Star Trek: The Next Generation Characters (T-Z)

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Tactical Crewman Dietrich Bader "The Emissary"

Tactician David L. Lander
Dana Sparks
"Peak Performance"

Tactics Officer Peter Parros "A Matter Of Honor"

Taggert, Capt. J. Patrick McNamara "Unnatural Selection"

Taibak John Fleck "The Minds Eye"

Tainer, Juliana Fionnula Flanagan "Inheritance"

Taitt Alex Datcher "Descent, Part II"

Tallera Robin Curtis "Gambit, Part I"
"Gambit, Part II"

Talur Ronnie Claire Edwards "Thine Own Self"

Tamarian 1st Officer Richard Allen "Darmok"

Taris Carolyn Seymour "Contagion"

Tarmin David Sage "Violations"

Tarr, DaiMon Mike Gomez "The Last Outpost"

Tarrana Susan Christy "Homeward"

Tarses, Simon Spencer Garrett "The Drumhead"

Taurik Alexander Enberg "Lower Decks"

Tava, Dr. Sachi Parker "First Contact"

Tayar Stephen James Carver "Descent"

Tayna Juli Donald "A Matter of Perspective"

Teacher Steven Einspahr
Raymond D. Turner
"The Bonding"
"Hero Worship"
"The Bonding"

Tebok, Commander Marc Alaimo "The Neutral Zone"

Technician #1 Brendan McKane "Coming of Age"

Technician #2 Wyatt Knight "Coming of Age"

Technician, Medical John Nelson "Schisms"

Teenage Girl Mädchen Amick "The Dauphin"

Telle, Glin Marco Rodriguez "The Wounded"

Temarek Elkanah J. Burns "The Vengeance Factor"

Temple, Nurse Patti Tippo "Transfigurations"

Ten Forward Crew Hayne Bayle
James G. Becker
Maria Leone
Diane Moser
"The Offspring"
"The Offspring"
"The Offspring"
"The Offspring"

Texas Nobel Willingham "The Royale"

Thei, Sub-Commander Anthony James "The Neutral Zone"

Tholl, Kova Stephen Markle "Allegiance"

Thor, Cameron Narik "Gambit, Part I"
"Gambit, Part II"

Thug Erik Cord "The Big Goodbye"

Timicin, Dr. David Ogden Stiers "Half a Life"

Timothy Joshua Harris "Hero Worship"

T'Jon Merritt Butrick "Symbiosis"

Toff, Palor Nehemiah Persoff "The Most Toys"

Tog, DaiMon Frank Corsentino "Ménage ā Troi"

Tol Michelan Sisti "Bloodlines"

Tomalak, Ambassador Andreas Katsulas "Future Imperfect"

Tomalak, Commander Andreas Katsulas
Andreas Katsulas
"The Enemy"
"The Defector"
"All Good Things..."

Toq Sterling Mace, Jr. "Birthright, Part II"

Torak, Governor Wayne Grace "Aquiel"

Toral J.D. Cullum "Redemption"
"Redemption, Part II"

Toreth, Commander Carolyn Seymour "Face Of The Enemy"

Torin Norman Snow "Rightful Heir"

Torres Jimmy Ortega "Encounter at Farpoint"

Toya Connie Danese "When The Bough Breaks"

T'Pan Joan Stuart Morris "Suspicions"

T'Pel, Ambassador (Sub-Commander Selok) Sierra Pecheur "Data's Day"

Transporter Chief J. Downing
Colm Meaney
Michael Rider
Harley Venton
"The Quality of Life"
(see actor listing)
"The Naked Now"
"Code of Honor"
"Hero Worship"

Transporter Chief, [N.D.] George O'Hanlon, Jr. "Future Imperfect"

Transporter Chief Brossmer Shelby Leverington "The Next Phase"

Transporter Chief Herbert Lance Spellerberg "We'll Always Have Paris"

Transporter Chief Hubbell April Grace "Future Imperfect"

