Syndication Notes

The production code numbers begin with 101 in order to prevent confusion with the original Star Trek series.

United States/Canada

"Star Trek: The Next Generation" is a syndicated program that is sold to each individual station. It is not part of the FOX network, although many stations that have purchased TNG are also part of FOX.

The first run episodes are uplinked to the local stations on the Saturday and Sunday of the Satellite Date. This uplinking is done through Keystone Communications (formerly WOLD Communications), through AT&T's Telstar 401 which is located at ?? degrees west. The program is uplinked at the following times on Channel 3-Vertical Polarity (aka Transponder 2V):

Saturdays - 6:00 PM- 7:00 PM ET/ 3:00 PM- 4:00 PM PT
Sundays - 2:00 PM- 3:00 PM ET/11:00 AM- Noon PT
The audio carriers are wide-band, and are: 6.2-left, 6.8-right, and 5.8-mono. No scrambling is employed in the uplink.

The satellite feeds were originally carried on AT&T's Telstar 301, which was located 96 degrees west, on Channel 9-Vertical Polarity (aka Transponder 5V, Uplink Freq. 6265MHz, Downlink Freq. 4040MHZ, Block IF Freq. 1110, transponder power 8.5 watts). Telstar 301 was originally launched on July 28, 1983 on a Delta 3920 rocket, but, in 1993, the satellite ran out of station keeping fuel, and was unable to maintain it's orbital slot. On August 30th, all of Paramount's feeds have been temporarily moved to Telstar 302, located 85 degrees west, with the Star Trek feeds located on Channel 3-Vertical Polarity (aka Transponder 2V, Uplink Freq. 5985MHz, Downlink Freq. 3760MHz, Block IF Freq. 1390, transponder power 8.5 watts). Telstar 302 was launched on September 1, 1984 from the Space Shuttle. The feeds moved again to Telstar 401 when it is launched on a General Dynamics Atlas IIAS booster rocket on December 13, 1993. In February of 1994, the feed moved to their present location on Telstar 401.

The station then airs the episode for the first time anytime during Paramount's official "week of" (Monday through Sunday), although some stations (notably Paramount owned ones) are able to show episodes the Sunday prior to the week-of, but that requires special permission from Paramount.

The order of the uplink is as follows (from "Time's Arrow, Part II"):

It is currently against Paramount contract to cut short the closing credits and the Paramount logo in first-run episodes. If your station is cutting the credits or is cutting the episodes, then write to both the offending station and:
Paramount Pictures Corporation
TV Syndication and Promotion
5555 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90038
The episodes from seasons one through six are currently available for daily syndication from Paramount television. (Some stations, with the unavailability of "Descent, Part II" in daily syndication, may elect not to air "Descent".) With the exception of "Encounter At Farpoint", there is no editing by Paramount television in order to make room for more commercials. Any such editing is being done by your local station. "Encounter At Farpoint" is being distributed as a two-part episode, with several scenes being moved around, some other scenes being shortened or cut, and some of the audio being changed. All of the episodes are suppossed to be aired in production code order, although this can cause some problems. Many stations have aired the first season episode "Skin of Evil" before "Symbiosis", and another error that has occurred is that stations air "Suddenly Human", "Brothers", and "Family" in that order instead of "Family", "Brothers", and "Suddenly Human".

Currently, it is permissible for Star Trek: The Next Generation to be subject to "Syndication Exclusivity" rules. Thus, if, on your local cable system, both your local station and an out of town station both carry TNG, your local station can have the out of town station's TNG broadcasts blacked out on cable.

Beginning with the fourth season, the episodes were recorded with Dolby Surround for rear speaker sounds (but is 100% compatible with stereo sets). If your station broadcasts TNG in stereo, yet, sometimes, the audio seems to disappear during the broadcast for a couple of seconds or seems to be coming out of the wrong channels, then you have a problem which can only be corrected at the broadcast station. Call up your local station and talk with the chief engineer. Tell him (or her) that Star Trek: The Next Generation, starting in the fourth season, has Dolby Surround as part of the stereo audio. This Dolby Surround information is confusing the "audio anti-phase detector", and that the detector should be removed to avoid future problems with the TNG audio. Then, thank the Chief Engineer for his time.


The series is shown on Channel 9 on Tuesday and Thursday nights, but is interrupted once or twice every several weeks. The episodes are slighly edited in order to fit in more commercials. As of September, 1993, they were in the fourth season.

The series originally was first shown in the middle of 1991 at 7:30 pm on Wednesdays with 1st seasons episodes mixed in with later season episodes, especially ones with Whoopi Goldberg in them in order to attact viewers. However, it was then pulled off the air. It reappeared on Thursday nights at 11:00pm, then shifted to Tuesday nights where it aired at 11:30 PM.


TNG is shown once a week on Sunday afternoons at 17:00 on VTM. As of May 1993, they are airing season 3.

