[production number: 174				stardate: 43989.1]

		STAR TREK    The Next Generation
Patrick Stewart			as	Capt. Jean-Luc Picard
Jonathan Frakes			as	Cmdr. William Riker

			Also Starring
Levar Burton			as	Lt. Cmdr. Geordi La Forge
Michael Dorn			as	Lieutenant Worf
Gates McFadden			as	Dr. Beverly Crusher
Marina Sirtis			as	Counselor Deanna Troi
Brent Spiner			as	Lt. Commander Data
Wil Wheaton			as	Wesley Crusher

	Created by			Gene Roddenberry

[lead credits]

		  "The Best of Both Worlds"

			 Guest Star [sic]
Elizabeth Dennehy			[Lt. Commander Shelby]
George Murdock				[Admiral Hanson]
Colm Meaney				[Chief O'Brien]

		   And Special Guest Star
Whoopi Goldberg			as	"Guinan"

	Line Producer			David Livingston
	Co-Producers			Hans Beimler & Richard Manning
	Producer			Ira Steven Behr
	Co-Executive Producer		Michael Piller
	Executive Producer		Rick Berman
	Written By			Michael Piller
	Directed By			Cliff Bole

[end titles]

	Executive Producer		Gene Roddenberry

[closing credits]

	Co-Producer			Peter Lauritson

	Story Editor			Ronald D. Moore

	Casting By			Junie Lowry

	Music By			Ron Jones
	Main Title Theme By		Jerry Goldsmith
					Alexander Courage

	Director of Photography		Marvin Rush
	Production Designer		Richard D. James
	Editor				J.P. Farrell

	Unit Production Manager		Merri D. Howard
	First Assistant Director	Chip Chalmers
	Second Assistant Director	Adele G. Simmons

	Costume Designer		Robert Blackman
	Original Starfleet Uniforms	William Ware Theiss

	Visual Effects Supervisor	Robert Legato
	Post Production Supervisor	Wendy Neuss
	Original Set Design		Herman Zimmerman

	Make-Up Supervisor		Michael Westmore

	Set Decorator			Jim Mees
	Senior Illustrator /
		Technical Consultant	Rick Sternbach
	Scenic Art Supervisor /
		Technical Consultant	Michael Okuda
	Set Designer			Gary Speckman

	Script Supervisor		Cosmo Genovese
	Special Effects			Dick Brownfield
	Property Master			Alan Sims
	Construction Coordinator	Al Smutko

	Hair Designer			Vivian McAteer
	Hair Stylist			Barbara Lampson
	Make-Up Artists			Hank Edds, S.M.A.
					June Abston Haymore
	Visual Effects Coordinator	Gary Hutzel

	Sound Mixer			Alan Bernard, C.A.S.
	Chief Lighting Technician	Buddy Bowles
	First Company Grip		Bob Sordal
	Costumers			Kimberley Thompson
					Norma Johnson
	Visual Effects Associate	David Takemura

	Music Editor			Gerry Sackman
	Supervising Sound Editor	Bill Wistrom
	Sound Editors			James Wolvington
					Mace Matiosian
					Wilson Dyer
	Post Production Sound By	Modern Sound

	Production Associate		Susan Sackett
	Production Coordinator		Diane Overdiek
	Post Production Associates	Terri Martinez
					Heidi Julian
					Wendy Rosenfeld
	Pre-Production Associate	Eric A. Stillwell

	Casting Executive		Helen Mossler
	Assistant Scenic Artist		Cari Thomas
	Stunt Coordinator		Dennis Madalone
	Research Consultant		Richard Arnold
	Computer Monitors By		Sony Corp. of America
Lenses and Panaflex(R) Cameras By	Panavision(R)

	Special Visual Effects By	Industrial Light & Magic
					A division of Lucasfilm, Ltd.
Additional Motion Control Facilities	Image "G"
	Video Optical Effects By	The Post Group
	Special Video Compositing	Composite Image Systems
	Editing Facilities		Unitel Video

	    The persons and events in this program
	   are fictitious.  Any similarity to actual
	      persons or events is unintentional.

			   (c) MCMXC

	   This motion picture is protected under the
	 laws of the United States and other countries.
	   Unauthorized duplication, distribution or
	  exhibition may result in civil liability and
		     criminal prosecution.

	    STAR TREK(R) is a registered trademark of
	   Paramount Pictures Corporation registered in
	  the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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