survey party is infected by spores. Ambassadors travelling aboard the "Enterprise" from Starbase 7 to Detente Station One in the Romulan Neutral Zone are mysteriously murdered--later traced to the psionic-boosting spores. "Enterprise" fatalities: Jamison (Security), Matthews, Miriam Raymond (Medical Technician 2nd class) [ON 16].

Commander Kor marries Kali [TOS #19].

stardates 6527.5-6537.7
After charting a total of 57 black holes, a Dyson Sphere world named Lyra is discovered by the "Enterprise" near the galactic core and the disappearance of the U.S.S. "Rickover" is solved. Lyra vanishes into a black hole [ON 9].

stardates 4231.2-4257.1
After the lengthy duration of the last mission, the "Enterprise" undergoes general maintenance at Starbase 13 while the crew take shore leave. The "Enterprise" then investigates Heartland, a planet inhabited by the mysterious Danon race. Kirk recommends that the planet's quarantine be enforced following the discovery of a machine intelligence inhabiting this world as the "Enterprise" heads back to Starbase 13 [ON 13].

stardates 6188.4-6191.9
Transporting Kostas Spyroukis from Babel to Epsilon Delta IV, the "Enterprise" receives a Priority-1 call to evacuate the colonists in danger of zeton radiation poisoning. A renegade Organian named Enowil abducts the "Enterprise," the Klingon star cruiser "Destructor" commanded by Captain Kolvor, and the Romulan vessel "Talon" commanded by Commander Actius Probicol. Fulfilling Enowil's wish, the "Enterprise" is released in orbit of Epsilon Delta IV with the colonists moved to a new world named Spyroukis created by Enowil [ON 10].

stardates 6827.3-6848.2
In orbit of Tombstone, Klingon Koral swears a blood oath on Captain Kirk while the "Enterprise" is on the third extension of her mission and long overdue for R&R at Starbase 6. The "Enterprise" delivers supplies and a medical team to Waycross then re-establishes contact with Perry's Planet, an ancient Earth colony prior to finally reaching Starbase 6. "Enterprise" fatalities: 3 unamed crewmen [ON 14].

May [reference stardate 2/1105] The D-7M (or D-8) "K't'inga" ("Bringer of Destruction") class warship enters service in the Klingon fleet [FASA]. The U.S.S. "Scipio" (NCC-4352), "Washington" (NCC-4394), and "Doenitz" (NCC-4444) Mark II "Larson" class destroyers are refitted to the Mark VI configuration [FASA].

stardate 5001.1
The "Enterprise" monitors the decay of a singularity. Captain Kirk forwards to Star Fleet Command his recommendation that Lt. Sulu be promoted to Lt. Commander. In an alternate timeline, however, Kirk dies from a Spiderweb projectile fired by the insane Dr. Georges Mordreaux whom the "Enterprise" is assigned to transport from Aleph Prime to a rehabilitation center. Commander Spock corrects the timeline [TOS #2].

stardates 4720.1-4744.8
The Class Q planet Delta Canaris IV is mapped by the "Enterprise" and the entire crew of the Vulcan science ship "T'Pau" (NSP-17938?) is found dead. The secrets of Alnath II are uncovered while the "Enterprise" con- fronts Captain Kalan of the Klingon warship "Terror" and eventually returns to Delta Canaris to complete the mission [TOS #3].

stardates 4769.1-5012.5
Romulans attack the "Scarborough" blasting her bridge killing Captain Virzi and his officers. Following the preliminary contact with the natives of Delta Canaris IV, the "Enterprise" heads for Starbase 1 for R&R but under orders from Admiral McKenna provides transport for a diplomatic team to Ammdon and Jurnamoria. Lorelei incites the crew to mutiny and the "Enterprise" is damaged. The ship heads directly back to Starbase 1 for refitting and rest. "Enterprise" fatalities: 1 unnamed Security ensign [TOS #12].

stardates 5064.4-5099.5
After a month of shore leave at Starbase 4, the "Enterprise" investigates gravitational anomalies in the Sagittarius Arm. The ship is thrown 300 parsecs by a gravitic warp and first contact is made with the planet Mercan. The planet's star is stabilized, the Mercans sign the "Enterprise" Agreement, and the "Enterprise" heads home with jury-rigged engines [TOS #6].

stardates 6324.09-7340.37
The "Enterprise" faces an uneventful charting of Sector 70.2 and 2-week inspection/repair detail at Starbase 11. During the layover, Spock rescues his son, Zar, from Sarpeidon's past using the Guardian of Forever. The Romulan Commander tries to claim the planet Gateway in Sector 90.4 but is driven back by the combined forces of the "Enterprise" and "Lexington." Zar returns to his past on Sarpeidon via the Guardian. "Enterprise" fatalities: Juan Cordova, David Steinberg (Security Guards) and unspecified additional deaths, possibly as many as 16 total [TOS #11].

