Major Species Appearances

The following is a listing of appearance of major races in TNG:

The Borg

"Q Who" - Q introduces the Enterprise to the Borg. One notable scene is where the Borg cut a section out of the Enterprise and pull it out.

"The Best of Both Worlds" - A single Borg ship kidnaps Captain Picard, turn him into Locutus of Borg, and head towards sector 001-Earth. Along the way, the crew fights to rescue Captain Picard.

"I Borg" - A single Borg, designated Three of Five, is rescued from a crashed Borg vessel.

"Descent" - Renegade Borg are attacking Federation outposts. They boast a new individuality, and are being helped by Lore.


"The Wounded" - A renegade Federation captain is making unprovoked attacks on Cardassian ships.

"Ensign Ro" - The Cardassians fake a Bajoran attack to get the Federation to turn against the Bajora.

"Chain of Command" - Picard, Dr. Crusher, and Worf travel to Cardassian space to stop the manufacture of a dangerous Cardassian weapon. But, when it turns out to be a hoax, Captain Picard is captured, and is tortured for information.

"The Chase" - The Cardassians are part of a chase for a archelogical discovery.

"Parallels" - The Enterprise investigates a malfunction array near the Cardassian border. However, in a alternate timeline, a Cardassian is serving on the bridge on the Enterprise.


"The Last Outpost" - The Enterprise chases after a stolen T-9 Energy unit.

"The Battle" - A Ferengi Daimon seeks revenge for Picard killing his son in a battle a few years ago.

"Peak Performance" - During a simulated space battle, the Ferengi demand the surrender of the Hathaway.

"The Price" - The Ferengi take part in the negotiations of a wormhole.

"Captain's Holiday" - A Ferengi tries to get the Tox Uthat.

"Menage A Troi" - A Daimon falls in love with Lwaxana Troi, and kidnaps Lwaxana, Deanna, and Riker.

"Unification II" - A fat Ferengi is secretly selling technology to the Romulans.

"The Perfect Mate" - Two Ferengi get rescued by the Enterprise.

"Rascals" - While Picard, Guinan, Keiko, and Ro are turned into young teenagers, the Ferengi capture the Enterprise.

"Suspicians" - A pioneering Ferengi scientist is killed on the Enterprise.


(excluding Worf, who has appeared in every episode, and Alexander, who has appeared in several episodes)

"Heart of Glory" - Three Klingons, who long for the old days of the Empire, get rescued by the Enterprise.

"A Matter Of Honor" - Riker takes part in an officer exchange program aboard the Pagh.

"The Emissary" - An old girlfriend of Worf's, K'Ehleyr, is part of a mission to meet a Klingon ship which has been in "deep sleep" for years.

"The Defector" - When the Enterprise crosses over the neutral zone and finds that an invasion plan was faked, and the Romulan ships demand the surrender of the Enterprise, several Klingon ships also uncloak to help defend the Enterprise.

"Yesterday's Enterprise" - In the alternative timeline, the Klingon Empire and the Federation are at war.

"Sins Of The Father" - After discovering that Worf has a brother, he travels to the Klingon Home World. There, Worf discovered that his natural father, Maug, is accused of betraying Khitomer to the Romulans. When the true nature of the events might be a cause of a civil war, Worf is faced with taking his own life to preserve honor. Rather than die, Worf accepts discommendation.

"Reunion" - Picard is asked to choose a new leader of the Klingon empire.

"The Drumhead" - Trials begin when a Klingon exchange officer is found to be giving Federation secrets to the Romulans.

"The Mind's Eye" - The Klingons accuse the Federation of supplying phasers to rebels of the Klingon Empire.

"Redemption" - A civil war begins when a son of Duras challenges Gowron's right to become leader.

"Unification I" - Gowron supplies a cloaked ship for Picard and Data to travel to Romulus.

"Aquiel" - A Federation communications post is near the Klingon/Federation border.

"Birthright" - Worf finds a settlement that consists entirely of Klingons who were captured by Romulans and their offspring. Worf is then captured, and, while held prisoner, teaches the young people the Klingon way.

"The Chase" - The Klingons are part of an archelogical search for an ancient secret.

"Suspicians" - A Klingon scientist is called to verify a Ferengi discovery.

"Rightful Heir" - Kahless, a prominent Klingon figure from the past, returns to rebuild the Klingon empire.

"Gambit, Part II" - A Klingon is carrying an artifact.


"Encounter At Farpoint" - "Q" challenges the crew to find the secret of Farpoint Station.

"Hide And Q" - "Q" tempts Riker with the power of the "Q"

"Q Who" - "Q" sends the crew to their first encounter with the Borg.

"Deja Q" - "Q" is stripped of his powers and is sent to the Enterprise.

"Qpid" - "Q" sends the crew to Sherwood Forest and makes Picard...Robin Hood.

"True Q" - A visitor on the Enterprise discovers that she has "Q"-like powers, and "Q" arrives to help her.

"Tapestry" - Picard dies on the operating table, and "Q" shows how different his life would have been if he didn't get stabbed.

"All Good Things..." - "Q" returns to test Picard.


"The Neutral Zone" - The Romulans announce that they are back.

"Contagion" - On a planet in the Neutral Zone, both the Enterprise and a Romulan ship get infected with a computer virus.

"The Enemy" - Stranded on a stormy planet, LaForge discovers a survivor of a crashed Romulan ship.

"The Defector" - A Romulan defects to the Enterprise with information that could prevent...or cause...a war.

"Tin Man" - The Enterprise races against the Romulans to meet up with "Tin Man", a living starship.

"Future Imperfect" - Riker believes that he is a prisoner of the Romulans.

"Data's Day" - A visiting Vulcan ambassador turns out to be a Romulan spy in disguise.

"The Mind's Eye" - The Romulans "program" LaForge, and use him to try and cause a war between the Klingons and the Federation.

"Redemption" - The Duras family is being helped by the Romulans.

"Unification" - Sela uses Spock as part of a ploy to take over the planet Vulcan.

"The Next Phase" - The Enterprise helps out a disabled Romulan Ship. However, on transport back to the Enterprise, Ensign Ro and Geordi LaForge disappear.

"Face Of The Enemy" - Deanna Troi is captured, changed to look like a Romulan, and is used as part of a plan for three highly-placed Romulan officials to defect to the Federation.

"Birthright" - Worf is captured at a Klingon settlement run by Romulans.

"The Chase" - At the last part of a archelogical chase, the Romulans try to capture an ancient secret.

"Timescape" - While trying to help the Romulans, the Enterprise gets caught in a time bubble where time is standing still.

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