Star Trek: The Next Generation Characters (C)

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Cadet Richard Rothenberg "The First Duty"

Calloway Johanna McCloy "Eye of the Beholder"

Campio Tony Jay "Cost Of Living"

Capt Robert DeSoto Michael Cavanaugh "Tin Man"

Captain Morgan Bateson Kelsey Grammer "Cause And Effect"

Captain Dathon Paul Winfield "Darmok"

Captain Endar Sherman Howard "Suddenly Human"

Captain Rachel Garrett Tricia O'Neil "Yesterday's Enterprise"

Captain Edward Jellico Ronny Cox "Chain Of Command, Part I"
"Chain Of Command, Part II"

Captain K'Vada Stephen D. Root "Unification, Part I"
"Unification, Part II"

Captain Silva La Forge Madge Sinclair "Interface"

Captain Larg Michael G. Hagerty "Redemption, Part II"

Captain Phillipa Louvois Amanda McBroom "The Measure Of A Man"

Captain Benjamin Maxwell Bob Gunton "The Wounded"

Captain Satelk Richard Fancy "The First Duty"

Captain Taggert J. Patrick McNamara "Unnatural Selection"

Captain Chantal R. Zaheva Deborah Taylor "Night Terrors"

Carmichael, Mrs. Pamela Kosh "Time's Arrow, Part II"

Castillo, Lt. Richard Christopher McDonald "Yesterday's Enterprise"

Centurian Bochra John Snyder "The Enemy"

Chang, Tac Officer Robert Ito "Coming of Age"

Chekote, Admiral Bruce Gray "Gambit, Part I"

Chilton, Ensign Alison Brooks "All Good Things..."

Chorgan Stephen Lee "The Vengeance Factor"

Clancy, Assistant Engineer Anne Elizabeth Ramsay "Elementary, Dear Data"

Clancy, Ensign Anne Elizabeth Ramsey "The Emissary"

Clare Gracie Harrison "The Neutral Zone"

Clarke, Dr. Paul Lambert "Devil's Due"

Clemens, L.Q. "Sonny" Leon Rippy "The Neutral Zone"

Clemens, Samuel Jerry Hardin "Time's Arrow"

Collins Harley Venton "Ensign Ro"

Comic, the Joe Piscopo "The Outrageous Okona"

Commander Bruce Maddox Brian Brophy "The Measure Of A Man"

Commander Mendak Alan Scarfe "Data's Day"

Commander Dalen Quaice, M.D. Bill Erwin "Remember Me"

Commander Kurn Tony Todd "Sins of The Father"
"Redemption, Part II"

Commander Keiran MacDuff Erich Anderson "Conundrum"

Commander Sela Denise Crosby "The Minds Eye"
"Redemption, Part II"
"Unification, Part II"

Commander Sunad Charles Dennis "Transfigurations"

Commander Tomalak Andreas Katsulas "The Enemy"
"The Defector"

Commander Toreth Carolyn Seymour "Face Of The Enemy"

Computer Voice Majel Barrett (see actor listing)

Conductor David Huddleston "Emergence"

Conn Josh Clark
David Renan
"Lonely Among Us"
"The Naked Now"

Conor, Aaron John Synder "The Masterpiece Society"

Corey Ned Vaughn "Tapestry"

Cozzens, Mimi Soup Woman "Unification, Part I"

Craig, Ensign Clifton Jones "Redemption, Part II"

Crewman Dore Keller
Angelo McCabe
Erick Weiss
"The Child"

Crewman #1 Randal Patrick "Evolution"

Crewman Davis Craig Benton "Violations"

Crewmember Charles Dayton
Thomas Belgrey
"Where No One Has Gone Before"
"Realm Of Fear"

Crewmember, Wounded Allan Dean Moore "Frame of Mind"

Crosis Brian J. Cousins
Brian Cousins
"Descent, Part II"

Crusher, Doctor Gates McFadden (see actor listing)

Crusher, Lt. Cmdr. Jack Doug Wert "Violations"

Crusher, Jack R. Doug Wert "Family"
"Journey's End"

Crusher, Wesley, (adult) William A. Wallace "Hide And Q"

Crusher, Wesley ["Wes"] Wil Wheaton (see actor listing)

Cytherian Kay E. Kuter "The Nth Degree"

DaiMon Goss Scott Thomson "The Price"

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