June [reference stardate 2/1106] The Klingon K-3A gunboats are phased out, uprated to K-3Bs [FASA]. The U.S.S. "Hannibal" (NCC-4350), "Chief Joseph" (NCC-4424) and "Bursilev" (NCC-4454) Mark II "Larson" class destroyers are refitted to the Mark VI configuration [FASA].

stardates 7521.6-7532.8
While transporting prisoners from the planet Trefolg near the Neutral Zone, the "Enterprise" rushes to Trellisane. An accord between the U.F.P., Romulans, and Klingons is signed and the "Enterprise" continues on to Starbase to deliver the prisoners. "Enterprise" fatalities: Kinitz (Security Chief) and 1 unspecified Security guard [TOS #14].

stardates 4380.4-4997.54
Scientists in suspension and under control of a sentient protostar force are rescued from Black Box Nebula Station 1 by the "Enterprise" [TOS #15].

stardates 3126.7-3127.1
Following routine maintenance at Starbase 24, the "Enterprise" halts the slaughter of the Singers of Taygeta V and the subsequent spatial distortion. Commander Kor is again confronted. The "Enterprise" heads for Starbase 23. "Enterprise" fatalities: Lt. Donovan (Biologist) [TOS #19].

26 June
The U.S.S. "Kongo" (NCC-1710) heavy cruiser is relaunched following her refit to "Achernar" specs [HCE].

stardates 2950.3-2962.3
ADF syndrome ("The Long Death") plague is battled on Eeiauo, a planet on the outermost fringe of U.F.P. space. Lt. Uhura's study of the native songs leads the "Enterprise" to the distant homeworld Sivao to find a cure for the plague [TOS #21].

July [reference stardate 2/1107] The U.S.S. "Cre'cy" (NCC-4312) and "Castinian" (NCC-4325) Mark II "Larson" class destroyers are refitted to the Mark VI configuration. The U.S.S. "Conley" (NCC-4458) Mark VI "Larson" class destroyer enters service [FASA].

stardate 1831.5
Prince Vikram is escorted back to his homeworld Angira by Lt. Sulu and Commander Spock while the "Enterprise" delivers medical supplies to Beta Carinae [TOS #22].

The "Enterprise" makes a routine stop at Starbase 12 to deliver astrophysicists and scientific equipment. Klingons use the Tau Eridani Cloud and an ore transport for time travel. Spock is trapped on 19th Century Earth and rescued by Kirk, in time to prevent Karsid expansion plans [TOS #23].

12 July [Y 160]
The U.S.S. "Kongo" (NCC-1710) heavy cruiser is recommissioned after being converted to "Achernar" class specs. Phillip Kosnett becomes her captain. The first KR and KF5R ships are transferred to the Romulans. They will be in service next year [HCE, SotF, SFB].

After nearly 2 months of routine patrol along the Romulan Neutral Zone, Captain Kirk and Spock aid Commander Thea in restoring First History by journeying back to 2097 aboard the "T'Favaron" using the light speed breakaway factor. The Romulans, having experimented with time travel, have caused massive damage to their own history and nearly destroy the U.F.P. [TOS #24].

The asteroid/ship "Yonada" reaches its destination, New Fabrina (UFC 376082 III) [FW, STM].

stardates 7513.5-7521.6
An antimatter terrorist bomb detonated in New Athens on Alpha Centauri IV causes havoc and the "Enterprise" arrives to assist. Nearly 2 weeks later the U.S.S. "Hood" (NCC-1707) arrives to relieve the "Enterprise" and assume her central role in the relief operations while the "Enterprise" undergoes several weeks' repairs at Starbase 7 [TOS #28].

