Operation SNAFU

NOTE: A (UV) means that I haven't verified the SNAFU, (V) means verified.

Opening Credits (1st & 2nd Season) - During the opening sequence, the graphics show a departure from the Sol system, beginning with Earth with the sun in the background, and featuring fly-bys of Jupiter and Saturn. During this sequence, the camera pans right, and we see sunlight off the left side of Earth and Jupiter, but the right side of Saturn, indicating that Saturn is backlit. (UV)

Opening Credits (From Third Season On) - During the opening sequence, at the end of the planets, watch closely the starfields. The stars go in two completely different directions.

1. "Encounter at Farpoint" - The computer, giving Riker directions in order to meet Data on the holodeck, tells him the holodeck is the next door on the right. However, Riker turns left and walks into the holodeck. (UV)
3. "The Naked Now" - When Troi finds Tasha in her quarters, affected by the intoxication disease and trying on Troi's scarves, she and Tasha hold hands as Tasha tries to grab a scarf from Troi. The camera switches views between Troi and Tasha as they face each other. When facing Troi, Troi is holding Tasha's right hand with her right hand. When facing Tasha, she is holding Tasha's right hand with her left hand. Also, in one of the views, they are holding a scarf, but not in the other. The rights and lefts may be off, but there is definitely a screw-up in the scene. (UV)
4. "Code of Honor" - While on the planet, watch Deanna's arms. In the group shots, Deanna's arms are at her sides, while, in the close-ups, her arms are behind her back. (UV) During the fight with Yareena, Yar's weapon is on her left hand. However, when Yar beams up with Yareena, the weapon moves to her right hand. I hate to think what else could be rearranged during transport! (UV)
9. "The Battle" - The Ferengi Daimon raises the shields on the Stargazer, which should prevent transport, yet, right after raising shields, the Daimon beams off the Stargazer.
10. "Hide And Q" - Shortly after Riker and the bridge crew are teleported to the planet by Q, Data's rank insignia are wrong. He's suddenly a LtJG for about three minutes. (UV)
13. "Datalore" - Upon beaming down to the planet's surface, Commander Riker gives the stardate as 4124.5. A little later, Captain Picard gives it as 41242.45. (V) Also, the glass of champagne Lore pours for Data goes flat immediately before Data picks it up thanks to the time that passed between the filming of the scenes. You can see it during the traveling wipe. (UV)
23. "Skin Of Evil" - When Riker is being pulled into Armus, the away team runs towards Armus. However Geordi drops his phaser into Armus. When Captain Picard beams onto the planet, the away team is standing around calmly, and Geordi's phaser is back in his pocket. (Either the phaser didn't get THAT dirty, or they beamed down another one quickly) (UV) Also, the computer-generated picture Worf is looking at within the first minutes of "Skin Of Evil" is the very same one you can see twice later: It contains already this graph of Armus' energy-level (or whatever it's meant to represent) with the same ups and downs Troi is causing much later in the show!
25. "Conspiracy" - At the beginning of the episode, while Picard is asleep, Riker tells LaForge to increase speed to Warp 6. Laforge replies, "Aye Sir, full impulse."
29. "Elementary, Dear Data" - Geordi asks, "What's wrong Data?" Data gives him the page. Geordi says, "Data this is impossible," and he flips the paper over so that it faces the camera. At this point we see the drawing right-side-up, which means that Geordi was looking at it upside down. (UV)
31. "Loud As A Whisper" - Data has learned sign language and is now interpreting what the mediator is saying. Data quotes the mediator as saying "My friends have died" or something like that, before it is even signed. (V)
35. "The Measure Of A Man" - In the first third we see the Enterprise _circle_ this *spinning* spacestation, but then, when Picard meets this woman the first time, they stay at the window and you can see the _moving_ Enterprise in front of *motionless* stars. (UV) In this episode, Data is shown bending a metal bar. However, the metal bar that Riker places on the JAG officer's desk is not bent in the same manner. In addition, the speed at which the bari is bent should have produced plenty of heat.
36. "The Dauphin" - There is a scene where both of the aliens have changed into monsters. First the nanny changes to attack Wesley, then the girl changes. There is a cut, and you see both monsters from a side view. The girl-monster stands in front of a mirror, but you don't see a mirror image. The monsters change back to the human forms and you still cannot see the mirror images. At this time there is a cut again, but you see a similar view of the room and now you can see the mirror image of the girl in the mirror. At the time they copied the monsters on the film, they didn't recognize that there was a mirror in that room.
