Star Trek: The Next Generation Characters (D-F)

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DaiMon Goss Scott Thomson "The Price"

DaiMon Tog Frank Corsentino "Ménage ŕ Troi"

Danar, Roga Jeff McCarthy "The Hunted"

Dar, Gelek Albert Hall "Booby Trap"

Dara Michelle Forbes "Half a Life"

Daro, Glin Time Winters "The Wounded"

Darren, Lt. Cmdr. Nella Wendy Hughes "Lessons"

Data, Lt. Commander Brent Spiner (see actor listing)

Dathon, Captain Paul Winfield "Darmok"

Davies Nicholas Cascone "Pen Pals"

Davila, Carmen Susan Diol "Silicon Avatar"

Davis, Crewman Craig Benton "Violations"

Dealt, Hester Seymour Cassel "The Child"

Dean, Lt. Dan Kern "We'll Always Have Paris"

Debin Douglas Rowe "The Outrageous Okona"

Dern, Ensign Carlos Ferro "Genesis"

Desk Sergeant Mike Genovese "The Big Goodbye"

DeSeve Barry Lynch "Face Of The Enemy"

DeSoto, Capt Robert Michael Cavanaugh "Tin Man"

Devil Monster Thad Lamey "Devil's Due"

Devor Tim Russ "Starship Mine"

Dirgo Nick Tate "Final Mission"

Divok Charles Esten "Rightful Heir"

Dobara Penny Johnson "Homeward"

Doctor Folkert Schmidt "Contagion"

Doctor La Forge Ben Vereen "Interface"

Doctor Alyssa Ogawa Patti Yasutake "Parallels"

Doctor Syrus David Selburg "Frame of Mind"

Doe, John Mark LaMura "Transfigurations"

Dokachin, Klim Graham Jarvis "Unification, Part I"

Dolak, Gul Frank Collison "Ensign Ro"

Doorman Barry Kivel "Time's Arrow"

Dr. Nel Apgar Mark Margolis "A Matter of Perspective"

Dr. Appollinaire James Gleason "Time's Arrow, Part II"

Dr. Arridor Dan Shor "The Price"

Dr. Barron James Greene "Who Watches The Watchers"

Dr. Julian Bashir Siddig El Fadil "Birthright, Part I"

Dr. Leah Brahms Susan Gibney "Booby Trap"
"Galaxy's Child"

Dr. Clark Paul Lambert "Devil's Due"

Dr. Christopher John S. Ragin "Suspicions"

Dr. Farallon Ellen Bry "The Quality of Life"

Dr. Farek Ethan Phillips "Ménage ŕ Troi"

Dr. Garin Richard Cansino "Deja Q"

Dr. Ja'Dar Richard McGonagle "New Ground"

Dr. Kila Marr Ellen Geer "Silicon Avatar"

Dr. Martin Rick Fitts "Violations"

Dr. Seth Mendoza Castulo Guerra "The Price"

Dr. Hal Moseley Stefan Gierasch "A Matter Of Time"

Dr. Reyga Peter Slutsker "Suspicions"

Dr. Toby Russell Caroline Kava "Ethics"

Dr. Tava Sachi Parker "First Contact"

Dr. Timicin David Ogden Stiers "Half a Life"

Drummer Ron Brown "11001001"

D'Sora, Ensign Jenna Michele Scarabelli "In Theory"

D'Tan Vidal Peterson "Unification, Part II"

Duana Ivy Bethune "When The Bough Breaks"

Duffy Charley Lang "Hollow Pursuits"

Duras Patrick Massett "Sins of The Father"

Durken, Chancellor Avill George Coe "First Contact"

Edo Boy, 1st Eric Matthew "Justice"

Edo Boy, 2nd David Michael Graves "Justice"

Edo Girl Judith Jones "Justice"

Edourd Jean-Paul Vignon "We'll Always Have Paris"

Einstein, Albert Jim Norton "The Nth Degree"
Jim Norton

Elbrun, Tam Harry Groener "Tin Man"

Eline Margot Rose "The Inner Light"

Endar, Captain Sherman Howard "Suddenly Human"

Engineer Joel Fredericks
Thomas Kopache

Engineer Bartel Stacie Foster "Relics"

Engineering Crewman Skip Stellrecht "The Naked Now"

Ensign J.P. Hubbell
Scott Trost
Matthew Garvin
"Man Of The People"
"Unnatural Selection"
"All Good Things..."

