Star Trek: The Next Generation Characters (G-H)

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Gabrielle Isabel Lorca "We'll Always Have Paris"

Gaines, Lt. Tim Kelleher "All Good Things..."

Galen, Professor Norman Lloyd "The Chase"

Gambler/Frederick La Rouque Marc Alaimo "Time's Arrow"

Garin, Dr. Richard Cansino "Deja Q"

Garrett, Captain Rachel Tricia O'Neil "Yesterday's Enterprise"

Garvin Michael Rothhaar "Thine Own Self"

General Movar Nicholas Kepros "Redemption"
"Redemption, Part II"

Gentleman Clemont von Franckenstein "Ship In A Bottle"

Gia Kimberly Cullum "Thine Own Self"

Gibson, Ensign Jennifer Barlow "The Dauphin"

Gillespie, Ensign Duke Moosekian "Night Terrors"

Giusti, Ensign Sabrina LeBeauf "Gambit, Part I"
"Gambit, Part II"

Gladstone, Miss Dawn Arnemann "The Child"

Gleason, Ensign Todd Merrill "The Best of Both Worlds Part II"
"Future Imperfect"

Gomez, Ensign Sonya Lycia Naff "Q Who"
"Samaritan Snare"

Gordon, Jay John Christian Graas "Disaster"

Gorta Colin Mitchell "Firstborn"

Gosheven Grainger Hines "The Ensigns of Command"

Goss, DaiMon Scott Thomson "The Price"

Goval Michael Reilly Burke "Descent, Part II"

Governor Torak Wayne Grace "Aquiel"

Gowron Robert O'Reilly "Reunion"
"Redemption, Part II"
"Rightful Heir"

Graham, Ensign Mona Grudt "Identity Crisis"

Granger Jon De Vries "Up The Long Ladder"

Graves, Ira W. Morgan Sheppard "The Schizoid Man"

Grax, Reittan Rudolph Willrich "Ménage à Troi"

Grebnedlog Christopher Collins "Samaritan Snare"

Gromek, Admiral Georgann Johnson "The Emissary"

Guinan Whoopi Goldberg (see actor listing)

Guinan, Young Isis J. Jones "Rascals"

Gul Nador Mark Bramhall "Parallels"

Gul Ocett Linda Thorson "The Chase"

Gul Evek Richard Poe "Journey's End"
"Preemptive Strike"

Gunman Thomas Knickerbocker "Clues"

Guy, Sir Clive Revill "Qpid"

Haden, Admiral John Hancock "The Defector"
"The Wounded"

Haftel, Admiral Nicolas Coster "The Offspring"

Hagan, Andrus John Vickery "Night Terrors"

Hagon James Louis Watkins "Code of Honor"

Hajar, Cadet Second Class Jean Walker Brandt "The First Duty"

Hali James McIntire "Who Watches The Watchers"

Hanson, Admiral J.P. George Murdock "The Best of Both Worlds"
"The Best of Both Worlds Part II"

Haritath Mark L. Taylor "The Ensigns of Command"

Haro, Cadet Mitena Joycelyn O'Brien "Allegiance"

Haskell, [Ensign] Charles Douglas "Where Silence Has Lease"

Hawking, Professor Stephen Professor Stephen Hawking "Descent"

Hayne Don Mirault "Legacy"

Hayseed Arlee Reed "Emergence"

Hedril Kirsten Dunst "Dark Page"

Helmsman Stephen James Carver
Clifton Jones
"Redemption, Part II"

Henry, Admiral Thomas Earl Billings "The Drumhead"

Henshaw, Christy Julie Warner "Booby Trap"

Herbert, Ensign Lance Spellerberg "The Icarus Factor"

Hickman, Lieutenant Amick Byram "Identity Crisis"

Hildebrant Ann H. Gillespie "Pen Pals"

Hitman Vinny Argiro "Emergence"

Hobson, Lt. Cmdr. Christopher Timothy Carhart "Redemption, Part II"

Hollander, Eli John Pyper-Ferguson "A Fistful of Datas"

Homn, Mr. Carel Struycken (see cast listing)

Hubbell, Transporter Chief April Grace "Future Imperfect"

Hugh Borg Jonathan Del Arco "I Borg"
"Descent, Part II"

Humanoid Salome Jens "The Chase"

Hutchinson David Spielberg "Starship Mine"

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