The U.S.S. "Star Empire" (NCC-2116) prototype "Federation (II)" class dreadnought is destroyed following its theft by terrorists: the Admiral Rittenhouse Scandal. The destroyer "Pompey" (NCC-506) commanded by Captain Roy Nash, "Potemkin" (NCC-1711) commanded by Captain Sukaru Tutakai, "Lincoln," and "Hornet" (NCC-1714) commanded by Captain Stephen Leedson participate in the battle. Lt. Piper is awarded the Medal of Honor and promoted to Lt. Commander. The "Enterprise" crew take shore leave on Earth [TOS #29].

stardate 4720.2
A couple weeks after the Rittenhouse Scandal, Lt. Commander Piper is given captaincy of the S.S. "Banana Republic" (MKT 1187) construction tug. The theft of the experimental transwarp drive leads the "Enterprise" into a desperate battle for the revolutionary new star drive. The "Enterprise" is assisted by the heavy cruisers "Yorktown" (NCC-1704) commanded by Captain Jarboe, "Hood" (NCC-1707) commanded by Commodore Lyle Craig, "Exeter" (NCC-1706) commanded by Captain Andreoni, and the destroyer "Majestic" commanded by Captain Long. Starbase 4 accommodates the "Enterprise" afterwards [TOS #31].

stardate 3223.1
At Starbase 10, the "Enterprise" participates in the first Great Starship Race and destroys the Romulan warship "Red Talon" under the command of Commander Valdus Ionis Zorokove intent on destroying Gullrey, the host world. The race, from Starbase 16 to Gullrey, is won by the "New Pride of Baltimore," commanded by Miles Glover X. The "Enterprise," structurally damaged from high-warp pursuit, is scheduled for major repair and drydocking at Starbase 16 for at least two months [TOS #67].

stardates 5302.1-5321.12
The "Enterprise" responds to a distress call from the merchant ship "Selessan" adrift near the Belennii star system. Dr. McCoy briefly loses his memory when confronted by a Raven-like species of invaders. The "Enterprise" sustains battle damage and proceeds to Wagner Post escorted by the U.S.S. "Lexington" (NCC-1703) commanded by Commodore Robert Wesley. "Enterprise" fatalities: Hoffman, Russell, Wallace, Clare (Paramedics), Archer, Rivera (Security), Juan Cruz (Security Chief), Prusinowski (Shuttle Pilot), Ellison, Takeoka, Benson [TOS #34].

The "Enterprise" and a Klingon warship "Fire Blossom," commanded by Captain Kaden vestai-Oparai, send diplomatic parties to the dilithium-rich planet Direidi [TOS #36].

Over a week is spent by the "Enterprise" studying Beta Castelli prior to the star's death and the destruction of the rest of Zirgosian space. The Sackers are responsible for creating a hole in the universe through which a neighboring universe is leaking. A baryon reverter is recovered by the "Enterprise" and employed to patch the warp. "Enterprise" fatalities: Hrolfson, Ching, Franklin (Security) [TOS #41].

September [reference stardate 2/1109] The U.S.S. "Nimitz" (NCC-4439) Mark II "Larson" class destroyer is refitted to the Mark VI configuration [FASA].

The "Ournal" class (S-1) Type D spacedock is authorized. This immense station class housing 101,145 personnel will be employed for research, as a shipyard, and as a Federation administration hub. By the 24th Century, this design will be the model for the standard deep space Starbase facility. The spacedock positioned in Earth orbit will be known as Starbase 1 at least by the 2280s, possibly replacing the Star Fleet Head- quarters facility located in the astrographic center of U.F.P. space. Five different configurations will mold each base's function: drydock, diplo- matic, monitor/sensor, supply, and cultural development. Starbase 79 will be catagorized as a general purpose starbase, incorporating all 6 standard sections. Spacedocks of this class can house 817 shuttlecraft, shelter 38 heavy cruisers, and be armed with up to 80 standard phaser emplacements, 20 megaphasers, and 8 photon torpedo bays [JRM2, S79].

The "Enterprise" is assigned to carry a delegation of 60 prize-nominated scientists to the Nobel and Z. Magnees Prize ceremonies on Memory Prime [TOS #42].