38. "The Royale" - The surface temperature of the planet is less than absolute zero by six degrees Celsius. Also, after they beam the piece of the ship out of orbit, O'Brien and Riker pick it up with their bare hands (coming from space, it should have been close to zero Kelvin itself). Plus, after beaming down, they then scan the atmosphere to see if it's safe to breathe. (V)
42. "Q Who" - Q snaps with his fingers to send the Enterprise back to the starting point. The ship then turns around to the left. But look at the view of the stars on the screen: they move from right to left. This is the wrong direction. (UV) Worf shoots Borg #1, who falls to the ground, his left arm sprawled over his head and his right leg bent in an awkward position. The camera switches to wide-angle, and in that instant the dead Borg changes his position. (UV)
43. "Samaritan Snare" - Wesley opens a communications channel and says that Shuttle #2 is ready for takeoff. However, in the following scene, when the shuttle is seen powering up, there is a "01" on the outside of the shuttle. Oops. (UV)
44. "Up The Long Ladder" - When Riker and his team are overpowered in the clone Prime Minister's office, Riker is rendered unconscious by a phaser set to stun. As he is being dragged off-scene, you see him look up at the camera just as he thinks he is out of the shot. (UV)
46. "The Emissary" - Data is playing poker at the start with the bridge crew. The stakes are being raised as they go around the table. Gerdie folds, Dr. Pulanski sees and raises by pushing a stack of coins onto the pot. Long shot: small pot, no stacks. Close up: pot with 3 stacks of coins. Number One sees and moves another stack into the pot. Long shot: original pot, no stacks of coins. Worf wins with 3 aces. Any gambler keeps an eye on the pot; seems the director of TNG doesn't. (UV)
55. "The Enemy" - Picard says to Tomaluk that he will be escorting the Romulan ship to the Neutral Zone. Yet, in the closing shot, the Enterprise and the Romulan Ship take off in two different directions. (V)
56. "The Price" - When the Ferengi Daimon talks to Picard about putting photon torpedoes through the worm hole, he says, "Casualties of war, Captain", however, his mouth looks as if he is saying "Picard." (V) Also, when Troi and someone is having dinner, at one point, one of them lifts up a fork and takes a bite, without anything on the fork. Must be a tasty fork! (UV)
59. "The Hunted" - At the end when the prisoners show up, Danar tells the leader to shoot. Danar shoots the wall behind him and it blasts a hole in the wall. Later scenes show the wall to be undamaged. (UV)
63. "Yesterday's Enterprise" - At the end of the episode, Geordi talks with Guinan. However, he is wearing an open neck uniform with black cuffs from the alternate timeline. (V)
65. "Sins of The Father" - The sound effects people must have fallen asleep every time someone got slapped. (V)
67. "Captain's Holiday" - Picard is giving Vash the shovel with the handle pointing towards Picard. Switch to a far shot and the handle is now pointing to Vash.
68. "Tin Man" - The Enterprise and the Romulan ship are thrown far away by Tin Man. Wesley said that thev've been thrown "3.8 billion kilometers away". A couple seconds later, the sun goes nova, and they all saw it on the viewscreen. Unless the viewscreen is supposed to have some sort of sensor mechanism that relays events faster than the speed of light would bring the view in, they shouldn't have been able to view the star going nova for three and a half hours (assuming the US definition of "billion"):
   3.8E9 km * 1000 m/km
[  --------------------  ] / 3600 s/min = 3.52 hours
         3E8 m/s
70. "The Most Toys" - When Data is talking to the Enterprise at the start of the episode, he says, "Level 1 precautions for incoming material remain in effect." But when Geordi and Wesley are playing back the tapes later, we hear, "Level 1 precautions remain in effect." Selective recorder? (UV)
71. "Sarek" - The music recital in this episode contained several errors. First, the quartet seating is towards the audience, not toward each other. Classical music was originally developed with the performers facing each other in order to get visual cues. Performing in front of the audience did not come about until much later. Second, the Allegro is by Brahm's, not Mozart. Third, the Allegro is a sextet, not a quartet. (UV) Also, in this story, Geordi and Wesley are setting up this pool, and Wesley says that the temperature is 150 degrees celsius, which is 302 degrees Farenheit. However, there was no obvious radiant heat because Geordi and Wesley stand close to the pool and peer inside. (UV)
75. "Best of Both Worlds, Part II" - As the Borg Ship is shown warping towards the Saturn, the lighting on the planet is from the right, and the Borg ship arrives on the screen from the right, which would indicate that the ship is coming from the same direction as the sun... kind of a round-about way to get to the Earth, eh? (UV)
76. "Family" - Jack Crusher is shown (not wearing a communicator pin), then they show him again and a comm badge has magically appeared. (UV) At the end of the episode, there is a scene of Picard's young nephew, Rene, sitting under a tree and gazing up at the stars (presumably imagining following in his uncle's footsteps). Appearing clearly in the middle of the sky is the constellation Orion. But while the episode appears to be set in the summer months, Orion is only visible in the early evenings in the dead of winter. Either the 24th century terraforming teams have conveniently rearranged Earth's seasons (after all, they _did_ make France look a lot like the Sonoma Valley), or the post-production people goofed up.
