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July 5, 1996
Added the WWW TNG Ratings list
February 23, 1996
Added lots of new stuff into the trivia section, including a better-formatted version of the James Dixon Star Trek Fandom Chronology.
August 7, 1995
Added a very rough HTML version of the James Dixon Star Trek Fandom Chronology.
June 22, 1995
Returned the default to the horizontally-scrolling format. The dull and boring version is still available, though, for those platforms that don't do horizontal scrolling well...
June 19, 1995
Removed the below-mentioned animated hrule. It sucks up too much of Netscape's resources.
June 18, 1995
Added an animated hrule to episodes.html (That page is a Netscape Killer, as well as a bandwidth hog...)
June 17, 1995
Added character listings
June 13, 1995
Added ALT="(xK)" tags to most images > 2K
June 12, 1995
Got rid of horizontal scrolling in sttng-?.html; improved formatting with images off
June 10, 1995
The ``what's new'' list.
This site was rescued from deletion and hosting sponsored to keep it up for historical purposes.
This site hasn't change since 1994/1995, the show was ended, so there isn't going to many new 'Episodes'.

Reviews of the site keep comparing it to new websites. This site is old, it was made before a lot of these reviews were born. I'm sure they complain that Shakespere doesn't keep up with modern times.

Back in 1994, monitors where 640x480 and most only had 16 or 256 colors. This site was formated for that erea.
As a historical site, it's content can not be modified, but I have updated the Trivia framework, forcing it to be 620 pixels wide so it doesn't repeat the background. The internet has grown 1,000 time bigger than when this site was created.

December, 19920.4 millions0.1
December, 19931.3 millions0.2
December, 19942.2 millions0.3
December, 199516 millions0.4 %IDC
March, 2000304 millions5 %Nua Ltd.
September, 2003677 millions10.6 %Internet World Stats
December, 20081,574 millions23.5 %Internet World Stats

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