Ensign Tess Allenby Mary Kohnert "Final Mission"
"The Loss"

Ensign April Anaya Page Leong "The Nth Degree"

Ensign Janet Brooks Kim Braden "The Loss"

Ensign Brower David Coburn "The Nth Degree"

Ensign Burke Glen Morshower "Peak Performance"

Ensign Chilton Alison Brooks "All Good Things..."

Ensign Clancy Anne Elizabeth Ramsey "The Emissary"

Ensign Craig Clifton Jones "Redemption, Part II"

Ensign Dern Carlos Ferro "Genesis"

Ensign Jenna D'Sora Michele Scarabelli "In Theory"

Ensign Felton Sheila Franklin "A Matter Of Time"
"New Ground"
"Hero Worship"
"The Masterpiece Society"
"Imaginary Friend"

Ensign Gibson Jennifer Barlow "The Dauphin"

Ensign Gillespie Duke Moosekian "Night Terrors"

Ensign Gleason Todd Merrill "The Best of Both Worlds Part II"
"Future Imperfect"

Ensign Graham Mona Grudt "Identity Crisis"

Ensign Sonya Gomez Lycia Naff "Q Who"
"Samaritan Snare"

Ensign Giusti Sabrina LeBeauf "Gambit, Part I"
"Gambit, Part II"

Ensign Herbert Lance Spellerberg "The Icarus Factor"

Ensign Janeway Lucy Boryer "Man Of The People"

Ensign Kane Erick Weiss "Relics"

Ensign Kopf James Lashly "Brothers"

Ensign Ro Laren Michelle Forbes "Ensign Ro"
"Power Play"
"Cause And Effect"
"The Next Phase"
"Preemptive Strike"

Ensign Robin Lefler Ashley Judd "Darmok"
"The Game"

Ensign Kenny Lin Brian Tochi "Night Terrors"

Ensign Mandel Cameron Arnett "Disaster"

Ensign McDowell Kenneth Meseroll "The Next Phase"

Ensign McKnight Pamela Winslow "Clues"
"In Theory"
"Face Of The Enemy"

Ensign Mendon John Putch "A Matter Of Honor"

Ensign Monroe Jana Marie Hupp "Disaster"

Ensign Nagel Leslie Neale "Peak Performance"

Ensign Palmer Dr. Mae Jemison "Second Chances"

Ensign Pavlik Jana Marie Hupp "Galaxy's Child"

Ensign Peeples Craig Hurley "Night Terrors"

Ensign Rager Lanei Chapman "Galaxy's Child"
"Night Terrors"

Ensign Daniel Sutter Jeff Allin "Imaginary Friend"

Ensign Tyler Gina Ravarra "Phantasms"

Eric Rickey D'shon Collins "Masks"

Eric Scott Grimes "Evolution"

Erko Patrick Cronn "Cost Of Living"

Esoqq Reiner Schöne "Allegiance"

Evek, Gul Richard Poe "Journey's End"
"Preemptive Strike"

Falor, Keeve Scott Marlowe "Ensign Ro"

Farallon, Dr. Ellen Bry "The Quality of Life"

Farek, Dr. Ethan Phillips "Ménage ŕ Troi"

Felisa Ellen Albertini Dow "Sub Rosa"

Felton, Ensign Sheila Franklin "A Matter Of Time"
"New Ground"
"Hero Worship"
"The Masterpiece Society"
"Imaginary Friend"

Female Engineer Carolyne Barry "Home Soil"

female Klingon Elaine Nalee "Hide And Q"

Female Scientist Shay Garner "A Matter Of Time"

Fento John McLiam "Who Watches The Watchers"

First Security Guard Colm Meaney "Lonely Among Us"

Francine Kelly Ashmore "We'll Always Have Paris"

Freud, Sigmund Bernard Kates "Phantasms"

Furry Animal Cindy Sorenson "The Dauphin"

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