The Talin IV disaster results in the "Enterprise" Five to be demoted or forced to resign from Star Fleet when Talin IV ("Kirk's World") commits nuclear suicide seemingly after a drastic violation of the Prime Directive. The warp engines of the "Enterprise" are a wreck after a premature activation within the planet's gravity well. The ship is fitted with new nacelles meant for the "Intrepid II" (NCC-1730, later "Bunker Hill") delivered from Earth by the "Exeter" (NCC-1706) to Starbase 29. Ensign Spock organizes the Talin Relief Operation and investigation reveals the disaster to have been caused by an alien hive intelligence. After 4 months, the Star Fleet officers' ranks are restored and the "Enterprise" is free to complete her 5-year mission [GN 7].

stardate 4925.2
A duplicate Dr. Aaron Brown nearly succeeds in carrying out Dr. Roger Korby's dream of an android populated U.F.P. when the "Hood" (NCC-1707), commanded by Captain Joaquin Martinez, beams the android aboard from Exo III. The "Enterprise" journeys from T'ufo to Tranquility 7 and before long both starships are in the hands of android duplicates and face Romulans. The U.S.S. "Potemkin" (NCC-1711), commanded by Captain Ascher, assists [TOS #45].

stardate 5258.7
Following a routine survey of Alpha Octavius IV, Captain Kirk is lost on the planet. The "Enterprise" is called away to defend a mining colony in the Beta Cabrini system. Commander Spock confronts Acquisitor Hamesaad Dreem and Captain Kirk is recovered [TOS #56].

13 September [reference stardate 2/1109.13]
The second Romulan/Klingon treaty is signed. The Romulans gain bases coreward of the Triangle. The Klingons gain a much-desired, mineral-rich planet in the Triangle itself. Both sides feel they have come out ahead [FASA].

stardates 6118.2-6119.2
After a general overhaul at Starbase 12 and a protracted series of war games with small Star Fleet vessels, the "Enterprise" smooths relationships between the planet Boaco VI and the U.F.P. Mr. Flint aids the "Enterprise" in recovering the "Sparrow," an experimental Star Fleet ship equipped with Flint's perfected cloaking device [TOS #46].

The "Enterprise" officers find themselves transported into different violent eras of Earth history when contacting Cragon V. The "Enterprise" heads for Starbase 42 after the return of the officers. "Enterprise" fatalities: Lt. Garrovick (Security) [TOS #52].

Equipped with newly-designed sensors to detect gravitic anomalies and accompanied by Dr. Jason Crandall, the "Enterprise" returns to studying gravitational anomalies previously encountered stardate 5064.4. The ship is again displaced through space: over several million parsecs and into the middle of an interstellar war between the Hoshan and Zeator races. The anomalies are discovered to be ancient gates built by an unknown race to provide passage across the universe, and the "Enterprise" returns through one [TOS #32].

30 September [reference stardate 2/1109.30]
An abandoned Romulan planetary base is discovered on Eridam, a mining world near the Triangle, with its Romulan inhabitants wiped out by an epidemic disease known to affect Vulcans. No military information is gained, but personal diaries, children's books, works of fiction, and other non-military writings are discovered. This body of work, known as the Eridam Papers, adds much to the U.F.P.'s meager store of knowledge about the Romulans. The Vulcan connection is supported by anatomical drawings, by Romulan legends, and by children's history books. Romulan history and motivations become better understood, giving some basis for understanding what has been a 'faceless' enemy. Based on the Eridam Papers, some political thinkers speculate that negotiation may be possible with the Star Empire, though others see no hope for negotiation and press for even stronger measures to curb what conservatives have come to call the Romulan Threat. The net result is both a stronger military presence along the Neutral Zone and near the Triangle, and a push to gather as much intelligence data as possible about the Romulans in hopes of making field commanders more aware of Romulan capabilities and tactics [FASA].

October [reference stardate 2/1110] The D-18B "Gull" class destroyer enters service in the Klingon fleet [FASA].

The U.S.S. "Dreyfus" (NCC-4420) Mark II "Larson" class destroyer is refit- ted to the Mark VI configuration [FASA].

The "Cle Dan" class repair tender enters service. Designed to travel in the forward units of Star Fleet and give battlegroups a rapid repair capability, the "Cle Dan" tenders have warp 9 capacity and complements of 24. They are able to repair minor damage but, if parts are available, can even repair and replace warp engines. The repair tender uses two very large retractable arms to manipulate large parts into position, carries 4 work shuttles, and will usually be stationed in a "Pearl" class facility [FASA].

The Klingon W-4A "Kas Maal" ("Speedstar") class warpshuttle enters service [FASA].

In pursute of of the pirate Auk-rex, an "Enterprise" landing party is stranded on the surface of Sanctuary. The ship later heads for Starbase 64 [TOS #61].

