Star Trek: The Next Generation Cast (D-F)

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Cast Listing (D-F)


Olivia d'Abo Amanda Rogers "True Q"

Jane Daly Varria "The Most Toys"

Leo Damian Warrior/Andonis "Loud As A Whisper"

Gabriel Damon Jeremy Aster "The Bonding"

Michaels Danek Singer "Firstborn"

Connie Danese Toya "When The Bough Breaks"

Timothy Dang Main Bridge Security "Encounter at Farpoint"

Cory Danziger Jake Potts "Brothers"

Tracy D'Arcy Young Woman "Cost Of Living"

Henry Darrow Admiral Savar "Conspiracy"

Alex Datcher Taitt "Descent, Part II"

B.J. Davis Assassin "Sins of The Father"

Daniel Davis Moriarty "Elementary, Dear Data"

Teddy Davis Transporter Tech. "Sins of The Father"

Charles Dayton Crewmember "Where No One Has Gone Before"

Robertson Dean Pilot "Face Of The Enemy"

Jonathan Del Arco Hugh Borg "I Borg"
"Descent, Part II"

Chris Demetral Jean-Luc/Ethan "Future Imperfect"

John DeMita Romulan "Timescape"

Jake Dengel Mordoc "The Last Outpost"

William Denis Ki Mendrossen "Sarek"

Elizabeth Dennehy Lt. Commander Shelby "The Best of Both Worlds"
"The Best of Both Worlds Part II"

Charles Dennis Commander Sunad "Transfigurations"

Shelly Desai V'Sal "Data's Day"

Tim deZarn Satler "Starship Mine"

Victoria Dillard Ballerina "Where No One Has Gone Before"

Susan Diol Carmen Divila "Silicon Avatar"

Larry Dobkin Ambassador Kell "The Minds Eye"

Juli Donald Tayna "A Matter of Perspective"

James Doohan Scotty "Relics"

Michael Dorn Lt. j.g. Worf
Lieutenant Worf
First & Second Season
Third Season
Fourth Season
Fifth Season

Charles Douglas [Ensign] Haskell "Where Silence Has Lease"

Ellen Albertini Dow Felisa "Sub Rosa"

J. Downing Transporter Chief "The Quality of Life"

Chris Doyle Assassin "Sins of The Father"

Laura Drake Vekma "A Matter Of Honor"

Marta Dubois Ardra "Devil's Due"

Shay Duffin Ned Quint "Sub Rosa"

Kirsten Dunst Hedril "Dark Page"

John Durbin Ssestar
Gul Lemec
"Lonely Among Us"
"Chain Of Command, Part I"
"Chain Of Command, Part II"

Gene Dynarski Commander Quinteros "11001001"

George Ede Poet "Cost Of Living"

Jennifer Edwards Kyle "New Ground"

Paddi Edwards Anya "The Dauphin"

Ronnie Claire Edwards Talur "Thine Own Self"

Samantha Eggar Marie Picard "Family"

Paul Eiding Loquel "Liaisons"

Steven Einspahr Teacher "Hero Worship"

Judyann Elder Lt. Ballard "The Offspring"

Robert Ellenstein Steven Miller "Haven"

Alexander Enberg Young Reporter
"Time's Arrow, Part II"
"Lower Decks"

Michael Ensign Krola "First Contact"

Stephanie Erb Liva "Man Of The People"

David Erskine Bandi Shopkeeper "Encounter at Farpoint"

Bill Erwin Commander Dalen Quaice, M.D. "Remember Me"

Charles Esten Divok "Rightful Heir"


Siddig El Fadil Dr. Julian Bashir "Birthright, Part I"

Susan Fallender Romulan #2 "Unification, Part II"

Richard Fancy Captain Satelk "The First Duty"

Kimberly Farr Langor "Symbiosis"

Jonathan Farwell Captain Walker Keel "Conspiracy"

Jessie Lawrence Ferguson Lutan "Code of Honor"

Carlos Ferro Ensign Dern "Genesis"

Shannon Fill Cadet Second Class Sito
"The First Duty"
"Lower Decks"

Kyril Finn Richard Cox "The High Ground"

Angelina Fiordellisi Kaminer "Schisms"

Rick Fitts Dr. Martin "Violations"

Fionnula Flanagan Juliana Tainer "Inheritance"

John Fleck Taibak "The Minds Eye"

Mick Fleetwood Antedian Dignitary "Manhunt"

Erika Flores Marissa Flores "Disaster"

J. Michael Flynn Zayner "The Hunted"

Michelle Forbes Dara
Ensign Ro Laren
"Half a Life"
"Ensign Ro"
"Power Play"
"Cause And Effect"
"The Next Phase"
"Preemptive Strike"

Raymond Forchion Ben Prieto "Skin Of Evil"

Stacie Foster Engineer Bartel "Relics"

Jonathan Frakes Commander William Riker ALL

Clement von Franckenstein Gentleman "Ship In A Bottle"

John Franklyn-Robbins Macias "Preemptive Strike"

Sheila Franklin Ensign Felton "A Matter Of Time"
"New Ground"
"Hero Worship"
"The Masterpiece Society"
"Imaginary Friend"

John H. Francis Science Crewman "Sarek"

Joel Fredericks Engineer "Timescape"

Susan French Ramid Sev Maylor "Man Of The People"

Matt Frewer Berlingoff Rasmussen "A Matter Of Time"

David Froman K'nera "Heart of Glory"

Bruce French Sabin "The Drumhead"

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