Star Trek: The Next Generation Characters (A-B)

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1st Learner Christopher Halsted "Cost Of Living"

Aaron, Admiral Ray Reinhardt "Conspiracy"

Accolan Dan Mason "When The Bough Breaks"

Administrator Scott Jaeck
Andrew Prine
"The Inner Light"
"Frame of Mind"

Admiral Renata Scott
George D. Wallace
"Realm Of Fear"
"Man Of The People"

Admiral Blackwell Nancy Vawter "The Pegasus"

Admiral Brackett Karen Hensel "Unification, Part I"

Admiral Brand, Superintendant Jacqueline Brooks "The First Duty"

Admiral Chekote Bruce Gray "Gambit, Part I"

Admiral Gromek Georgann Johnson "The Emissary"

Admiral Haden John Hancock "The Defector"
"The Wounded"

Admiral Haftel Nicolas Coster "The Offspring"

Admiral J.P. Hanson George Murdock "The Best of Both Worlds"
"The Best of Both Worlds Part II"

Admiral Thomas Henry Earl Billings "The Drumhead"

Admiral Holt Warren Munson "Interface"

Admiral Kennelly Cliff Potts "Ensign Ro"

Admiral Nakamura Clyde Kusatsu "The Measure Of A Man"
"All Good Things..."

Admiral Elena Nechayev, Vice Natalija Nogulich "Chain Of Command, Part I"
"Journey's End"

Admiral Pressman Terry O'Quinn "The Pegasus"

Admiral Connaught Rossa Barbara Townsend "Suddenly Human"

Admiral Norah Satie Jean Simmons "The Drumhead"

Admiral Shanthi Fran Bennett "Redemption, Part II"

Ajur Karen Landry "Captain's Holiday"

Alans Whitney Rydbeck "Pen Pals"

Albert, Lt. Commander Ed Lauter "The First Duty"

Alexander Brian Bonsall
Jon Steuer
"New Ground"
"Cost Of Living"
"Imaginary Friend"
"A Fistful of Datas"

Alexandra Jessica and Vanessa Bova "When The Bough Breaks"

Alien #1 Jeff Rector "Allegiance"

Alien #2 Jerry Rector "Allegiance"

Alien Captain Dennis Cockrum "Face Of The Enemy"

Alien Nurse Mary Stein "Time's Arrow, Part II"

Alkar, Ambassador Ramid Ves Chip Lucia "Man Of The People"

Allenby, Ensign Tess Mary Kohnert "Final Mission"
"The Loss"

Alrik Mickey Cottrell "The Perfect Mate"

Amarie Harriet Leider "Unification, Part II"

Ambassador Kell Larry Dobkin "The Minds Eye"

Ambassador Ramid Ves Alkar Chip Lucia "Man Of The People"

Ambassador Tomalak Andreas Katsulas "Future Imperfect"

Ambassador T'Pel (Sub-Commander Selok) Sierra Pecheur "Data's Day"

Anaya, Ensign April Page Leong "The Nth Degree"

Anna Barbara Williams "Liaisons"

Annette Amy O'Neill "Evolution"

Annie Joy Garrett "A Fistful of Datas"

Antedian Dignitary Mick Fleetwood "Manhunt"

Anthwara Ned Romero "Journey's End"

Anya Paddi Edwards "The Dauphin"

Apgar, Dr. Nel Mark Margolis "A Matter of Perspective"

Apgar, Manua Gina Hecht "A Matter of Perspective"

Appollinaire, Dr. James Gleason "Time's Arrow, Part II"

Apprentice Andy Kossin "Thine Own Self"

Ardra Marta Dubois "Devil's Due"

Argyle, Engineer Biff Yeager "Where No One Has Gone Before"

Ariana Danitza Kingsley "Haven"

Ariel Patricia McPherson "Angel One"

Armus Mart McChesney "Skin Of Evil"

Aron Peter Neptune "The Dauphin"

Arridor, Dr. Dan Shor "The Price"

Assassin B.J. Davis
Chris Doyle
"Sins of The Father"
"Sins of The Father"

Assistant (aka Traveler) Eric Menyuk "Where No One Has Gone Before"

Assistant Manager Sam Anderson "The Royale"

Aster, Jeremy Gabriel Damon "The Bonding"

Aster, Marla Susan Powell "The Bonding"

Ba'el Jennifer Gatti "Birthright, Part I"
"Birthright, Part II"