Departing Starbase 23 to transport personnel to Pegasus IV, the insane Professor Omen is battled by the "Enterprise," responsible for the destruction of numerous Klingon and Star Fleet vessels [TOS #64].

stardate 5419.4
On a routine archeological inventory mission in the Dulciphar star cluster, an "Enterprise" landing party on Careta IV is transformed into arachnoid aliens after passing through an ancient transporter relic built by the Kh!lict. "Enterprise" fatalities: Ensign Bradford Nairobi (Security) & possibly one more unamed Security specialist [TOS #65].

Following an extensive retrofit at Starbase 23, the "Enterprise" settles a power-struggle between the Susuru and an ancient Human colony on the water world Okeanos (Eris V). First Captain Kain representing the Klingon Empire launches the prototype battleship "bIQ'a' veqlarg'a'" ("Leviathan") and is defeated by the "Enterprise" in battle, along with Commissioner Moriah Wayne. The "Enterprise" undergoes repairs at Starbase 23. "Enterprise" fatalities: 25 unamed personnel, 20 of which from the Engineering division [TOS #66].

stardates 7003.4-7008.4
Lt. Ingrit Tomson is promoted to Security Chief of the "Enterprise." 4.7 months after the "Enterprise's" last shore leave, the planet Aritani is defended from Romulan pirate attacks and Spock's mind is injured. The "Enterprise" delivers delegates to an emergency U.F.P. Council meeting on Vulcan and is replaced by the "Fidelity" patrol cutter as a watchdog on Aritani then heads for Starbase 2 for shore leave. "Enterprise" fatalities: Ensign Rachel Lanz, Giorgo Mikahlis (Engineers) [TOS #27].

Non-corporeal 'demons' released from Beekman's Planet invade the planet Vulcan after the "Enterprise's" transport of Hydrillan researchers. "Enterprise" fatalities: Lt. Mohammed al-Baslama (Security Officer), Ensign Sanghoon Cho (Engineer), Ensign Teresa Liu [TOS #30].

31 October
Illegal bio-warfare virus experiments backed by Admiral Mendez are discovered on Tanis by the "Enterprise." Admiral Quince Waverleigh is assassinated. The "Enterprise" heads for Starbase 13 for shore leave [TOS #37].

November [reference stardate 2/1111] The U.S.S. "Larson" (NCC-4300) and "Bradley" (NCC-4388) Mark II "Larson" class destroyers are refitted to the Mark VI configuration. The U.S.S. "Corregidor" (NCC-4331) "Larson" class destroyer is sold to a private sec- tor. The U.S.S. "Foch" (NCC-4427) "Larson" class destroyer is destroyed [FASA].

A couple months after the "Enterprise's" voyage through the interstellar gate she encounters the U.S.S. "Cochise" (NCC-530) commanded by Captain Jeremiah Chandler, invaded by an entity from the gate system. The secrets of the interstellar gate system and the final nexus are unravelled by the "Enterprise" after voyaging into another universe [TOS #43].

The "Enterprise" is dispatched to Chyrellka to settle a planetary dispute. Commander Spock and Dr. McCoy are taken hostage and unravel a plot by Benjamin Finney to destroy Captain Kirk [TOS #55].

stardate 9250.0
The experimental T'pask-Sivek-B't'kr-K't'lk Elective Mass Inversion Drive is installed aboard the "Enterprise" at Starbase 18, with her present mission assumed by the U.S.S. "Henrietta Leavitt." The "Enterprise" engages Klingon warships. The drive, however, is a failure when it is discovered to cause stars to nova and causes havoc with the crews' minds. The ship docks at the San Francisco Orbital Complex after the test cruise [TOS #13].

The Ornae of 1212 Muscae IV (Flyspeck) are contacted by the "Enterprise" and Captain Kirk is missing on the planet. Dr. McCoy finds himself in com- mand of the starship and confronted by the Klingon warship "Ekkava" (KL 818) commanded by Commander Kaiev. Certain elements of this adventure will later be incorporated into the "Kobayashi Alternative" cadet perform- ance evaluation exercise at Star Fleet Academy [TOS #50, KA].

07 November
The U.S.S. "Wasp" (NCC-1721) heavy cruiser is drydocked at Cosmadyne Corporation, Houston, Earth for upgrade to the "Achernar" configuration [HCE].

