Star Trek: The Next Generation Characters (N-Q)

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Nagel, Ensign Leslie Neale "Peak Performance"

Nagilum Earl Boen "Where Silence Has Lease"

Nakamura, Admiral Clyde Kusatsu "The Measure Of A Man"

"All Good Things..."

Nara, Lt. Nancy Harewood "Eye of the Beholder"

Narik Cameron Thor "Gambit, Part I"
"Gambit, Part II"

Nausicaan #1 Clint Carmichael "Tapestry"

Nayrok James Cromwell "The Hunted"

Nellen Ann Shea "The Drumhead"

Neral, Proconsul Norman Large "Unification, Part I"
"Unification, Part II"

Nechayev, Vice Admiral Elena Natalija Nogulich "Chain Of Command, Part I"
"Journey's End"
"Preemptive Strike"

Neil Tom Nibley "Starship Mine"

Newton, Isaac John Neville "Descent"

Nibor Peter Slutsker "Ménage à Troi"

Nilrem Steven Anderson "First Contact"

Noor Megan Cole "The Outcast"

Nu'Daq Jogn Cothran, Jr. "The Chase"

Nuria Kathryn Leigh Scott "Who Watches The Watchers"

Nurse Mary McCusker
Patti Yasutake
Brad Zerbst
"Future Imperfect"
"Heart of Glory"
"The Arsenal of Freedom"

Nurse, Alien Mary Stein "Time's Arrow, Part II"

Nurse Alyssa Ogawa Patti Yasutake "Identity Crisis"
"The Host"
"The Game"
"Cause And Effect"
"Imaginary Friend"
"The Inner Light"
"Realm Of Fear"
"Man Of The People"

Nurse Temple Patti Tippo "Transfigurations"

N'Vek Scott MacDonald "Face Of The Enemy"

O'Brien Colm Meaney (see actor listing)

O'Brien, Chief Colm Meaney (see actor listing)

O'Brien, Keiko Ishikawa (see Keiko)

Odan Franc Luz "The Host"

O'Dell, Brenda Rosalyn Landor "Up The Long Ladder"

O'Dell, Danilo Barrie Ingham "Up The Long Ladder"

Offenhouse, Ralph Peter Mark Richman "The Neutral Zone"

Ogawa, Nurse Alyssa Patti Yasutake "Identity Crisis"
"The Host"
"The Game"
"Cause And Effect"
"Imaginary Friend"
"The Inner Light"
"Realm Of Fear"
"Man Of The People"
"Lower Decks"

Oji Pamela Segall "Who Watches The Watchers"

Okona, Captain Thaduin William O. Campbell "The Outrageous Okona"

Omag William Bastiani "Unification, Part II"

One One Keli Ann McNally "11001001"

One Zero Alexandra Johnson "11001001"

Orra, Jil Heather Lauren Olson "Chain Of Command, Part II"

Orta Jeffrey Hayenga "Ensign Ro"

Orton Glenn Morshower "Starship Mine"


Par Lenor Max Grodenchik "The Perfect Mate"

Pardek, Senator Malachi Throne "Unification, Part I"
"Unification, Part II"

Parem Brian Cousins "The Next Phase"

Patahk Steve Rankin "The Enemy"

Paterson Max Supera "Disaster"

Patient, Male Bill Cho Lee "Time's Arrow, Part II"

Pavlik, Ensign Jana Marie Hupp "Galaxy's Child"

Peddler, The Vincent Schiavelli "The Arsenal of Freedom"

Peeples, Ensign Craig Hurley "Night Terrors"

Penny Rae Norman "Tapestry"

Perrin Joanna Miles "Sarek"
"Unification, Part I"

Piano Player Jack Sheldon "11001001"

Picard, Captain Jean-Luc Patrick Stewart (see actor listing)

Picard, Maman Herta Ware "Where No One Has Gone Before"

Picard, Marie Samantha Eggar "Family"

Picard, René David Tristan Birkin "Family"

Picard, Robert Jeremy Kemp "Family"

Picard, Young David Tristan Birkin
Marcus Nash

Pie Man Richard Merson "Elementary, Dear Data"

Pierce, Walter Mark Rolston "Eye of the Beholder"

Pilot Robertson Dean "Face Of The Enemy"

Poet George Ede "Cost Of Living"

Policeman William Boyett
Fred G. Smith
"Time's Arrow, Part II"
"The High Ground"

Pomet Alan Altshuld "Starship Mine"

Portal Darryl Henriques "The Last Outpost"

Potts, Jake Cory Danziger "Brothers"

Potts, Willie Adam Ryen "Brothers"

Prak Lee Arenberg "Force Of Nature"

Pran William Lithgow "Inheritance"

Premier Bhavani Elizabeth Hoffman "The Price"

Pressman, Admiral Terry O'Quinn "The Pegasus"

Prieto, Ben Raymond Forchion "The Arsenal of Freedom"

Professor Galen Norman Lloyd "The Chase"

Professor Stephen Hawking Professor Stephen Hawking "Descent"

Prostitute Diz White "Elementary, Dear Data"

Pulaski, Doctor Diana Muldaur (see actor listing)

"Q" John de Lancie "Encounter at Farpoint"
"Hide And Q"
"Q Who"
"Deja Q"
"True Q"
"All Good Things..."

Q2 Corbin Bernsen "Deja Q"

Qol Michael Snyder "The Perfect Mate"

Quaice, M.D., Commander Dalen Bill Erwin "Remember Me"

Quark Armin Shimerman "Firstborn"

Quinn, Admiral Gregory Ward Costello "Coming of Age"

Quint, Ned Shay Duffin "Sub Rosa"

Quinteros, Commander Gene Dynarski "11001001"

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