Bailiff, Mandarin Cary-Hiroyuki "Encounter at Farpoint"

Ballard, Lt. Judyann Elder "The Offspring"

Ballerina Victoria Dillard "Where No One Has Gone Before"

Bandi Groppler "Zorn" Michael Bell "Encounter at Farpoint"

Bandi Shopkeeper David Erskine "Encounter at Farpoint"

Bandito Jorge Cervera, Jr. "A Fistful of Datas"

Baran Richard Lynch "Gambit, Part I"
"Gambit, Part II"

Barash Dana Tjowander "Future Imperfect"

Barber Mot Ken Thorley "Ensign Ro"

Barclay Dwight Schultz "Hollow Pursuits"
"The Nth Degree"
"Realm Of Fear"
"Ship In A Bottle"

Barnaby James Horan "Descent, Part II"

Barron, Dr. James Greene "Who Watches The Watchers"

Bartel, Engineer Stacie Foster "Relics"

Bartender Stephen Lee "Gambit, Part I"

Bartholomew, Countess Regina Stephanie Beacham "Ship In A Bottle"

Bashir, Dr. Julian Siddig El Fadil "Birthright, Part I"

Bass Player Abdul Salaam El Razzac "11001001"

Batai Richard Riehle "The Inner Light"

Batai, Young Daniel Stewart "The Inner Light"

Bateson, Captain Morgan Kelsey Grammer "Cause And Effect"

Bates, Hannah Dey Young "The Masterpiece Society"

Bates, John S.A. Templeman "The Defector"

Battle Bridge Conn Colm Meaney "Encounter at Farpoint"

Beata Karen Montgomery "Angel One"

Beggar John M. Murdock "Time's Arrow"

Bell Boy, The Leo Garcia "The Royale"

Bellboy (Jack London) Michael Aron "Time's Arrow"
"Time's Arrow, Part II"

Bell, Lt. Dan William Boyett "The Big Goodbye"

Ben Bruce Beatty "Lower Decks"

Benbeck, Marcus Ron Canada "The Masterpiece Society"

Bender, Slade Robert Costanzo "Manhunt"

Benson, Bjorn Gerard Prendergast "Home Soil"

Benzan Kieran Mulroney "The Outrageous Okona"

Berel George Hearn "First Contact"

Berik Tracey Walter "Rascals"

Bernard, Dr. [Lt.] Dierk Torsek "When The Bough Breaks"

Bernard, Harry Philip N. Waller "When The Bough Breaks"

B'Etor Gwynyth Walsh "Redemption"
"Redemption, Part II"

Bhavani, Premier Elizabeth Hoffman "The Price"

B'Ijik Erick Avari "Unification, Part I"

Biomolecular Specialist Tzi Ma "Samaritan Snare"

Birta Peter Slutsker "Bloodlines"

Blackwell, Admiral Nancy Vawter "The Pegasus"

Bochra, Centurian John Snyder "The Enemy"

Bok Lee Arenberg "Bloodlines"

Bok, DaiMon Frank Corsentino "The Battle"

Boothby Ray Walston "Cause And Effect"

Boratus Michael Champion "Captain's Holiday"

Borg, Hugh Jonathan Del Arco "I Borg"

Bosus Richard Gilbert-Hill "Descent"

Boy Christopher Pettiet
Ricky D'shon Collins
"The High Ground"

Brackett, Admiral Karen Hensel "Unification, Part I"

Bractor Armin Shimerman "Peak Performance"

Bradley, Jessica Carolyn Allport "The Big Goodbye"

Brahms, Dr. Leah Susan Gibney "Booby Trap"
"Galaxy's Child"

Brand, Superintendant Admiral Jacqueline Brooks "The First Duty"

Bre'el Scientist Betty Muramoto "Deja Q"

Breville Paul Tompkins "Identity Crisis"

Briam Tim O'Connor "The Perfect Mate"

Brianon, Kareen Barbara Alyn Woods "The Schizoid Man"

Brooks, Ensign Janet Kim Braden "The Loss"

Brossmer, Transporter Chief Shelby Leverington "The Next Phase"

Brower, Ensign David Coburn "The Nth Degree"

Brull Joey Aresco "The Vengeance Factor"

B'Tardat Terrence E. McNally "11001001"

Burkem, Ensign Glenn Morshower "Peak Performance"

Byleth Michael Harris "Liaisons"

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