77. "Brothers" - The code which Data gives to lock the Enterprise computer system differs between the spoken version and the version displayed on the screen. (See "Security Codes") (V)
78. "Suddenly Human" - When Jeramiah (?) sits down in 10 forward to have a banana split, he is on Wesley's left. Then when Wesley get hit by the ice cream, it comes from Wesley's right. (UV) Near the end when Picard brings Jeramiah (?) onto the bridge, we don't hear the sound effect of the turbolift doors opening. (UV)
79. "Remember Me" - Beverly asks the computer to show her "the Universe". The computer then puts out a drawing of the Enterprise that is cropped with a sphere with the portion of the saucer section with the bridge cropped off. (UV) In the final act, when Wesley and the Traveler are entering the equations into the computer, watch Wesley's hand. He closes his eyes, and then places his hand on the case, about three inches below the entry pad. While he is making his entries, his hand starts moving up, while the sound effects people keep making the sounds in time. (V) Dr. Crusher enters the turbo lift, in the last act, and ask to go to Engineering. The computer refuses and she says to go anywhere on Deck 36, and the turbolift then goes. The lights of the turbo lift then go down, indicating the lift went up from the bridge. (UV). When everyone has disappeared and Bev comes off the turbolift and down onto the bridge, the cameraman/equipment can be seen in the reflective glass/mirror to the left of the lift. (UV)
80. "Legacy" - During the card trick with Data, Riker's hand keeps on changing position during the trick when the camera switches. (UV)
81. "Reunion" - After K'Eyhlar dies, Alexander runs away. Worf lets out his primal scream. Then, we see her body being lowered to the floor. As she is finally settled, her eyes flutter open and closed several times (as, presumably, the actress, Suzie Plakson, "gets her bearings"). Also notice that her head is facing towards her left. However, when her body is shown full-on from the perspective of her feet (as Worf tells Alexander to "look at death, and never forget"), her head is facing slightly towards her *RIGHT*, and remains that way for the rest of the scene (a prime example of a scene being shot in several takes with the continuity person being asleep on the job). (V) Also, Dr. Crusher and her aide come from the bedroom, not from the corridor. Maybe they killed her... (UV) When Worf kills Gowron near the end of the episode the camera shows Gowron's dead body and red blood coming from it. This is in conflict with Star Trek VI where the Klingons had pink blood. (UV).
87. "Devil's Due" - In the TOS episode "Day of the Dove", Captain Kang explicitly remarks that the Klingons have no devil. However, in "Devil's Due", Ardra uses the guise of the Klingon devil, Fekhlar, a creature that consumes the souls of cowards. (V)
88. "Clues" - Guinan has a cigarette in a holder, which changes length with each camera cut...a common problem in any movie where smoking is portrayed.
91. "Night Terrors" - Check out the Brittain's visual log when the captain is going mad, the name of the ship in the log is the USS Brattain, even though the saucer decal reads USS Brittain. (UV)
93. "The Nth Degree" - In the holodeck scene where Troi attempts to talk Barclay out of the neural net device he has concocted, the holodeck doors don't close properly. A section of light is visible for a minute or more at about waist level.