November (stardate 7190) The U.S.S. "Constitution" (NCC-1700) confronts a new Klingon prototype "K't'inga" ("Great Powerful Conqueror," KL 99634) class heavy battlecruiser near Gamma Canaris. Having sustained considerable hull and bulkhead damage from the engagement, the "Constitution" is drydocked at Starbase 27. This delay in resuming its mission will prevent her from serving as the new heavy cruiser class lead vessel: the initially-proposed "Constitution (II)" class [FSF, FRS]. After extensive evaluation the high-power Shasta phaser system at the aft, secondary hull emplacement on the "Coronado" class through-deck cruisers prove ineffectual and are replaced with standard RIN-series twin banks [SotF].

[reference stardate 2/11] Star Fleet's standardized docking port system, designed by the Chiokis Starship Construction Corporation, is introduced [MSGE].

The Type 5 V-6 "Gallant Wing" class cruiser enters service in the Romulan fleet [FASA].

The Duotronic II series computer is developed by Dr. Richard Daystrom, incorporating many features of the failed M-5 multitronic unit [FSF].

The Division takes place among the Bekeem people [TNG #14].

In an alternate timeline, Captain Spock of the "Enterprise" rescues the former Captain Kirk, stranded on Earth in the 1950s via the Guardian of Forever. Kirk, having been abducted over a year ago by Kor and subjected to the Klingon mind sifter, recovers his sanity at Starbase 11 [ON 2].

December [reference stardate 2/1112] The U.S.S. "Perry" (NCC-4403) Mark II "Larson" class destroyer is refitted to the Mark VI configuration [FASA].

2265, 01 January (stardates 5960.2-6100.0)
With the Klingon Empire facing famine, Agricultural Specialist Jean Czerny is captured by Commander Kang, commanding the "Klolode II" ("Destruction II") and taken deep into Klingon space. Encountering the Klingon battlecruisers "Kahless" ("The Merciless One," KL 08405) commanded by Commander Ekthorn and "Tor'stog" ("Deviser," KL 73796) commanded by Captain Koloth, she is released into the "Enterprise's" custody at Deep Space Station K-7 [TOS #26].

January [reference stardate 2/1201] The U.S.S. "Lutzen" (NCC-4346) and "Tiberius" (NCC-4363) Mark II "Larson" class destroyers are refitted to the Mark VI configuration [FASA].

Construction on the Epsilon series listening outposts along the disputed border of the Klingon Empire continues. Epsilon outposts one, two, and three are completed and fully operational. These outpost stations will number nine by 2268 [STM, FSF].

As a result of the Organian Peace Treaty and various other factors, many perimeter action ships of the "Kiaga" (NCC-820) and "Agilis" (NCC-855) classes are cycled in and out of the Star Fleet Reserve Force [SotF2].

[Y 161] The Kzinti introduce an attack shuttle. The Federation-Klingon "Hostage Incident" occurs. The Romulans acquire freighters and Q-ships [SFB]. The "Benares" Class 3 'jumpship' and the "Kadiri" class scoop small craft are removed from "Coronado" class through-deck cruisers [SotF].

Guinan's people encounter the Borg. Her people are destroyed. The few survivors scatter throughout the galaxy [TNG 142].

January [reference stardate 2/1201] The Denebian Swan of Merit Award is originated by the Planetary Government of Deneb IV. It will be awarded to individuals who have displayed valor in the service of the planet Deneb or its citizens in the course of U.F.P. duties [FASA].

The Klingon D-10C, featuring newer engines than the D-10B, is taken out for maneuver trials [FASA].

The D-11D class destroyers enter service in the Klingon fleet [FASA].

The D-2A "V'kar Zadan" ("Stingtongue") class destroyer enters service in the Klingon fleet. One of the first Klingon destroyers designed with photon torpedo technology, the D-2 has warp 8 capacity, and a complement of 220 [FASA].

February [reference stardate 2/1202] The U.S.S. "Thelenth" (NCC-4305), "Xerxes" (NCC-4340), "Pendragon" (NCC-4361), "Lafayette" (NCC-4397), "Lee" (NCC-4415), and "Rorkes Drift" (NCC-4422) Mark II "Larson" class destroyers are refitted to the Mark VI configuration. The U.S.S. "Agincourt" (NCC-4314) "Larson" class destroyer is sold to a private sector. The U.S.S. "Timoshenko" (NCC-4459) Mark VI "Larson" class destroyer enters service [FASA].