Transporter Officer April Grace "The Perfect Mate"

Transporter Pilot Wren T. Brown "Manhunt"

Transporter Tech. Teddy Davis "Sins of The Father"

Transporter Technician April Grace
Terri Hatcher
Dennis Madalone
Ryan Reid
"Data's Day"
"Galaxy's Child"
"The Outrageous Okona"
"Identity Crisis"
"Power Play"

Traveller Eric Menyuk "Where No One Has Gone Before"
"Remember Me"
"Journey's End"

Trent Leonard John Crofoot "Angel One"

Trion, Governor Leka Barbara Tarbuck "The Host"

Troi, Counselor Deanna Marina Sirtis (see actor listing)

Troi, Lwaxana Majel Barrett (see actor listing)

Troi, Mr. Amick Byram "Dark Page"

Trose, Kalin William Newman "The Host"

T'Shanik Tasia Valenza "Coming of Age"

T'Su, Lt. Lian Julia Nickson "The Arsenal of Freedom"

Tsu, Tan Vladimir Velasco "Legacy"

Tyler, Ensign Gina Ravarra "Phantasms"

Uhnari, Lt. Aquiel Renee Jones "Aquiel"

Uxbridge, Kevin John Anderson "The Survivors"

Uxbridge, Rishon Anne Haney "The Survivors"

Vagh, Governor Edward Wiley "The Minds Eye"

Vanessa Jill Jacobson "The Royale"

Varel Susanna Thompson "The Next Phase"

Varley, Donald Thalmus Rasulala "Contagion"

Varria Jane Daly "The Most Toys"

Vash Jennifer Hetrick "Captain's Holiday"

Vekma Laura Drake "A Matter Of Honor"

Vekor Caitlin Brown "Gambit, Part I"
"Gambit, Part II"

Vendor Dick Miller "The Big Goodbye"

Voice of Armus Ron Gans "Skin Of Evil"

Volnath Marc Lawrence "The Vengeance Factor"

Vorin Brian Markinson "Homeward"

Voval Eric Pierpoint "Liaisons"

V'Sal Shelly Desai "Data's Day"

Wagnor Andrew Bicknell "The Hunted"

Waiter Marc Buckland
Ernie Mirich
Arlee Reed
"The High Ground"
"Starship Mine"

Wakasa George Aguilar "Journey's End"

Warren, Mary Lois Hall "Who Watches The Watchers"

Warrior #1 Richard Lavin "Loud As A Whisper"

Warrior #2 Chip Heller "Loud As A Whisper"

Warrior/Andonis Leo Damian "Loud As A Whisper"

Whalen, Lit-Historian David Selburg "The Big Goodbye"

Williams, Michael Patrick Stewart "The Defector"

Woman Diane M. Hurley
Nora Leonhardt
Marnie Mosiman
"The Game"
"Eye of the Beholder"
"Loud As A Whisper"

Worf, Lieutenant Michael Dorn (see actor listing)

Worf, Lt. j.g. Michael Dorn (see actor listing)

Workman David L. Crowley "Phantasms"

Wounded Crewmember Allan Dean Moore "Frame of Mind"

Wrenn Raye Birk "Haven"

Yanar Rosalind Ingledew "The Outrageous Okona"

Yar, Ishara Beth Toussaint "Legacy"

Yar, Lt. [Natasha] Tasha Denise Crosby (see actor listing)

Yareena Karole Selmon "Code of Honor"

Yog Joel Swetow "Firstborn"

Young Batai Daniel Stewart "The Inner Light"

Young Female Ensign Evelyn Guerrero "Encounter at Farpoint"

Young Guinan Isis J. Jones "Rascals"

Young Keiko Caroline Junko King "Rascals"

Young Man David Oliver "Cost Of Living"

Young Picard David Tristan Birkin
Marcus Nash

Young Reporter Alexander Enberg "Time's Arrow, Part II"

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