94. "Qpid" - Vash is writing this letter to Riker, then she folds it like this:
               |                      |
           --- |   Riker              | ---
           |   |                      |   |
           |   |----------------------|   |       Sideview:
           |   |                      |   |
           ->  |   help               |  <-
               |                      |                    Text within
               |                      |                          -----------\
               |                      |        -----------------------------/
               |                      |
               |                      |
So that the text is covered completely with the first fold. Then she places the next fold over the first:
               |                      |
          |->  |                      | <-|
          |    |                      |   |
          |    |----------------------|   |               /------------
          |    |                      |   |               |   ------------\
          |--  |                      | --|               \---------------/
Then, when Q enters and finds the letter, he just opens the second fold, but he is holding the letter *upside down*! He starts reading even though the words are not visible to him, because the first fold is still closed. And he knows that the letter is for Riker. Sure, Q knows everything, but why did he have top open it at ALL then? :-) (UV)
95. "The Drumhead" - After the first hearing with J'Ddan, Worf and J'Ddan leave the hearing room. The doors open, as they are walking though the doorway, the doors start to close, but hesitate, open back up and then close after they leave the doorway. Looks like someone pulled on the rope too soon :-) (V) Also, Satie says that Captain Picard took command of the Enterprise at Stardate 41162. This is in error...it was 41152. (V)
96. "Half a Life" - Near the end of the episode, when Lwaxana Troi is standing next to the mirror and then begins to walk away from it, for a brief instant the boom from the mike is visible in the reflection. (V)
99. "In Theory" - In the teaser, Data finishes telling Jenna the reasons why she broke up with Jeff. She and Data then close up the photon torpedo, and she moves off to a control panel. On top of the torpedo rests a black, hand-sized deviceamajig. Data stands up, holding some sensormajig in his left hand. The scene then shifts to Data walking towards Jenna, and the sensormajig is now in his RIGHT hand (with no indication that he ever shifted it there), and Jenna is holding the deviceamajig she left on top of the torpedo (with no indication that she ever went back to get it). (V)
101. "Redemption II" - In part one of this story, Worf said that he would be serving on the Bortas. Yet, in this episode, he is serving on the Hectar, with no explanation about the transfer. Also, Picard says to Guinan that Yar died a year prior to Guinan joining the crew. However, "Skin Of Evil" was the fourth to last story of the season, and Guinan is first seen in the second season premiere "The Child", suggesting only 3-4 months between the two stories. Picard refers to the battle on Narendra III as taking place 24 years ago to Sela, and 23 years ago to Guinan. (V) But, of course, Guinan senses time differently... When Worf is given his family name back the blood on the knife is red not pink as in Star Trek VI. (UV)
102. "Darmok" - The very last shot (from outside the ship) shows Picard looking out the windows of his ready room. You can see a reflection in the window of the stars moving. However, they are moving straight toward the window. The ready room on the port side of the ship. The stars should have been moving left to right (from our reflected view). (UV)
103. "Ensign Ro" - When Ensign Ro takes off her jacket, her communicator is on her jacket. However, when she hands the jacket to the little girl, her communicator jumps to her uniform, with no action of putting the communicator there. (V) Then, when Ro talks with the girl, we sometimes se shots taken from behind the girl, sometimes from behind Ro. On the shots taken from behind the girl, Ro is less crouched, I mean that her head is much higher compared to when she is filmed from behind her.
104. "Silicon Avatar" - In the second act, look closely at the tricorder that Dr. Marr holds during the conversation between Dr. Marr and Data. During the conversation, she has her tricorder open. She then closes it, then reopens it, but holds the tricorder UPSIDE DOWN!!!! (V)
105. "Disaster" - In the scene where Dr. Crusher and Geordi are evacuating all the air out of the cargo bay, Geordi hits the button that closes the cargo bay. The pushing of the button and resulting door closing are audible, even though sound doesn't travel in a vacuum. (Probably dramatic reasons) Also, when the ship starts shaking, they cut to Ten Forward, where the stars are shaking right along with the ship. (V) Also, while in the turbo lift, when Picard gives out the pips to the girl (whose name escapes me), look closely (actully it's fairly obvious once you notice it). Her collar has two small holes where the pips go, before the pips were put on. Either they punched some holes to make it easier to put them on (since the collar looks fairly stiff) or it's a product of having to do the shot in several takes. (UV) In the last scene, Picard is leaving the bridge heading for his ready room, the door closes too early, and the sound comes too late. (UV)
106. "The Game" - When the crew are forcing Wesley to play the game, and Riker is holding his eyes open, Wesley blinks. (V)
107. "Unification I" - When Dr. Crusher is examining Data in order to prep him (and Picard) for Romulus, she asks if Data's ears are detachable, to which Data says that they are not. Yet, in "Datalore", Data's brother, Lore, is clearly shown without ears. A design change?
