Menage a Troi

Episode #172			uplink dates:  5/26/90,  5/27/90
					       9/01/90,  9/02/90

The arrival of Counselor Troi's mother brings chaos and danger to the crew
of the USS Enterprise.




	Captain Jean-Luc Picard			Patrick Stewart
	Commander William Riker			Jonathan Frakes
	Lieutenant Commander Data		Brent Spiner
	Dr. Beverly Crusher			Gates McFadden
	Counselor Deanna Troi			Marina Sirtis
	Lieutenant Commander Geordi LaForge	LeVar Burton
	Lieutenant Worf				Michael Dorn
	Ensign Wesley Crusher			Wil Wheaton

	Lwaxana Troi				Majel Barrett
	Mr. Homn				Carel Struycken
	Reittan Grax				Rudolph Willrich
	Daimon Tog				Frank Corsentino
	Dr. Farek				Ethan Phillips
	Nibor					Peter Slutsker

	Written by:				Fred Bronson &
						Susan Sackett
	Directed by:				Robert Legato

_H_I_G_H_L_I_G_H_T_ _L_I_S_T_I_N_G_:

	STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION -- "Menage a Troi."  The Enterprise
	is thrown into chaos when Counsellor Troi and her mother are
	kidnapped by the Ferengi.

_A_D_ _C_O_P_Y_:


	Counselor Troi and her mother are abducted by the Ferengi!

_T_V_ _L_O_G_ _L_I_S_T_I_N_G_:

	Counselor Troi and mother kidnapped!/STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION