``Sins of The Father''
Stardate: 43685.2
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Edited Length: 45:27
U.S. Airdate: April 1, 1990
Nielsen Rating/Rank: [11.1/3]

This Episode was Nominated for Emmy(s)!

Guest Stars
Charles Cooper: [K'mpec]
Tony Todd: [Kurn]
Patrick Massett: [Duras]
Thelma Lee: [Kahlest]

Line Producer: David Livingston
Co-Producers: Hans Beimler & Richard Manning
Producer: Ira Steven Behr
Co-Executive Producer: Michael Piller
Executive Producer: Rick Berman
Teleplay By: Ronald D. Moore & W. Reed Moran
Based on a teleplay by: Drew Deighan
Directed By: Les Landau

[end credit]
Executive Producer: Gene Roddenberry

[closing credits]
Co-Producer: Peter Lauritson
Executive Script Consultant: Melinda M. Snodgrass
Story Editor: Ronald D. Moore

Teddy Davis: Transporter Tech.
[B.J. Davis: Assassin]
[Chris Doyle: Assassin]


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Extended Synopsis (by Tim Lynch) ------------------------------------

In return for Riker visiting the Pagh, the Enterprise takes on a Klingon first officer, Commander Kurn. Kurn is in many ways a typical Klingon, placing heavy emphasis on discipline and running just about everyone ragged- except for Worf, who later comes to Kurn's quarters to ask if he has given offense. When Kurn claims Worf's Klingon blood has thinned, Worf attacks him, and Kurn says that that is "The response I would expect from my older brother."

Kurn says he was left behind when Worf and his parents went to Khitomer, and was unofficially adopted by their father's friend and not told of his true heritage until recently. Now, their father has been accused of betraying the Khitomer outpost, and as the oldest son, Worf must challenge the accusation if any are to do so. When Worf tells Picard this, and says that if his challenge fails, he too will die as a traitor, Picard refuses to grant leave, saying instead the ship will accompany them to the homeworld of the Klingon Empire. Later, Worf invites Kurn to be his cha'DIch (or second), but tells him not to reveal his heritage.

When Worf beams down to challenge, the son of his father's rival, Duras, claims he has forsaken his heritage. He then reads the charges, saying that Mogh sent the defense codes of the outpost to the Romulans seconds before the shields fell, and then tears off Worf's sash. Then, while Data begins analyzing all available data on the Khitomer massacre, the chair of the High Council, K'mpec, privately urges Worf to leave, promising that the challenge will be forgotten if he does. Some time later, Duras waylays Kurn with assassins, tells him he knows of his parentage, and when Kurn refuses to turn aside from Worf, stabs him.

Though Kurn will survive, he cannot be cha'DIch in his condition, and Worf asks Picard to serve in his stead, who accepts. Meanwhile, Data and company have found Duras's evidence: a transmission from Khitomer just before the shields fell, with Mogh's security code. However, information from a Federation ship that was nearby at the time shows that something's being hidden. As the council reconvenes, Bev announces she's located the only other survivor of Khitomer: Worf's nurse, Kahlest. Picard finds her in the city, and overcomes her initial refusal to testify, convincing her to come and help Worf.

When she arrives, K'mpec calls an immediate recess. Privately (with Picard, Worf, Duras, Kahlest, and K'mpec present), it is revealed that it was Duras's father who betrayed the outpost, but since Duras's family is very powerful (and no one ever expected Worf to make the challenge), Mogh was blamed instead. When they still say they cannot let this evidence be heard, and that Worf will still be condemned, Worf offers them something more effective than his death: he will accept "discommodation" (or being cast out) if Kurn's life is spared. They agree, and as Worf is cast out, Picard tells Kurn this was done so that one day he (or his children) can restore Mogh's honor.

Highlight Listing:
"Sins of The Father." When his long-lost brother appears on the Enterprise, Worf is thrust into a life-or-death battle for his family's honor.
Advertising Headline:
BROTHER IN ARMS! Worf and his long-lost brother defend the family honor!
TV log listing:
Worf shocked by family secrets!/STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION
Operation SNAFU
The sound effects people must have fallen asleep every time someone got slapped. (V)

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