Hugh: "Locutus..."
Picard: "Yes, I am Locutus of Borg."
-- "I Borg", Stardate 45854.2

Hugh: "Why are you here?"
Picard: "This is a primitive culture. I am here to facilitate its incorporation. Identify yourself."
Hugh: "Hugh."
Picard: "Identify yourself!"
Hugh: "We are Hugh."
Picard: "This is not a Borg identification."
Hugh: "Third Of Five."
-- "I Borg", Stardate 45854.2

Picard: "This culture will be assimiliated."
Hugh: "They do not wish it."
Picard: "Irrelevant."
Hugh: "They will resist us.
Picard: "Resistance is futile.
Hugh: "Resistance is *not* futile. Some have escaped."
Picard: "They will be found. It is inevitable. All will be assimilated.".
Hugh: "Must Geordi be assimilated?"
Picard: "Yes."
Hugh: "He does not wish it. He would rather die than be assimilated."
Picard: "Then he will die."
Hugh: "No, Geordi must not die. Geordi is a friend."
-- "I Borg", Stardate 45854.2

Picard: "You will assist us to assimilate this vessel. You are Borg. You will assist us."
Hugh: "I will not."
Picard: "What did you say?"
Hugh: "I will not assist you."
Picard: "I"?
Hugh: "Geordi must not be assimiliated."
Picard: "But you are Borg."
Hugh: "No. I am Hugh."
-- "I Borg", Stardate 45854.2