108. "Unification II" - After Spock, Picard, and Data have knocked out the Romulan guards, and Spock has Sela at gunpoint, Picard has no gun in his hand. After a camera switch, Picard then holds a Romulan "disrupter pistol". A minute later, after a scene with the Enterprise, Picard is still standing in the same place, but with a Romulan "disrupter rifle". (UV) After Data gives Sela the famous "Spock Pinch", and when Picard, Data, and Spock leave the room, look at the glass pyramid in Sela's office. There is a reflection of a cameraman chewing gum. (V)
110. "New Ground" - Alexander states that he was born on stardate 42305. Unless the equivalent of 01000 stardate equals approximately one year, Alexander would be only 2 and a half years old. Also, the creature which Riker saves from the lab is obviously a hand puppet. (V)
112. "Violations" - Troi and Tarmin get into the turbolift on Deck 3. Troi orders it to go to Deck 8. When she gets off, the doors close just in front of the camera, clearly showing "Deck 3." (UV)
113. "The Masterpiece Society" - Geordi states that his VISOR covered the range from 1 Hertz to 1 Terahertz. While this covers radio, microwave, and far infrared frequencies, it does not cover near infrared, visible, ultraviolet, x-rays, or gamma rays.
114. "Conundrum" - While a record search is performed, Deanna's father was listed as "Alex". However, in "The Child", she named her child after Ian, her father's name. (V) When MacDuff is talking to Picard in Picard's ready room, when Picard goes to the window, all you see in the window is the reflection of Picard and the room behind him (not the stars outside), then, when you see MacDuff, in the reflection, leaving the room behind Picard, when the door opens, you don't see the reflection of the bridge, you see stars. Oops! (UV) After Riker's first love scene, a wide-angle-view-pan-to-closeup on the bridge can be seen at the very top of the screen, in the brightly lit area. (UV). Shortly afterwards, in the same scene, MacDuff is walking around and up to the tactical station from his chair, and we can see his legs walk next to Worf's. The camera cuts to Worf, and we see MacDuff approaching Worf. (UV) Also, Beverly Crusher is listed in the crew manifest as a Lt. Cmdr, when her actual rank is Commander. (UV)
116. "Ethics" - When the barrel falls on Worf, a second barrel also falls, and it's lid pops off. However, when Geordi runs over to Worf, the lid is back on the barrel. (V)
118. "Cause And Effect" - The first time we see Picard in the Sickbay talking to Geordi and Dr. Crusher, he is wearing his standard uniform, and states he had a feeling of deja vu when he was reading. However, in the next loop, he is shown wearing his grey uniform while reading in his ready room, and when he's in Sickbay, he's also wearing his maroon jacket. (Also recall that in the first loop, when he is talking to Beverly, he is wearing the grey uniform. Thus, the sequence goes: grey -> standard -> grey). Presumably, both instances of this scene happen at the same "time", and since Picard's behaviour was not affected until Dr. Crusher contacted him, why is he wearing the standard uniform in one loop, and the grey uniform in the next loop? (V)
119. "The First Duty" - About 10 minutes in -- Wes goes to the door. The long shot has him opening the door with his *left hand*. Cut to close up, and the door is being opened with his *right hand*. (UV) Also, about 40 minutes in. Wes is talking to [someone] in his quarters. From behind, his hands are in one position, and when we cut to the front, they're in another position, obviously different. (UV)
120. "Cost Of Living" - In the turbolift where Picard and Data got trapped, due to the metal parasites, look closely: Picard, in this scene only, is wearing only three pips. (V) Also, Picard is told that the inertial dampers had failed, after which he orders the Enterprise out of warp. If the inertial dampers had failed, they would have been splattered all over the bridge. (V) Also, when Lwaxana and Alexander are in the mudbath, Alexander is holding an edible glass with a bite in it. One shot shows the bite pointing to the right and another shot shows it pointing to Alexander's left. (UV)
122. "Imaginary Friend" - Data says something about a lower strand density to the starboard side, and Picard tells him to move towards it, and the view shifts to the exterior of the Enterprise turning *left*. (UV)
123. "I, Borg" - During the first time in the lab, Three of Five asks "Do I have a name?" "I" should not have been used, it should have been "we".