10 February
The U.S.S. "Hornet" (NCC-1714) heavy cruiser is drydocked at Star Fleet Division, Singapore Yards, Earth for refitting to "Achernar" specs [HCE].

14 February
The U.S.S. "Wasp" (NCC-1721) heavy cruiser is relaunched as an "Achernar" class starship [HCE].

February [reference stardate 2/1202] The Klingon Kinza D'elma naval base is complete. The base is built in territory acquired under the Organian Treaty [FASA].

The Mark I "Lenthal" class destroyer enters service with warp 9 capacity and a complement of 160 [FASA].

The D-20C "Death Rite" class cruiser enters service in the Klingon Empire. This ship's improvement on the D-20A is more maneuverability and more power, as well as a more efficient shielding system and stronger superstructure [FASA].

The K-24 "Kom Ka'des" ("Winner") class escort enters service in the Klingon fleet [FASA].

All Klingon K-15A scouts are refitted to K-15Ds [FASA].

stardate 6205.7
The U.F.P. encounters the Tomarii when the "Enterprise" becomes the victim of sabotage. Her hulls are separated and towed to Starbase 12 where the ship is refitted with new systems. Commander Spock goes undercover and fabricates the legend of Black Fire after his staged court martial. The new Star Fleet uniforms are tried out aboard the "Enterprise," and naturally-occuring trilithium crystals are discovered. The "Enterprise" sustains battle damage from Tomarii and Romulan warships near the Neutral Zone and proceeds back to Sol for major refitting--and for the incorporation of new engineering elements discovered by Spock aboard the Romulan vessel "Moonhawk" [TOS #8].

Fleet Admiral Heihachiro Nogura, Chief of Staff, prepares a special report on a new program of fleet rejuvenation [FSF].

March (stardate 6987.31) The five-year voyage of the U.S.S. "Enterprise" ends. Over the next six months: Captain James Kirk is promoted three grades to Rear Admiral and assigned to Star Fleet Headquarters, Terra, as Chief of Star Fleet Operations. He will become romantically involved with Vice Admiral Lori Ciana (one of two transporter fatalities in 2267), and will live together for a year. Commander Spock and Dr. Leonard McCoy resign their Star Fleet commissions. Lt. Commander Montgomery Scott is promoted to Commander and supervises the work on the new linear warp drive engines and the fleet rejuvenation program. Spock bonds with T'Sura. McCoy journeys to Yonada and meets Dr. Keridwen Llewellyn. He will live with Nurse Lyra Mayer up until being recalled by Star Fleet's reserve activation clause on stardate 7412.1 in 2267. Sulu will become a test pilot at the White Sands Flight Center. Chekov will attend Star Fleet Security Academy in Annapolis. Uhura will teach special communications classes at the Academy. Chapel will return to medical school for a joint M.D./Ph.D. in xenophysiology. Dr. M'Benga will work as a pathologist at Stanford Medical Center. Lt. Kyle will be stationed at the Tasmanian transporter platform. Yeoman Rand will take up communications and be stationed at the Iceland Array. Total "Enterprise" fatalities for the 5-year mission: 94, according to Admiral Kirk [ST-TMP, FSF, EOM, GN 5, TOS #70, TOS #1].

10 March
The U.S.S. "Wasp" (NCC-1721) "Achernar" class heavy cruiser is re- commissioned [HCE].

[reference stardate 2/1203] The Mark I "Ranger" class scout enters service with warp 9 capacity and a crew of 73. The U.S.S. "Eisenhower" (NCC-4441) Mark II "Larson" class destroyer is refitted to the Mark VI configuration. The U.S.S. "Berlin" (NCC-2731) "Loknar" class frigate is destroyed [FASA].

16 March
The U.S.S. "Sol" (NCC-1733) "Achernar" class heavy cruiser is launched [SotF, HCE].

The Klingon D-7R "K't'rika" ("Bringer Of Agony") class cruiser enters service in the Klingon fleet. It is another attempt by the Klingons to make use of the Romulan plasma weapons, this time incorporated into the improved hull with the photon torpedo bays removed [FASA].

The "Tikopai" class is originally intended to be put into production as the "Enterprise" class. Star Fleet however eventually decides on a more sophisticated design for the earlier ships and the "Tikopai" class will emerge some 7 years later [SotF].

