Captain's Holiday

Episode #167			uplink dates:  3/31/90,  4/01/90

While on a much-needed holiday, Picard becomes entangled in the search for a
weapon stolen from the future.


	Tox Uthat


	Captain Jean-Luc Picard			Patrick Stewart
	Commander William Riker			Jonathan Frakes
	Lt. Commander Data			Brent Spiner
	Dr. Beverly Crusher			Gates McFadden
	Counselor Deanna Troi			Marina Sirtis
	Lt. Commander Geordi LaForge		LeVar Burton
	Lt. Worf				Michael Dorn
	Ensign Wesley Crusher			Wil Wheaton

	Vash					Jennifer Hetrick
	Sovak					Michael Grodenchik
	Ajur					Karen Landry
	Boratus					Michael Champion
	Joval					Deirdre Imershein

	Written by:				Ira Steven Behr
	Directed by:				Chip Chalmers

_P_R_O_G_R_A_M_ _H_I_G_H_L_I_G_H_T_:

	STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION -- "Captain's Holiday."  While on
	vacation, Picard becomes entangled in the search for a missing weapon
	from the future.

_A_D_V_E_R_T_I_S_I_N_G_ _C_O_P_Y_:


	Picard's tropical vacation turns into a desperate search to save
	the future!

_T_V_ _L_O_G_ _L_I_S_T_I_N_G_:

	Picard finds trouble in paradise/STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION