``Loud As A Whisper''
Stardate: 42477.2
Rating: **

Edited Length: 45:21
U.S. Airdate: January 22, 1989
Nielsen Rating/Rank: [10.7/4]

Special Appearance By
Diana Muldaur: Doctor [Cmdr. Katherine "Kate"] Pulaski

Guest Stars
Marnie Mosiman: [Woman]
Thomas Oglesby: [Scholar]
Leo Damian: [Warrior/Andonis]
Howie Seago: Riva

Line Producer: David Livingston
Producer: Burton Armus
Producers: Mike Gray & John Mason
Co-Executive Producer: Rick Berman
Co-Executive Producer: Maurice Hurley
Written By: Jacqueline Zambrano
Directed By: Larry Shaw

[end credit]
Executive Producer: Gene Roddenberry

[closing credits]
Associate Producer: Peter Lauritson
Story Editors: Leonard Mlodinow & Scott Rubenstein

Colm Meaney: Transporter Chief
Richard Lavin: Warrior #1
Chip Heller: Warrior #2
John Garrett: Lieutenant


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Extended Synopsis (by Tim Lynch) ------------------------------------

The Enterprise enters the Ramatis system to take on board Riva, a famous mediator who is needed to resolve a dispute on the planet Solais 5. They quickly discover that Riva is a rather unusual fellow: he is deaf, and communicates through the three members of his Chorus, who receive his thoughts and speak for him, each conveying a different part of his personality. Riva quickly becomes attracted to Deanna, who reciprocates.

At the briefing, Riva hears both societies (who have been fighting for fifteen centuries) are on the verge of extinction, then dismissed the background of the conflict as irrelevant. He asks what has recently changed to make them desire peace, then says that he's sure he'll find an answer somehow-he always has before. As they approach Solais 5, they find the cease-fire has been broken. Riva, from the bridge, convinces them to cease hostilities long enough to meet with him.

Riva, with an away team, beams down and begins making preparations for the meeting. Unfortunately, when it begins, one of the delegates who isn't so thrilled by the concept of peace tries to kill Riva, but instead kills his Chorus. Hostilities recommence, as Riva and the others beam back aboard. Realizing that Riva uses some kind of gestural language, Picard orders Data to learn it. (Meanwhile, Pulaski tells Geordi it may be possible to give him normal vision, and Geordi says he'll consider it.)

After he does so, Riva manages to communicate that he only wants to go back to Ramatis now, saying he "cannot" and "will not" go back to Soleas, and that Data "is a fine machine, but he cannot take the place of my Chorus." Picard agrees to take him back, but says his decision is regrettable.

Troi comes to Riva and tells him she is going to try to mediate, and asks him for suggestions. Riva suggests she find something the two factions have in common, no matter how small, and says the real trick is "turning a disadvantage into an advantage." Troi challenges him to do the same, and he decides to beam back down.

When all is in place, Riva tells the Enterprise crew they can leave. Everyone is puzzled, except for Troi, who tells Riker that Riva is going to teach the Solari his sign language, which will help them communicate, not only with him, but with each other. The Enterprise leaves, confident that he will resolve the war, and Picard thanks Troi warmly for all she has done.

Highlight Listing:
"Loud As A Whisper" - The future of a warring planet depends on a deaf mediator, who suddenly loses his ability to communicate.
Advertising Headline:
THE LANGUAGE OF PEACE A deaf mediator is a planet's last hope for survival!
TV log listing:
Peace lies in a deaf man's hands on STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION
Operation SNAFU
Data has learned sign language and is now interpreting what the mediator is saying. Data quotes the mediator as saying "My friends have died" or something like that, before it is even signed. (V)

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