124. "The Next Phase" - One of things overlooked is an explanation of why Geordi and Ro are able to breathe or not be able to go through the floors. Oops. There is even a scene where Geordi's hand goes through a table, but another where a phased Romulan can sit in a chair that rocks when he gets up. (UV) When the Romulan is fighting with Ro, and LaForge shoves him through the bulkhead, we see the Romulan exit the Enterprise facing us right-side up, but when they show him drifting away into the icy cold of space, he is facing *away* from us right-side up -- he's facing the wrong way as he's rotating! (UV) Also, Riker starts playing the trombone before his lips reach the mouthpiece. (UV)
126. "Time's Arrow" - The paper that Data picks up is dated "Sunday, August 11, 1893". Unfortunately, August 11, 1893 was a Friday. (V) Also, during the episode "Clues", Guinan says she was late because she had trouble getting into her dress, yet, in this episode, she is seen wearing a dress. (V)
128. "Realm Of Fear" - After 4 seasons, lt O'Brien has suddenly lost his normal two pips, replaced by a single hollow pip. Other pip-problems include lt Barclay's single/hollow pips swapping position, as well as having two solid pips when in Troi's office. They probably felt that Barclay needed to outrank O'Brien to be able to influence him.
129. "Man Of The People" - There were several snafus that occurred, including:
131. "Schisms" - When Riker sits down at Conn when the ensign is having trouble navigating, when we see his hands over the console, it is the display for Ops. It was also explained at the end of the episode that the experimenters had homed in on the Enterprise from Geordi modifying the sensors. Yet, Riker began experiencing his chronic insomnia days before Geordi made his modifications. (UV) Also, Worf notes that Lt. Haggerl had just returned to Deck 9, Section 17, yet, seconds later, Dr. Crusher wants a device brought to Deck 9, Section 19. (V)
133. "Rascals" - The computer display in the classroom clearly shows "Classroom Seven" on the screen. Yet, when Picard meets Riker, he refers to Classroom Eight. (V) Also, when Keiko gets the coffee, when she picks it up from the replicator, it's in her left hand, yet, in the next scene, it's in her right hand. (V) Also, amazingly, the clothing shrank, but not proportionally, and Guinan's hat and Ro's headband are perfect. (V) When Riker dives to avoid a phaser blast, we *HEAR* the phaser, but do not see it.
134. "A Fistful of Datas" - When Data is being connected to the computer, look at his neck. You can see where the gold makeup ended. (UV) Also, when Pa Hollinder talks to the young Hollinder, and Pa turns, his hand gets "cut off" due to the video wipe. (V) Also, while Pa talk with Worf and Troi, take a look at the manniquin stand-in for Young Hollinder.
136. "Chain Of Command" - The tunnels were underground, yet, they never once used a flashlight, and there was light down there. (UV) Also, when Worf opens up the door that was magnetically sealed, it opened inward like a normal door, yet, when they started to run out, the door slid closed. Trick door?
138. "Ship In A Bottle" - When the book is tossed out of the holodeck, it got zapped immediately. This conflicts with "The Big Goodbye", in which the gangsters, when they walked out of the holodeck, they de-rezzed slowly. Also, in "Elementary, Dear Data", there was a sheet of paper which did not de-rez when Picard took it out of the holodeck. Moriarty must have made some programming boo-boos. (V) Also, when Picard walks into the holodeck he is wearing his open coat with the blue shirt, but he walks out wearing his one-piece red shirt. Either he changed his uniform inside the holo-deck and is wearing a holo-shirt (in which case his uniform top should have disappeared when he steps out of the holo-deck at the end of the episode) or they screwed up again! :-) (UV) Also, when they cut to a commercial break at the end of the scene where Moriarty tells Picard he has taken over the ship, Picard begins to say something as the screen fades. It's close to the end of the first half of the episode. (UV)
140. "Face Of The Enemy" - When the defector ensign boards the Enterprise, he asks Riker to meet with *CAPTAIN* Picard. When Picard walks to that ensigns quarters, the defector addresses him as *COMMANDER* as if Picard were a Romulan CO. (UV) Also, Troi is surgically altered to look like a Romulan, including the short hair style. When Crusher alters her back, she has long hair again. So Crusher can accelerate hair growth, the Romulan captor hid her hair, Troi wears a wig, or they messed up *another* scene!
