Star Trek: The Next Generation Cast

Selected Guest Stars (A-list)


Majel Barrett
Lwaxana Troi

(also: TNG Computer)

"Ménage à Troi"
"Half a Life"
"Cost Of Living"
"Dark Page"

Brian Bonsall
Alexander "New Ground"
"Cost Of Living"
"Imaginary Friend"

Rosalind Chao
Keiko Ishikawa O'Brien "Data's Day"
"The Wounded"
"Night Terrors"
"In Theory"

Denise Crosby
Natasha Yar
20 episodes in first season
"Yesterday's Enterprise"
"All Good Things..."

Romulan Commander
"The Minds Eye"
"Redemption, Part II"
"Unification, Part I"
"Unification, Part II"

John de Lancie
Q "Encounter at Farpoint"
"Hide And Q"
"Q Who"
"Deja Q"
"True Q"
"All Good Things..."

Jonathan Del Arco
Hugh "I Borg"
"Descent, Part II"

Elizabeth Dennehy
"The Best of Both Worlds"
"The Best of Both Worlds, Part II"

James Doohan
Montgomery Scott

Michelle Forbes
Ro Laren
"Ensign Ro"
"Power Play"
"Cause And Effect"
"The Next Phase"
"Preemptive Strike"

Dara"Half a Life"

Whoopi Goldberg
Guinan 27 episodes through all 7 seasons

Colm Meaney
Transporter Chief
Miles Edward O'Brien
52 Episodes through all 7 seasons

Diana Muldaur
Chief Medical Officer
Katerine Pulaski
21 episodes in Season 2

Leonard Nimoy
"Unification, Part I"
"Unification, Part II"

Suzie Plakson
Dr. Selar "The Schizoid Man"

K'Ehleyr "The Emissary"

Dwight Schultz
Reginald Barclay
"Hollow Pursuits"
"The Nth Degree"
"Realm Of Fear"
"Ship In A Bottle"

Wil Wheaton
Wesley Crusher "Final Mission"
"The Game"
"The First Duty"
"Journey's End"

Selected Guest Stars (B-list)


Marc Alaimo - Commander Tebok
- Gul Macet
- Gambler/Fredrick La Rouque
("The Neutral Zone")
("The Wounded")
("Time's Arrow")

Chad Allen Jono ("Suddenly Human")

Stephanie Beacham Countess Regina Bartholomew ("Ship In A Bottle")

Corbin Bernsen Q2 ("Deja Q")

Theodore Bikel Sergei Rozhenko ("Family")

David Tristan Birkin - Rene Picard
- Jean-Luc Picard

Georgia Brown Helena Rozhenko ("Family", "New Ground")

Merritt Butrick T'Jon ("Symbiosis")

Cat II Spot ("A Fistful of Datas")

Kevin Conway Kahless ("Rightful Heir")

Charles Cooper K'mpec ("Sins of The Father", "Reunion")

Nicholas Coster Admiral Haftel ("The Offspring")

James Cromwell Jaglom Shrek ("Birthright, Part I" & II)

Ronny Cox Captain Edward Jellico ("Chain Of Command, Part I", Part II)

Robin Curtis Tallera ("Gambit, Part I")

Daniel Davis Professor James Moriarty ("Elementary, Dear Data", "Ship In A Bottle")

Olivia D'Abo Amanda Rogers ("True Q")

Samantha Eggar Marie Picard ("Family")

Siddig El Fadil Dr. Julian Bashir (Birthright, Part 1)

Mick Fleetwood Antedian dignitary ("Manhunt")

Matt Frewer Berlingoff Rasmussen ("A Matter Of Time")

Susan Gibney Leah Brahms ("Booby Trap", "Galaxy's Child")

Kelsey Grammer Captain Morgan Bateson ("Cause And Effect")

Jerry Hardin - Radue
- Samuel Clemens
("When The Bough Breaks")
("Time's Arrow", II)

Dr. Stephen Hawking Himself ("Descent")

Jennifer Hetrick Vash ("Captain's Holiday", "Qpid")

Wendy Hughes Nella Daren ("Lessons")

Ashley Judd Ensign Robin Lefler ("Darmok", "The Game")

Andreas Katsulas Tomalak ("The Enemy", "The Defector", "Future Imperfect", "All Good Things...")

DeForest Kelley "Admiral" ("Encounter at Farpoint")

Jeremy Kemp Robert Picard ("Family")

Mark Lenard Sarek ("Sarek", "Unification, Part I")

Liberty Spot (Data's Cat) ("Data's Day", "In Theory")

Norman Lloyd Professor Galen ("The Chase")

Carolyn McCormick Minuet ("11001001", "Future Imperfect"

Eric Menyuk The Traveler ("Where No One Has Gone Before", "Remember Me", "Journey's End")

Joanna Miles Perrin ("Sarek", "Unification, Part I")

Jim Morton Albert Einstein ("The Nth Degree", "Descent")

George Murdock Admiral J.P. Hanson ("The Best of Both Worlds", Part II)

Lycia Naff Ensign Sonya Gomez ("Q Who", "Samaritan Snare")

Bebe Neuwirth Lanel ("First Contact")

John Neville Sir Isaac Newton ("Descent")

Tricia O'Neil - Captain Rachael Garrett
- Kurak
("Yesterday's Enterprise")

Robert O'Reilly - "Scarface"
- Gowron
("Reunion", "Redemption", II, "Rightful Heir")

Michael Pataki Governor Karnas ("Too Short A Season")

Michelle Phillips Jenice Manheim ("We'll Always Have Paris")

Joe Piscopo The Comic ("The Outrageous Okona")

Saul Rubinek Kivas Fajo ("The Most Toys")

Michele Scarabelli Ensign Jenna D'Sora ("In Theory")

Robert Schenkkan Lt. Cmdr. Dexter Remmick ("Coming of Age", "Conspiracy")

Judson Scott Sobi ("Symbiosis")

Carolyn Seymour - Commander Taris
- Mirasta Yale
("First Contact")

W. Morgan Sheppard Dr. Ira Graves ("The Schizoid Man")

Armin Shimerman - Letek
- Bractor
- Quark
("The Last Outpost")
("Peak Performance")

Jean Simmons Admiral Norah Satie ("The Drumhead")

Madge Sinclair Captain Silva La Forge ("Interface")

Daniel Stewart Young Batai ("The Inner Light")

David Ogden Stiers Timicin ("Half a Life")

Carel Struycken Mr. Homm ("Haven", "Manhunt", "Ménage à Troi", "Half a Life", "Cost Of Living")

Patrica Tallman Kiros ("Starship Mine", "Timescape")

Nick Tate Dirgo ("Final Mission")

John Tesh Holodeck Klingon ("The Icarus Factor")

Malachi Throne Pardek ("Unification, Part I")

Tony Todd Commander Kurn ("Sins of The Father", "Redemption")

Beth Toussaint Ishara Yar ("Legacy")

Ben Vereen Dr. LaForge ("Interface")

Ray Walston Boothby ("The First Duty")

Herta Ware Maman Picard ("Where No One Has Gone Before")

David Warner Gul Madred ("Chain Of Command, Part I", Part II)

Julie Warner Christy ("Booby Trap", "Transfigurations")

Doug Wert Lt. Cmdr. Jack R. Crusher ("Family", "Violations", "Journey's End")

Nobel Willingham Texas ("The Royale")

Paul Winfield Tamarian Captain Dathon ("Darmok")

Ray Wise Liko ("Who Watches The Watchers")

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