Picard: "Captain's Log, Stardate 46192.3. We have arrived at Starbase 112 with the loading-relief supplies destined for Tagra IV, an ecologically-devastated planet in the Argoles Cluster. We have also taken on a rather unusual passenger."
-- "True Q", Stardate 46193.8

Beverly: "Her transcript is *very* impressive. She's done honors work in neurobiology, plasmadynamics, and nicoregeneration. I'd say that's pretty well-rounded."
Rogers: "Well that's a nice way of saying that I haven't decided what I'm going to do with my life."
-- "True Q", Stardate 46193.8

Beverly: "I've arranged to have you work in all the major departments while you're here. And I'm willing to bet that by the time it's over, you'll have a pretty idea what field you're interested in."
Picard: "Or, at least what field you're *not* interested in."
-- "True Q", Stardate 46193.8

Picard: "And Miss Rogers..."
Rogers: "Yes?"
Picard: "You've won yourself a rare opportunity. Avail yourself of it."
Rogers: "I will, sir. And thank you."
-- "True Q", Stardate 46193.8

Rogers: "For me?"
Riker: "It's all yours."
Rogers: "It's so...*big*." [Laughs]
Riker: "For honors students, only the best."
-- "True Q", Stardate 46193.8

Rogers: "Well, I could've brought my zoo."
Riker: "Your 'zoo'?"
Rogers: "Well, it's just what my parents call it. Three dogs isn't that many, is it?"
Riker: "It depends how they get along."
-- "True Q", Stardate 46193.8

Riker: "I have to get going. I have to get back to Cargo Bay Two."
Rogers: "Well, tha, thanks for...walking me down."
Riker: [Smiles] "Sure."
-- "True Q", Stardate 46193.8

Beverly: "See all these readouts? That's your heart rate, your blood pressure, all your vital signs. You're in good shape! You might just live to be my age."
-- "True Q", Stardate 46193.8

Beverly: "I hear you've been accepted to the Academy. I have a son there."
Rogers: "Oh. Being posted on the Enterprise, I guess you don't get to see him very often."
Beverly: "No, not as much as I'd like."
-- "True Q", Stardate 46193.8

Rogers: "Did you have any other children?"
Beverly: "My husband died a number of years ago, Wes was our only child."
Rogers: "Was he old enough to know his father?"
Beverly: "Jack died when he was five."
Rogers: "My parents died when I was a baby too. I don't remember anything about them. Sometimes I wonder what they were like."
-- "True Q", Stardate 46193.8

LaForge: "Commander, are you all right?! You okay?"
Riker: "I didn't see it coming."
-- "True Q", Stardate 46193.8

Rogers: "Hard to imagine how much energy is harnessed in there."
Data: "Imagination is not necessary. The scale is readily quantifiable. We are presently generating twelve-point-seven-five billion gigawatts per--"
-- "True Q", Stardate 46193.8

Data: "Temperature in the reaction chamber...has returned to normal."
-- "True Q", Stardate 46193.8

Picard: "Commander, have you been able to determine the cause of the warp breach?"
LaForge: "No, sir. Everything was normal, and then, suddenly, it's like the laws of physics went right out the window."
Q: [Flash] "And why shouldn't they? They're so inconvenient."
-- "True Q", Stardate 46193.8

Picard: "Q!"
Q: "Mon capitan."
-- "True Q", Stardate 46193.8

Picard: "Are you responsible for this incident in Engineering?"
Q: "Of course! I needed to find out if what I suspected about the girl were true."
Picard: "That being..."
Q: "That she's Q."
-- "True Q", Stardate 46193.8

Troi: "Amanda's a Q?"
Beverly: "How is that possible? Her, her parents, her biological parents were human!"
Q: "Well, not exactly. They had *assumed* human form, in order in visit Earth, I suppose, for, for amusement. But in *vulgar* human fashion, they proceeded to conceive a child." [Winks at Beverly] "And then like markish humans, they became attached to it."
-- "True Q", Stardate 46193.8

Q: "What is it about these *squirming* little infants that you find so appealing?"
Beverly: "I'm sure that's beyond your comprehension, Q."
Q: "I desparately hope so."
-- "True Q", Stardate 46193.8

