Star Trek: The Next Generation Cast (G-H)

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Cast Listing (G-H)


Robin Gammell Mauric "Attached"

Ron Gans Voice of Armus "Skin Of Evil"

Leo Garcia The Bell Boy "The Royale"

Shay Garner Female Scientist "A Matter Of Time"

John Garrett Lieutenant "Loud As A Whisper"

Joy Garrett Annie "A Fistful of Datas"

Spencer Garrett Simon Tarses "The Drumhead"

Stephen Mathew Garvin Ensign "All Good Things..."

Jennifer Gatti Ba'el "Birthright, Part I"
"Birthright, Part II"

Lance Le Gault K'Temoc "The Emissary"

Dan Gauthier Lavelle "Lower Decks"

Ellen Geer Dr. Kila Marr "Silicon Avatar"

Mike Genovese Desk Sergeant "The Big Goodbye"

Susan Gibney Dr. Leah Brahms "Booby Trap"
"Galaxy's Child"

Stefan Gierasch Dr. Hal Moseley "A Matter Of Time"

Richard Gilbert-Hill Bosus "Descent"

Ann H. Gillespie Hildebrant "Pen Pals"
"Birthright, Part II"

James Gleason Dr. Appollinaire "Time's Arrow, Part II"

William Glover Marley "Devil's Due"

Whoopi Goldberg Guinan "The Child"
"The Outrageous Okona"
"The Measure Of A Man"
"The Dauphin"
"Q Who"
"Booby Trap"
"Deja Q"
"Yesterday's Enterprise"
"The Offspring"
"Hollow Pursuits"
"The Best of Both Worlds"
"The Best of Both Worlds Part II"
"The Loss"
"Galaxy's Child"
"Night Terrors"
"In Theory"
"Redemption II"
"Ensign Ro"
"Imaginary Friend"
"I Borg"
"The Inner Light"
"Time's Arrow"
"Time's Arrow, Part II"

Mike Gomez DaiMon Tarr
"The Last Outpost"

Martin Goslins Setok "Gambit, Part II"

Walter Gotell Kurt Mandell "Home Soil"

John Christian Graas Jay Gordon Graas "Disaster"

April Grace Transporter Chief Hubbell
Transporter Technician
Transporter Officer
"Future Imperfect"
"Data's Day"
"Galaxy's Child"
"The Perfect Mate"

Wayne Grace Governor Torak "Aquiel"

Kelsey Grammer Captain Morgan Bateson "Cause And Effect"

David Michael Graves 2nd Edo Boy "Justice"

Bruce Gray Admiral Chekote "Gambit, Part I"

James Greene Dr. Barron "Who Watches The Watchers"

Stephen Gregory Jake Kurland "Coming of Age"

Max Grodenchik Par Lenor "The Perfect Mate"

Michael Grodenchik Sovak "Captain's Holiday"

Harry Groener Tam Elbrun "Tin Man"

Scott Grimes Eric "Evolution"

Mona Grudt Ensign Graham "Identity Crisis"

Castulo Guerra Dr. Seth Mendoza "The Price"

Evelyn Guerrero Young Female Ensign "Encounter at Farpoint"

Charles Gunning Miner #3 "The Perfect Mate"

Bob Gunton Captain Benjamin Maxwell "The Wounded"

Michael G. Hagerty Captain Larg
"Redemption II"
"Thine Own Self"

Albert Hall Gelek Dar "Booby Trap"

Kevin Peter Hall Leyor "The Price"

Lois Hall Mary Warren "Who Watches The Watchers"

Christopher Halsted 1st Learner "Cost Of Living"

Kim Hamilton Chairman Songi "Final Mission"

John Hancock Admiral Haden "The Defector"
"The Wounded"

Anne Haney Rishon Uxbridge "The Survivors"

Jerry Hardin Radue
Samuel Clemens
"When The Bough Breaks"
"Time's Arrow"
"Time's Arrow, Part II"

Nancy Harewood Lt. Nara "Eye of the Beholder"

Robert Harper Lathal "The Host"

Joshua Harris Timothy "Hero Worship"

Michael Harris Byleth "Liaisons"

Gracie Harrison Clare "The Neutral Zone"

Hana Hatae Molly "Rascals"

Terri Hatcher Transporter Technician "The Outrageous Okona"

Professor Stephen Hawking Himself "Descent"

Jeffrey Hayenga Orta "Ensign Ro"

George Hearn Berel "First Contact"

Gina Hecht Manua Apgar "A Matter of Perspective"

Chip Heller Warrior #2 "Loud As A Whisper"

Sam Hennings Ramsey "Angel One"

Darryl Henriques Portal "The Last Outpost"

Karen Hensel Admiral Brackett "Unification, Part I"

Richard Herd L'Kor "Birthright, Part I"
"Birthright, Part II"

Jennifer Hetrick Vash "Captain's Holiday"

Chuck Hicks Military Officer "Encounter at Farpoint"

Grainger Hines Gosheven "The Ensigns of Command"

Cary Hiroyuki Mandarin Bailiff "Encounter at Farpoint"

Elizabeth Hoffman Premier Bhavani "The Price"

James Horan Jo'Bril
"Descent, Part II"

Sherman Howard Captain Endar "Suddenly Human"

Jaime Hubbard Salia "The Dauphin"

J.P. Hubbell Ensign "Man Of The People"

David Huddleston Conductor "Emergence"

Wendy Hughes Lt. Cmdr. Nella Darren "Lessons"

Michael Hungerford Roughneck "Time's Arrow"

Marsha Hunt Anne Jameson "Too Short A Season"

Jana Marie Hupp Ensign Pavlik
Ensign Monroe
"Galaxy's Child"

Craig Hurley Ensign Peeples "Night Terrors"

Diane M. Hurley Woman "The Game"

Charles H. Hyman Konmel "Heart of Glory"

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