Episode #233                    uplink dates: 10/31/92, 11/01/92

        Captain Jean-Luc Picard                 Patrick Stewart
        Commander William Riker                 Jonathan Frakes
        Lieutenant Commander Data               Brent Spiner
        Dr. Beverly Crusher                     Gates McFadden
        Counselor Deanna Troi                   Marina Sirtis
        Lieutenant Commander Geordi LaForge     LeVar Burton
        Lieutenant Worf                         Michael Dorn

        Alexander                               Brian Bonsall
        Young Picard                            David Tristan Birkin
        Young Guinan                            Isis Jones
        Young Keiko                             Caroline Junko King
        Lurin                                   Mike Gomez
        Berik                                   Tracey Walter
        Morta                                   Michael Snyder
        O'Brien                                 Colm Meaney
        Ensign Ro                               Michelle Forbes
        Young Ro                                Megan Parlen
        Kid #1                                  Morgan Nagler
        Molly                                   Hana Hatae
        Keiko                                   Rosalind Chao
        Computer Voice                          Majel Barrett
        Written by: (not final)                 Ronald D. Moore
        Teleplay by:                            Allison Hock and
                                                Sherman Donner
        Story by:                               Michael Piller
        Directed by:                            Adam Nimoy
_P_R_O_G_R_A_M_ _H_I_G_H_L_I_G_H_T_S
        STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION: A bizarre transporter mishap transform
        Picard and three other staff members into children just as Ferengis
        invade and disable the ship.
_T_V_ _G_U_I_D_E_ _A_D_S
        CHILD'S PLAY!
        An accident turns Picard and three others into 12-year-old children!
_T_V_ _L_O_G_ _L_I_S_T_I_N_G_S
        Accident turns Picard into a child on STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION
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