England/United Kingdom

[Before the IRA lobs a bomb at me for referring to England ;), please note that many people refer to England in the United States, and, besides, listing all of the parts would take too long. (It would be like listing all fifty states instead of United States above.) Now, when will the BBC produce new Dr. Who episodes?]

The series was being broadcast on BBC2 Wednesdays at 6 PM, however, they have stopped after the airing of the two-part episode "The Best of Both Worlds". However, some notes on the following episodes:

Sky Television now holds the rights to broadcast TNG, and is currently in the middle of the sixth season. It is aired at 5 PM and 10:30 PM Mondays through Fridays. There is some slight editing in the 5 PM showing, but no editing at the 10:30 showing. Sky has restored scenes cut from the above episodes, and has also aired "The High Ground" as an previously unscreened ewpisode on ??????, however, some scenes were missing. Also, Sky has begun scrambling as of September.


The series is titled "Star Trek - Uusi Sukupolvi", which, translated, means "Star Trek - The New Generation". The Finnish Channel 3 (now called MTV3) had been airing TNG since September 1990 (but not continuously), but by 12/12/1992 they are finishing up season three and have *no* plans to continue on with season four. Now, private cable channel PTV is airing the series on Fridays.


The series is titled "Raumschiff Enterprise: Das Naechste Jahrhundert", which, translated, means "Starship Enterprise: The Next Century". The series is dubbed, and is shown in two consecutive half-hours, with a block of commcerials in between. The title sequence is visually the same except for the title of the show, which is stilled, and the words (in TNG-style font) "Raumschiff (beat) Enterprise" placed on the screen, and "Das Naechste Jahrhundert" at the botton using a left-to-right "wipe".

The ZDF started over with season one on 1 March 1993, Monday through Thursday at 1600 CET. They will air seasons 1, 2, and 3 (including a few episodes that weren't aired last year). However, ZDF has lost the rights to air the episodes, and the rights now belong to SA1.

SAT.1 has begun showing TNG now. The episodes are shown Monday to Friday at 15.45 with 2 commercial breaks in each episode. The episodes are repeated the next night at ca. 1.00. They will definitely show 153 episodes (up to "Descent II") and perhaps even the new episodes of the 7th season. Some characters will get new german voices from "The Loss" on, because these episodes were never shown on the old station, ZDF, and the old voices weren't available anymore. They report that with the huge success of DS9 in the US that it won't be long until it shows up in Germany.

Here is the listing of the episode titles that have been backtranslated from the German versions (first two seasons):

Hong Kong

The series is titled "Space Adventures", and airs on an English station.


TNG is shown once a week on Fridays at 8 PM on RTE1. As of May 1993, they are in the middle of season 5.


The series is titled "Masa beyn haKokhavim, haDor haBa", which, literally translated, means "Trek Among The Stars, The Generation the Next". It is broadcast on Wednesday afternoons at 14:05 and repeated on Thursdays at 21:30 in English with Hebrew and Arabic subtitles.


TNG began broadcast in Italy on the national channel Italia 1 some time in the summer of 1992 (they showed a few season one episodes the previous summer, but stopped with no warning).


The series is titled "Star Trek '88: SHIN UCHUU DAISAKUSEN", which, translated, means "Star Trek '88: New Mission In Space" It is shown in Sendai on Tuesdays at 0:50 AM. They are currently airing season three (7/93).


The series is titled "alrhlt byn alkwakb aljyl alqadm". It is broadcast on Lebanon's Middle East TV (METV) Tuesday evenings at 8:00 PM in English with Arabic subtitled.

Mexico/Puerto Rico

The series is titled "Viaje a las Estrellas La Nueva Generacion", which, translated, means "Trip To The Stars the New Generation."

The Netherlands

TNG is shown during the summers (started in 1992) on Fridays at 19:00 on KRO TV in English with subtitles. They are currently in season one (7/93).

New Zealand

TNG is shown once a week on Fridays at 19:30 on TV3. As of July 1993, they are airing season 4.


In 1991, telemadrid in Madrid aired seasons one and two of TNG.


TNG was being shown on channel 4. They stopped showing the series in the middle of season one. It's now being shown on channel 5. Their web page is (it's in swedish...). (thanks to Fredrik Viksten for the info)


The Swiss TV station TSR (Television Swiss Romand) has started to show ST:TOS every Wednesday from 14.40 till 15.30.

Video Tape

The episodes "Encounter At Farpoint" through "The Arsenal of Freedom" are currently available directly from Paramount Home Video on video tape through your local video store. Also, Columbia House Video Library is distributing TNG on VHS video tape. "Encounter At Farpoint" is carried on these series of tapes as a two-hour movie, as seen originally in 1987. However, the box says two-part, since the original run of cassettes was the two-part chopped version. All the other episodes are being distributed in a uncut form. The episode are ordered according to Production Code number. To order, call Columbia House for more information at 1-800-538-7766.

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