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Cast Listing (T-Z)


Patricia Tallman Kiros "Starship Mine"

Barbara Tarbuck Governor Leka Trion "The Host"

Milt Tarver Scientist "Time's Arrow"

Nick Tate Dirgo "Final Mission"

Deborah Taylor Captain Chantal R. Zaheva "Night Terrors"

Mark L. Taylor Haritath "The Ensigns of Command"

S.A. Templeman John Bates "The Defector"

Ten Forward Crew Hayne Bayle
James G. Becker
Maria Leone
Diane Moser
"The Offspring"

Lawrence Tierney Cyrus Redblock "The Big Goodbye"

Jr. Thomas Santos "Preemptive Strike"

Scott Thomson DaiMon Goss "The Price"

Brian Thompson Klag "A Matter Of Honor"

Susanna Thompson Varel
"The Next Phase"
"Frame of Mind"

Ken Thorley Barber Mot
"Ensign Ro"
"Time's Arrow"

Linda Thorson Gul Ocett "The Chase"

Noley Thorton Clara Sutter "Imaginary Friend"

Malachi Throne Senator Pardek "Unification, Part I"
"Unification, Part II"

Patti Tippo Nurse Temple "Transfigurations"

Dana Tjowander Barash "Future Imperfect"

Brian Tochi Ensign Kenny Lin "Night Terrors"

Hallie Todd Lal "The Offspring"

Tony Todd Commander Kurn "Sins of The Father"
"Redemption II"

Paul Tompkins Breville "Identity Crisis"

Dierk Torsek Dr. [Lt.] Bernard "When The Bough Breaks"

Beth Toussaint Ishara Yar "Legacy"

Robert Towers Rata "The Battle"

Barbara Townsend Admiral Connaught Rossa "Suddenly Human"

Saxon Trainer Lt. Linda Larson "The Nth Degree"

Scott Trost Ensign
Lieutenant Shipley
"Unnatural Selection"

Marcello Tubert Jared "Devil's Due"

Raymond D. Turner Teacher "The Bonding"

Tasia Valenza T'Shanik "Coming of Age"

Liz Vassey Kristin "Conundrum"

Ned Vaugh Corey "Tapestry"

Nancy Vawter Admiral Blackwell "The Pegasus"

Vladimir Velasco Tan Tsu "Legacy"

Harley Venton Collins
Transporter Chief
"Ensign Ro"
"Hero Worship"

Ben Vereen Doctor La Forge "Interface"

John Vickery Andrus Hagan "Night Terrors"

Jean-Paul Vignon Edourd "We'll Always Have Paris"

Peter Vogt Romulan Commander "Tin Man"

Jon De Vries Granger "Up The Long Ladder"

Lou Wagner DaiMon Solok "Chain Of Command, Part I"

Basil Wallace Klingon Guard #1 (Duras aide) "Reunion"

George D. Wallace Admiral "Man Of The People"

William A. Wallace adult Wesley Crusher "Hide And Q"

Philip N. Waller Harry Bernard "When The Bough Breaks"

Gwynyth Walsh B'Etor "Redemption"
"Redemption II"

Ray Walston Boothby "Cause And Effect"

Tracey Walter Kayron
"The Last Outpost"

Herta Ware Maman Picard "Where No One Has Gone Before"

Doug Warhit Kazago "The Battle"

David Warner Gul Madred "Chain Of Command, Part I"
"Chain Of Command, Part II"

Julie Warner Christy Henshaw "Booby Trap"

James Louis Watkins Hagon "Code of Honor"

Derek Webster Lt. Sanders "Gambit, Part I"

Andreana Weiner Kestra "Dark Page"

Erick Weiss Crewman
Ensign Kane

Gary Werntz Mavek "Frame of Mind"

Doug Wert Jack R. Crusher
Lt. Cmdr. Jack Crusher
"Journey's End"

Wil Wheaton Wesley ["Wes"] Crusher
Cadet Third Class Wesley Crusher
Lieutenant Wesley Crusher
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
"The Best of Both Worlds Part II"
"Suddenly Human"
"Remember Me"
"Future Imperfect"
"Final Mission"
"The Game"
"Journey's End"
"The First Duty"

Callan White Krite "The Outcast"

Diz White Prostitute "Elementary, Dear Data"

Lisa Wilcox Yuta "The Vengeance Factor"

Edward Wiley Governor Vagh "The Minds Eye"

Barbara Williams Anna "Liaisons"

R.J. Williams Ian "The Child"

Nobel Willingham Texas "The Royale"

Mirron Edward Willis Klingon Guard #2 (Vorn) "Reunion"

Rudolph Willrich Reittan Grax "Ménage à Troi"

Paul Winfield Captain Dathon "Darmok"

Pamela Winslow Ensign McKnight "Clues"
"In Theory"
"Face Of The Enemy"

Time Winters Glin Daro "The Wounded"

Ray Wise Liko "Who Watches The Watchers"

Sheldon Peters Wolfchild Joe Falling Rock "Time's Arrow"

Barbara Alyn Woods Kareen Brianon "The Schizoid Man"

Henry Woronicz J'Ddan "The Drumhead"

James Worthy Koral "Gambit, Part II"


Patti Yasutake Doctor Alyssa Ogawa
Nurse Alyssa Ogawa
"Future Imperfect"
"Identity Crisis"
"The Host"
"The Game"
"Cause And Effect"
"Imaginary Friend"
"The Inner Light"
"Realm Of Fear"
"Man Of The People"
"Lower Decks"
"All Good Things..."

Biff Yeager Engineer Argyle "Where No One Has Gone Before"

Dey Young Hannah Bates "The Masterpiece Society"

Brad Zerbst Medical Technician
"Heart of Glory"
"Skin Of Evil"

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