Q: "None of us knew whether she had inherited the capacities of the Q, but recently they've become to emerge, and uh, as an expert in humanity, I was sent to investigate."
Riker: "You? An expert in humanity."
Q: "Not a very *challenging* field of study, I grant you."
-- "True Q", Stardate 46193.8

LaForge: "Are you saying that you created a core breach just to...*test* this girl?"
Q: "Uh-huh."
Troi: "What would have happened if she couldn't stop it?"
Q: "Then I would've known that she wasn't a Q!"
-- "True Q", Stardate 46193.8

Q: "If this child does not learn how to control her powers, she accidentally destroy herself. Or all of you! Or perhaps your entire galaxy!"
Picard: "I find it hard to believe that you're here to do us a favor."
Q: "You're quite right, I wouldn't. But there are those in the Qontinuum, who have an *overexaggerated* sense of responsibility. They think that we need to take precautions to the little dear from running amok."
-- "True Q", Stardate 46193.8

Beverly: "And once you've taught her, then you'll go away?"
Q: "And leave her here? Of course not! She'll come back to the Qontinuum where she belongs."
-- "True Q", Stardate 46193.8

Beverly: "Wait a minute! You, you can't just come in here and take her away from everything she's ever known!"
Q: [Laughs] "I assure you I can."
-- "True Q", Stardate 46193.8

Beverly: "She has plans for herself! A career and a family!"
Q: "I'm *rescuing* her from that miserable existence."
-- "True Q", Stardate 46193.8

Beverly: "That 'miserable' existence is all she's known for the last eighteen years. You have *no* right to take her away from it!"
Q: "Mon capitan, I *really* think we need to speak privately."
-- "True Q", Stardate 46193.8

Q: "Well, there now, that's better. Crusher gets more shrill with each passing year."
-- "True Q", Stardate 46193.8

Picard: "Q, what is it you really want?"
Q: "Well since you know so much about the Q, I thought you'd be the perfect person to introduce me to the child. Let her know that she can...trust me."
-- "True Q", Stardate 46193.8

Picard: "I don't trust you, Q. Why should I expect Amanda to?"
Q: "Well, she'd better, because I'm all she's got. She needs me to help her prepare for her future with the Q."
Picard: "But what if she doesn't want that future? It must be her decision!"
Q: "Oh, *yes*, *yes*, *yes*!"
-- "True Q", Stardate 46193.8

Q: "Do you think that she will want to remain an emfeebled mortal?"
Picard: "But if she really is Q, she must understand what that means."
-- "True Q", Stardate 46193.8

Picard: "Very well, I will introduce you. But...we cannot argue like this in front of her. We must at least appear to be..."
Q: [Embraces Picard] "Pals?"
Picard: "*Civil*."
-- "True Q", Stardate 46193.8

Q: "I knew I could count on you, Jean-Luc."
-- "True Q", Stardate 46193.8

Q: "There's my girl!"
-- "True Q", Stardate 46193.8

Picard: "Amanda, uh, allow me to introduce, uh, Q, uh, he's, um, he's an aquaintance of ours. We've, uh, we've known him...for years."
-- "True Q", Stardate 46193.8

Q: "Very impressive the way you contained that explosion. What else have you done?"
Rogers: "I, I don't understand."
Q: "Telekinesis, teleportation," [Looks at Picard] "Spontaneous combustion of someone you don't like. That sort of thing?"
-- "True Q", Stardate 46193.8

Q: "She has *potential*, this one."
-- "True Q", Stardate 46193.8

Rogers: "I, I don't want to go anywhere."
Q: "Don't worry. With time you'll overcome the disadvantages you suffered as a child. No one will hold it against you for having been human."
-- "True Q", Stardate 46193.8

Rogers: "Leave me alone! I'm not going anywhere with you!"
-- "True Q", Stardate 46193.8

Picard: "You agree that she has a right to choose her own future, but the first chance you get, you try to abduct her!"
Q: "Oh! You're overreacting as usual, Picard. I was merely testing her powers."
-- "True Q", Stardate 46193.8

Q: "She's quite a little spitfire now, isn't she?"
-- "True Q", Stardate 46193.8