A new Romulan "Bird of Prey" class enters service [FASA].

April [reference stardate 2/1204] The U.S.S. "Murat" (NCC-4398) Mark II "Larson" class destroyer is refitted to the Mark VI configuration [FASA].

19 April
The first six ships to eventually comprise the "Enterprise" class are authorized for modernization [SotF].

May [reference stardate 2/1205] The U.S.S. "Montgomery" (NCC-4438) "Larson" class destroyer is destroyed [FASA].

17 May
The U.S.S. "Hornet" (NCC-1714) heavy cruiser is relaunched as an "Achernar" class starship [HCE].

May [reference stardate 2/1205] The completed Klingon D-10C "Riskadh" class cruisers are outfitted with newly-created disruptors, photon torpedo and shield systems, replacing the original equipment with upgraded systems [FASA].

Construction of the "Maya" (SFDD-400) D-46/Type IV dry dock facility is authorized for construction. At least 34 of the 92 proposed dry docks will be built (SFDD-400-SFDD-491), replacing the aging Type I facilities. These "Maya" series docks are extensive modular facilities allowing their frames to be expanded to include even space stations, with 4 shuttlecraft bays, 110 standard shuttlecraft, and a standard facility complement of 300. The first of the Type IV docks will be assigned to the refitting of the U.S.S. "Enterprise" and her future sister ships constituting the "Enterprise" class [FRS, JRM].

07 June
The U.S.S. "Hornet" (NCC-1714) heavy cruiser is recommissioned following her upgrading [HCE].

Over the next nine months, all ground-based fabrication facilities (Sol system) begin producing components for heavy cruisers to be refitted to the new "Enterprise" class. Warp simulation testing of the new LN-64 pulsed linear warp drive nacelles is carried out at the Star Fleet Orbital Simulation Yards in orbit of Earth. Drydock Facility Number One is specially constructed to accommodate the new class one heavy cruiser to be constructed. The "Enterprise" herself, meanwhile, is tested for structural integrity while all fuels and consumables are purged [FSF].

June [reference stardate 2/1206] The U.S.S. "Palo Alto" (NCC-4408), "San Martin" (NCC-4412) and "Hindenburg" Mark II "Larson" class destroyers are refitted to the Mark VI configur- ation. The D-2B "Stingtongue" class destroyer enters service in the Klingon fleet, with all torpedo bays mounted in the bow [FASA].

The Mark VI "Solar" class cutters enter service with crews of 28 and warp 9 capacity [FASA].

July [reference stardate 2/1207] The U.S.S. "Blake" (NCC-4389) and "Marlborough" (NCC-4392) Mark II "Larson" class destroyers are refitted to the Mark VI configuration [FASA].

The Tandem 14 (SW-7) warp driven shuttlecraft is developed. This shuttle consists of a warp drive sled housing both impulse and warp engines, with a maximum speed of warp 4 [FRS, FSF].

August [reference stardate 2/1208] The Mark I "Bader" class scout enters service with a crew of 160 and warp 9 capacity. Although classified and armed as a scout because of its military role, it is in all respects a research vessel and the only modern scout not mounting photon torpedo tubes [FASA].

The U.S.S. "Cannae" (NCC-4353) "Larson" class destroyer is sold to a pri- vate sector. The U.S.S. "Joan Of Arc" (NCC-4378), "Adolphus" (NCC-4385), and "Wellington" (NCC-4395) Mark II "Larson" class destroyers are refitted to the Mark VI configuration [FASA].

The Klingons launch their first truly mobile repair facility, the S-8A "H'ban Pav" ("Murph") class. It will later inspire the "Pearl" class mobile repair facility [FASA].

17 August
The U.S.S. "Sol" (NCC-1733) "Achernar" class heavy cruiser is commissioned. All remaining ships of this class will be built outside of the Sol sector [SotF, HCE, FRS].

October [reference stardate 2/1210] The U.S.S. "Aguilar" (NCC-4460) Mark VI "Larson" class destroyer enters service. The Mk IV "Anton" class cruisers enter service with crews of 306 and warp 8 capacity [FASA].

November [reference stardate 2/1211] The T-5B "Mas to gal" ("Throne Seeker") class assault ship enters service in the Klingon Empire. The U.S.S. "Xenophon" (NCC-4342) and "Inchon" (NCC-4450) Mark II "Larson" class destroyers are refitted to the Mark VI configuration [FASA].

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