Star Trek: The Next Generation Characters (M)

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MacDougal, Lt. Cmdr. Brooke Bundy "The Naked Now"

MacDuff, Commander Keiran Erich Anderson "Conundrum"

Macet, Gul Marc Alaimo "The Wounded"

Macias John Franklyn-Robbins "Preemptive Strike"

Maddox, Commander Bruce Brian Brophy "The Measure Of A Man"

Madeline Rhonda Aldrich "Manhunt"

Madred, Gul David Warner "Chain Of Command, Part I"
"Chain Of Command, Part II"

Main Bridge Security Timothy Dang "Encounter at Farpoint"

Male Patient Bill Cho Lee "Time's Arrow, Part II"

Malencon, Arthur Mario Roccuzzo "Home Soil"

Man Dugan Savoye "Eye of the Beholder"

Man #1 (Coalition lieutenant) Christopher Michael "Legacy"

Manager, Assistant Sam Anderson "The Royale"

Mandel, Ensign Cameron Arnett "Disaster"

Mandell, Kurt Walter Gotell "Home Soil"

Manheim, Dr. Paul Rod Loomis "We'll Always Have Paris"

Manheim, Jenice Michelle Phillips "We'll Always Have Paris"

Maques Norman Large "Dark Page"

Marissa Erika Flores "Disaster"

Marley William Glover "Devil's Due"

Marouk Nancy Parsons "The Vengeance Factor"

Marr, Dr. Kila Ellen Geer "Silicon Avatar"

Marta J.C. Brandy "Tapestry"

Martin, Dr. Rick Fitts "Violations"

Maturin Michael Keenan "Sub Rosa"

Mauric Robin Gammell "Force Of Nature"

Mavek Gary Werntz "Frame of Mind"

Maxwell, Captain Benjamin Bob Gunton "The Wounded"

Maylor, Ramid Sev Susan French "Man Of The People"

McCoy, Admiral DeForest Kelley "Encounter at Farpoint"

McDowell, Ensign Kenneth Meseroll "The Next Phase"

McKenzie, Ard'rian Eileen Seeley "The Ensigns of Command"

McKnight, Ensign Pamela Winslow "Clues"
"In Theory"
"Face Of The Enemy"

McNary, Lt. Gary Armagnac "The Big Goodbye"

Mediator, 1st David Q. Combs "Lonely Among Us"

Mediator, 2nd Richard Lavin "Lonely Among Us"

Medical Technician Brad Zerbst
John Nelson
"Lonely Among Us"

Melian Paul Lambert "When The Bough Breaks"

Mendak, Commander Alan Scarfe "Data's Day"

Mendon, Ensign John Putch "A Matter Of Honor"

Mendoza, Dr. Seth Castulo Guerra "The Price"

Mendrossen, Ki William Denis "Sarek"

Meribor Jennifer Nash "The Inner Light"

Mickey D Gregory Beecroft "The Royale"

Military Officer Chuck Hicks "Encounter at Farpoint"

Miller, Steven Robert Ellenstein "Haven"

Miller, Victoria Nan Martin "Haven"

Miller, Wyatt Rob Knepper "Haven"

Miner #1 David Paul Needles "The Perfect Mate"

Miner #2 Roger Rignack "The Perfect Mate"

Miner #3 Charles Gunning "The Perfect Mate"

Minuet Carolyn McCormick "11001001"
"Future Imperfect"

Mirasta Carolyn Seymour "First Contact"

Mirok Thomas Kopache "The Next Phase"

Mirren, Oliana Estee Chandler "Coming of Age"

Molly Hana Hatae "Rascals"

Molor John Kenton Shull "Firstborn"

Monroe, Ensign Jana Marie Hupp "Disaster"

Morag Reg E. Cathey "Aquiel"

Mordoc Jake Dengel "The Last Outpost"

Mordock John Putch "Coming of Age"

Moriarty Daniel Davis "Elementary, Dear Data"
"Ship In A Bottle"

Morta Michael Snyder "Rascals"

Moseley, Dr. Hal Stefan Gierasch "A Matter Of Time"

Mot, Barber Ken Thorley "Ensign Ro"

Mott Ken Thorley "Schisms"

Movar, General Nicholas Kepros "Redemption"
"Redemption, Part II"

Mr. Homn Carel Struycken (see actor listing)

Mr. Troi Amick Byram "Dark Page"

Nagel, Ensign Leslie Neale "Peak Performance"

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