Episode #212			uplink dates:  2/01/92,  2/02/92


	Kaldra Four


	Captain Jean-Luc Picard			Patrick Stewart
	Commander William Riker			Jonathan Frakes
	Lieutenant Commander Data		Brent Spiner
	Dr. Beverly Crusher			Gates McFadden
	Counselor Deanna Troi			Marina Sirtis
	Lieutenant Commander Geordi LaForge	LeVar Burton
	Lieutenant Worf				Michael Dorn

	Tarmin					David Sage
	Jev					Ben Lemon
	Keiko					Rosalind Chao
	Inad					Eve Brenner
	Crewman Davis				Craig Benton
	Dr. Martin				Rick Fitts
	Jack Crusher				Doug Wert
	Computer Voice				Majel Barrett

	Teleplay by:				Pamela Gray & Jeri Taylor
	Story by:				Shari Goodhartz & T Michael
						and Pamela Gray
	Directed by:				Robert Wiemer

_P_R_O_G_R_A_M_ _H_I_G_H_L_I_G_H_T_S

	STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION -- "Violations" -- Troi, Riker and
	Dr. Crusher fall into unexplained comas while the Enterprise plays
	host to an alien race.

_T_V_ _G_U_I_D_E_ _A_D_S


	Why are strange flashbacks sending crew members into comas?

_T_V_ _L_O_G_ _L_I_S_T_I_N_G_S

	Are aliens putting the crew into comas? STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION
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