Troi: "God forbid I should miss my first look at the wormhole."
-- "The Price", Stardate 43385.6

Goss: "I am Daimon Goss. And these are my counsels Kole and Doctor Arridor. We'll need chairs."
Picard: "I'm Captain Picard of the Enterprise. I am serving as host for these proceedings."
Goss: "Good. Then see to it we get some chairs."
Picard: "Let me explain."
Goss: "Fine, fine. Just have your Klingon servant get us some chairs."
Worf: "I am in charge of security."
Goss: "then who gets the chairs?"
Picard: "Daimon, due to the delicate nature of these negotiations, all parties have agreed that one representative will suffice. Now, I will be happy to provide your counsels with accommodations, and you may have my chair."
-- "The Price", Stardate 43385.6

Rai: "I never play the opening rounds anyway, inconsequential. Besides, there are much better things to negotiate on this ship. Like dinner tonight?"
Troi: "What about youyr travelling companion?"
Rai: "My travelling companion is...travelling. I sent her home?"
Troi: "Why?"
Rai: "You know why."
-- "The Price", Stardate 43385.6

Mendoza: "You must play poker, Commander."
Riker: "Poker? That a game of some sort?"
-- "The Price", Stardate 43385.6

Goss: "Doctor, you surprise me. I have no wish to kill anyone. A short term crippling will suffice."
-- "The Price", Stardate 43385.6

Rai: "Am I moving too fast for you?"
Troi: "No, I'm moving too fast for me."
Rai: "I like that better."
Troi: "I haven't been able to stop thinking about you all day."
Rai: "You must have had a nice day."
Troi: "Anticipation is fun."
-- "The Price", Stardate 43385.6

Riker: "A card game doesn't exactly prepare me for this."
Picard: "Yes, the stakes are higher, but then isn't that where the game gets interesting, Commander?"
-- "The Price", Stardate 43385.6

Rai: "I tucked my heart away, I didn't need it, I didn't want it. At the negotiating can be fatal to have a heart. But I never realized how much I need mine until I looked at you."
-- "The Price", Stardate 43385.6

Beverly: "You're unusually limber this morning."
Troi: "I'll say. Devinoni Rai. It's ridiculous and wonderful. I feel completely out of control. Happy, terrified, but there's nothing rational about this."
Beverly: "Who needs rational when your toes curl up."
Troi: "I'm afraid I'm going to loose myself. I can't get enough of him. Is it possible to fall in love in one day?"
Beverly: "I did."
Troi: "It was like this for you and Jack?"
Beverly: "No, it was another fellow. I fell in love in day, it lasted a week. But what a week! Then I met Jack. Took months to figure it out with him."
Troi: "Well then, maybe I should slow down, catch my breath, not let this thing get out of control.
Beverly and Troi: "Nah."
-- "The Price", Stardate 43385.6

Riker: "Deanna is just the woman to bring some meaning to your sorry existence, if you're smart enough to take it. I doubt you are."
-- "The Price", Stardate 43385.6