142. "Birthright, Part I" - When Data first started painting, you could hear his furious little brushstrokes against the canvas (whish whish whish!). But when he stopped painting and stepped back to view his work, you could *still* hear the brushstrokes (whish whish whish)! (UV)
143. "Birthright, Part II" - Worf states that Kayhless caused the oceans to overflow with his tears. Slight problem: In Star Trek VI, Spock states that Klingons have no tear ducts.
149. "Rightful Heir" - It is stated that there has not been a Klingon Emperor for over 300 years. However, in "Sins of The Father", Worf's nanny states that Worf's father was loyal to the Emperor.
150. "Second Chances" - Near the end of the episode Cdr Riker is rescuing Lt Riker on the edge of the cliff. In one of the long shots, the stunt double dressed as Lt Riker was wearing a DS9 gold and black uniform tunic, not a TNG tunic. When Lt Riker then gets his next close-up, he's back in a TNG gold tunic. Somebody in the costuming department wasn't careful that day. If it was one of the early TNG uniforms, though, it could have been bunched up around his shoulders (they tend to do that when your arms are raised), so what the viewer sees is the black undershirt. (UV)
151. "Timescape" - As Troi enters sickbay for the first time, she scoots past two security officers in mid-stride just before they enter sickbay. Later, as she yanks Beverly out of the way and draw on the Romulan, no security guards enter the room (even though they were scant feet from entering and in the middle of a stride). (UV) When Data, Troi and Picard returned to the Enterprise and set time in motion again, Picard was on the bridge. When time started forward again, Picard told Riker that he'd find Geordi on the Romulan ship and to beam him directly to sickbay. The Romulan ship is no longer around. (UV) The runabout crew had just suffered a port engine shutdown, due to the effect of the time discontinuity bubbles. Picard tells Data that he is going to check the fuel consumption logs and proceeds to go to another part of the craft. We see a plate of aged fruit as Picard walks in. Notice his right hand as he enters. His fingers are curled inward, shielding his nails from our view. When he sits down at the control panel, he begins to touch the controls with the pads of his fingers. His extra long nails are already clearly visible, moments before he ever reached for the fruit. (UV)
154. "Liasons" - In the poker scene, when the Ambassador "stole" some of Worf's chips, Worf stated that he saw him steal 2 of his chips, but the cut-a-way shot clearly showed him taking 3. (UV)
157. "Gambit II" - Worf reports a hit on port nacelle. However, the phaser blast was on the starboard nacelle. (V)
160. "Attached" - Funny thing, in both Dr. Crusher's quarters and Captain Picard's quarters, the same idential painting are in both quarters. (UV)
161. "Force Of Nature" - In "Phantasms" and several episodes previous, Data's cat, Spot, is referred to as "he". Yet, in this episode, Spot is referred to as "she", and, in "Genesis", is shown having kittens before turning (temporarily), into a Iguana.
162. "Inheritance" - In one scene, Juliana is seen stepping onto the transporter pads wearing heels, and arrived on the planet wearing flats. (UV)
163. "Parallels" - In several scenes, Data is seen with having blue eyes instead of the yellowish-grey eyes. Brent forgot his contacts! (UV)
166. "Sub Rosa" - In the cemetery, Beverly asks Deanna to go with her to the house. Deanna agrees and they walk out of the cemetery. Then Picard begins a discussion with the Governor of the colony. Towards the end of the discussion, when the Governor is explaining about visiting the castle, Deanna walks across the cemetery in the background. (She left with Beverly.) The next scene shows Beverly and Deanna entering the house. (V)
- Betazoid's and the Ferengi Mind: In "The Battle" and "The Price", Deanna's is able to sense deception from the Ferengi, and later, used against them. Yet, in "Ménage à Troi", the Betazoid Ambassador says that they are unable to read Ferengi minds, a fact later confirmed in "The Loss". Data has suggested that this is due to the Ferengi brain separated in four regions. It should also be noted that Portal was unable to read the Ferengi mind in "The Last Outpost" because the Ferengi mind is somehow shielded.
- In "Reunion," Gowron was prepared to offer K'Ehleyr a seat on the Klingon Council for her assistance in getting Picard to quicken the pace of the Rite of Succession. However, in "Redemption," he states to Picard that females are not allowed to serve on that Council. He really wanted that pace quickened.

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