Star Trek: The Next Generation Cast (I-L)

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Cast Listing (I-L)


Deirdre Imershein Joval "Captain's Holiday"

Barrie Ingham Danilo O'Dell "Up The Long Ladder"

Rosalind Ingledew Yanar "The Outrageous Okona"

Robert Ito Tac Officer Chang "Coming of Age"

Tom Jackson Lakanta "Journey's End"

Jill Jacobson Vanessa "The Royale"

Scott Jaeck Administrator "The Inner Light"

Anthony James Sub-Commander Thei "The Neutral Zone"

Famke Janssen Kamala "The Perfect Mate"

Graham Jarvis Klim Dokachin "Unification, Part I"

Harvey Jason Felix Leech "The Big Goodbye"

Tony Jay Campio "Cost Of Living"

Dr. Mae Jemison Ensign Palmer "Second Chances"

Ken Jenkins Dr. Paul Stubbs "Evolution"

Salome Jens Humanoid "The Chase"

Alexandra Johnson One Zero "11001001"

Georgann Johnson Admiral Gromek "The Emissary"

Penny Johnson Dobara "Homeward"

Clifton Jones Helmsman
Ensign Craig
"Redemption II"

Isis J. Jones Young Guinan "Rascals"

Judith Jones Edo Girl "Justice"

Renee Jones Lt. Aquiel Uhnari "Aquiel"

Ashley Judd Ensign Robin Lefler "Darmok"
"The Game"

#Juggler Albie Selznick "Cost Of Living"

Stanley Kamel Lt. j.g. Kosinski "Where No One Has Gone Before"

Lenore Kasdorf Lorin "Attached"

Anna Katarina Valeda Innis "Haven"

Bernard Kates Sigmund Freud "Phantasms"

Andreas Katsulas Commander Tomalak "The Enemy"
"The Defector"
"Future Imperfect"
"All Good Things..."

Caroline Kava Dr. Toby Russell "Ethics"

Kerrie Keane Alexana Devos "The High Ground"

Michael Keenan Maturin "Sub Rosa"

Tim Kelleher Lt. gaines "All Good Things..."

Dore Keller Crewman "The Child"

DeForest Kelley Admiral McCoy "Encounter at Farpoint"

Jeremy Kemp Robert Picard "Family"

Nicholas Kepros General Movar "Redemption"
"Redemption II"

Dan Kern Lt. Dean "We'll Always Have Paris"

Caroline Junko King Young Keiko "Rascals"

Danitza Kingsley Ariana "Haven"

Barry Kivel Doorman "Time's Arrow"

Rob Knepper Wyatt Miller "Haven"

Thomas Knickerbocker Gunman "Clues"

Wyatt Knight Technician #2 "Coming of Age"

Kenny Koch Kissing Crewman "The Naked Now"

Mary Kohnert Ensign Tess Allenby "Final Mission"
"The Loss"

Thomas Kopache Mirok
"The Next Phase"

Pamela Kosh Mrs. Carmichael
"Time's Arrow, Part II"
"All Good Things..."

Andy Kossin Apprentice "Thine Own Self"

Clyde Kusatsu Admiral Nakamura "The Measure Of A Man"
"All Good Things..."

Kay E. Kuter Cytherian "The Nth Degree"

Paul Lambert Melian
Dr. Clarke
"When The Bough Breaks"
"Devil's Due"

Thad Lamey Devil Monster "Devil's Due"

Mark LaMura John Doe "Transfigurations"

John de Lancie "Q" "Encounter at Farpoint"
"Hide And Q"
"Q Who"
"Deja Q"
"True Q"
"All Good Things..."

David L. Lander Tactician "Peak Performance"

Rosalyn Landor Brenna O'Dell "Up The Long Ladder"

Karen Landry Ajur "Captain's Holiday"

Iva Lane Zero Zero "11001001"

Charley Lang Duffy "Hollow Pursuits"

Norman Large Proconsul Neral
"Unification, Part I"
"Unification, Part II"
"Dark Page"

James Lashly Ensign Kopf "Brothers"

Ed Lauter Lt. Commander Albert "The First Duty"

Richard Lavin 2nd Mediator
Warrior #1
"Loud As A Whisper"

Marc Lawrence Volnath "The Vengeance Factor"

Sabrina LeBeauf Ensign Giusti "Gambit, Part I"
"Gambit, Part II"

Bill Cho Lee Male Patient "Time's Arrow, Part II"

Stephen Lee Chorgan
"The Vengeance Factor"
"Gambit, Part I"

Thelma Lee Kahlest "Sins of The Father"

Harriet Leider Amarie "Unification, Part II"

Ben Lemon Jev "Violations"

Mark Lenard Sarek "Sarek"
"Unification, Part I"

Maria Leone Ten Forward Crew "The Offspring"

Page Leong Ensign April Anaya "The Nth Degree"

Shelby Leverington Transporter Chief Brossmer "The Next Phase"

Elizabeth Lindsey Louisa Kim "Home Soil"

Richard Lineback Romas "Symbiosis"

William Lithgow Pran "Inheritance"

Norman Lloyd Professor Galen "The Chase"

Nora Loonhardt Woman "Eye of the Beholder"

Rod Loomis Dr. Paul Manheim "We'll Always Have Paris"

Isabel Lorca Gabrielle "We'll Always Have Paris"

Jay Louden Liator "Justice"

Tim Lounibos Lt. Kwan "Eye of the Beholder"

Chip Lucia Ambassador Ramid Ves Alkar "Man Of The People"

Benjamin W. S. Lum Asst. Chief Engineer Jim Shimoda "The Naked Now"

Jordan Lund Kluge "Redemption II"

Franc Luz Odan "The Host"

Barry Lynch DeSeve "Face Of The Enemy"

Richard Lynch Baran "Gambit, Part I"
"Gambit, Part II"

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